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Chapter 84: How to conquer his heart

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is Σ>―(〃°ω°〃)♡→


Today was Friday, just an hour before Gu YuMian got home, 4:30 p.m.

“It’s over…”

“Thank goodness.”

“It’s finally over. How did I survive this week?”

After Shuo Han left the parliament, the executives and ministers were tired and paralyzed.

As soon as the door was closed, a large portion of the men fell down.

…This was the normal state of regular meetings.

In recent months, His Majesty would rush home and get off the Council on time every day, but the mood during the meetings were often cloudy or sunny——

For example, this week, His Majesty apparently didn’t sleep well every day. In addition, his eyes were more gloomy than usual. Every day, ministers would go to work as if they were going to a funeral, and they realized that they might even die.

“I really dare not make mistakes. It is a small matter to be suspended or deducted…”

“Mainly in the eyes of His Majesty.”

“Yes, yes.”

Those cold eyes, which were totally looking at waste, brought great mental pressure to everyone. Being watched for three seconds would have them lose twenty years.

In particular, if any minister showed his love elation — for example, the chancellor of the exchequer wore a watch given by his girlfriend, and the newly married central city executive gave his colleagues happy candy, it was even more amazing.

… They were targeted by His Majesty.

The chancellor of the exchequer was arranged to go to satellite star on a business trip for a month, and had to be separated from his infatuated girlfriend; the executive officer was deducted two months’ salary because of his work mistake, and recently cried every day to borrow money to repay the mortgage using his credit card.

“I don’t think His Majesty’s feelings are mixed up,” whispered a newly appointed Executive Officer. “I often wear a suit, but I don’t wear a tie. I love waiting for someone to give me my tie, but now I can’t wait…”


There was a sudden silence in the mournful Parliament.



“How could hahaha…”

The diplomat chuckled twice.

But no one stopped him.

Everyone was in shock.

His Majesty seemed to have nothing to do with love, but on closer consideration, this conjecture was quite reasonable. For example, he suddenly started coming to work on time, swiped his credit card and bought things every day. He felt happy and unhappy for no reason. He got angry when he saw other people’s love was happy. He was totally immersed in love… Or the typical performance of unrequited love.

“Is it Miss Britney? However, after ten years of hard pursuit, she seems to have married.”

“I think it’s Charlie’s young master. He has been pursuing His Majesty since the military academy.”

“No, no, no, not little Charlie. He chased His Majesty down to the battlefield and planned a big advertisement. As a result, His Majesty didn’t know him at all. He asked the adjutant who he was in confusion…”

They didn’t have regular meetings on weekends. It was hard for everyone to have a break for breathing and not rush home. All kinds of discussions had grown from small to large. In a short time, the whole Parliament had been immersed in a heated atmosphere of gossip!

Everyone’s only consensus was that no matter who it was, it was only this one that could make His Majesty move to this extent… 

Absolutely a genius.


At the same time, District D of the Upper Urban District.

The latest suspension device stopped at the door of Gu’s home in a high-profile manner, and the small streets were crowded. And the neighbors had all closed their doors and windows — they had been warned in advance these days that they couldn’t open the door or watch, or something bad would happen.

The Secretary respectfully opened the door of the suspension device, “Your Majesty.”

Shuo Han replied lazily.

In front of his left eye, he set up a single blue rainbow shard. While reading, he took his long leg and got out of the suspension device.

A variety of information was rapidly scrolling in the blue rainbow shard:

{A Brief Analysis of the History and Culture of Ancient Earth}, {A Hundred Simple Ways of Home Cooking}, {How to Conquer the Other in Your Heart — 108 love strategies you must know}… 

The spiritual strength was far beyond the development of ordinary people, which meant Shuo Han could read and absorb information at a hundred times the speed of ordinary people.

How to conquer him in your heart:

[1. Take what you like. Buying something he likes and is interested in as a small gift often has unexpected effects.]

There were a lot of express boxes at the door. Shuo Han looked around and was barely satisfied. He unpacked the package, put on the gift box, and tied an ugly bow, and finished.

[No man can refuse a virtuous partner. Cooking, housework, getting along well with children… It’s a great opportunity to show your charm in front of him.]

Shuo Han, “……”

Look around the house.

The husky, a fool, was digging in the yard with his pen in his mouth, and he was whining in frustration from time to time.

Little Tangyuan was sleeping with his belly up. Little fox had a pair of round glasses on his nose. He was reading on the windowsill.

When the TV was on, the little fox looked at the TV. On it, he was giving awards to the Academy of Sciences, and a group leader took the place of the chief. The little fox’s eyes flashed a trace of disappointment, and soon continued to look down to read.

Shuo Han looked at the three cubs.

These were Gu YuMian’s children.

His kids…

His children…

Five minutes later, the baby panda was picked up by the nape, struggling with four claws, and woke up.

A bottle was put up to his mouth.

Shuo Han looked at him carefully, “Drink.”

Shuo Han’s eyes looked at him, cool, giving little Tangyuan a feeling that he would die on the spot if he didn’t finish drinking milk.

The baby panda belched in horror.

That’s not all.

The little fox was reading a book, looking at it. Shuo Han picked him up by the nape in the same position as little Tangyuan, and sat in line in the cradle.

“I’ll cook for you.” Shuo Han looked down at the children and filled them with words, “I’m your other parent. You can call me father or dad.”

The two children never thought that they would wake up from their nap, and “big brother” would become a father. Suddenly there was a royal throne to inherit at home.

Little fox, “Jii.”

Shuo Han, “Father.”

Baby Panda, “Chii?”

Shuo Han, “Father.”

The baby panda’s mouth was flat and he wanted to cry. The little fox looked at him nervously, and then stretched out his paws to pat little Tangyuan on the back. The little husky was still outside, whining and planning.

Shuo Han was confused, “…”

Children were amazing creatures. Was the milk not enough to drink?

He recalled Gu YuMian’s previous practice, made a bottle of milk for little Tangyuan, looked at him lovingly and nodded.

A few seconds later, little Tangyuan couldn’t stand it at last. He held the fox’s big tail with his claw and started to cry.


When Gu YuMian came into the room with his paws full of dirt, his family was called a dog and a chicken. From the door to the bedroom there was a mess of presents. There was milk spit out by little Tangyuan on the floor. The kitchen seemed to have been buried with bombs and was a mess. Home robots were busy cleaning with brooms in hand and feet.

A tall man in a military uniform, wearing an unsuitable apron, was carrying the fox in one hand, and little Tangyuan who was still crying. He looked at the two aggrieved children in bewilderment, resulting in the common troubles of every new father.

Why are you crying again? Why spit milk? Why was it so easy for Gu YuMian to bring them? Why was cooking more difficult than fighting Zerg on the battlefield?

And are children really a species of their own?

Gu YuMian, “……”

Gu YuMian was in a complex mood.

Shuo Han had seen Gu YuMian. His eyes were completely attracted by Gu YuMian. His grey-blue eyes were focused on him and the original problem disappeared from his brain. He subconsciously took a few steps to Gu YuMian and then stopped in front of Gu YuMian in a daze.

“I won’t drive you away,” Gu YuMian said. “Don’t change back, Shuo Han. I have something to tell you.”


Gu YuMian first held little Tangyuan and rubbed his belly, then coaxed him for a while, washed his dirty paws, found warm water and books for the little fox. With the help of the small home robots, the whole home would be in order in a short time.

One by one, the three fluffy babies were sitting by the window, basking in the sun, playing games and other things.

Shuo Han was just like a tail, following Gu YuMian wherever he went. He was afraid that he would leave his sight.

“Shuo Han, you don’t have to worry. I don’t hate you.” Gu YuMian smiled helplessly.

They sat face to face. Gu YuMian poured himself and Shuo Han a cup of tea. The golden red sunset was warm and the family was very lively.

Gu YuMian considered the words, “Because of the previous events, you also apologized.” Before, the little snow leopard tried to be cute in front of him, which could be regarded as an apology. “Everyone would make some mistakes. Although I was angry at that time, but…”

Shuo Han nodded.

“You don’t need to buy me so many things and presents.”

Shuo Han looked at Gu YuMian’s closed lips and made a light hum.

As long as Gu YuMian was in front of him, he couldn’t see anything else in his eyes.

“But as for now, I don’t think we are suitable for staying together. After all, you have your own life. I may take part in a variety show next. It’s on Ancient Earth, this period of time will be used to separate ourselves and calm down… It doesn’t mean we are separated. I didn’t say you’re no longer my family.”

Gu YuMian finished with one breath, then looked up at Shuo Han again.

Was this person really listening?

Shuo Han, in silence, called out his name and said, “There is no need to separate.”

Gu YuMian, “I think…”

Then Shuo Han’s next sentence left him confused, “May I kiss you now?”

Gu YuMian who had half drunk his tea, choked and coughed violently, “Wait, wait, wait —”

Gu YuMian coughed out of breath, and his face turned red. Gu YuMian was also confused.

Was he really having the same conversation with Shuo Han? What kind of brain circuit can ask such a question?

Shuo Han frowned slightly, walked around the table, and clumsily helped him pat his back.

At the same time, Gu YuMian’s optical computer flickered, and it was Sugar Sugar’s call.

Gu YuMian didn’t want to take it, but thought it might be related to the fans’ meeting and variety show, so he took the communication and made a gesture to Shuo Han, “Hello, mn, it’s me.”

“Teacher Gu,” Sugar Sugar jokingly called him, “The variety show is basically settled. I’m glad you can join us. We’ll sign a contract when I have time tomorrow. Other guests will tell you later. In addition, there will be awards and fans’ meeting for the rookie competition tomorrow. Don’t forget. If you want to take children, you can take them.”

After all, Gu YuMian was the champion of this competition. He couldn’t even give the prize to the champion.

Thanks to Gu YuMian, they didn’t worry about the live awards and the dinner party. As soon as they heard that Gu YuMian was coming, the number of visitors to the awards scene would be snapped up in three seconds as soon as it was released on the Internet, which was far more magnificent than any previous one.

The fans who wanted to suck him and the cubs on the spot were grumpy. The topic was very hot on micro-blogs. The headquarters received tens of thousands of calls to complain about the lack of audience.

Gu YuMian nodded. “Okay, if you need to cooperate with regard to the publicity, you can tell me directly,” he thought seriously, paused, and said, “I — cough —”

Sugar Sugar listened for a long time, but didn’t hear the follow-up. She only heard Gu YuMian coughing violently, and then there was only the sound of breathing.

Sugar Sugar,  “?”

“……” Gu YuMian clenched the optical computer.

When Gu YuMian was talking on the phone, Shuo Han was very dissatisfied with Gu YuMian’s serious expression of talking about work, but he could not restrain himself from being attracted.

Shuo Han looked at him for a while, picked up Gu YuMian and kissed him on the lips.

Gu YuMian, “……”

“MianMian? MianMian??” Sugar Sugar was still on the phone, a little worried, “Are you okay?”

It was a long time before Gu YuMian moved the optical computer again. His voice was a little tight, “It’s okay, you go on.”

Five minutes later, Gu YuMian hung up.

A face of calm before the rain.

He turned around, “Shuo Han.”

The little snow leopard immediately reached out two paw pads, and at the same time showed his white belly.

The second time he tried to talk seriously, nothing happened.


Little Tangyuan, the little fox and the little husky also saw that Gu YuMian was really angry. The little fox came over and pulled Gu YuMian’s trouser legs anxiously.

“I’ve changed my mind, and I’ll send you away today.” Gu YuMian had strong willpower. This time, he was not tempted by the belly of the little snow leopard. He took the little snow leopard and walked out the door, “You don’t understand the sense of propriety. I’m a parent, even if I’m old —”

[White Pear blossom, Lili: Huh? What’s the matter?]

[User 12867: wuwuwuwuwu. MianMian finally started the live broadcast again. I thought you didn’t broadcast it anymore!!]

[Vic lemon tea: hahahaha, I got the ticket for the Rookie Award dinner!!! Tomorrow we’ll suck people offline!!]

[Cat’s Meow: Did MianMian and TuanTuan fight?]

Gu YuMian stopped.

At a glance, the number of people from the beginning to now had reached 70 million, nearly 100 million. Even as he spoke, there were millions of new audience members pouring in. So many viewers were watching it again. It was absolutely impossible to shut down the live broadcast without hesitation. But it was impossible for him to kick out the snow leopard in front of so many viewers and make sense with him.

When did the live broadcast open?

Who opened it?

The little snow leopard grabbed Gu YuMian’s sleeve, looked innocently at Gu YuMian with its head up, and then looked away.

Gu YuMian, “……” It’s definitely this guy who did it.


The development of Ancient Earth had become a real official project since it was only funded and supported by His Majesty and the Guo family, because the development of Ancient Earth really helped the development of scientific research and technology.

After many years of reconstruction and development, Ancient Earth had been restored to its original shape: vast ocean, rich original ecological climate, and various ancient buildings that survived in the doomsday catastrophe.

The reconstruction of the ecological environment was completed. Everything seemed so beautiful except that there were no people or animals.

“Bon Voyage! Ancient Earth?” This variety show had been planned for a long time. As the first variety show with Ancient Earth as its background, it not only had the strong support of the government, but also had a lot of investment from all walks of life.

There was also a lot of attention in the folk, after all, they were still curious about the parent star.

“The main content of this variety show is to let several guests live on Ancient Earth. Yes, there are no optical computers, robots, intelligent systems and any technological products, similar to survival in the wilderness.”

“Here Mr. Shiguo Guo (Guo Shi’er), we are really…”

The only thing that hadn’t been determined was the question of guests.

First of all, it didn’t seem appropriate for some celebrities to join in, and many people flinched at the rules. As the main planner of this variety show, Dong Nan broke his heart for the question of guests.

But he didn’t know the Guo’s would get involved?? Dong Nan’s hands were shaking around his optical computer.

“My request is very reasonable,” Guo Shi’er scratched his head. “Don’t you need famous guests from all walks of life? Before I played the violin, my younger brother was the champion of sumo wrestling for ten years in a row. My elder brother said that he could laugh and bear the burden of a comedian… And there’s no problem with our sense of variety. Don’t worry.”

As the first family to invest in the development of ancient Earth, the Guo family had preferential treatment in tourism quota, but even if there was preferential treatment, there would only be a total of twenty spots.

There were nearly a hundred pandas in their family.

And no one wanted to miss the chance to see their ancestor for the first time. As soon as the news was released, the pandas almost had to fight for places, so they had to think about it in other ways.

Especially for this variety show, Guo Shi’er doubted that their ancestor would also participate in this variety show, because the tourist quota had been checked… But it was a pity that all the guests of the variety show couldn’t be announced in advance. According to the government, even if the Guo family was so rich and connected, they couldn’t ask.

Dong Nan, “…”

That was what they say.

The problem was, the Guo family wanted to put more than forty pandas into the variety show. wasn’t that too much?!

What’s more, it was too modest.

Talking with Guo Shi’er on the optical computer, who revived the classical violin school in the interstellar age, the role that would be written in the textbooks; Guo Shi’san, the champion of sumo wrestling for ten years, who had also made many classic martial arts films. There were tens of billions of residents in the whole star watching his films growing up, which was a synonym for the youth and childhood of the previous generation. As for the crosstalk talker, every new year’s party must come to an end. A panda can carry the ratings of the whole part… 

Dong Nan almost wanted to faint.

If there was anything wrong with taking these pandas to Ancient Earth, it was that he would die ten thousand times after meeting them all!

“I’m sorry, but there are only four. The number of our guests is limited to eight. Now there are three confirmed… There should be another representative of the Academy of Sciences.”

Think about it.

“Is it about money? You don’t have to worry about that. Our family can be the main investor of variety show.”

Dong Nan, “…”

These damned rich people.

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