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Chapter 3: The Snow Leopard

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Gu YuMian finished his meal, watered the plants, and sat on the balcony, dazed.

The first panda he raised after he joined the zoo was called ‘Big Wok.’ 1 Later, Big Wok gave birth to a pair of twins, named ‘Second Wok’ and ‘Third Wok.’ Before his accident, the pandas had just been weaned and were all round and sticky.

He didn’t know what happened to them.

Gu YuMian had been raising pandas for a long time, and also has feelings for them. They were usually slow, lazy creatures, so he could stay in a daze all day and be free.

At 10 p.m, he closed the balcony door and went back inside.

The efficiency of the star platform was pretty high and his contract could only be officially entered tomorrow. After entering, he would be an official anchor. As soon as Gu YuMian stepped into the room from the balcony, the Star Live sent a message to his optical computer.

Meet you this spring. Star Live platform new anchor support project officially opened!

Gu YuMian clicked to view the details.

It turned out that this year was the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Star Live. The official launch of a series of activities and competitions, among which the new anchor support project was one. This project would give a series of concessions to qualified new anchors, including recommended seats, bonuses, upgrade contracts and even several endorsements, which was also a big hit.

There was only one place for a less developed satellite, Takk. The new anchor who had the most views could participate in the new talent competition held in Capital Star and compete for Star Live King.

Not long after the event started, many anchors signed up for it. Gu YuMian opened the competition area of the new talent support project of Takk server and saw the hottest new talent anchor, who made a live food broadcast, and there were 40,000 people watching.

“Forty thousand people…” Gu YuMian was surprised. There were few people in Takk and a lot of them should have gone to bed at this point but there were still forty thousand people. The new anchor was really amazing.

So one in a million, it seemed that this new support project was not a bad idea.

Though Gu YuMian didn’t have much hope, he didn’t give up. He watched the other person’s live broadcast for a while and then turned off the light to sleep.

At the same time, on the other side.

In the suspension device, the Secretary was worried. The viewer rate of the post was quite high. The safety of their lives depended on the mood of His Majesty and, right now, he couldn’t judge whether His Majesty was happy or not.

As the human youth entered the room and could no longer be captured by the camera, the projection on the light screen ended automatically.

The suspension device had long arrived at the destination, but the Emperor had no intention of going out. He drooped his eyelids and gazed wearily at the back of his hand.

The secretary was sweating on his forehead, “Your Majesty?”

The skin of the Emperor was too pale, and the blue blood vessels under could be seen through the skin on the back of his hand. But at this time, visible to the naked eye, the color of his blood vessels began to change from blue to red as if they were about to burn.

The Secretary’s mental strength was not weak. At this time, he could clearly feel the oppression, which was totally superior to all living creatures and was too terrifying.

This was absolutely abnormal.

The Emperor looked at the dark red blood vessels, silent for a moment, hissing, “Atavism phenomenon?” 2

The Secretary caught the word in the lit room. Atavism was unique to the royal family. It was usually triggered by some special conditions in adulthood.

Without waiting for him to ponder something more, in half a minute, the Emperor’s too powerful and majestic spiritual force spewed out without any disguise, and the Secretary tightly stuck to the suspension device corner, feeling unable to breathe.

A layer of ice quickly formed in the suspension device. The intelligent system was damaged by the biological wave attack, and the temperature dropped to below zero.

Clouds over Takk quickly gathered; a rainstorm brewing.

In half an hour,

An adjutant carefully knocked on the door of the suspension device and the whole suspension device intelligent system was damaged to a pile of scrap iron. At last, they had to force the door open to reveal the scene inside.

The thick ice filled the whole space. The Secretary fainted and couldn’t see His Majesty. Only half of the damaged optical computer was on the ground.

Several people present were horrified. Some people were flustered, some people began to calculate secretly in their hearts, and finally, they assisted the Duke of Fennick, who had been in charge of Takk for many years, to make a decision, “Block the news and send someone to find him.”


The next day.

Without accident, Gu YuMian’s contract was successfully entered. Gu YuMian continued to watch the live broadcasts. Today, instead of just watching it, he took notes while watching it to learn how other anchors coped with various emergencies.

4 p.m.

After leaving the Star Network, Gu YuMian stretched out and went to the supermarket to buy food materials. Take out here was quite expensive, but fortunately, the price of supermarket items was relatively reasonable. Star Live’s guaranteed wage hadn’t arrived yet and he had less than 200-star coins left, so he has to save.

The supermarket was close to Gu YuMian’s residence, so there was no need to take a suspension device. When he first arrived at the supermarket, it suddenly rained heavily outside. The supermarket was almost deserted and the only staff member sat in the food area and looked at his cell phone, bored. The sound of Gu YuMian’s entering startled him. The young man looked up at Gu YuMian, his eyes suddenly became strange and confused.

“Hello,” Gu YuMian said, “that, I want to buy…”

The young man wiped his hands on the apron and reached out to shake Gu YuMian’s hand, “Welcome.”

Gu YuMian didn’t know why he had to shake hands when buying a dish. He hesitated for a moment before reaching out to shake hands with the youth. The next second, the young man’s hand, which was placed in the palm of Gu YuMian’s hand, became a paw. The German Shepard paw skillfully stayed on Gu YuMian’s hand, capturing it with the fluff and warm paw pads.

“Cool,” the staff member said.

Gu YuMian, “…”

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help it.” The staff member immediately responded and apologized. He was also surprised by his irrational behavior — and still faced the human he should have hated.

Gu YuMian waved and said it was okay but the staff member was still sorry and said, “What do you want to buy? I’ll get it for you.”

This young man was very talkative. When he saw Gu YuMian, he didn’t know what happened. He helped him select various ingredients and seasonings, and at the same time, discussed popular science with him.

Gu YuMian knew that the raw food materials of the interstellar age had been greatly innovated, which was taken for granted. Because animals already had intelligence, including animals that were originally used as livestock for food, of course, they couldn’t be slaughtered. The meat in the interstellar age was all artificial synthesis, and the technology was very mature. There were no differences between the original meat and other aspects, which could meet various needs.

After shopping, Gu YuMian returned home.

The moment he opened the door, he had a delicate feeling. The rain outside the window was noisy and the interior furnishings were quiet, but there was something hidden in the dark.

Gu YuMian took a step back with his umbrella in his hand, his back tightened, and suddenly—

A dark shadow sprang out of the corner. Suddenly, Gu YuMian fell to the ground with great force. He hit the wet and cold floor with the back of his head and subconsciously, he wanted to cry out in pain. One of the creature’s paw was on Gu YuMian’s chest, the other on his lips.

Lightning made the sky bright, and Gu YuMian saw everything in the light: silver soft fluff, soft paw pad, grey-blue eyes squinting, looking down at him.

It was a little snow leopard. 3

Gu YuMian, “……”

There was a small bomb in his house.

In his last life, Gu YuMian participated in the rescue of a wild snow leopard. The mother snow leopard was seriously injured by poachers and could not be saved. Two young snow leopards were left behind. Gu YuMian took care of them from two months to two years old, which meant he was quite experienced.

When the snow leopards were small, they were just a little bigger than a domestic cat.

“Baby, where’s your mother?” Gu YuMian picked up the snow leopard by the back of its neck, put it on the sofa and turned on the lamp at the same time, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, I’m not a threat.”

The little snow leopard’s eyes narrowed into a line and stared at him coldly.

Gu YuMian didn’t dare to turn on the headlight for fear of scaring it. The intelligence quotient of animals in the interstellar age was high. Gu YuMian thought that this may be a lost child of a loving family.

The little snow leopard suddenly jumped up from the sofa to the dining table, his claws stretched out from his paw pads and ground them on the wooden table. He was thinking about where to attack and his body was arched back. It was an attacking posture, and it looked at the human being to the side.

The atmosphere was tense.

After a while, Gu YuMian raised his eyebrows slightly and extended his hand.

His hand fell on the little snow leopard’s chin, and he scratched his chin with great skill, moving gently to his cheeks and ears. According to his experience, this movement was very comfortable. His little snow leopards used to hold on for less than ten seconds, and then they turned over to show their belly and wanted more. 4

But the little snow leopard was only stiff and soft for a moment, and quickly turned around to give him a paw 5, sat up and stared at him gloomily and angrily.

The baby was so small, a little bigger than the kitten, and showing this serious expression, but it was still decent, with a bit of momentum.

All right.

“Who are you?” Gu YuMian scratched his head. “There’s no optical computer.”

At this point, he suddenly reacted.

Gu YuMian just read the basic information of this era yesterday. Optical computers were the most important thing for all the interstellar residents. It also had the function of identity verification. Once a baby was born, it would have an optical computer, which appeared in the form of a collar, watch, ornament, etc.

Unless it was a vagrant.

Gu YuMian poured a bowl of water for the snow leopard. Seeing that he didn’t intend to run around, he quietly picked up his optical computer and went to the balcony to call the police.

It was not necessarily a vagrant. What if the little snow leopard just accidentally lost his optical computer? The parents must be in a hurry to find him.

“Mr. Cha, this is the case. I’m a resident of Building 2, residential area C. Today, an unknown child appeared in my home.”

“I’m sorry, sir,” the police inspector said amidst the noisy background. He seemed to be dealing with something anxiously. “You can find its optical computer and contact the parents. We are very busy now.”


“Beep—” He hung up.

Gu YuMian couldn’t do anything so he went back to the living room and saw that the snow leopard seemed to have waited until he was bored. He had curled up on the pillow of the dining table and fell asleep. He had poured out half of the water and drank it.

In order to make the little guy more comfortable, Gu YuMian adjusted the air conditioning temperature to 20 degrees (68F), and then gently moved the snow leopard with the pillow to the soft reclining chair. That pillow was bought by Gu YuMian yesterday on the Star Network.

The little snow leopard sniffed Gu YuMian’s fingers in his sleep, hesitated for a moment, and suddenly held his index finger with two front paws.

Gu YuMian was dumbfounded, “Didn’t you try to scratch me just now? Little brat.”

The little snow leopard never let go of his hand. Gu YuMian went to walk to the kitchen. He didn’t see it, but right behind him, the little snow leopard closed his eyes uneasily. He found the pillow full of Gu YuMian’s scent again and fell asleep again.

In any case, he couldn’t starve the child. 6

At this age, the snow leopard was weaned and ready to eat hard food. Gu YuMian decided to cook dinner for it first.

“Say it…”

The optical computer popped up a new message prompt, which was sent from the Star Live platform. It said that his contract was successfully entered and he could start a live broadcast.

Gu YuMian thought it’s better to bump into the sun than choose a day, right? 7

He used his host account to log in to the platform and created a live room. The built-in camera from his optical computer floated to the middle of the air and started to work, which was invisible to the naked eye.

For his cover, he chose a default picture. As for the room name, Gu YuMian was not good at it. He racked his brains only to name it [Making dinner for the baby at home.] In the default cover mode, the camera randomly took a real-time photo to upload.

When everything was ready, Gu YuMian pressed ‘create’ to start the first live broadcast of his life.



Addis here, sorry for the fluffy flood of pictures. XD Snow leopards are one of my favorite creatures, so I wanted everyone to see their cute side too. Remember to leave me some comments and rate/review the story on Novel Updates! The next chapter will be out on Thursday 1PM PST!

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Translator Notes:

  1. 大锅=Da Guo, Er Guo and San Guo
  2. Atavism: a tendency to revert to something ancient or ancestral.
  3. Image result for snow leopard paw
  4. Image result for snow leopard paw
  5. Image result for cubs baby snow leopard
  6. Get it done and over with.


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