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Chapter 97: Dreamscape

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to give Shuo Han all the love he deserves 

Trigger warning: Suicide and death


Those who owned a spiritual power above S level would get a chance to enter the sea of consciousness for a short time after they were fully awakened. The mainstream view was that they would enter their own ‘sea of consciousness,’ that is, the spiritual world. But in fact, there were also a few cases where some people would enter into the sea of knowledge of their close relatives or those they love.

For example, Gu YuMian at this time.

Gu YuMian didn’t know that. He just thought he was in a dream. He felt as if he was lying in a sea, which looked vast, deep and frozen on the surface, but was soft when he lay in it. All the solid ice melted in a second when it touched Gu YuMian. The warm water flowed through his fingers, and a small bunch of bubbles surrounded him closely.

Subconsciously, he knew this was a world related to Shuo Han, and even this ocean with a different appearance was like him.

The sea brought him down to a softer place.

There was a door there.

There were heavy and sharp locks on the door, but after Gu YuMian appeared, it collapsed a little quickly, and then the door opened. Gu YuMian hesitated and pushed the door open——


A dark shadow sprang out of the corner, and Gu YuMian fell to the ground by a sudden huge force! But this time the back of his head hit not the floor, but the soft carpet of the palace, making a dull sound.

With the light of the sky, Gu YuMian had a certain premonition. Sure enough, taking a closer look at the little guy in his arms… 

The snow leopard looked down at him. The gray-blue pupils narrowed into a line. The soft paw pads stepped on Gu YuMian’s lips.

Gu YuMian, “……”

If it wasn’t for the different scenario around, he would have thought that this was the time when he first met TuanTuan in the past. Was this a dream? What’s more, the “TuanTuan” in front of him was even more… how to say, harmless?

His eyes were as small as two peas, and his claws were not sharp at all, but the arrogant and dissatisfied expression was just the same as before. Gu YuMian’s eyes softened and he reached for his little snow leopard. The little snow leopard was obediently held up by Gu YuMian from under his ribs, had his paws rubbed, and snored lazily.

“Good TuanTuan.”

Some mechanism was triggered by this sentence. The little snow leopard froze slowly, looked at his paws incredibly, then at Gu YuMian. He deliberately changed his expression from “comfort and intimacy” to “displeasure and rage”, and then——

“Mi!” An angry little milky sound.

The little guy glared at Gu YuMian discontentedly, his sharp claws stretching out and retracting, unable to scratch. What’s going on? What powerful powers does this human have?

Gu YuMian, “……”

Gu YuMian’s heart was shaking.

So cute, so cute.

And “Mi”!

Shuo Han must have known how ‘not powerful’ the little milky sound in his cub form was, so when he was a cub, he didn’t make much noise. At the beginning, Gu YuMian thought it was a problem with his vocal cords.

This must be the real cub version of TuanTuan.

He’d like to spend more time with this lovely TuanTuan, but… 

“TuanTuan,” Gu YuMian kissed his little ear, “I may have to go first and meet you next time, because you need me now in the future.”

Yes, I need to wake up and accompany Shuo Han.

Shuo Han must need him very much.

Why did you show that expression before? What happened before? Gu YuMian was not a fool. He had more or less guessed it. But now it seems that the real thing must be much more serious than what he guessed. But Shuo Han had been carrying it all on his own.

Thinking up to this, there was a burst of bitterness in his heart.

The little snow leopard snorted, showing the proud and charming expression of “leave as soon as you want, it’s not rare at all”. However, when Gu YuMian turned around, his two claws subconsciously grabbed his cuff and got into Gu YuMian’s arms.

Then he got angry with himself.

Gu YuMian was speechless.

He was so cute. Could he take this baby out of his dream?

That’s when the door was opened.

A well-dressed Royal steward with the servants walked in and the curtains rose automatically. It was morning. “Your Highness, allow me to report to you today’s itinerary. I see, Mr. Gu has arrived.”

The dreamer didn’t even wonder about the appearance of Gu YuMian.

The little snow leopard came out of Gu YuMian’s arms, looked at him and listened lazily.

“Mr. Gu, please wash His Highness, and a teacher will come in an hour.”

The Royal steward bowed, and the servants stood in the four corners, and the empty and beautiful room returned to silence.

Gu YuMian became more and more confused about the progress of the dream. He gave the snow leopard a warm bath and combed him. The little snow leopard had a lot of knotted hair. I don’t know if he’s too naughty, or there’s no one to take care of him at ordinary times. He could only lick his fur by himself.

The possibility of this speculation made Gu YuMian sad again. Even during his growing stage, the devil TuanTuan couldn’t resist Gu YuMian combing his fur. The little awkward guy suddenly soft and much more. After that, the tutor came on time to teach little TuanTuan. During the lunch break, Gu YuMian finally asked the waiter, “What year is it now?”

The waiter replied respectfully, “Year 212 of the new ephemeris.”

… It was actually more than thirty years ago, when Shuo Han was less than ten years old.

Gu YuMian had realized that this may not be a dream. If it was his own dream, it was impossible to make up so many real details, but what was it? Shuo Han’s memory? Or the world in Shuo Han’s heart? What was the time flow rate with reality?

He didn’t know anything.

The little snow leopard refused to let Gu YuMian leave. The magic was that it seemed the whole palace defaulted to the existence of Gu YuMian, and it was not surprising to see a human being following the prince all day long.

It had been a while.

According to Gu YuMian’s observation, people in the palace had strange attitudes towards TuanTuan. First, he had never met TuanTuan’s parents. Second, the servants were respectful, cautious and mixed with some subtle contempt.

Before the arrival of Gu YuMian, the care for the snow leopard was perfunctory.

As a person who even the general manager had to address as “Sir”, the Emperor and the Empress couldn’t control him, but only the butler could. Gu YuMian chose several kind-hearted servants to come up, and the atmosphere of his daily life was finally relaxed.

Being raised by Gu YuMian, the little snow leopard was also an awkward little guy from the beginning, and began to become a young master with clothes and food.

Was he babysitting him? Gu YuMian couldn’t help poking the little guy in the face.

Of course, Gu YuMian didn’t know that when the little snow leopard was training his body, he met his opponent and introduced Gu YuMian with his chin raised arrogantly

“This is my wife. Now he is taking care of me. When he grows up, he will marry me.”

The children all looked on with envious eyes and adored His Royal Highness.

… By the way, thanks to Gu YuMian’s help, TuanTuan who had been closed off from the beginning, now participated in some activities. The physical training was the same for all nobility’s cubs. No matter what kind of city a child of this age was from,  TuanTuan had performed extremely well in the training.

But the call of “albino” from the former butler made Gu YuMian uncomfortable. But how was he supposed to clarify this? There was no concept of a snow leopard in this world.

After another month or two, the weather entered the early autumn, and there were several chilly rains.

Gu YuMian had a bad premonition. Until this evening, the Empress, who had disappeared for a long time, suddenly wanted to call for the prince. And it was not a formal call. It was the butler whose eyes were twinkling and scared.

He couldn’t let TuanTuan go. This was Gu YuMian’s first reaction. “TuanTuan, you wait here a little while. I’ll go ahead and see what’s going on.”

He gave the little snow leopard to a trusted attendant, and despite the strong opposition of the little guy, he went into the room.

The smell of blood.

It was very thick, very pungent and bloody.


Gu YuMian’s first reaction was to close the door.

This crazy woman.

“Who are you?” The woman purred with her long hair. “What about that little bastard? Let it in. Mom is dying. He doesn’t want to see her…”

“He’s not a bastard.” Gu YuMian interrupted her.

Gu YuMian fixed his eyes on the woman in front of him.

This was Shuo Han’s memory, or inner world; that was to say, this may have actually happened.

There was no Gu YuMian in the real world, and TuanTuan, who was less than ten years old, would happily come to see his mother who hadn’t seen him for a long time, and then watch her——

“Forget it, I can’t wait.” The woman waited for a while, but became impatient and bringing out a pocket gun, casually pulled the trigger as it was placed against her temple.


Fresh blood splashed at Gu YuMian’s feet.

Gu YuMian took a step back, his anger grew stronger and stronger, and he felt the urge to vomit.

“You let that bastard come in and have a look,” the woman’s voice grew smaller and smaller, but she sounded very gloomy. Gu YuMian was sure that she hated the snow leopard. “Let it come in and have a look. I was killed by it. The monster killed his mother, hahaha. No one will love it, never will. It is an executioner…”

“You were killed by your own narrow-mindedness.”

It had nothing to do with Shuo Han.

The woman was stunned.

Gu YuMian forced down his raging anger, walked to the woman and looked down at her, “I love him, and many people will love him, like him and appreciate him in the future. But you’re not the same. You’ll never be loved. You just gave him life because of selfishness, but you are not worthy to be his mother… Have you held him once in all these years? Do you know when his birthday is? “

Such a long time, only a few meetings, she could only sneer at her own son. The woman coughed violently, holding on to her last breath, and was equally furious, “You let that vile albino come in, if it wasn’t born so useless, I would have been free! It killed me, it killed me, and it’s my whole life!! I just regret that I didn’t strangle him when he was just born —”

“Enough.” Gu YuMian suddenly felt that this woman was very hateful and sad.

She did not know that in a few years, Shuo Han would awaken to become an SSS level spiritual owner. She had been pursuing power all her life, but she had lost it in the nearest place.

But it was almost inevitable, because as a mother, she was terrible.

Even if she knew in advance that the leopard would awaken to his powerful spiritual energy, she would not love him because she never regarded Shuo Han as her own son, so she would never know how good Shuo Han was.

“Why should he bear the consequences of your crimes?”

The woman stared at Gu YuMian and lost her last breath. Let her turn over in her grave.

Gu YuMian did not reach out to help her close her eyes, but remained silent for a long time and left.

From the hands of the waiter outside, he took the ignorant little TuanTuan.

Gu YuMian would always be there for Shou Han. But he really wanted to see… What would his little snow leopard look like when he grew up carefree?


Shuo Han’s spiritual world was a cloudy ocean. There were layers of ice on the sea and there were often storms and sea monsters making these waves. Only when Gu YuMian appeared did it become soft for a short time.

Gu YuMian didn’t know this.

He spent so many hours in the dream, but it was only half an hour in the outside world. In the past half an hour, the ice in the ocean of the spiritual sea had been melting a little. Until just now, a sea monster with a grim face and nightmares from time to time appeared.

It was completely annihilated and disappeared.

Just as Gu YuMian was sleeping, many changes were taking place in the outside world.

It took Bill, the miner, less than an hour to recover from his near death and serious injury. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was his wife’s crying face. Escaping from death, the family hugged each other and cried loudly for a while, and the other miners who were watching were also filled with emotion.

When Bill finally calmed down, he thought of another question, “The gentleman and His Majesty who saved me…”

“They are resting too.” Said the doctor.

“Okay.” Bill nodded, looked at his wife and partners and sighed, “We may have misunderstood His Majesty all the time. We must apologize seriously and ask for his forgiveness…”

When Bill was infected, his wife and workmates said too much to him. This time, Bill really felt how painful it was to be parasitized by the Zerg. He tried many times to commit suicide, but failed, because the Zerg living in the body would take over his body’s consciousness at the last second.

He suffered a lot of inhuman torture.

It was thanks to Mr. Gu, who played a very important role in the rescue. In other words, ten years ago, they were not able to resist the Zerg power at all. All the infected people had to live and die in pain.

As for the rumors about His Majesty’s ‘indiscriminate killing of innocents’,

“The first three hours of being parasitized by the Zerg cannot be detected by the instrument.” In the Academy of Sciences, the young fox looked at the camera and tried to overcome his weakness of bad words. “This is also the result that we learned not long ago. It’s the fourth hour of infection when the instrument can detect it. The fourth hour is too late. The parasite will have the ability to infect the person and the victim will feel extreme pain at the same time. He will die in two hours because of the pain beyond his endurance. For the possessor of SSS level powers, he can clearly see the body structure of all creatures, including the eggs that have been parasitized but have not been detected by the instrument, so…”

Those soldiers killed by Shuo Han, from the cell samples left behind, could be analyzed to see that they were parasitized before they died, but only Shuo Han could see this.

So in the eyes of others, it became ‘cruel killing of innocent people.’

In fact, no media had reported this aspect of news, but the people present at that time had heard it. At that time, the war situation was too tense and the main attention was on the front line. By the time the reaction came, this unwarranted reputation had become a deep-rooted prejudice.

In fact, if Shuo Han were really violent, the rumored people would not have lived in the world.

Many people didn’t understand such a simple truth. Now, the first case of surviving from the parasites of the Zerg had appeared. The good news must be told to the whole world, but it couldn’t be published in such a hurry. Otherwise, it might be used by someone with a scheming heart to make full use of it, and cause another rumor like Shuo Han’s ‘indiscriminate killing of innocents’ from before.

Of course, Shuo Han himself didn’t seem to care much about reputation, but he was clearly protecting the people. However, it was said that he didn’t care, and people who knew about it would be very sad.

At least Gu YuMian would be very sad

The pandas who were closely following all the movements of Gu YuMian were the first to get the news.

“Let’s do this!”

19th Guo, a diplomat, clapped his round and fluffy belly. The government media that had been raised and abandoned under the cabinet’s administration, were purely for nothing, but the pandas were not the same.

They didn’t know before, but now they did. They couldn’t let their ancestor’s boyfriend, possibly another ancestor in the future, continue like this. There were so many big stars, musicians, E-sports champions, and various public figures within the pandas. The accumulated experience of guiding public opinion and the contacts from all walks of life were not just words.

Say it and do it. Roll on and go!

On the other side, Gu YuMian’s dream continued.

… Maybe it was because Gu YuMian spoiled him lawlessly. Although he didn’t experience the terrible thing of his ‘mother’s suicide in front of his eyes’, the little snow leopard’s character was developing towards the direction of the great devil.

TuanTuan was extremely smart. Although he didn’t awaken, his physical and mental abilities were first-class. When he was a teenager, he directly skipped primary education and entered the First Military Academy of the empire with high scores.

And there were a lot of little boys.

Gu YuMian guessed that the little guy who was not young must have said something to his “little brothers”. Otherwise, how could they look at Gu YuMian so inexplicably?

Until a while later, Gu YuMian was sleeping in the middle of the night. Suddenly, he felt that he was held by someone, and there was the feeling of slightly cold hair rubbing against his neck.

But Shuo Han was so tall that he could easily hold Gu YuMian in his arms and said a word in his ear, “Child bride…”

Gu YuMian, “……”

Human form? When did Shuo Han wake up? Why didn’t he know?

Wait, child bride?


The author has something to say:

I’m sorry, because miaowao’s handwriting is not enough, the style of this plot may not be the same as the previous feeling, but it’s really not repressed for the sake of depression This passage about TuanTuan’s past was decided before the first chapter of this novel was posted.

What I want to write from the beginning is the story of TuanTuan who has experienced these things and met MianMian.

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