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Chapter 79: Love the smelly little thing

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo imagines Little Tangyuan drifting and finds it funny


The little dolphin was angry.

All she wanted to do was stay in her room. Why was she forced to drift around in a pram?!

Although the smell of the human imp was not annoying, and its movements were actually gentle and chivalrous, the thought of an idol falling into such a predicament suddenly made the dolphin mad.

There must be a parent for this stinky kid, right? What’s the matter with the parent? If parents were reluctant to discipline their children, she wouldn’t mind going out in person and teaching them how to do things like dolphins!

The resentment that made the dolphin want to turn white lasted for more than ten seconds.


“YuanYuan? … Whose kid is this?” A very clear and clean voice of a youth.

The song wind blows the strings, and the moon was bright and clean. His voice had a very soft and pleasant magnetism, which could make people’s auricles burn. It rang gently near their ears.

Three seconds later, the dolphin’s closed eyes narrowed a little.

This is the parent? I have to admit that although the child he taught is very impolite, this voice is really good. At least as an idol, she had never heard a better voice from the time she was a trainee to after she had become popular. What does a person with this voice look like? But generally speaking, even though the voice was good, many people with such a voice were hard to praise.

The little dolphin opened her eyes doubtfully.



The face, the eyes, the skin, the proportion of the nose and the lips, and the eyelashes hanging down like crows’ feathers. Looking at his eyes with water vapor, the color was slightly light, and he looked guilty.

The little dolphin gawked out a bunch of bubbles.

He was beautiful.

The dolphin wanted to take him out.

But the crit for the dolphin was not over yet.

“Are you okay, little friend? Just a moment, I’ll get you some water.” Gu YuMian touched the little dolphin’s head and rescued it from Tangyuan’s hands. He looked around and could only place it in the bathtub first the little fox had put the water in advance.

The underwater cruise room was shaped like a kerosene lamp, and the window was full of lights and shadows of the sea bottom, deep and beautiful ocean and prosperous lights of the Undersea City.

This embrace.

The smell on the body was very clean and pleasant. The body temperature was transmitted through the slightly wet shirt. When being held, there was a sense of security and satisfaction that could not be described by language. Soon, her brain was all floating.

“Gugu…” The little dolphin faintly spat out more bubbles.

“Child? What’s the matter with you?” Gu YuMian saw the action and expression of the little dolphin, and he was in a bit of a rush. He only had brief contact with a dolphin during his internship and a seminar before, and his actual experience when it came to dolphins was zero. “Hungry? Wonton — no, you should not.”

Wonton? Wasn’t this the Ancient Earth food that was mentioned in the previous variety show and has been lost? The little dolphin tried to pull herself out of her lucidity, then dribbled around and glanced out of the bathtub.

There were two cubs out there, a human cub and a grinning husky cub. It could be seen from the first sight that neither of them had a good brain. In addition, there was a bookworm cub, who looked smart but was dull, and an outspoken cub who stared at her coldly.

This was not the point.

The little dolphin bravely ignored the powerful, horrible and gloomy looking cubs and looked at the pot beside the husky’s claws.

Wonton soup, dumplings filled with fillings.

The shell of pork bone and shrimp simmered for a long time. The thick and fresh soup was steaming hot. The surface was covered with golden egg and oil flowers. The green leaves and green onions floated on it. One by one small, white, bulging wontons wrapped with tender shrimp meat, bobbed up and down in the soup

Looking at the pot and Gu YuMian.

Looking back at the pot and then Gu YuMian.

Looking at the pot, then at Gu YuMian, then back at the pot, and then back at Gu YuMian



“Googoogoogoo!!!” The little dolphin flipped to her white belly in the bathtub. Her tail fin slapped the water in the bathtub violently. Her round head rubbed against Gu YuMian’s palm, and she spat out a series of bubbles with unknown meaning.

Sure enough, everyone was right.

Good looking dolphins didn’t have bad luck.

The little dolphin proudly closed her eyes, crossed her pectoral fins on her belly, twisted her waist happily, and passed out.


Gu YuMian was in a hurry.

“Child, child, are you ok? Wait a minute, I’ll call the police. When the police and doctor comes, I’ll take you out…”

… take out?

Take out of here?

The little dolphin jumped up from her dying illness.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


Twenty minutes later.

[A lemon whale: Laughing to death, ‘take you out’ will cure all the problems hahaha! Look at what scares the baby!]

[Steady as an old dog: Shit, I don’t want to leave. I’ll stay in this gentle country for my mother’s life.]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: Lie down for a lifetime + 1, why haven’t I always had the chance to bump into such a good thing? When I woke up, I found that I was lying in MianMian’s house, and then I woke up and won hundreds of millions of lottery tickets. It’s totally a dream.]

Gu YuMian had temporarily gone to receive a phone call and then returned. He had no choice but to move a stool and sit by the bathtub, and with four children in different moods, he looked at the dolphin.

As soon as the young dolphin changed her pride, she was still immersed in the gentle countryside. She let out a bunch of bubbles and looked at Gu YuMian happily.

Gu YuMian thought, Should I say it now? Or wait?

He was a little hesitant — the call he just received was from the dolphin’s agent, who told Gu YuMian something. But he was not sure whether the little girl would accept it. Maybe she would be more rebellious.

The little fox and little snow leopard had followed Gu YuMian out when he went to take the phone call, and listened to the context.

[Throwing Cosmetics: How can MianMian look dignified? Is there anything?]

The little snow leopard glanced at the little dolphin lightly. He was a little sour before but after listening to Gu YuMian’s phone call, he was not sour at all. Anyway, the fool could not stay for long, so there was no need to be angry with her.

While the fox sat in Gu YuMian’s arms, looking at Gu YuMian and looking at the dolphin, it was very troublesome.

Little Tangyuan and little Er Ha were by the bathtub, helping Gu YuMian watch the little dolphin while eating wontons. After eating half of the wonton, the little husky saw Gu YuMian come back and burped stupidly.

Gu YuMian, “…”

Seeing his children’s stupidity, Gu YuMian was inexplicably cured, and his depression disappeared. He shook his head and smiled helplessly, “Come on, let’s have something to eat first. We’ll talk about something else later.”

After all, from the phone call he just received, the little girl, in the previous four days, only ate thin fiber slices to satisfy her hunger.

The little dolphin didn’t realize that she was in trouble. She was making plans happily. Although the most powerful cub in the family was the snow leopard cub, it was obvious that there was no way for the cubs to take Gu YuMian away.

As long as Gu YuMian liked her, it will be her home soon! Gu YuMian’s hugging and holding her high will be hers, and all the delicious food too. The more she thought about it, the happier she was. Her long nose moved against the palm of Gu YuMian’s hand, making a happy baby like nasal sound.

[Throwing Cosmetics: Aw! Although the little dolphin is lovely, my eyes can’t be moved away from the small wonton.]

[aufguc: Me too. I want to eat! quq]

“OK, Lu… Well, I’ll feed you right away.” Gu YuMian thought it was dangerous. He almost let it slip. Fortunately, the little dolphin didn’t care.

The little fox pushed over the hot pot of little wontons. Gu YuMian looked at what was eaten by little Tangyuan and the little husky. The rest might not be enough. He just made a fish maw with hundreds of flowers.

The children were very good at using spoons. They each scooped a spoon of wonton with soup. The little dolphin opened her mouth and waited for Gu YuMian to feed her.

When the warm fresh soup flowed into her mouth, the fresh and mellow taste spread on the tip of the tongue. There was no extra seasoning. The oil was simply boiled from pig bones and shrimp shells. The rich and delicious taste was almost irreplaceable. After eating the crispy lettuce slices, she finally tasted the wonton inside——

It was tender, crisp, sinew and fragrant. It was a small wonton with a delicious taste, and was full of hot soup when she bit down. The well stirred shrimp was tender and crispy. The meat filling was fat and not greasy. It was chewy and refreshing!

The whole house was quiet, only the sound of the collision between the spoon and the bottom of the bowl was heard, and the fish out of the window could not bear to look closely.

“Goo goo… ” The response of the little dolphin almost scared Gu YuMian again. How could the child want to turn her belly white when she was excited?

The reaction of the bullet screen was almost the same. From the beginning to the present, it had always been “aaah!” and various gifts!

[A seaweed: Aaaaaah! Delicious!! ]

[Sheep Baa Baa BIU: Burp, I announced loudly that I am jealous of the dolphin.]

[Wisteria: It’s very fragrant. It’s warm when you drink the soup. The whole small wonton is tender and crispy. You can’t eat it enough.]

[Almond dew: Hahaha! YuanYuan, are you going to quarrel with the little dolphin?]

Little Tangyuan quickly finished a bowl, wiped his mouth, and greedily handed it to Gu YuMian.

The little dolphin also remembered that little Tangyuan was the one who carried his pram and drifted. She was more energetic than little Tangyuan and soon asked for another bowl.

Two cubs, one bowl for you and one bowl for me, soon ate the whole pot. At last, little Tangyuan even tried to drink all the soup while holding the pot and bowl. Gu YuMian forced him to stop.

After eating the wonton, the little dolphin was not full at all, and the little Tangyuan and husky were still not satisfied. They looked at Gu YuMian with their eyes shining and wet, and spat bubbles,




Although it was not good to suddenly overeat after being hungry for a long time, there were too few wontons. The little dolphin hadn’t eaten in four days.

Dolphins belonged to toothed cetaceans. Their main food was some fish and squid. Gu YuMian thought, “Then I’ll make a fish maw quickly, and finish this…”

After this, the agent of this little girl was supposed to arrive.

By the way, before being picked up by the agent, Gu YuMian had something else to say to the kid— He was not the parent of the little girl, and had no intention or obligation to raise her, but he was the parent of four other children. If he couldn’t do it, he would see her go astray. Should there be time?

When he said that there was something else to eat, the little dolphin immediately shook her head up and down. The whole pink body swung up and down with her head in the water, and the water ripples were in the shape of a heart in the bathtub.

Gu YuMian, “……”

Although he knew this was a rebellious bear child, he couldn’t help adoring her.

The little snow leopard said it wasn’t sour. But seeing Gu YuMian’s eyes, he still didn’t control the strength of his claws and crushed a bowl.

Now every time Gu YuMian cooked, the little fox took a very serious attitude, so he almost took out a small notebook to make notes.

“Just before boiling bone soup, we will first fry the synthetic fish, then simmer it with the bone soup.”

First, the olive oil was put into the pot, the garlic was fried and fragrant, then the snow-white fish slices were put into the pot, fried until the golden oil made a sizzling sound in the hot pot, then the olive oil was picked up and washed to soak through the oil, and the bone soup was used to simmer the smell and freshen.

Fish Maw was a Cantonese dish, just like fermented tofu, which was tender, delicious and crispy on the outside and stuffed with filling inside. The pork shell stuffing and shrimps used for the wonton were very suitable. Gu YuMian chopped up the pork shell stuffing and shrimps, marinated them with cooking wine and chopped garlic and ginger, and then cut some ham slices.

Gu YuMian took a long spoon and fished up the fish slices to observe, saying, “Well, then fill up the stuffing and steam it.”

[Junior B: Kneel down. I thought I could eat it.]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: Gulu Gulu… Swallowing water… But then again, MianMian’s cooking is getting better and better!]

[Muji: Yes, it was like a butterfly flying out. This dish is also good-looking for people and dishes.]

Gu YuMian took a long spoon and scooped up the fried fish slices in the bone soup. At this time, he stuffed the shrimps with meat stuffing and ham slices and steamed them in a bamboo steamer for a while. In the space waiting for steaming, Gu YuMian boiled rock sugar, orange peel, cinnamon and shrimp shell together until the whole hot juice was condensed into a few spoonfuls, and the rock sugar turned to agate.

This was the sweet and sour sauce that could be thickened at any time.

The little husky watched Gu YuMian and didn’t pay attention. He put out his tongue and licked it. He burned himself to hiss and howled. Gu YuMian helplessly knocked on his forehead and gave him a little ice.

“Well…” After a while, Gu YuMian counted the time, turned off the fire, opened the steamer, and put the fish slices into the porcelain plate with chopsticks. “I think it’s good.”

——The fish slices fried and simmered in fresh soup were full of thick soup. The whole color was soft and white in golden, with an abnormal soft sticky glutinous texture. You could imagine the taste of instant in the mouth. The fresh and strong fragrance of ginger, fish maw and alcohol soup was hot.

The fish fillet was compact, but the top part was slightly concave. It was full of pink shrimp filling, and then poured with a layer of agate crystal sweet and sour sauce. The color and fragrance was all unique!

The whole room was completely quiet.

Only the children’s incessant murmuring and swallowing sound, and the sound of the little dolphin’s tail fin beating on the water was heard. On the screen, thousands of bullet screens burst out at the same time!

[Xie Yangsong Feng: Aaaaaah!!!! Aaah!!!]

[Vivian: My God, this color and fragrance are absolutely wonderful. It’s golden after frying. It can be more beautiful and fragrant when boiled in the soup!]

[I don’t want to change my name if I don’t pass birdsong level 4 test: Ouch ouch, I think I can make a food 101, and I’ll choose ten tops from all the food made by MianMian! I’ll vote for this fish maw first!!!]

The total number of people in the past had exceeded one billion, and now in the blink of an eye, it had risen by millions and directly crossed one billion!

Starry sky’s record was 1.2 billion.

Gu YuMian had become the number one hot spot in real time that day and this Wednesday, and the gap between Gu YuMian and the number two quickly widened to a distance that could not be crossed in a short time.

The final night of the rookie competition, the whole competition area had entered the final countdown sprint stage.

At this moment, the agent of the singer, LuLu, with the help of the staff, had arrived at the Undersea City.

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