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Chapter 51: Snowball Fight

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is so excited that the husky has appeared!


While the Gu YuMian family was relaxing in the hot spring villa in the morning, on the other side of the Upper Urban District, the old house of the Guo family was also bustling.

It had not been this way for a long time.

The old and middle-aged people in the Guo family were used to living in seclusion, while the young people, like Guo Er Shisi, were scattered throughout the stars. When they worked to pursue their dreams, they also inquired about the whereabouts of their ancestor.

The news report was that the old house was on fire, which was not the case. How could there be such an accident as a fire in the interstellar era? The word fire was just a signal.

“Is the ‘fire’… Is he back?”

“Why didn’t Junior 24 come back? Wasn’t he the most active before? Oh, I think his agent said he was ill. I’ll go to visit him on another day.”

“Sister, I’m too nervous.”

Many pandas crowded the hall. There were men and women, old and young, scratching their heads and touching their stomachs, chatting and waiting anxiously while eating bamboo. Everyone looked different.

The only panda family were the Guo’s in the whole galaxy, now there was a large group, there were more than fifty pandas sitting in the hall roughly some had just come back, many were on the way. Guo Er Shisi was young, but he had a high rank. A cousin the same age as him was named 54.

It was not until a brown and white panda 1 came out of the hall that they closed our mouths and looked up eagerly.

Guo Shi San 2 was fatter than most pandas. When he was young, he went to a sumo competition and won the championship. At present, the panda with the highest number in the old house was Qi Guo. 3 However, since Qi Guo stayed in bed for a long time, the main person in charge of the old house was Shi San Guo.

Because of the particularity of their ability, it was imperative for the pandas in the Guo family to go back to this old house to live in seclusion when they reached a certain age, otherwise it would affect their life and health.

Shi San Guo used to wear long coats, carry teapots, and stroll slowly. He dressed in the old Beijing style. Today, he wore an ordinary cloth shirt without combing his hair and he walked out in a disarray.

“It was hard on everyone to come back from so far,” said Shi San Guo. He stopped, then without any bedding, went straight to the point, “He’s back.”


More than fifty pairs of round panda eyes were sluggish for a long time. A moment later, the Guo’s exploded in the hall! More than half of the pandas stood up in a hurry and began to circle a little excitedly. Their round bellies almost hitting each other

“Really? Don’t lie to me.”

“Where is he?” 

“Uncle Shi’san, you won’t hide him, will you?”

The whole room was like a vegetable market and there were all kinds of sounds. There were also pandas who wanted to rush behind Shi San Guo to lift the curtain to check.

“Quiet, quiet!” Shi San Guo knocked on the table, “Listen to me!”

In the short silence, Shi San Guo said the following words in one breath, “He’s back, but we don’t know where he is or what he’s become. We don’t know his age, race, identity or gender. He may not remember everyone. We need to continue to look for him and be prepared. He may have his own life.”

At four o’clock in the morning last night, Qi Guo, who had been in bed for a long time, got up. Qi Guo finished saying this string of words again and again before falling into a deep sleep, and no one could even ask any questions.

It was quiet.

A moment later, a relatively young, chubby panda raised his paws and asked, “Is there a newborn at that house?”

The Gu family were human beings, and they knew that their ancestor was a Gu. The Guo family had been paying attention to the Gu family for a long time. Before they started to do business, they also relied on the shadow of the Guo family to have a smooth journey.

Because they didn’t know when their ancestor would come back, any newborns would be paid special attention to.

Twenty years ago, the last son of the family born was named Gu YuMian, which was the same as their forefather. At that time, everyone was guessing that it was providence, and rushed to see him. The child was very cute, but unfortunately he was not who they were looking for.

In addition, the Guo family’s behavior was more old-fashioned, only the younger generation would watch live broadcasts.

Guo Er Shisi’s grandfather and father married very late, so Guo Er Shisi was young but had a high rank, so he immediately realized the problem when watching Gu YuMian live broadcast. But other kids were far away so even if they had seen Gu YuMian’s live broadcast, they couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

The clue was at this point.

“No.” Shi San Guo shook his head, “No newborns. I have no clue and will have to wait for Uncle Qi to wake up next time.”

Anything related to the old ancestor was a big deal. Calling the whole family back to the old house to announce it was not. Moreover, even if there were no clues or scopes, it was enough for everyone who came back from a long distance to hear the words ‘he’s back’.

It was much better than rushing back from all over the country and looking forward to seeing a swindler pretending to be their patriarch to cheat them. After all, everyone was too far away, and there was the rush to come in a day and a night, but at least there was hope.

Everyone sighed, but there was a faint expectation.


At the same time, the Elbet Restaurant in the Lower Urban district had a line at 8 a.m. on Saturday. From the beginning of prosperity to decline, to the emergency closure and rectification, to being barely open, the business was now booming again in a short period of time. Elbet Restaurant could be said to have a beautiful turnaround, even better than before few restaurants could make people get up early on their rest day and line up.

With Gu YuMian’s drastic rectification and these days of remote guidance, Elbet’s business was back on the right track again. In addition, the diners who had tasted the food had spontaneously recommended the place to their circle of friends, and the Elbet Restaurant which had been quiet for a long time had come into the public’s sight.

When Wu Yue was pulled out of bed by her sister to go to the restaurant, she felt that it was incredible.

“My God, have you been brainwashed?” Wu Yue yawned, “Your circle of friends had to be those who buy the promotional items even if they aren’t good. Elbet is going out of business, due to their ill and disorderly treatment.”

She had been there several times before Elbet went into decline, and she knew it was not worthy of the name, let alone after all kinds of negative news.

Wu Le was extremely persistent, “Elder sister, they really changed their boss. I heard that the new boss has great ability. How do you know if it’s true if you don’t go eat there once? Let’s hurry up, or we’ll have to line up for a long time.”

They set out at seven-thirty a.m. in the morning. They arrived before eight o’clock, but it was too late. There was a long line in the front of the dining room door, but everyone in line was laughing and joking.

Wu Yue didn’t believe that Elbet had gotten better at all. Seeing so many people in line, while she still had doubts that it was a joke, she didn’t think it would be true. There seemed to be something different about the restaurant right now, but it wasn’t enough to make her take the time to line up for so long.

“A-Le, forget it. There are too many people. Let’s go. There is a good breakfast shop nearby…”

Before she even finished a sentence, it became eight o’clock, and the door opened on time. One by one, small robots rushed out to welcome the guests in. Wu Yue had planned to leave, when a robot with the appearance of a kitten, who was not only cute but also very talkative, walked over. She hesitated whether to go ahead and see if Elbet was as good as it was claimed to be now, or not.

This hesitation made her unable to walk away.

In fact, when she first entered the door, Wu Yue had a poor impression of the interior. Elbet used to have bad dishes, but at least it was an independent private room. Now there were no private rooms for breakfast, and there were hundreds of wooden Chinese tables and long benches on the big platform. Wasn’t that too careless?

Wu Yue took another look at the simple dishes.

‘The food here is too simple, and the quantity is too small. I don’t know what’s good about it.’ Wu Yue thought.

At this time, the little robot gave them a hot towel and hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizer seemed to be self-made and it had a very light scent of apricot and flowers. Unexpectedly, it smelled good and was also very comfortable to use with the hot white towel, which was at a high temperature, to wipe their palms.

“I like this hand sanitizer very much,” sighed Wu Le. “It’s a pity that they don’t sell it, and it is only for the guests.”

Wu Yue also liked it, but she didn’t say it. She looked around and wanted to say something provocative. At this time, a cooking table was set up in the center of the platform. Several chefs lined up to make dumplings, stewed soup, rolled noodles and other works under the customers’ eyes.

Wu Yue was surprised at first, then puzzled. Not cooking in the kitchen, what are you doing here? But she didn’t expect that the other regular customers seemed to be very welcome to this. When the chefs first came out, someone whistled and clapped.

“Look, sister.” Wu Le also liked it and was looking forward to it. She was chatting but stopped to pay attention to the chefs.

The chefs’ movements were not fluent, but they were very serious. One could see that the round steamed buns were put on the steamer neatly, the shrimp dumplings had thin skin and were fragrant, the milk white soymilk was boiled on the stove and bubbled, and the small dishes with beautiful colors were layered with tender bamboo shoots.

Unconsciously, Wu Yue felt like she saw something incredible.

Those dishes were small but delicate, and they were made while she was watching. It felt like they would be safe and delicious. She looked at it and unconsciously clicked on a lot of different items on the menu; she wanted to try each one.

Moreover, the dishes here were not expensive. She almost ordered most of the dishes on the menu, and the total was less than 100-star coins.

——If Wu Yue was still a little dubious at this moment, now she would not be able to think of anything else until the dishes were served.

The first was a small plate of bamboo shoots, the clear green bamboo shoots were cut into thin slices, and, on top, was a spoonful of vinegar to enhance the flavor. Such a simple way, unexpectedly, had a delicious taste and was very appetizing, which immediately moved the greedy insects that had been hungry and silent all night.

Next came the shrimp dumplings, pancakes and a glass of soy milk.

The half-moon shaped shrimp dumplings had white and thin skin, and the inside filling was steamed to make the tasty red shrimp, minced meat and bamboo shoots tender. When the thin skin was bitten, there was delicious soup pouring into the mouth. The taste of shrimp was crisp and smooth, and it was inexpressible and delicious when mixed with minced meat and bamboo shoots.

The golden color of the chive pancakes was also surprisingly delicious, with crispy and soft skin and salty flavor. What’s more, a sip of soy milk tasted sweet and diluted the original greasiness from the other foods. The natural taste of beans accompanied by the fresh and sweet temperature nourished the spleen and stomach, which made people feel refreshed!

Wu Yue and Wu Le talked at the beginning, and then they were too busy eating. Shrimp dumplings and pancakes were all newly made. You could eat them even if you couldn’t wait for them to cool, hiss and scald. During the meal, you could only hear the crisp sound of chopsticks and porcelain plates.

Wu Yue, in particular, couldn’t stop eating this delicious food. She had thrown all her previous words out of the sky, and boasted in her heart with every chopstick that entered her mouth. “Delicious!”

Today, Elbet Restaurant didn’t have a virtual background effect. Instead, it replaced the ceiling with a transparent window. The sun in the late summer morning was warm and didn’t seem to be too bright. Hundreds of guests ate on the same platform, and they didn’t disturb each other. They talked and laughed, the sound of chopsticks colliding, and the sound of soy milk bubbling on the stove all entered their ears. There was only this kind of lively, simple happiness in the world.

Especially when Wen Yue had ordered the same dish as the next table and they smiled at each other, the satisfaction reached the peak again.

Not to mention that after eating, Wu Yue and Wu Le also reached the lottery conditions. They won a small cup of congee which was said to be cooked by the boss himself and sent by post. In the past, Wu Yue, who did not get excited about expensive cosmetics, almost jumped up this time!

It was good to drink, so good. She could like this congee. She thought just this was worth all the waiting this morning.

Wu Yue’s opinion was not uncommon.

The reputation of Elbet Restaurant also spread out a little bit, and the turnover ushered in another dramatic increase of customers.


At the same time, at nine in the morning, ChaiKeshan.

The congee on the stove was boiling. In the casserole, the rice grains became full, soft and moist. The rice grains were cooked with the yam and tender spareribs, and boiled until they were tender. The fresh fragrance of the congee rice grains spread in the air.

Gu YuMian took a taste of it with the spoon and fed it to the little snow leopard. He could not help thinking that he could have congee for breakfast everyday.

No matter what season, especially in winter, one could warm their stomach for a long time after eating congee. The feeling of overall comfort was irreplaceable for any other breakfast.

“TuanTuan, help me get QiuQiu and YuanYuan up,” Gu YuMian said, holding the snow leopard from below the armpits and putting him on the soft mat. “I’ll bring out the congee.”

The little snow leopard didn’t want to go to the bedroom until Gu YuMian kissed his forehead for his hard work.

By the time Gu YuMian served the congee, the little fox and the baby panda were awake. The little snow leopard lazily jumped on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, while the baby panda slowly moved over, dozing off, making the little fox look back at him from time to time with worry and push him upright carefully with his claws.

“Why is YuanYuan so sleepy? He slept nearly ten hours last night.” Gu YuMian smiled helplessly, sat cross legged on the mat, reached out and caressed the heads of the two hairballs, “Okay, eat and nap after breakfast.”

The baby panda was still sleepy, holding the small porcelain bowl filled with congee and nodding. But after Gu YuMian fed him a spoonful of congee, the little guy immediately woke up, held the bowl next to his round head, drank tons of congee, and made a happy sound.

The little fox’s attitude was much more relaxed now than at the beginning. He was not so cautious. He would approach Gu YuMian to implicitly suggest that he wanted a hug, but he was still shy. After the suggestion, he would shake his tail and cover his eyes with his small claws.

Gu YuMian’s heart melted, he had no resistance to the three cubs in his family. Of course, he immediately carried the fox into his arms to feed him congee.

Snow Leopard, “…”

In the morning, the little snow leopard began the day sour and bubbling again, and nestled on Gu YuMian’s shoulder. What he didn’t like most was that this fool was cheap and gave away his things. What good things had been given up by him? Was that right?

“We are playing with snow in the yard this afternoon,” Gu YuMian said, while feeding the children breakfast. “After playing with snow, we will rest, go to the energy hot spring, watch the sunset, and then have dinner. TuanTuan, YuanYuan, QiuQiu, think about what you want to do first.”

It was too early to get up at sunrise. The baby panda couldn’t get up, even if he could, he would be too tired. But the sunset could still be seen.

Sunsets and sunrises on Chaike Mountain could make one wish, so Gu YuMian was very dedicated to watching with his family.

The baby panda didn’t understand it at all, but he sweetly echoed with two clicking sounds. Gu YuMian was amused by it. The little fox thought seriously, and nodded.

The little snow leopard was still unhappy, and his long tail slouched.

At 4 p.m., Gu YuMian opened the live broadcast on time. Because Gu YuMian informed through the micro-blog in advance, many viewers were waiting early. As soon as the broadcast started, the number of viewers immediately rose rapidly, accompanied by a large number of barrages.

“Hello, I’m anchor Gu YuMian,” Gu YuMian said briefly to the audience in a snow suit and goggles. “Now I’m playing in the snow with the children at home, then we will rest in the hot spring, watch the sunset, and then have dinner together.”

[Cucumbers: Anchor, the treasure I care about, is on the air!!! Happy!!]

[Cat’s meow: Eh, MianMian, where are we, outdoors? It’s so cold. 233333 But I still want to say that the man in the snow suit also looks good. Aaah!! ]

[There’s a family in the mine: Wuwu, I really want to play in the snow with MianMian and his cubs. I can make snowmen, ski and have snowball fights.]

On such a cold day, Gu YuMian was sweating, his cheeks were a little red, and there was a layer of helplessness in his light brown eyes. He was so handsome that it was a little hard to look away.

Gu YuMian did gasp a little. Holding the tired baby panda, he bent his eyes towards the camera and waved his hands, “In the snow, TuanTuan and QiuQiu are going to do the best.”

After all, snow was the home of arctic foxes and snow leopards. Gu YuMian had guessed in advance that they would like to play. Unexpectedly, they liked it too much.

The hot spring villa had a special place for residents to play in the snow and ski. This afternoon, there was no one around. Their house was a private one. The baby panda had thick fur and didn’t feel cold. Initially, he also played with them. Soon, he couldn’t keep up with them at all. He pitifully arched his round head into Gu YuMian’s arms.

At first, it was okay. Gu YuMian made snowmen with the children, then snowmobiles, and took many happy pictures of the family.

Here Gu YuMian and the baby panda could keep up with the rhythm of both of them. But when they had a snowball fight, they lost control completely.

Gu YuMian suspected that the little snow leopard was getting revenge. Every snowball went to the little fox. The little snow leopard squinted lazily and arrogantly and looked down at the little fox. The accumulated jealousy and anger finally found a reasonable outlet.

At the beginning, the little fox was confused. Just as Gu YuMian wanted to stop the snow leopard, he saw that the little fox dug a snow hole and buried his head in it for a while. Then he came out with a lot of snowballs around his big tail and began to fight back.

The little fox was shy and cautious mainly in front of Gu YuMian. He was not easy to provoke in the snow.

…Maybe it was a battle to see who was the real king of the snow.

Gu YuMian could only stay nearby to prevent the situation from going too far. If they lost interest, they would go back to the hot spring. While Gu YuMian was watching, the snow leopard became braver and braver. It seemed that he intended to show his fast speed, smooth and powerful body line, smooth fur and super durable physical strength in front of Gu YuMian.

From time to time, his gray-blue eyes also glanced at Gu YuMian without trace. Only when he saw Gu YuMian’s intended admiration would he be satisfied.

It seemed very naive… but It was also lovely.

Gu YuMian could not help laughing.

“All right,” Gu YuMian looked at the time. He saw that both of them were a little tired and forced them to stop the war situation. Then, he picked up the two little guys one by one. “Let’s rest and watch the setting sun.”

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Translator Notes:

  1. Brown and White Panda Brown colored pandas are believed to be a type of panda that have albinism but are not completely white.
  2. Guo Shi’san
  3. 7th Guo


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