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Chapter 4: First Live Broadcast

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Gu YuMian ordered fresh raw materials on the Star Network, which arrived in ten minutes. Although the raw meat was synthetic, it perfectly simulated the various states of real raw meat. In particular, Gu YuMian bought high-grade synthetic raw mutton, together with some necessary vitamins and complementary foods, which cost more than 100-star coins in one go.

After watching the live broadcasts for two days, Gu YuMian had a general understanding of a lot of common sense about interstellar space. Today’s animals had evolved a lot compared with the past. In terms of diet, they were far away from the era of drinking blood and eating raw meat. They ate cooked food as human beings used to, and their requirements for taste and health aspects had also improved.

But they were not human beings after all, and they only copied the recipes and cooking methods of human beings. In fact, there were many disadvantages.

Gu YuMian was worried about the great changes in the physiological structure of animals in the interstellar age because his previous experience and knowledge would not work. He looked up the data especially, which reassured him that the physiological structure of the animals had not changed greatly except for the awakening of mental strength and physical strength.

He washed the raw mutton and boiled the carrots in the water. The super micro camera floated in mid-air, recording everything in real-time in all directions. At this time, a Ding Dong was heard, which meant that an audience member had finally entered the live room. ‘2’ appeared in the upper right corner of Gu YuMian’s vision, which meant that two people were watching the live broadcast, the number was still slowly climbing, and finally stopped at ‘6’.

Five minutes later, the first bullet curtain in the studio drifted slowly across the screen.

South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: I came in just to have a look. Is the cover real?! How could it look so good?!

Soon another person responded:

Small Outing With Yu’er: + 1

As a new anchor, Gu YuMian had no previous fans or recommendations. As a rule, the audience had no way to find him. Although there was no comparability with the 40,000 audiences of others, there were audiences at the beginning of the broadcast, which had already been calculated among the newcomers.

Gu YuMian had been interviewed by a TV station before and he was not too nervous when facing the camera. He smiled at the camera, “Hello everyone, my name is Gu YuMian. Please take care of me in the future. I am making a simple dinner for the baby at home today. The main material is mutton strips. It’s very simple and the cat audience can try to make it for the kids at home.”

After a brief introduction, Gu YuMian continued to look down at the ingredients. He said very little and didn’t ask for gifts like other hosts.

South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: The host’s smile shows two little dimples! AWSL!1

So far, only the ‘South China Tiger’ audience member had been speaking and interacting with Gu YuMian, and no other audience had spoken. “South China Tiger” seemed to only pay attention to his beauty.

But Gu YuMian was not discouraged. This live broadcast could only be regarded as testing the waters. Any problems encountered now would be a valuable practical experience. He looked out of the kitchen through the frosted glass door and saw that the little snow leopard was still asleep peacefully, with regular ups and downs of its chest and a soft, long-tail resting on its abdomen. 

Gu YuMian had no resistance to small animals at all, his heart was suddenly soft and his handling of food materials was becoming more and more serious.

After thawing and cleaning the raw mutton, Gu YuMian cut it into thin strips, ignited the fire under the skillet, and poured in an extremely small amount of oil.

“When a cat is weaned to four months, the strips should be sliced a little bit, but they don’t need to be ground or cut.” Gu YuMian explained.

The skillet was hot, Gu YuMian added the mutton strips and some radishes and orange peel. He was not a professional chef, and just had some experience, combined with these two days of exploration and thinking. 2

Radishes and orange peel could remove smells.

Gu YuMian said, “If it’s a tiger or a leopard, it’s okay to have it cooked three parts of the way through.”

Humans couldn’t eat unripe mutton, but animals didn’t have this restriction, and their physical fitness had greatly improved in the interstellar age. Tigers, leopards and other animals had thousands of years of living habits in the wild, but fully cooked food did not fit their taste.

Gu YuMian used to raise snow leopards, who were fed whole, raw meat.

Just after frying for a while, the surface of the thin mutton strips was slightly crispy with the little oil, but also had raw meat the color of blood. The air was filled with a scent of fresh meat, which floated out along the door crack. Outside the door, the sleeping snow leopard moved its nose.

Now all live broadcasts were holographic live broadcasts. The audience could smell, touch, hear and even taste the things in the studio. Of course, it was all virtual data. It just gave people a feeling of being there.

At the same time, there were several more bullet screens in the studio.

South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: WTF!! It’s delicious. What’s the matter? I wasn’t hungry just after supper. QAQ.

Cat’s Meow: It’s so delicious, anchor. Can twenty-four-year-olds also eat it?

However, there was also a disharmonious barrage.

Hug the Leopards: Is the host human?

As soon as the bullet curtain passed, the two people who were talking were quiet.

It was their instinct to judge whether someone was a human or animal, but across the screen, this instinct was weakened a lot — plus, there had never been a human anchor in the Starry Sky Live platform, and everyone defaulted with the thought that Gu YuMian was also an animal.

Gu YuMian held the handle of the pot and paused, asking, “What about humans?”

The audience member continued to speak.

Hug the Leopards: You look like a human. It’s disgusting.

Hug the Leopards: It’s just been three minutes? Haha, it’s killing me. Can’t the anchor mislead the audience more? Don’t be silly. The host is human. How can he understand the recipes for cats? Do what he says, and you will eat the food and get sick. Then will he gloat.

Seeing him say that, the other audience couldn’t sit down.

South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: It’s not right for you to be so racist. My nanny is human and has worked for us for twenty years. Whether it’s human or animal, there are good and bad, how can we combine all of them?

Small Outing With Yu’er: Host, are you really human?

Gu YuMian put out the fried mutton strips and said, “Yes.”

The number of people in the ‘6’ studio dropped to ‘5’, and Small Outing With Yu’er left. The aroma in the air was stronger, but the focus of the live broadcast room had completely deviated.

Hug the Leopards: Go out and check the recipes. All the recipes say that mutton must be fully cooked. I was watching the live food broadcast of the host, Cigarette, last night. He is a star certified food anchor. He also said that it must be fully cooked. As a human being, who gives you the courage to say that mutton can be cooked three parts of the way through?

In the interstellar age, the recipes used by animals came from humans.

In the past, mutton had to be fully cooked, otherwise, there would be all kinds of bacteria, but now there was no bacterial problem in the synthetic mutton. Secondly, the situation of wild animals and humans was different.

Fortunately, Gu YuMian thought of this kind of emergency yesterday.

“My name is Gu YuMian. You can check my personal information through the Star Live broadcast. If there is any problem, you can call the police directly,” he said, “and you can check the official food safety detector.” 

He took a long, thin instrument, something like a remote control, and put it on the plate of mutton to test it. Two seconds later the result came out, and he showed it to the camera:Safe

Hug the Leopards stopped talking.

South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: I believe in the anchor. In addition, I watched the live broadcast of Cigarette yesterday. I didn’t mean to step on it, but the cooked lamb chops baked by Cigarette were not as delicious as those here.

Cat’s Meow: I also believe in the anchor, so can I taste it now? It looks really delicious! 55553

“Just a moment, there are still several more processes.” Gu YuMian smiled.”And now it’s very hot. Watch your tongue.”

Hug the Leopards: Even if it’s safe, it’s not going to taste good.

Cat’s Meow: I can see that the leopard elder sister is afraid and is just trying to make things up?

It was just then.

The open kitchen door was pushed open by the head of the snow leopard. The little guy just woke up, yawned and walked in slowly. His tail swept by Gu YuMian’s ankle, and he suddenly jumped onto the cooking table.

Gu YuMian was startled, wanted to move him, but saw the little snow leopard move close to the plate with mutton strips and move his nose. Then, it narrowed its eyes to show satiety.

“Mn, you can’t eat it yet.” Gu YuMian picked up the snow leopard.

This time he did not resist. He rolled over on Gu YuMian’s shoulder and looked at the whole kitchen with the eyes of a King looking at his territory.

Gu YuMian didn’t specially modify the mode and parameters before the live broadcast. He did not know that the default setting for live broadcast was that if an animal appears in a fixed range, the camera would automatically convert to the first view of the animal.

That was to say, now the live studio had changed from the perspective of God to the perspective of the little snow leopard, and the vision, smell, taste, etc. were synchronized with the little snow leopard.

The audience only felt as if they were lying on Gu YuMian’s shoulder. The youth’s temperature came from his shirt. The sea salt scent mixed with the light fragrance of bamboo leaves, and one side of his head could be touched as the youth’s soft hair and ears were against the leopard. The feeling of comfort and intimacy came up from the bottom of their hearts, and their heart was numb.

Cat’s Meow: Eh, what’s the matter? Did we just float in the air? A good scent is coming from the host.

South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: I am so comfortable!! What kind of human is the anchor? How can it be like this?! I’m a man in his twenties. I want him to comb my hair, hug me, and raise me high!

Cat’s Meow: Brother, what is your sexual orientation?

Even more remarkable was the things the human was cooking.

Gu YuMian dripped the egg yolk on the mutton strips and fried them for two seconds. Then the carrot juice was squeezed in after cooking. The taste of the carrot was sour and sweet, which was not greasy. It wakes up the sleeping tongue.

“Add a proper amount of vitamin A, vitamin D and calcium powder into the carrot juice to supplement children’s nutrition.” Gu YuMian said, “Okay, we can try it.”

He took the plate in one hand and protected the snow leopard in the other, and went to the living room.

The audience couldn’t wait, but now the live broadcast was switched to the first view of the little snow leopard. Only when the little snow leopard started eating could they taste it. The cat audience members couldn’t help but smell the special and unprecedented fragrance.

Although animals discriminate against human beings, recipes and various living habits had been strictly followed by human beings. There were no animals that had ever tried to deviate from this.

Gu YuMian gave the little snow leopard a cushion, but the little snow leopard didn’t want to go down from his shoulder. Instead, he kept the posture of a king in the world and sat on Gu YuMian’s shoulder demurely.

Gu YuMian, “…”

The little snow leopard’s grey-blue eyes looked at him lightly.

Gu YuMian tentatively cut a piece of mutton and sent it to the little guy’s mouth carefully. The snow leopard was very satisfied with his service and understanding. He moved his nose in a reserved way, and then lowered his head and bit it down a moment later 4

The next second, the whole live room viewers immediately tasted a delicious taste at the tip of their tongues and their taste buds burst!

The third of the way cooked mutton was just too good. The oil in the mutton was fried to the surface, and the blood was more in line with the nature of animals born in the jungle wasteland.

Animals couldn’t eat heavy salt, so Gu YuMian hardly added any, only the purest meat was delicious, plus a little proper carrot juice to freshen it up. A mouthful went down, immediately soothing the thirsty and long-awaited tongue and stomach.

The audience was quiet for a few seconds, and then the barrage exploded. Several new users appeared who had never spoken before.

South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: Again!!!!

Cat’s Meow: Ah ah!!!!

Give You a Flower: WTF!! What’s the matter with me? I used to hate eating mutton?!

Silk White Moon: Anchor, hurry up and give him another bite. It’s not enough!!

Then, several special effects appeared on the screen.

——”South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date threw you a deep-water torpedo”, “Cat’s Meow threw you three grenades” and “Silk White Moon threw you ten mines”.

This was a reward for his live broadcast. Even if the platform was split the rewards in half, Gu YuMian’s account was suddenly filled with 600-star coins. He didn’t expect the audience’s response to be so good. He was stunned and said, “Thank you, South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date, Cat’s Meow, and Silk White Moon for the gifts. Thank you.”

And Hug the Leopards, who was blackening the host, had completely stopped talking. No one knew whether they quit or were completely speechless.

Dissatisfied with Gu YuMian’s feeding, the snow leopard stopped and pushed on his head with a paw pad.

Gu YuMian responded, estimated the food consumption of the snow leopard, fed the remaining lamb strips to it, and then collected the plate. The little snow leopard was full and half-asleep on the sofa, while Gu YuMian went into the kitchen to wash dishes.

After washing the dishes, he bent over to scratch the chin for the snow leopard, picked it up and gently rubbed its stomach to promote digestion. After a meal, the little snow leopard seemed to ignore its precautions against Gu YuMian and promoted him from a stranger to a servant.

The little guy’s gray-blue pupils narrowed into a line, and his head askew lazily rubbed against Gu YuMian’s palm. Because the live broadcast was still at the first visual angle of the snow leopard, at this time, the audience and its feeling were completely synchronized—5 

The long fingers that caressed the belly seemed to have a small cluster of sparks and electric current. They were so comfortable that they made people’s scalp tingle. The whole body seemed to melt into a piece of sugar.

South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: Comfortable…

Cat’s Meow: Too comfortable…

Silk White Moon: It’s very comfortable!

However, at this time, Gu YuMian looked at the time and said, “Today’s live broadcast ends here first. See you next time. Bye.”

Audience: ??? Wait—

The next second, before they could say anything, the picture went gray.

These four audience members felt that it was far from enough. Now there were so many complicated live broadcasts, it was not easy to find a suitable anchor. What they regretted most was that they didn’t start the video from the beginning and only had time to record a short segment.

Some of them had seized the chance to record a small section of the video and then posted it. Soon, the news that a powerful human anchor came from the Star Live platform spread among the audience on Takk.


Image result for anime boy with snow leopard

@Kazuri Minami-Tori-Shima~

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Translator Notes:

  1. AWSL stands for Ah! Wǒ SǐLe (啊,我死了 ) which means “Ah, I am dead.”
  2. Image result for lamb with radish
  3. The number 5, in Mandarin, is pronounced as “wu” — meaning that “5555” would, in Chinese, be pronounced “wuwuwuwu.” This is the sound equivalent of “boohoo” — meaning crying.
  4. Image result for snow leopard cub gif 
  5. Image result for snow leopard cub gif


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