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Chapter 44: Human

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to hug the little snow white fox’s FLUFFY tail


12:30 PM.

Downtown, Starry Sky Live Platform headquarters.

As the first cooperation between Starry Sky and Academy of Sciences, although it was lunch break at this moment, most of Starry Sky’s staff, from the CEO to employees of all departments, were watching Gu YuMian’s live broadcast.

“Isn’t the increase a little too terrifying? We didn’t see such an increase when we started broadcasting Old K.” Old K, a rabbit, was one of the top anchors of Starry Sky. One of the employees pointed to the upper right corner with lingering fear. “If he broadcasts live for three or five hours this time… Will it break the record?”

Another older leader shook his head, “No.”

At first the man said, “Ah? He won’t break the record?”

“…” The leader of the group who answered him was saying, “It won’t take three or five hours. In two hours, wait and see.”

The man, “…” Fuck.

However, the anchor was really powerful.

The project with the Academy of Sciences had been planned for a long time, but it had not been implemented because it was not suitable for anyone. On the one hand, the Academy of Sciences were somewhat arrogant and couldn’t see many anchors. On the other hand, the content next to science education was more or less boring.

For any other anchor, even those top runners, it was good to maintain their usual popularity.

However, Gu YuMian not only kept up, but the data was still climbing. He ranked in the real-time popularity list and popularity of the day, and soon jumped up a lot.


On the other side, the Upper Urban District.

Gu YuMian was not affected by the data or the barrage, and still maintained the stable rhythm. He didn’t know when it started to snow outside the window. The milky cheese in the small pot made a rumble and boiled. From time to time, a translucent bubble arched. The strong milk fragrance was scattered and made people’s throats roll.

“I was just busy preparing the bottom of the pot before I could explain it,” said Gu YuMian, holding the fox, Qiuqiu, a lazy snow leopard on his shoulder, and a sleeping baby in the buggy on his waist. He still kept stirring the cheese pot with a spoon in his other hand to prevent it from caking.

“The cheese fondue is similar to the Shouxi hotpot which was made before. It’s a kind of hotpot. Hotpot is a style of food where you add processed ingredients into a boiling pot and cook them directly. There are different bottoms. Today’s bottom is cheese, and the main ingredients are cheese and white wine.”

[Little pudding: Eh, it sounds simple? Anchor, what are the ingredients?]

“It can be whatever you like,” Gu YuMian said. “Of course, different pots have different suitable food. Because the cheese hotpot needs to be turned on with a small fire to prevent the cheese from being burnt, we usually deal with the meat and vegetable dishes first.”

Cheese fondue was suitable for fruit and French bread, but it was not bad to eat with cooked meat. However, it couldn’t be directly cooked like Chinese hotpot.

One part of the shrimp was directly shelled and pickled with cooking wine, the other part was sliced. The fat beef roll and pork belly were cut and sliced into rolls. They were cooked in hot water, and the chicken breast was also cooked in boiling water. Potatoes and broccoli were blanched in the hot water.

Just after the cheese pot was boiling, the bullet curtain began to fill with ‘hurry up’ and ‘want to eat.’ After waiting for several minutes, they felt tortured.

“Okay,” Gu YuMian glanced at the bullet curtain and couldn’t help laughing. “Don’t worry, we’ll have some soon. Are TuanTuan, YuanYuan and QiuQiu hungry?”

Afraid that the children couldn’t wait, Gu YuMian first took a few pieces of raw chicken breast meat and with olive oil, fried them in the pan until they were slightly golden on both sides. Then he took the fried chicken breast meat slices and dipped them in the cheese, wrapped a thick layer of flowing cheese on both sides, cooled them and fed them to the fox and snow leopard with a spoon.

Little Tangyuan just woke up, and he also wanted to eat, but Gu YuMian was afraid that he would not digest it, so he only gave him some milk.

After a while.

Audience, “!!!”

The texture of cheese was very mellow. It was more sweet and refreshing when cooked with a fruit wine. After being fried, the chicken breast was tender inside, and then covered with a thick layer of hot cheese. The raw egg made the chicken breast keep it’s most smooth and fresh state.

The rich and soft milk flavor of hot melted cheese, and the fresh and smooth chicken breast meat combined seamlessly. They could taste the cinnamon flavor and the brandy. After swallowing it, they were left with a mild aftertaste. It was delicious.

[Junior B: Aaaaaah!! WTF!!! It’s smooth and tender. Eat it more!]

[Sodas and Lemonade: Delicious, delicious, delicious!! I want to say it out loud ten thousand times!!!!]

[There’s a Cloud: The taste of cheese and wine was very mellow after boiling. It’s delicious after scalding the fried meat. Thank you for the delicious food brought by anchor. Ten fireworks are sent.]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: I’m in a complex mood now. The cheese fondue was really delicious, but if MianMian doesn’t make it, I won’t have the chance to eat the original! Wuwu!! This may become a regret I will never forget in my life. QAQ.]

It was just a chopstick of chicken breast, looking at the huge amount of ingredients behind Gu YuMian — shrimp, fish slices, French bread, carrots and potato pieces. They could imagine the combination of these ingredients and the cheese hotpot, and couldn’t help themselves!

The number of online viewers rose another 10 million within a few minutes. His live studio was firmly rooted in the top three of the home page’s real-time popularity list, and soon shortened the gap with second place. It was only a matter of time before second place was overtaken.

The little fox was curled up in Gu YuMian’s arms with his big tail and chirped twice. He was introverted and shy, saying that it was delicious. Little Tangyuan looked at them with simple eyes, round and pitiful. Gu YuMian leaned down and kissed his forehead.

The little snow leopard looked at all this and was very unhappy. He pressed his paw on Gu YuMian’s palm, and the long tail circled Gu YuMian’s neck to arouse his attention as he silently urged him to feed him.

Gu YuMian’s heart melted, “Okay, let’s start eating now. Let me get the double boiler and ingredients out… By the way, I almost forgot to prepare some for the Academy of Sciences.”

The Academy of Sciences was worthy of being called the Academy of Sciences, and those who worked there were highly intelligent. Gu YuMian had made the cheese fondue by himself the first time. When he did it again, he hardly needed to do it by himself a second time. He only needed to check the key points, and other small robots would help him. In a few minutes, three more cheese fondue pots were boiling hot.

He didn’t know if they would accept it, so Gu YuMian only made three more pots. Gu YuMian decided to take his cheese fondue and put it down first, and then asked the Academy of Sciences if they wanted to eat too.

Holding the pot and ingredients, he couldn’t hold the little fox. The little fox was so sensible that he went down and helped to push little Tangyuan’s pram outside. Gu YuMian had never had such a clever and sensible baby, and was immediately moved.

Snow Leopard, “…”

His long tail shook unhappily. It seemed to be too late to show his sensible side now. He could only lay down, depressed.

[There’s a family in the mine: It’s suddenly sour in the Academy of Sciences. Wuwuwuwu! I’m shedding lemon like saliva over the thought of them eating it.]

[Face Rolling Keyboard, E-racing Pig: I thought that the Academy of Sciences was very cold, will they like it? (Although I don’t think any creature can refuse the delicious food MianMian makes.) Besides, I heard that they don’t rest at noon, just eat some fast food and continue to work.]

The audience was also worried about it. What if the anchor was embarrassed by the big guys’ collective refusal or indifference? After all, it was the most powerful workaholic group in the whole universe.

Gu YuMian was now at the door.

The sensing door “beeped” as both sides opened——

In the next second.

At the same time, hundreds of eyes responded to the fact that Gu YuMian walked out. and he was surrounded by attentive and enthusiastic workers. The small third-floor lounge was full of people. Among them were the scientists’ Gu YuMian met when he visited in the morning, and many others he did not see.

Gu YuMian and audience, “…”

It was winter now and many heating devices had been added to the lounge and dining room of the Academy of Sciences. The original tables and chairs had also been transformed into heats — the ground also resembled Japanese tatami, with several cushions placed around the floor so they could sit cross-legged and eat.

There were potted plants separating the privacy space between the table and the hall. The design was very humanized.

Gu YuMian put down the pot, the small stove and the plate with ingredients on the table he had ordered, and laid a mat for the three children to sit down one by one, and then turned around.

…This group of the most powerful scientists in the whole universe were still watching him.

Gu YuMian was confused at first, but a moment later he suddenly got a flash of inspiration. It was lunchtime, and everyone sat quietly without doing anything. Were they waiting for him to cook?

He managed to find a familiar face within the crowd. It was Mr. Lin, the leader of the ancient books restoration group. Gu YuMian had shaken hands with him when he visited the place earlier. He walked up to Old Lin and whispered, “Uncle Lin, what are you waiting for? If you don’t mind, I’ve made a few extra casseroles of cheese fondue, as well as ingredients. If anyone wants to — “

When Old Lin heard the ‘Uncle Lin’, he was totally comfortable and didn’t have time to answer.

Originally, within ten meters of the square, all people had their ears up. They were listening to Gu YuMian carefully. At this moment, there are all kinds of voices and casual coughs immediately throughout the room:

“I forgot to bring lunch today.” 

“Yes, I forgot to bring it too!”

“What’s cooking in the back kitchen in such cold weather? It’s very fragrant… “

Gu YuMian, “……” He couldn’t help laughing. “I’ll ask the back kitchen robot to help me make more pots later,” Gu YuMian counted the number of people and said, “Can someone help me with it?”

The room was quiet for a moment, and in the next second, the constant noise sounded again:

“I’ll take it.” Old Lin was in a hurry.

The leader of the other group pushed him aside, “Old Lin, you are not strong enough, I will help. Young anchor, can you leave your contact information? I have a friend who wants to know you.”

“I’m strong, anchor, that… Can I shake your hand?”


Twenty minutes later.

The room was quiet again, except for the crisp sound of the collision between bowls and plates, the bubbling sound of the cheese pot, the sound of washing down food with a drink, and the sound of everyone talking quietly while eating.

This short episode did not reduce the heat of the studio but instead made the atmosphere more heated.

[Hardcore: Hahahaha!! ]

[afuhuv: The research tycoons are so cute. I thought they were very cold. Aren’t they just like cats after meeting MianMian? [.jpg]]

[Throwing Cosmetics: I will study hard now and strive to go to the Academy of Sciences later!! I’m really sour that they get to eat the cheese fondue made by MianMian! However! I’m happy to watch the live broadcast. What’s next? I want to eat that white block!]

From the very beginning, the little fox covered his eyes with his little claws and was ashamed of the actions of his subordinates in front of Gu YuMian.

“What do you want, QiuQiu?” Gu YuMian scratched his chin, took a fork and slid a piece of shrimp over the cheese pot, then fed it to his mouth, “Open your mouth, ah — “

Gu YuMian tried to treat everyone equally without discrimination. He fed the little fox and the little snow leopard, who was still unhappy, and the baby panda.

Shrimp was easy to cook and could cook from the heat on the cheese. There was a layer of cheese attached to the surface. The crispness of shrimp was further set off by the freshness of fruit wine and cheese, which was fresh and fragrant.

After the shrimp was sliced, He moved to the fresh and smooth white fish fillet. First, he had added lemon juice and fried it on the baking tray. The skin was soft and burnt yellow. Then, he baked it in the cheese pot. The fried fish fillet was wrapped in mellow and thick cheese. It was another delicious feeling.

Besides meat, there were fruits, vegetables, and bread.

“In fact, these are the best things for cheese fondue.”

Gu YuMian stabbed a piece of whole wheat bread into the cheese pot, and then picked up the bread with the hot cheese dripping off of it; the soft taste was unforgettable. There were also sweet and crisp radish pieces, sticky and sweet boiled potatoes…

[Gentle Rabbit: Aaaaaah! Why is everything so delicious??? Great!]

[TGX771: +1]

[Xiaoxiong Fluorescent Pen: It’s really delicious!! It’s too delicious to send a barrage. I’m afraid I’ll miss one!!!]

The audience had been stunned by the delicious food coming in turn, without any aesthetic fatigue. They had painted the bullet screen with all kinds of gifts for a long time.

The broadcast’s popularity was soaring wildly. At this time, it ranked second in the home page’s real-time popularity list.

Different ingredients were different delicacies, but they were all unified using the mellow flavor of cheese, milk, and wine, which was the charm of a fondue.

The little fox ate from Gu Yuamian’s hand, and looked at him with wet eyes, making a “chirp” sound of expectation. Because the atmosphere was very safe and leisurely, the round head of the baby panda rubbed against Gu YuMian’s palm.

The little snow leopard’s paw pad pressed against Gu YuMian’s neck, and his long tail circled Gu YuMian’s wrist to ask him to look at him.

Gu YuMian, “……” Why are they all so cute?

On this winter afternoon, he chatted with his family while eating the hot and fragrant cheese fondue, which made people sleepy.

“I’ll say goodbye and we will go home for a nap.” Gu YuMian held the paw of the snow leopard, pinched the small paw pad, and beckoned the little fox to help him manage his big fluffy tail. “Will QiuQiu stay in the Academy of Sciences? By the way, where is your home…”

Gu YuMian was a little reluctant. After thinking about it, he wanted to change to another topic. Little Tangyuan lay on Gu YuMian’s knee, and Gu YuMian rubbed his soft belly, “YuanYuan is not full? What else would you like to eat?”

The baby panda yawned and whined twice, happy to say that he still wanted to eat, but also wanted to sleep. Gu YuMian could not help bending his eyes.

Their seats were by the window, and they could see the snow outside the window as it stacked, layer upon layer as it fell. They were heated by the furnace, and it added a crackling noise. The atmosphere of the live broadcast also fell back to the most comfortable point from just being exciting and enthusiastic. It was firmly controlled by Gu YuMian.

The air was filled with the scent of cheese fondue, mixed with the smell of charcoal, old leather paper, and cinnamon.

The little snow leopard lazily lay on Gu YuMian’s shoulder. The baby panda and little fox were huddled in Gu YuMian’s arms as they began to doze off. He held them and touched the two. Gu YuMian was a person who could easily remind people of the word ‘home.’

The gentle magnetic field belonging to Gu YuMian fell around the whole space.

Most people had only thought of such a winter in their hearts.

Surrounding a small fireplace, the family sitting around it, chatting while watching the snowfall. When sleepy and comfortable, they could go to sleep. After waking up, if the snow stopped, they could have a snow fight. If it didn’t stop, they would continue to idle away.

The atmosphere of the barrage became unusually peaceful.

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: I love the winter brought by MianMian. When will the winter come to the Lower Urban District? ]

[Hometown Spring and Autumn: I want to see the snow. I miss home! QAQ]

However, even if the atmosphere was so peaceful and gentle, the flow from artificial recommendation and a natural recommendation was still continuously led to the live room. In addition, there were also spontaneous recommendations from the audience. Due to the strong audience’s stickiness, the final result was extremely amazing.

The number and popularity of the audience was still rising, 80 million, 90 million——

Gu YuMian’s ranking in the real-time popularity list on the homepage soon became first place!

First place…

This meant that, at this moment, on the entire Starry Sky Platform, Gu YuMian’s live studio was the most popular. This included all the top-ranked anchors that were still on the air, suggesting that they were not as good as him.

At the same time, Gu YuMian’s live studio’s popularity of the day and even the total popularity of this week also soared through the roof. The audience’s response across the screen was so good, let alone the researchers who were close to Gu YuMian.

This group of workaholics were all doing experiments and research that would make them uncomfortable for several days and nights. Before, it was difficult to take a nap and sit down quietly for a meal. But at this moment, when they were almost done eating the hot fondue, they felt sleepy and were unable to resist the attack.

But it was a little cold indoors in winter, and since it was not their own home, there was a sense of insecurity.

But there was a different corner in the room.

At the same time, people instinctively judged that it seemed very warm and suitable for taking a nap.



Little Tangyuan had fallen asleep, and the little fox was drowsy. Only the little snow leopard was in a bad mood as he domineeringly occupied Gu YuMian’s arms.

Gu YuMian held up the snow leopard and let him lie on his shoulder, intending to get up and clean up the table. In that second, he was caught by something near his feet.

He bowed his head.

A little white rabbit 1 was curled up at his feet and sleeping. Then a Shiba Inu 2 squeezed into his arms and fell asleep. The ragdoll cat 3 was next to the Shiba Inu with his claws tucked up. The entire small quilt, with Gu YuMian at the center, was full of many large and small animals. It was almost spectacular how they were pressed up against each other.

All the other seats were empty and not even one researcher could be seen.

It could be called a large-scale human attraction site.

Gu YuMian finally understood what was going on. In spite of some embarrassment, he could not help adore this large group of plush people covering his nose.


The little snow leopard, “…”

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  1. White rabbit
  2. Shiba Inu
  3. Ragdoll Cat


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