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Chapter 45: Can I be Your Mascot?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo just wants to eat Gu YuMian’s cooking


[Bright Red Meow: What the fuck? Hahahahahahaha?? The anchor and the cubs in this picture hit me.]

[Cat’s Meow: It’s sour. Who doesn’t want to take a nap next to MianMian? QAQ I see him across the screen every day. When can I see him offline? It’s too hard.]

[Passer-by A: Who thought ‘magnetic human’? Talented.]

[Soda No. 1: It turns out that reading can really change fate. At least the big guys have done what more than 90 million people want to do but can’t. If I had scored a few hundred points more, I would have been the bird with him now?! ]

Gu YuMian was sitting by the window near the heater. The window was full of snow and the sky showed a winter afternoon. There was still white steam from the pots in the room.

There was a small dimple near the lips of the gentle and handsome human youth as he gave a light smile. In his arms, lying on his shoulders, and lying beside him were many large or small fluffy balls. This scene was too interesting and warm.

It was like a soft Japanese movie screenshot.

Through the lens, the audience looked at the people who were showing their bellies and were sleeping, soft and cute without any vigilance. Then they thought about the appearance of the Academy of Sciences in the news reports and various press conferences…

Because of the spontaneous recommendation of the audience, all kinds of beautiful screenshots without being fixed started to fly into circles of friends. And then were sent to micro blogs by the masses who did not know the truth.

[Is this a poster for a movie? The little brother and the cubs are so beautiful that I am in tears! [picture] I’ll watch it after it’s released!! ]

The screenshot was uploaded to the Internet, and even if there was no ‘Academy of Sciences’ tag, it quickly broke through ten thousand shares. At noon, when the micro-blog’s traffic soared, it rushed all the way to the hot search.

This was pushing up the popularity of Gu YuMian’s studio, which many people thought had reached the peak, and the audience from all major media platforms began a new round of crazy influx!

The other side.

Gu YuMian was really happy since he liked small animals by nature. This kind of scene almost made him feel like he was dreaming. But soon, two coughs sounded from Capital Star’s Vinegar King. If he didn’t coax the little leopard, he would be grumpy again.

He leaned over and put the little white rabbit, with his ears closed, to sleep beside him. The silly Shiba Inu, who had been sleeping with his feet up to the sky, was also carried to the cushion, making room for the leopard.

The little snow leopard watched coldly as he did all this.

“TuanTuan,” Gu YuMian picked up the snow leopard and touched his forehead and back. He found that it had little effect, so he could only kiss his soft claws, and at the same time pacify him, “Everyone is tired. It’s two o’clock after lunch break. Let’s rest.”

The Academy of Sciences researchers liked to stay up late. They would take an hour’s nap at noon and then get up to work. After that, they would be much better.

The little snow leopard was unmoved and looked away indifferently. He curled up his long tail lazily, with a look of haughtiness, no matter how sour he was on the surface. The fat, round and rolling black-and-white bear was stupid and coupled with a stupid fox, it made him very reluctant. Sleeping on the ground, what was that?

Obviously it was a human thing, couldn’t he be specific?

Can’t you like just me?

“…TuanTuan,” he said softly, holding the snow leopard in his arms and rubbing his chin against his small, fluffy head, “I like you best.”

Like you… like you best.

The little snow leopard’s breathing was sluggish.

Xue Tuan was different. He was the only reason Gu YuMian had been wandering for thousands of years to settle down in the future world. Just as Gu YuMian gave the little snow leopard a home, so did the little snow leopard. Later, he had the motivation to do a live broadcast, met YuanYuan and Qiuqiu, and was seen and liked by many people, going further.

The young man’s voice was soft and clean, and his breath was low and light. When he heard him speak gently, it was like he accidentally picked up the sweetest sugar in the world.

Because it was really sweet, he was reluctant to eat, and wanted to hold it in the palm of his hand, afraid of it melting. He wanted to hold the sugar carefully and not let anyone else covet it, but also wanted to show it off to the world. His brain stopped and his heart beat fast and stalled. He wanted to take all the stars and the moon out of the sky for him.

Once again he was so easily coaxed.

The little snow leopard closed his grey-blue eyes and curled up in Gu YuMian’s arms. The little ears, which had been haughty and erect, were drooping down, a little nervous, impatient and arrogant.


Since both the fox and the baby panda were asleep, the audience was almost bewildered by this series of critical attacks, because they didn’t know when they had switched back to the perspective of the snow leopard.

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: Groundhog 1 shriek! Aaaaaaaaaaah!???! ]

[Throwing Cosmetics: MianMian seems to be saying that he likes me the most?? I can’t. I’m dizzy. I’m out of oxygen. This man is so foul!]

[aduhux: Shit, it’s a little hot in my nose. Anchor just killed me!!]

[Crown: Critical hit!! I’m dead!!! Why do I see a red face when I watch the live broadcast? Just now my deskmate asked me if I was in love, awsl!]

Maybe it was because the mood was just right, just like boiling water at its critical point, the dizzy mood spread in the minds of those watching. There was a kind of satisfaction and sweetness that made people want to explode into fireworks.

The barrage was bursting out!

Gu YuMian looked at the bullet screen for a while, then he took back his sight, smiled and eased down the warm atmosphere without any effort. He carried the calm snow leopard in his arms, quietly asked the robot to help put away the table. Then he turned off the indoor lights, drew the curtains, and kept the heater on.

He gently moved the fluffy people who were snoring to a more comfortable position one by one, covered the cold children with blankets, and left a soft cushion for the fat ones. Finally, he sat cross legged back in his original position, holding the snow leopard, fox and baby panda, just like when he was at home.

The little fox fell asleep and found the right place in Gu YuMian’s arms with two good chirps. Little Tangyuan lay on his stomach and slept. He hugged Gu YuMian’s hand and gave him a grumble.

The room was quiet, with only the sound of the animals breathing regularly, and the small fire crackling. The sky light reflected the snow and was shining through the curtains, causing the light of the small stove to be warm and bright.

Following Gu YuMian’s movements, the audience could not help but feel entranced.

The originally high mood and intense feeling took a few minutes to quiet down.

The audience was watching from the little snow leopard’s perspective. His vision, smell and hearing were synchronized with theirs. At this moment, their heart seemed to be immersed in some warm spring air.

And then, their line of sight darkened.

Their hearing became clearer and clearer. They could hear the young man’s even and gentle breathing and heartbeat with a sense of security. It seemed that there were some subtle noises in the wind. Gradually, their hearing grew completely quiet.

Gu YuMian reached for the snow leopard’s eyes, and his voice seemed to overflow with a light smile. He helped close his eyes and kissed his little ears, “Mn, it’s lunch break.” He said, “Don’t worry. I’ll call you when it’s time to get up. Sleep.”

The little snow leopard’s ear rubbed against Gu YuMian’s jaw, closed his eyes, and his long tail circled Gu YuMian’s wrist.

[There’s a family in the mine: I love Mianmian so much. What can I do if I want to live in this kind of atmosphere all my life??! ]

[Tiger: Turn off the light, cover with a quilt, imagine yourself lying next to the anchor, and start sleeping.]

All Gu YuMian did was to create hints and the atmosphere. All possible interference of the external environment had been eliminated. There was no noise and no one would disturb them. It was very quiet and safe here, so——

Go to sleep.

The barrage was completely quiet and had calmed down.

However, the popularity was not affected, and it was still soaring with a very terrifying momentum.

——The audience had reached 120 million.

This not only refreshed Gu YuMian’s personal data record, but also surpassed nearly ninety percent of the all star anchors, keeping the most popular spot steadily.

At first, Gu YuMian started all the way in the back, then broke into third, second and finally earned the most popular anchor of the day on the front page.


4 p.m.

Gu YuMian’s visit to the Academy of Sciences was about to come to a close. While everyone was reluctant to let him leave, he left his prepared small gifts to say goodbye to everyone, and left the Academy of Sciences.

Gu YuMian was also reluctant to leave, mainly because of the little fox. But aides and colleagues had repeatedly stressed that the fox was the mascot of the Academy of Sciences, and was very important to the Academy of Sciences — and Gu YuMian was just a strange. Why would he keep the child around him? This was not reasonable in itself.

Finally, he said goodbye.

While there were some small mishaps, he enjoyed the visit. Not only had the popularity of Gu YuMian’s live broadcast raised to a higher level, but also the purpose of publicity for science popularization was very successful.

In the afternoon, the Academy of Sciences received resumes from all over the interstellar worlds. Not only that, but also the degree of discussion and recognition among the people was high. From the beginning of the ‘high cold scientific research workaholic’ to the present ‘fluffy, smart and lovely, but also very kind’, it could be said that the transformation was earth shaking. It was all due to Gu YuMian and the ‘movie poster’ that became popular on the Internet.

From noon to now, the picture was still hanging on the hot search, and people kept asking when it would be released.

The comments were along the lines of, 

[I can 555, the little immortal brother.] 

[I’m longing for this atmosphere.] 

[If it’s a holographic movie, the effect must be super.] 

[Squatting and squatting.] 

[Is this in the Academy of Sciences?! Goodbye, everyone. I’m going to submit my resume.]

“It’s not all for the anchor,” said the chief assistant, looking through the resumes and letters. “It’s really nice…”

There were not a small number of people who really wanted to work at the Academy of Sciences through this live broadcast. They either had a strong interest in it, or they had learned the real atmosphere of Academy of Sciences through the interaction between Gu YuMian and everyone there——

Although their main focus was on experiments, the atmosphere among colleagues was very relaxed, and their overall characters were a little dull, but people did not feel excluded even from thousands of miles away. Especially when everyone in the middle was trying to sit and wait for Gu YuMian to bring out the fondue, their expressions and postures were a little embarrassing and uniform, which made the audience think that they were lovely and adorable.


The little fox lay on his assistant’s desk and gave a feeble chirp. The assistant thought that it was because he left Gu YuMian and was unable to lift his spirits. So the assistant comforted him in a low voice, “Anchor Gu is still in the Upper Urban District. There is something else he needs to do. He can visit the next week.”

Arctic fox kit, “Chi.”

“Eh, the chief hasn’t changed back?” A colleague nearby asked, “There will be another experiment in a moment. Yesterday’s work has not been completed.”

The little fox turned over and stood up. His little claws stepped on the light screen and chirped more seriously.

Aides and colleagues, “What?!”

Half an hour later.

The leader of the group put down the instrument, and finally came to the conclusion, “You can’t change back for a while.”

Everyone in the room had different looks.

The light screen was projected in the air, showing the brain structure of the fox. The brain structure of a superbrain was complex, but the mechanism of pressure release was not so advanced as that of ordinary people. Since the age of five, this superbrain had been overworked and had not taken a day off for ten years.

Maybe meeting Gu YuMian was an opportunity, but they didn’t know whether it was good or bad.

In addition to a very small number of races, the abilities and mental power of most creatures in animal form would be greatly weakened, especially the cubs under the age of twenty. This was also the reason why interstellar people generally hated humans but still maintained a human form.

It meant that the little fox’s super brain ability was almost equal to none, and couldn’t keep up with the experiment and work rhythm of others. He couldn’t work in the Academy of Sciences for the moment, or even research and work hard for so long.

There was sympathy and sadness for the child sitting in the middle.

Little fox looked a little lost.


It was not what many people thought.

First, he was at a loss, and then what came up was not sad regrets, but relaxed and secret happiness. But he didn’t show it on the surface and just kept quiet. After more than ten years of research, he suddenly found that he didn’t want to be the Chief of the Academy of Sciences, which many people adored, but just wanted to be a child.

Gu YuMian’s child.

That was what the leader of the biology team said — he was a well deserved expert in this field, and he was probably not going to change for the time being.

“Is he really a human being? No powers?” The group leader looked at the screen and thought it was strange. The chief’s mental state seemed to be affected by another power, but none of the thousands of powers that were known to be registered would have such an effect or ability.

No one had ever heard of a human who had awakened a power before.

But that little anchor was really special. If he woke up his powers and even mental power, the team leader wouldn’t be surprised. At the same time, he didn’t have such keen insight. When he was eating the cheese fondue before, there was a small amount of spiritual energy that flowed through every bite.

Everyone was thinking about their own affairs for a while, and never mentioned where the chief was going. Maybe they didn’t know how to mention it. It had only been a short time since he was elected. Was it necessary to change the chief?

And it was not forever. It was just temporary, right?

“What now?”

As soon as the problem came up, everyone was silent.


After returning to the residence, the baby panda turned left and right, and didn’t see the little fox, Bai Qiu. He thought he had lost the fox, scratched his belly in a daze and at a loss, held Gu YuMian’s palm in his paw, and made a sound.

“What’s going on?” Gu YuMian quickly guessed the meaning of the baby panda. Although they only got along for less than one day, the relationship between the two children was very good. Because the little snow leopard was arrogant, it was not easy to play with other cubs. On the contrary, when the little fox came, the baby panda felt he had gained a playmate of the same age.

“QiuQiu has gone home,” Gu YuMian was reluctant to give up, holding up the fat little Tangyuan and touching his head. “We will stay for a few more days, and then we will invite him to come home to play, okay?”

The baby panda was stunned, stuffed himself into Gu YuMian’s arms, sucked his claws, wronged, and nodded his head cleverly. This was a rare time for little Tangyuan to be unhappy.

Gu YuMian had no choice.

He would stay for a few more days, because the ’24 Wok’ had not been settled yet. The relatives were in the Upper Urban District, but where should he find such a big person in the Upper Urban District? Besides, Gu YuMian also cared about Shuo Han.

He didn’t know if he would have a chance to see Shuo Han again in the next few days.

Anyway, the pass had one week’s permission, so he’d stay a few more days.

The little snow leopard glanced at him lightly. This time, he was not jealous at all. He just lay down lazily on Gu YuMian’s shoulder. Gu YuMian glanced at his watch. At 7 p.m., he planned to go out to go around the Upper Urban District. It was 4:30 p.m. and a little early for dinner.

That’s when Elbet Restaurant called him, “Mr. Gu, I have sent the business reports of the past few days to you. Please check them.”

Gu YuMian clicked to check the business report and was finally a little happy. Compared with the previous low period, the turnover of Elbet Restaurant had skyrocketed in recent days. The main thing was that there were many customers who made repeated visits. Some people came to the restaurant for meals all three days. Moreover, there were investors who wanted to inject capital.

The Dongpo meat sales were particularly good. They could take advantage of this momentum to launch new dishes and fight for a successful turnaround.

“Would you like to think about something new? It’s just that there’s still a little time.”

Gu YuMian took a deep breath at the soft neck of the snow leopard, and soon decided.

Anyway, being idle was also boring. If he was idle, he would think about whether the little fox was unhappy in the Academy of Sciences and whether there was someone to take care of it… He was afraid he might steal the child in the middle of the night. He’d better do something to distract himself.

“Yangzhou fried rice? 2 Sliced Boiled Pork with Garlic Sauce? 3 Pork ribs with rice and sauce?” 4

Gu YuMian thought about his own food, took out the existing ingredients, thawed them and arranged them neatly.

… Rice ribs were good.

They were crispy and delicious, succulent and thick. It was relatively simple and was not as demanding as boiled pork with garlic sauce. Just like Dongpo pork, the key point of glutinous ribs was to prepare for marinating in the early stage. After processing, he just needed to control the temperature and time for steaming.

Glutinous rice was one of the new harvests Gu YuMian found after going to the Academy of Sciences this time. The Academy of Sciences had cultivated the extinct glutinous rice 5, but still didn’t know how to use it for cooking. Many glutinous rice grains had been sent to Gu YuMian.

Gu YuMian thought, and put all the glutinous rice in cold water. At the same time, he held the knife to shred the ginger, cut the green pepper into small pieces, pat it with the back of the knife. He washed the synthetic ribs and cut them into small sections, mixed the salt and the soy sauce, grabbed glutinous rice flour, sprinkled the black pepper and marinated for half an hour.

He soaked the soft glutinous rice and added the chopped green pepper in a special high-pressure device and mixed them with sesame oil.

When he was not live, Gu YuMian was quick to deal with ingredients. He didn’t want to starve his children. But this time he was a little slow. He was thinking while doing it, and occasionally couldn’t help but sigh. His chin rubbed against the baby snow leopard’s fluffy head, and he let the baby panda lean into his arms.

Gu YuMian took out a lotus leaf, put on gloves, evenly spread a layer of white and round sticky rice on the lotus leaf after being soaked, put the marinated ribs on top, and evenly wrapped the sticky rice over the ribs.

At this time, Gu YuMian’s ears moved, and suddenly heard a slight noise at the door.

The little snow leopard opened his grey-blue eyes and looked at the door. The baby panda, who was a little down, also blinked, rolled up suddenly, and gave Gu YuMian two chirps. He didn’t know what he wanted to express.

Someone knocking at the door? No, standing at the door?

Gu YuMian hesitated for a moment, and suddenly an idea flashed in his mind. He left the children in the same place and went to open the door.

The wooden door opened slowly.

A big fluffy tail with silver gray tip and soft white hair. The little fox sat upright, with a bit of formality and shyness while shaking his tail, “Ji.”

Can I be your mascot?

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Translator Notes:

  1. Groundhog.  The  ground hog screech is a meme for anyone who wants to look it up.
  2. 扬州炒饭:Yangzhou fried rice, Yangchow fried rice, or Yeung Chow fried rice is a popular Chinese-style wok fried rice dish in many Chinese restaurants throughout the world.
  3. 蒜泥白肉: Sliced boiled pork usually served with cucumbers and bell peppers and a spicy sauce.
  4. 糯香排骨:
  5. Sushi rice.


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