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Chapter 96: The two become one

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo can’t believe Gu YuMian really went and cooked the Zerg


Just as the first case of infection occurred at grey Saturn, the rescue starship carrying the Guo family, fox and husky arrived on Capital Star. Everyone from the Guo family wanted to go back to pick Gu YuMian up. 

However, even though the Guo family’s wealth was huge, it was the government that had blocked all the roads leading to the concentration area where the Zerg were awakening — to get to their ancestor, it was only up to Gu YuMian’s unusual boyfriend… 

This somewhat frustrated the pandas.

Little fox also wanted to go back to Gu YuMian, but he had to go to the Academy of Sciences for work as soon as possible. Now, there was no one available for a single second.

As for the little husky, he had been grinding his paws restlessly since he left Gu YuMian. Fortunately, he got along well with the pandas. First, they helped to take care of him.

“Don’t worry, ancestor will come back soon.” Guo Shi’er kneaded the head of the husky.

The majestic little guy shriveled and whined with his tail between his legs.

It was temporary.

But after all, Gu YuMian, the parent, was not around. He was still in such a dangerous place in the infected area. This group of older children had a deep sense of unease and anxiety, but no one dare to say it.

The rescue starship arrived at Capital Star, and so did the other rescue starships from other areas. An atmosphere of chaos and panic enveloped the whole starport.

…… No matter how hard you tried to ignore it, the shadow of disaster had already come down.

“Have you heard? Grey Saturn has an infected.”

“So fast? In the morning, we just detected the rebirth of the Zerg. In the afternoon, there are already be infected people?”

“What a nightmare.”


In the past, there were only a few people in the bustling Capital Star street. Towards the evening, every household had closed its doors and windows. Only STARNet was still active — just that there was a change in the direction of the topic.

Some things and some fears couldn’t really be said with one’s real name, so on this day the anonymous forum of STARNet was particularly lively.

[Anonymous A: ha, there are infected people. The tyrant can make use of this to show who loves to kill, and applaud. Please protect your little head.]

[Anonymous B: Is that too much to say? What His Majesty killed before was parasitic.]

[Anonymous D: Ha ha, if not for the decisive decision of His Majesty in those days, no one would be able to live leisurely now.]


[Anonymous E: I’m so happy. Now there are still people who eat the brainwashing bags of the official media?]

[Anonymous F: Since it’s an anonymous area, I’ll go straight to it. This tyrant killed his comrades who had been fighting side by side with him for ten years. Even if he did not kill the innocent people who were not parasitized, the children who had not grown up would also have killed him. Even his father, the only immediate family member alive, was killed by him. Otherwise, think about it, someone like him, an albino with unknown origin and low blood, how could he be the emperor?]

[Anonymous N: He has no normal feelings at all. He is colder than a machine.]

There was no doubt that Shuo Han was one of the most outstanding monar chs in the entire history of interstellar space.

… On the other hand, he had one negative label after another.

Cruel, violent, greedy, cold-blooded.

In recent years, it had improved. For a long time, the word ‘Majesty’ had been synonymous with ‘tyrant.’

He killed his father when he was twenty.

At that time, Shuo Han, the son of the Emperor, was always said to be at odds with His Majesty — which was impossible. After all, Shuo Han was an albino. Born under the spotlight, the most should not appear in the royal family, weak and incompetent, albino species.

He failed to live up to everyone’s expectations and let the royal family, the cabinet and parliament, and the people of the country, down. Some even suspected that he was not the blood of the royal family at all. At that time, the queen suffered from depression and committed suicide within a few years. During her lifetime, she had repeatedly shown her disgust for her son.

As for the former Emperor, on the day when Shuo Han entered the First Military Academy in the capital, he made it clear in front of the media that ‘he should not have appeared in the world, no one expected him to come.’

In the interstellar age, the average age of awakening of mental power was fifteen years old; for the case of royalty, whose mental power was all above or below the S level, the average age of awakening was even earlier at around twelve years old.

But Shuo Han didn’t wake up until he was nineteen.

He went on his own, because he did not awaken his spirit and could not change his appearance, so he always kept the animal appearance of an albino species. That’s why Shuo Han later resisted becoming a beast.

He had a queer temper, like a white shadow forgotten by the world.

This lasted until Shuo Han was nineteen.

It was an unprecedented Zerg raid, and the infection even spread to Capital Star, which made people panic. On the stormy night of Shuo Han’s adulthood, from the palace, the long death knell rang… 

The Emperor’s blood flowed all over the palace.

A handsome young man in military uniform was expressionless as he stepped out of the dormitory, with silver hair and blue pupils. He took the Royal Cape from the adjutant’s hand. Although his sword was still stained with his father’s blood, his expression was so lazy and languid as if he had just finished a long and tedious meeting.

No one dared to look up at him.

On that night, for the first time in their lives, the residents of half of the planet felt the most terrifying threat from an SSS level mental power — from an ‘incompetent Prince’ who had been ridiculed and satirized by many people.

Now he was the Emperor.

… Shuo Han really killed his father to become Emperor? Why? Just for power? Up to now, no one knew the truth, but most people acquiesced to the saying “kill the father to seek supremacy”.

And Shuo Han never gave an explanation. It was the quickest enthronement ever. The rebellious monarch didn’t even bother to see the chief of the cabinet. The next day he led his troops to the front line.

The titles ‘bloodthirsty’ and ‘cruel’ was buried at that time, and he became more and more fierce in the next seven years of war.

He had a lot of blood on his hands.

The blood of his father.

The blood of a classmate who had been completely parasitized by the Zerg and had been fighting side by side for ten years.

Children’s blood.

The blood of innocent people.

How sinful, how frightening.

… No one cared about the truth of the matter.

People who were parasitized by the Zerg would become the source of infection themselves.

No one cared. The four parasitic children were still urged to run to the school rescue station, where there were many vulnerable primary school students.

No one cared if someone pretended that he was not infected and tried to secretly board the rescue starship carrying tens of thousands of people.

No one cared what Shuo Han thought.

He had accumulated a lot of bad reputation, carrying a lot of slander and ridicule, and had been so arrogant to move forward.

There was no way back, no turning back, no light in front.


Ancient Earth, at night.

“Shuo Han? What’s the matter?” Gu YuMian hesitated to raise his hand and put it on Shuo Han.

This tyrant to many people was, at this time, like a completely harmless large doll, lazily holding Gu YuMian in his arms. Shuo Han yawned with his cheek against his human’s neck, “It’s nothing,” he said in a low voice. “Let me hold you for a while.”

I thought of some bad things.

After meeting Gu YuMian, he seldom thought about that time.

I can sleep at night, and I won’t have nightmares any more.

“Is that it?” Gu YuMian touched his head. “But your ears are out.”

On his head of silver hair, which was much softer than it looked, two soft ears of a snow leopard were out, and they were obediently resting against Gu YuMian’s hand.

It was said that only when one’s moods fluctuated greatly, could they not control their ears.

Shuo Han squinted at Gu YuMian for a while, pulled his hand down and licked his palm.

“Sweet.” Shuo Han whispered.

It was warm and soft, and it was sweet to Shuo Han, like marshmallow.

Shuo Han pondered for a while, and then kissed Gu YuMian’s palm before niping it gently. The tip of his tongue passed over the root of Gu YuMian’s ring finger.


Gu YuMian blushed all the way from his neck to his ears.

It was not a kiss, but it felt more ambiguous than a kiss.

This time, Gu YuMian was the one with “great mood fluctuation”.


The adjutant who stopped by the door to report the departure preparation, went out with his face covered bashfully when he saw that the atmosphere was wrong.

I shouldn’t have believed in the rumors on STARNet.

What was the forced marriage without feelings? What compromise of His Majesty to the cabinet? What sacrifice of marriage as chips for war?

The vows of those people on the Internet also made up the whole context of the cause was too confusing.

If it was fake, he would eat his optical computer on the spot.

Half an hour later, Grey Saturn Harbor.

The first source of infection appeared here, which showed that there were advanced Zerg lurking on grey Saturn. The main battle force should be stationed here in advance to prevent the spread of the source of infection.

Shuo Han was to send Gu YuMian back to Capital Star on the rescue starship. Although Gu YuMian was still very concerned about his short-lived abilities, and why the Zerg always appeared nearby as if they were aiming for him, he had not much reason to stay here. One was that the husky and the pandas were waiting for him to hurry back home. The other was that he had no formal training. In such a dangerous front line, he would only distract Shuo Han.

“You have to be careful.” Although Shuo Han was very powerful, Gu YuMian was still worried about him. After all, being parasitized was an irreversible process, “Don’t be careless, don’t get too close to the Zerg.”

Shuo Han said, “I’ll see you when I get back.” He lowered his eyes, reached out and buttoned Gu YuMian’s coat. “… Don’t be taken away by any fool. “

Gu YuMian looked at Shuo Han with a smile. How unsure of him was he?

The star harbor of grey Saturn was empty and deserted. The main population had been evacuated. There were only a few media people, the infected miner and several doctors to take care of him. The soldiers formed a well-trained camp.

The media reporters were pushing and jostling to take photos, but they were afraid to do so. In the past, they didn’t have this kind of trouble at all. As long as they were not tired of living, all cameras should be put away.

But now… Well… 

His Majesty looked very different from before.

Gu YuMian also looked at Shuo Han.

How do you feel about this guy? He seemed to be looking forward to it. He looked at the side occasionally.

Waiting to be photographed? He wanted a picture of himself and Gu YuMian on the news?

However, reporters finally succumbed to their fears, and no one dared to ask.

Shuo Han looked discontented and snorted bitterly.

Gu YuMian, “……”

The door to the rescue starship opened, and the most elite army would escort the starship back to Capital Star. Gu YuMian was reluctant that he wouldn’t see Shou Han for several months.

The open star harbor blew in the wind with dust, which was the only scene under the moon belonging to grey Saturn.

“If you need anything to eat, please let me know. I’ll let the messenger bring it to you.”


“Be sure to be safe.”


“Give me a message when you are free.”



“I love you.”

The two voices sounded at the same time.

They looked at each other and Gu YuMian bent his eyes, embarrassed. Shuo Han was a little awkward. He looked away and gave a slight cough.

It was time to start.

Gu YuMian took a step back and turned around.

Suddenly, Shuo Han grabbed his hand, “Wait.”

Shuo Han silently looked into the light brown, gentle and clean eyes of the human youth, held Gu YuMian’s nape, and bent down to kiss him.

It was for about half a minute.

Several reporters were so surprised that they covered their mouths and tried to restrain the impulse of taking photos. The officers around were so bold that they whistled and clapped, and even began to make noise. It must be said that it was a very shocking scene. Desolate grey Saturn, a war, sentimental kiss under the moonlight.

“… Alright. ” Shuo Han released his hand and watched Gu YuMian turn around and step on the rescue starship.


The starship set sail slowly, raising dust and taking Gu YuMian away from the ground of grey Saturn. Gu YuMian waved at Shuo Han from the window until he could no longer see the ground. He rubbed the corner of his eyes and closed his eyes.

He turned on the optical computer and saw the news of the infection case of grey Saturn. That’s why Shuo Han was eager to send him away.

People who are infected will become the source of infection themselves. The miner who was parasitized in the picture was separated from his crying wife and daughter with a blue and purple scar.

Think about it, think about it.

“Zerg”, “power”, “parasitism”, “source of infection”, “irreversibility” — many key words rolled through Gu YuMian’s brain.

There was something wrong.

Gu YuMian’s eyebrows began to twist.

There must be, there must be some details that they have ignored.

Grey Saturn.

As the rescue starship passed through the atmosphere, all of Shuo Han’s expressions converged. He put on white gloves, the Royal cape was rolled up in a corner, his eyes became more dignified, but were soon hidden.

The expression of the soldiers also became serious.

“Lead the way.”

The adjutant bowed, “Yes.”

He walked step by step to the quarantine area.

The place where the parasitic miner was kept.


The man was covered with blood and curled up in the corner of the room, his teeth chattering.

Pain, how painful.

He didn’t expect that being parasitized was such a painful process. Even death sounded like a relief, but what was parasitized in his body would not allow him to die ahead of time. He could clearly feel that his body was becoming the hot-bed of the ugly Zerg, and the most shameful thing was that he was still yearning for flesh and blood.

So hungry.

“MoMo,” he beckoned to his daughter, who was running around secretly outside the railing, “MoMo, come here to Dad.”

The little girl was so obedient that she moved in a little bit with her schoolbag in her arms and sat down outside the railing.

The man’s face was twisted.

One moment was pain, the other was a terrible smile, the remaining lucidity and the will dominated by the Zerg play repeatedly, squeezing out a few words, “MoMo, reach over… No, stab this knife into dad’s heart… Reach out…”

A few minutes later, the woman who couldn’t find her child anywhere, stepped into the room where her husband was being held.

The sight opened her eyes a little bit.


When Shuo Han arrived, the room was in a state of chaos.

The woman in a shawl, holding her daughter, stood in front of her husband. She held a lightsaber that appeared from nowhere, and confronted the soldiers. “No one is allowed to hurt my husband and daughter…”

The situation was very embarrassing, because the family did not commit any crime, and even in such a special period, as soldiers, they had no right to fight against civilians.

And after all, it was a poor family.

Inexplicably, the infected husband, under the control of the Zerg, let the Zerg parasitize his daughter. That was two lives.

Shuo Han frowned a little and then recovered his expressionless face.


The woman looked up blankly and vigilantly, and the figure of this man’s supremacy was printed in her pupils.

Shuo Han nodded.

Soldiers in protective clothing came forward and strongly separated the wife from her daughter and husband. Shuo Han came to the man who was trembling with fear, with his white gloved hand and a small cluster of light on his fingertips.

The body structure of all creatures was transparent to Shuo Han.

The Zerg would soon parasitize the miner’s nerve center.

Then there was more pain, waking up to death.

People who were parasitized by the Zerg were not killed by parasitism, but by excessive pain… It could even affect people around him, like his daughter.

Shuo Han had seen too many people who were parasitized by the Zerg in the end.

It was better to end it now.

——Zerg were domineering, they would not allow the host to die like this, whether it was suicide or homicide. So only Shuo Han, who was strong enough to this extent, could give such death to the parasite.

Almost no pain, like a dream.

A little of the light from Shuo Han’s fingertips was transmitted into the man’s temples.

“……” When the man looked at Shuo Han, he was finally conscious. His eyes were complicated, with deep regret and pain distorting his face.

Shuo Han paused.

This miner, he didn’t want to die.

Even if it was so painful, he did not want to die, why?

And even Shuo Han, who used to be very used to things, was now doing something very strange.

His subconscious was resisting killing. Why was that?

Shuo Han thought of Gu YuMian’s smile, Gu YuMian’s voice, and became sober. But the more he thought about him, the less he could do it.

When the woman realIzed what Shuo Han wanted to do, she screamed desperately, turned back to her animal shape, and burst out with great power. But she was still firmly suppressed by the soldiers.

“Let go of my husband!! Wuwu… You tyrant!!! Garbage, disgusting albino…”

The soldier awkwardly tried to cover the woman’s mouth, but Shuo Han’s eyes did not stir at all, “Let her speak.”

“I curse you to live in regret forever…”

“Don’t hurt my father, villain!” The little girl who had been parasitized, her big eyes were all red and she was holding her father’s calf. “Dad is right. Dad is the best in the world…”

“I curse you!”

The miners, who were reluctant to leave because of their concern for their companion, lurked in the underground walls of the mining area, and shouted outside with weapons. These miners were the bottom of the society. Their powers were the least precious and could only use strength. They couldn’t survive on other planets, so they came to grey Saturn to be miners.

Without grey Saturn, there was no shelter anywhere.

Their companion was going to be killed. They were afraid they couldn’t escape death. It was better to break the jar!

“Tyrant! Let go of Bill!”

“His daughter is only nine years old. She just went to primary school. How can you bear it? You have no heart!! If you don’t try, how do you know it’s really hopeless?”

“If you kill him, we will die. We will fight with you!”

The soldiers didn’t even draw out their weapons, but they tried to stop the miners. Their weapons were used to protect the people, not to suppress them.

It was an iron law that Shuo Han himself made many years ago and the army didn’t write in document. It was not necessary to stop the civilians, no matter who they were.

Including Shuo Han himself, who had always done so.

Otherwise, to kill this group of miners, he didn’t even need to lift a finger.

This trip was made in a hurry, mainly to fight against the Zerg. But he didn’t expect to meet these civilians, so he didn’t bring any non-lethal tranquilizers.

So this could only go on like this.


All kinds of noises made Shuo Han’s eyebrows rise.

Outside, thousands of eyes stared at him, angry, despairing and hateful, as if Shuo Han was the greatest villain in the world.

This familiar feeling.

To be honest, Shuo Han had been used to it for a long time. Shuo Han didn’t care too much.

I just think it’s noisy.

It’s too noisy.

“I curse you. I curse you for betraying your loved ones. I will never lose my love.”

“Have your favorite people been parasitized? Haha, hahaha, you’re so high up, you can kill whoever you want… You are so pitiful. I sympathize with you…”

It’s pathetic to be so high.


Why pitiful? Because he was powerful?

“You haven’t been really loved, so you’re not afraid of losing. No one cares about you, so you can see life as grass. Haha, how pitiful…” The next second, the woman’s voice stopped abruptly.

She was strangled by an invisible force, her feet hanging in the air, her face twisted.

Shuo Han looked at her indifferently, “Be quiet.”

He didn’t mean to kill her. He just wanted these people to stop making so much noise.

He was anxious.

He fell back to the state before meeting Gu YuMian. It didn’t matter what was in front of him.


There was an uproar.

It was an ordinary person who hadn’t been parasitized, but… 

Shuo Han had few facial expressions. At this moment, he looked languid and boring. He looked like a guest sitting on a high platform to watch the farce outside, the most important situation of the whole banquet.

No one could see his thoughts, only that his blue pupils had darkened, and the terrible air storm came down. Most of the dark clouds over grey Saturn gathered here.

Even the most recent soldiers, terrified, took a step back.


The scene in front of them was similar to the first half of Shuo Han’s life, that they had seen many pictures of.

All along, he was just a calm spectator and a silent guest.

The face of the woman in front of his eyes became more and more like Shuo Han’s mother.

The woman who shot herself in front of her own son.

Because of the political marriage into the royal family, she and her family could be freed if she could have a strong successor, but Shuo Han was a albino.

——“You waste, albino, you’ve ruined my life! Haha, but I don’t hate you.”

——”I sympathize with you.”

——”Shuo Han, no one will ever love a monster like you.”

Soon the memory turned toTakk from more than twenty years ago.

Schools destroyed in the war.

The reinforcements came from the comrades and adjutants who had been fighting side by side with Shuo Han for ten years. He brought out an army with his own hands. He was familiar with every face.

Knowing that Charlie was going back to get married after the war, knowing that Dave’s mother was about to have a birthday, he also promised adjutant Sark that he would personally choose a one-year-old gift for Sark’s son after the war.

But he saw the eggs in their brains.

Among the rescued teachers and students, three middle school students and one teacher were parasitized. The teacher tried hard to protect the students from the ruins, but the nerve center had been completely parasitized and would soon become a new source of infection. They looked at him and he saw the same horror and hatred.


On a rainy night in the palace many years ago.

It was Shuo Han’s first awakening, his first killing, his father’s death.

The ‘great hero’ that he adored so much after that hour, the ‘father’ who said ‘Shuo Han shouldn’t be in the world’ when he was an adult, and the ‘Majesty’ who was a stranger when he was an adult.

——”Shuo Han, it’s me and your mother who have been sorry for all these years… You need to kill me…”

——”Hurry up!!! Can’t you do that, you punk?”

——”I’m in pain. They are biting my internal organs. I don’t want to become such an ugly thing! Give me a decent end.”



Grey Saturn, torrential rain pouring down.

Shuo Han, closed his eyes.

Fortunately, Gu YuMian was not here. Was he now in the safe area?

The rain roared.

“…It’s over.”

The woman slumped on the floor, and the miners outside the door cried out in fear and anger. The eyelids of the parasitic man drooped down a little bit, as if he was going to sleep.

His life was over, with all the pain obliterated.

Countless people looked at Shuo Han as though he was a monster.

This time it was the same, it was no different. Anyway, he had carried so many bad names that he didn’t care more.

Shuo Han was the Emperor, the most powerful man in the galaxy, he could do anything.


That’s when.

The door was opened with a bang!

The gentle and harmless scent of a human, like an untimely warm current, poured into this rainstorm.

Shuo Han opened his eyes and stopped breathing.

His expression of indifference had changed.

It was like the whole person being thrown into an ice cave, from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet.

Why was he here? Gu YuMian shouldn’t have come.

Don’t look at me!!

Gu YuMian, despite the persuasion and obstruction of the soldiers, walked in under the escort of several doctors. First, he saw the man who was going to sleep, and the girl who was also parasitized. He was relieved — it was not too late, he was in time.

Further on, he saw Shuo Han standing in the crowd, expressionless and at a loss.

The noise around was cut off by the heavy rain in this second, and the whole space seemed to be only two of them.

Gu YuMian saw his Shuo Han through the crowd.

Shuo Han didn’t have much expression.

He stood there alone, as if he had been forgotten by the whole world. He was sinking into the deep, cold water. There was no light. No one reached out to him. He has been inundated by the sea and no one could see him calling for help. Prejudice and suffering piled up, and that little fire would soon be put out.

Everyone thought Shuo Han was strong and high, including himself.

So no one would save him.

Gu YuMian’s heart seemed to be clenched by two hands, sharp with pain.

“Mr. Gu, you can’t go any further. There are infected people in front of you. His Majesty’s condition is very unstable. You will — Mr. Gu! “


Shuo Han only felt that his whole blood was cold.

But all of a sudden, something warm came to him and hugged him with tears.

“Shuo Han… You are right, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid…” That familiar voice sounded again and again in the long nightmare. “Shuo Han, I’m here.”

Oxygen had been injected into the cold sea floor, which was tens of thousands of meters deep. The sea surface that had been frozen for many years finally cracked a little, and there was a faint light penetrating into it.

Fom the deep sea, he moved a little bit up, back to the world.

The nightmares of many years, the scenes that had not been forgotten for many years, suddenly faded a little bit.

There was a wind coming.

…… He was afraid.

His mother killing herself in front of him, he was sad and afraid.

When he had to kill his father and his comrades in arms, he was in pain.

Being looked at with disgusting eyes by others, he was not so indifferent at all.

Shuo Han was not powerful at all, nor superior at all. He was just an ordinary creature.

What his mother said before she died was not true.

He’s not a monster. Someone loved him.

Gu YuMian loves him.


Shuo Han, like a drowning man, hugged the only driftwood called Gu YuMian. For the first time in his life, he could hear his breath and heart beating so clearly.

He was alive.


“Can you hold on?” Gu YuMian squatted down in front of Bill, the miner, and put on his gloves, “Hold on a little longer, don’t sleep. I’ll save you now.”

It was all thanks to Shuo Han.

Without Shuo Han, it was estimated that he wouldn’t have been able to wait for Gu YuMian to come back with the treatment, and his brain would have been completely parasitized by the Zerg.

The ‘light’ that Shuo Han injected into his brain was designed to give him a painless death.

And because of this, it slowed down the expansion of Zerg parasitism in his brain and greatly reduced his pain

The man’s dry lips trembled, “Save me?”

Can he still be saved?

And his daughter, can she also be saved? Great, he didn’t kill her… 

Do not want to die, even when it was so painful, do not want to die.

He had not yet watched his daughter grow up and enter the palace of marriage, nor give his wife a happy life. He had not yet accompanied her to travel around the world after retirement, and he didn’t want to die.

“Yes.” Gu YuMian nodded. In fact, he was very nervous and his hands were shaking, but he still comforted him and smiled, “Open your mouth.”

Half an hour ago, in the Academy of Sciences, in addition to the grey Saturn, cases of infection had been found all over the country. The whole Academy of Sciences was about to fry, but  communication with Gu YuMian was the first time.

But in the face of his problems, everyone was silent, because this was something that only Gu Bai Qiu, once Ming Qiu, could do, which required super brain power.

The former chief Ming Qiu was the only researcher with super brain power, but his power suddenly disappeared a few months ago.

The little arctic fox tightly curled his claws up.

His family was in a very dangerous place.

To help Gu YuMian and Shuo Han, his relatives and many people in the world, they needed him.

He needed to help them.

Gu YuMian had built a shelter for them, a warm home, where the little fox, little husky and little Tangyuan could be carefree children forever.

He wanted to be a child at home all the time, but he couldn’t protect his most important family, so——

But what should he do? He had no power, even in such a critical time, there was no way… 

“Awoo!” The little husky, who was black and white, rushed out of the encirclement like a shell, and hit the big fluffy tail of the little fox, who gave a sound of surprise.

“Oh! Awoo! Awoooo, awoo, aw, aw, awoo!!” Living for such a long time, the little fox was almost proficient in dog language. He listened carefully for a while and jumped up with a scratch!

Ten minutes later, Gu YuMian’s communication was picked up.

A fifteen year old boy in a white coat, holding the little husky and his optical computer, short of breath, “Please listen.”

This seemed to be their first conversation. Although the young man was very nervous, he couldn’t help laughing.

This was his family. Although he was not the only one who had been given a family

This was his father.


Gu YuMian, on grey Saturn, adjusted his breathing while listening to the words of the fox in the headset.

Thinking about it, think about the power that he had on the Ancient Earth not long ago, the energetic spiritual force… 

The meat of the Zerg contained rich energy, but not everyone could use it. For most people, the cooked meat of the Zerg was just a common delicacy, which could improve the combat effectiveness at most for a short time.

But Gu YuMian was different.

Maybe that’s why the Zerg were especially targeting him.

There was no unsolvable diseases in the world, but the right medicine had not been found.

At some point, the noisy miners, including the miner’s wife and girl, had grown quiet.

Gu YuMian fed Bill the barbecue meat that was made on Ancient Earth and packed in fresh-keeping bags.

He remembered the feeling of the last time he manipulated the energetic spiritual force, but at that time it was a huge force of attack and short-term outbreak. This time, it was used for channeling to separate the “antidote” contained in the Zerg meat from the impurities

In a few seconds, Gu YuMian was sweating. He had no training at all. He might die.

A few seconds later, his hand was grabbed.

“Don’t be nervous.”

The more powerful and majestic spiritual power of Shuo Han was only harmless for Gu YuMian.

Let him see more, go further, and——

Bill the miner suddenly shook violently.

Everyone looked at him in astonishment.

His face was pale and blue. There were two kinds of energy in the body. At the end of the game, it was the gentle and powerful power that firmly and unquestionably took the upper hand, expelling all the pain and gloom.

“Cough, cough…” Bill limped to the ground and became a beast.

For a few seconds, there was no breathing.

Just as everyone began to feel despair, the chest, which had been completely silent, rose again. The doctor pressed his eyelid and looked at it, then with the detector, and finally determined, “Survived. The activity of Zerg life in the body is extremely weak… Now it’s completely gone.”

Gu YuMian breathed a sigh of relief, supported his last strength, and did the same to the little girl.

Ten hours had passed since Bill was infected.

The longest recorded survival time of a parasite was seven hours. And Bill survived, and not only that, the Zerg life activity that lived in the body completely disappeared.

This was the first time that they have really defeated the parasitism of the Zerg.

There was a long silence.

Just as they couldn’t believe it, they couldn’t respond to it at first. Until Bill’s wife staggered to kneel in front of her husband, reached for his nose, and then hugged him, bursting out with an earth shaking cry of joy, “Thank you, thank you…”

The storm outside stopped little by little, and there was a long lost, moist, gentle night wind from grey Saturn.

And then… 

The most surprising voice, the relaxed whimper after the tension to the extreme, people’s comments and more and more big cheers completely swept the whole space.

It wasn’t long for this good news to spread all over the world, with the names of Gu YuMian and Shuo Han. This was destined to be engraved in history.


Gu YuMian was totally drained of his power and amidst the cheers, fell asleep in Shuo Han’s arms.

The last thing he remembered was a light kiss on his forehead.

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Minnie ford
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