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Chapter 170: Tenth World (14)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

After a shock of silence for a while, Nina Jia finally understood Bazel’s meaning, but she preferred to understand it wrong. When she opened her mouth, Nina Jia’s voice was dry, “You… What do you mean?!”

“You know what I mean.” The beauty’s pale, crumbling face was particularly pitiful, but Bazel bluntly pierced her self deception, “I’ve long found my lifelong companion, he is it.”

Hearing Bazel’s words, Bai Duan was happy and proud. He even forgot about his chrysanthemum. The mink turned directly into his human shape in Bazel’s palm.

Bai Duan’s change was very abrupt, but Bazel did not panic at all. Instead, he skillfully changed the posture of holding him in his hand to holding him with one arm, and comfortably encircled Bai Duan. Bai Duan, on the other hand, sat on Bazel’s arm, put his hands around his shoulders, and gave Nina Jia a look to show off. He was extraordinarily arrogant, with the blue and purple love marks left by the excessive love he had not yet lost. He looked very coquettish and cheap.

They were so close and natural, which clearly showed that the relationship between them was not that of an owner and pet, but long-time companions, which completely broke Nina Jia’s mind.

However, even if she understood, Nina Jia could not understand Bazel’s choice at all. After all, a mink and eagle had habits and physiques that were far from each other — this was not what ordinary ‘different species can love each other’ could describe!

At the very least, Nina Jia’s own aesthetic couldn’t appreciate the mink’s appearance, not to mention the ‘strange’ animal shape, even if it turned into a human shape, such a soft, weak, white, tender appearance, how was it beautiful?! Even as a ‘female’, it was too thin, wasn’t it?! Her body could match two of Bai Duan’s!

“Partner?!” Nina Jia involuntarily raised her voice, “How can your partner be such a weak thing?”

“Just because I like him.” Bazel’s face was overcast, and without waiting for Bai Duan’s hair to blow up, he said, “Why are you interfering with me?”

Nina Jia had nothing to say.

Seeing Bai Duan and Bazel, Nina Jia’s eyes were red, angry and worried, “If you don’t say anything else, your life span will be different. A mink’s life span is so much shorter than ours, how can you stay together?”

“Why not?” Bazel raised his eyebrows in a reasonable tone, “I’m so much older than him. I was in my prime when he was just born; when he is old, I will only be able to hardly fly. Our time to die will be together, won’t it?”

Nina Jia was stunned by such a maverick remark. After all, there was no such thing as ‘martyrdom’ or ‘life and death together’. Nina Jia couldn’t understand the behavior of when one partner dies, the other would follow.

Unfortunately, Bazel obviously didn’t want to continue talking. He bumped his little lover in his arms. He was satisfied to find that he had been fattened up again these days. He could eat his little lover now. He couldn’t wait to send out the order, “For the sake of the same race, I can tolerate your trespassing this time, but if you dare to appear in my territory next time without my consent, don’t blame me for not caring for the friendship of the same race.”

Bazel’s tone was understated, but the look given to Nina Jia was cold and heartless as if he was looking at the dead. When Nina Jia stood upright, she took a step back subconsciously, forgetting that she was standing on the branch of the tree, and fell down when her foot hit empty air. Even though she hurriedly spread her wings, she still fell awkwardly and landed on the grass with the twigs and leaves.

Since learning to fly, Nina Jia had not been so shameful, where did she have the face to continue to pester? What’s more, Bazel’s eyes frightened her. She still feared being scratched by him like the last time. 

Last time, though Bazel put on a posture of attack, Nina Jia could see that the other side didn’t want to kill her, just expel her. So she had the courage to step into Bazel’s territory again and try to ask for sex.

But this time, even though Bazel was just standing leisurely and holding his partner gently in his arms, Nina Jia seemed to feel a death scythe on her neck and knew she would die in the next second. Her face was white and she didn’t dare to look at Bazel’s expression. She spread her wings and flew away, in a hurry.

Bai Duan looked at his rival as she ran away. He was at a loss and didn’t know why she suddenly changed her face and ran so fast. Bazel, on the other hand, regained his mental strength with satisfaction. He had just made a mark of fear in Nina Jia’s mind, turning her previous love for him into fear so that she would never come near him again.

Leaving the episode to one side, Bazel embraced his little lover, who had become human, and returned to the house neatly. When he was put on the bed, Bai Duan recovered from the inexplicable action of his “love rival”, glanced at Bazel with a twitch of his mouth, then turned back into a mink and got under the quilt.

Bazel, who just wanted to take the opportunity to get close to his lover, “……”

With a helpless smile, Bazel rubbed the rolled quilt and indulged, “I’ve been very careful and I haven’t hurt you. Don’t you feel very comfortable and happy when we do it?”

“That’s just the beginning!” There was a squeaking… complaint from under the quilt, “If you can stop when I say ‘no more’, I will be really happy!”

Bazel’s eyes flickered for a moment, but his expression and tone were especially sincere, “If I could stop, I would certainly stop.”

Bai Duan under the quilt had a “ha ha” face.

However, no matter how much he resisted the discontent, when Bazel really entered his heat, Bai Duan still fulfilled his duty as a partner and tried to cooperate with Bazel to roll around in various positions on the big bed.

Although his heat was fierce and his little lover was obedient, Bazel still controlled himself with strong willpower and did not completely indulge his desire. One part cooperation, one part restriction, and the heat was not as hard as Bai Duan thought.

Maybe it was because of his worst psychological preparation, and he felt extraordinarily satisfied compared with the reality; maybe it was because of the previous heat, which made Bai Duan’s “body” undergo exercise and cooperate more harmoniously with Bazel — in a word, after successfully passing Bazel’s heat, Bai Duan only felt that the sky was clear, and there was nothing to worry about in his mink life.

After solving the contradiction between their heats, Bai Duan and Bazel quickly returned to the honeymoon period. Once in a while, the lovers rolled around, and the harmony could not be more harmonious. However, Zheng Kun’s side was not so smooth.

After joining the mink tribe, Zheng Kun had a long-term foothold, so he had to work hard to make himself more stable. Since he came to this world, he had learned a lot from Bai Duan. He was no longer the old curtilage man with empty brain holes, but high eyes and low hands. Zheng Kun tried to teach the mink people to make simple weapons such as bows and spears, arrange traps for defense and went hunting together with the mink people, grew vegetables and fruits together, and even improved the taste of mink food with the poor cooking skills he had to practice when living alone.

All these efforts paid off. Zheng Kun was becoming more and more popular among the mink people. He was treated more and more friendlier by the mink people who originally took precautions against and repelled him. Even during their heat, a young female mink showed her good feelings to him.

However, Zheng Kun, who was flattered, finally refused. Because he couldn’t mention the great “sex” interest when he looked at the minks that rolled into a ball or even showed the animal shape on the ground. Of course, what he worried about most was that if he was with a female mink, and the other party was happy and suddenly turned into the animal shape when they were having sex, he would probably be directly scared. It might even leave a psychological shadow, which couldn’t be hardened any more…

After all, not everyone had the same heavy taste as Bai Duan and Bazel, and they had no obstacle to the animal type mate. Zheng Kun thought that he should be an ordinary man with normal aesthetics and three outlooks, unable to accept love across species.

With Zheng Kun’s status in the mink tribe getting higher and higher, the minks had a better life.

In fact, some of the changes were not complicated, just no one had thought of them. The beasts had long been familiar with their way of life and never wanted to change it. Only after Zheng Kun, who was an outsider and tried to make himself better, put forward suggestions, could they suddenly realize that “their original life can still be like this”.

Driven by Zheng Kun, the mink people finally began to turn their brains, which they had not used for a long time, and began to try this change, or even actively seek change.

Zheng Kun’s existence made the mink people take a lot less detours, and the positive effect of every brainwork encouraged the mink people’s enthusiasm for progress. When all the mink people began to work hard, the change of the tribe started improving with each passing day.

With the improvement of cooking technology, they could eat more delicious food; the crops they grew would not be far so they did not have to search and pick; the traps made it easier for them to hunt small animals; in the face of more ferocious beasts, they had the power to fight with weapons — even those natural enemies from the sky could bend from their bows… they shot arrows and threw spears. One would never run away without fighting back.

Looking at the changing mink village, Zheng Kun finally found the pride of the transmigrators in some novels. Unfortunately, his ambition and pride had just begun to expand, and he suffered a major blow.

Just as the so-called “every man is innocent and has his own faults”, even the simple beast would have jealousy.

The mink people’s daily life had aroused the envy of other neighboring races, and this kind of envy, with the gap between the mink and other tribes growing, quickly evolved into dissatisfaction and envy.

They hoped that the minks could share these achievements, but the minks and Zheng Kun were not willing to hand over the fruits of their labor so easily. In this way, the conflict between the minks and other races was getting deeper and deeper. Even leopards, wolves and other beasts that despised weapons and simply ate meat were greedy, because they could feel the threat brought by the minks.

The situation in all directions made the original peaceful and stable life of the mink people like walking on thin ice, but Zheng Kun couldn’t do anything about it.

As an otaku man, he didn’t know how to deal with such complex and dangerous relations. Even though he had never seen much of the world, he couldn’t bear such a heavy pressure. He began to regret that his instant success and instant benefit brought too many changes and he couldn’t sleep all night.

After another inconclusive meeting, Zheng Kun left the mink village with weapons and followed his memory to the tree house where Bazel and Bai Duan lived.

In Zheng Kun’s mind, Bazel and Bai Duan were almost omnipotent. Bazel was powerful and fierce, the default king of the whole area, while Bai Duan was smart and intelligent, not like a beast at all.

If they were there, they should know how to solve the difficulties of mink people?

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