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Chapter 80: Interstellar Female Singer

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to eat too QAQ


Different from the hot atmosphere on STARNet, at this time, the whole cruise ship was in the bottom of the Undersea City, but the atmosphere was very warm and quiet. Out of the whole huge cruise ship, Gu YuMian’s room was the only one with lights on. The light and shadow of the sea bottom and the tiny light spot were swaying, coming through the window.

Gu YuMian took five small plates, each with a chopstick and fish slices, and poured another half spoon of sweet and sour juice.

“Be careful of scalding. Eat slowly.” Gu YuMian touched the children’s heads.

The little fox nodded cautiously, held the spoon with his claws, and sipped carefully. Meanwhile, he helped Gu YuMian to watch little Tangyuan.

… It’s really delicious. Little TangYuan nestled comfortably against the little fox.

The fried and boiled fish slices were as delicious as they thought, crisp and soft, and ready to eat. The thick sweet and sour juice and shrimp pork filling were stuffed in them, which promoted the taste to an incredible delicious level.

Not enough at all.

Gu YuMian said to eat slowly. The other three children were not as obedient as the fox.

The little snow leopard had finished whining and was licking his paws slowly. Little husky bit the edge of the plate directly. He raised his head and gulped the whole fish fillet. The little dolphin swallowed one piece at a time and ate three pieces, which was extremely inconsistent with her lovely appearance, and then rubbed Gu YuMian to make a soft and sweet stomach’s rumbling sound.

[User 1ex: Really good to eat, awsl.]

[With you for thousands and thousands of years: If happiness has a taste, it’s this taste. It’s crispy, fragrant, sour, sweet. The taste is really amazing = 333 =]

[Spray: Just at a glance, the audience is nearly 1.2 billion? Starry Sky’s record! Cattle lot!]

Yes, at this moment, the total number of visitors was more than 1.14 billion.

It was only a few minutes before the final night drew to a close. During the time when the children were eating, Gu YuMian was preparing something for sleeping——

He took out the baby snow leopard’s exclusive pillow and put it on the bed after a little blowing and fluffing up. Then helped little Er Ha and little Tangyuan warm up the milk they needed to drink before sleeping. He opened the books that the little fox was used to reading before going to bed and lit up the dim night light.

The deck of the old cruise ship was made of wood, the ceiling was shorter than the general house, and the whole space was full of an old but warm scent. Under the arrangement of Gu YuMian, it gradually had a unique feel of home.

“… By the way, did TuanTuan’s claws slip before?”

Gu YuMian took out another small, claw like thing and gently put it on the left front paw for the little snow leopard.

The little snow leopard just finished polishing his nails and Gu YuMian saw that he was slipping when he walked. Gu YuMian took out the one he had prepared. There was no sense of bondage after wearing it. The fluff was warm and suitable.

There was also a snowflake on it.

The little snow leopard lowered his eyelids, looked at the claw carefully for a while, and his gray blue eyes shook. He showed a little happiness that he could not hide successfully, and unconsciously rubbed his head against Gu YuMian’s palm.

The little dolphin was eating. When she was eating, she couldn’t help stopping to watch Gu YuMian.

I don’t know what I’m thinking of. My eyes are moist for a while.

The expression of that moment was neither arrogant and rebellious when she was alone, nor clever and naive when she pretended to be in front of Gu YuMian and the camera. The little dolphin was a little embarrassed and buried her whole head in the water.

[Green Lion: I don’t know why, I want to cry too, Wuwuwuwu.]

The whole space was full of food and milk, time flowed quietly.

It was a special experience enough to silence any language.

In such a warm atmosphere, in the last few minutes of the final night, the total audience reached 1.15 billion, 1.16 billion, 1.17 billion… 


Ten o’clock in the evening, the last second of the final night.

The total number of people in the studio exceeded 1.2 billion, and even reached tens of millions in the last minute, and finally stopped at 1.3 billion!

Starry Sky Live platform’s record of the highest number of real-time viewers was completely refreshed at this moment.

… The one who broke this record and would continue to create countless records in the future was a human anchor who had only started broadcasting for less than a year.


Gu YuMian said goodbye to the audience on time at 10:00 sharp, and ended the live broadcast.

After the live broadcast, everything was far from over.

Snow like news flew to every corner of the whole star, bringing this amazing news to everyone, from Capital Star’s Upper Urban District to the farthest satellite star.


Undersea City, shipwreck.

The little dolphin had regained her spirit and was looking around the place with the eyes of a master.

Where should she sleep tonight? Why didn’t Gu YuMian prepare a pillow for her? The other four cubs obviously had one.

After turning off the live broadcast, Gu YuMian’s smile disappeared and became serious.

He looked at the dolphin, “Lulu, I have a few words to tell you.”

Little Tangyuan and the little husky didn’t understand the current situation at all. They tilted their heads. Little fox was very upset, he covered his eyes with his claws and crawled into Gu YuMian’s arms.

The little snow leopard urgently wanted to solve the problem of the little dolphin, and nestled in Gu YuMian’s arms, yawning lazily.

Even though the little dolphin was still immersed in the beautiful and gentle countryside, she realized that something was wrong at this time. How did Gu YuMian know her name was Lulu?

She warily flicked her tail and spat out a bunch of bubbles, “Goo?”

“Lulu, your name is Kivu Lulu, right?” Gu YuMian touched the little girl’s head. “The phone call I just answered was from your agent — he said he’d been looking for you for a long time. He should be here soon, and now he’s in Undersea City. You… Why did you run away from home?”

It took Gu YuMian a while to figure out the whole story.

The little dolphin in front of him turned out to be the interstellar female singer, Fu Lulu. To be honest, Gu YuMian was surprised. To his surprise, the little girl had run away from home four days ago.

Despite the group’s public performance, someone took advantage of the Utopian maintenance period, somehow infiltrated the Undersea City, and such a person lived in the sunken ship for four days. Not to mention safety, even the food, she had been eating thin fiber slices these four days.

Gu YuMian didn’t know whether she was willful or bold.

Since the Utopian Undersea City had not yet been announced and was not within the scope of police search, the agent was worried that she would be mad. No doubt, she was too self-willed and selfish to give up the public performance. For an idol, it not only dragged down the whole group, but also disappointed so many fans who were concerned about her.

Fu LuLu’s father… was also her agent. It was not this that he was angry. It was Fu LuLu who didn’t care about her safety.

——”Lulu was spoiled and raised by her grandmother and I. There were a few things that didn’t go well with her. Besides, after she started her career, she was always following the wind and the water. She was held by fans. Her character is a bit willful and domineering, but she is a good child. We have been looking for her for four days. Fortunately, it was a little assistant who was watching your live broadcast. Unexpectedly, we saw Lulu. That little pink dolphin should be Lulu. There is a peach shaped stripe beside her dorsal fin. We are on our way to Utopia quickly. Please hold her steady first and don’t let her escape again.”

This was what the agent told him on the phone.

Hearing Gu YuMian’s words, the calf’s tail fin was stiff. She looked up at Gu YuMian and tried to look pitiful and innocent, but Gu YuMian was not confused by her this time, he was still serious.

The little dolphin was completely depressed. The tail fin slapped the water and she spat a bunch of bubbles

This man knows nothing, Fu Lulu thought angrily and dejectedly. She thought Gu YuMian would be different, but he was not. They didn’t know her at all.

Fu Lulu’s mother was a beautiful Chinese white dolphin, 1 with a slender body and beautiful appearance, and was a famous supermodel in the whole star. But different from her Mom, her Dad’s race was just the most common sturgeon, which was not so good-looking.

Her mother was really excellent and beautiful. She was always shining in the eyes of Fu Lulu. When she was very young, she embroidered a small bow for her, and now she still wore it on her head.

When she was three, her parents divorced. It must be because she didn’t awaken her body power, because her father was too mediocre, or because she inherited her father’s dust puff, which was not good enough to attract people’s attention… 

There were enough slim and beautiful, excellent children to be loved.

So she tried to be beautiful, and really began to be loved by many people, which confirmed her idea.

She began to strive to become more beautiful and more glittering. At the age of seven, her father agreed to let her become a singer after she threatened with a hunger strike and to commit suicide. Her father reluctantly compromised.

But some fans said that her color was not good-looking, and that she was too fat. She just wanted to turn her gray body into white with the powder cream that had dangerous ingredients, and eat thin fiber every day. Her father didn’t allow it, forced her to stop, so she ran away from home.

What is her father? What does father know? He was just a sturgeon. He didn’t know how addictive it was to be loved.

But why?

The little dolphin wagged her tail and her eyes were full of tears. She looked at Gu YuMian and the four children beside him.

That little fox was thin and small; the little husky looked stupid; Little Tangyuan was too fat and the little snow leopard had fierce eyes. They were not perfect at all and did not shine. Why could they be loved by people and Gu YuMian?

It was different from her fans’ love for her. There were no requirements or faults. Fu Lulu also wanted to be loved like that. She wanted to wear such lovely little gloves specially prepared for her. When she was cold and hot, she wanted someone to care about her. She thought she was going crazy.

At the moment, Fu Lulu finally realized clearly that Gu YuMian would not love her that much. But she also wanted to stay here a little longer, wanted to be closer to that kind of feelings and family.

“Goo.” The little dolphin’s tail fin rubbed against the edge of the bathtub, and the white frost faded a little, revealing the deep ash under it. The color was mottled and ugly. She immediately hid her tail fin behind her and curled up in the corner of the bathtub.

“… It’s very nice. “

The little dolphin was stunned.

She looked up at Gu YuMian. Gu YuMian had sat down on the edge of the bathtub again and showed her his optical computer screen, “It’s not what I said — it’s your dad, and a lot of fans.”

[Lulu is a very beautiful dark gray, which reminds people of a gust of wind.] 

[This kind of body shape is not bad, very cute, like a small cherry.] 

[Lulu looks good when she is fat not thin, don’t force yourself.] 

[My daughter Lulu is my pride.]

My daughter Lulu is my pride… 

The little dolphin looked at it carefully from the beginning to the end without making a sound.

Gu YuMian tried to reach for her head, but in the end he didn’t. He just said in a calm, narrative voice, “If you don’t love yourself, you will never see true love. Lulu, you are now squandering and wasting the great wealth you have. You are reaching for the moon that doesn’t exist on the lake. But the moon is always by your side. If you don’t look back, even the moon will leave. Then there will be nothing left. Do you want that?”

The little dolphin said nothing.

Her round eyes gradually accumulated tears.


In this second, the doorbell rang.


Gu YuMian opened the door, and Fu Lulu’s father rushed in, half-kneeled on the edge of the bathtub and hugged the silly, pink and gray dolphin with tears in his eyes.

The little dolphin became a small, lovely girl, with a short, fat hand. With her back to Gu YuMian, she could not help wiping away tears.


In half an hour.


Fu Lulu’s father thanked Gu YuMian again and again. Gu YuMian finally declined his offer of giving gifts. At last, he left with his daughter and contact information. The little girl had been crying since then. At last, she gave Gu YuMian a sniffle. This time, Gu YuMian didn’t refuse and gently hugged her.

I hope she can listen to what I said.

Gu YuMian was thinking about it. He went to bring the milk for the children to drink before going to bed. When he put the kettle in his backpack, his finger touched an envelope.

“…That’s right. “

There were so many things that had happened today that Gu YuMian forgot to read this letter. Let’s have a look before going to bed.

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