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Chapter 95: Spicy Crab

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is laughing at Gu YuMian’s actions


… As we all know, human beings, especially Chinese people, can eat crayfish, and even an alien invasive species could be turned into an endangered creature. Spicy, salt baked, steamed, any way they could cook it and they would do it.


Gu YuMian took Shuo Han’s light sword and pulled the Zerg over to remove the meat inside the ferocious shell.

It was not known whether there was poison in the meat or if it had a specific flavor, but what was visible to the eyes said that the meat was really good and excellent.

After all, it was normal to be hungry after just finishing a battle with so much physical consumption.

What’s more, there were few aquatic organisms in this era — there were not even many types of synthetic fish on the STARNet. Shrimp and crab were the most common species, let alone hairy crab and crawfish.

After Gu YuMian asked, Shuo Han also fell into a deep thought, and his expression was a rare serious one.

Officers, “…” Anyway, eating Zerg was not reliable, was it? His Majesty must be trying to refute it?

Shuo Han thought for a moment.

Gu YuMian wondered, “Hmm?”

Shuo Han said, “If you want to make it, add some pepper.”

Gu YuMian nodded, “Yep.”

Officers, “…??”

At this moment, the innumerable roars that flashed in the hearts of these elite generals of the whole empire could almost condense into substantive and dense bullet screens flying from behind.

——Just now, was His Majesty seriously thinking about whether it could be eaten?

——It’s over! It’s over! This country is done for!

——Your Majesty’s vision is very good. His future mate seems to be too popular with cats, dogs, wolves and peacocks… 

After all, there was no difference in the good feeling of harvesting from Gu YuMian. Shuo Han had put his military uniform coat on Gu YuMian when he landed.

The Emperor’s uniform coat was customized, double breasted tassel, very dignified and an arrogant dark blue, which was a little big on Gu YuMian’s shoulders, but also particularly satisfactory to Shuo Han.

Gu YuMian, as a human being, of course, didn’t know, and was not very sensitive to scents. But the animals were very clear, especially the cats, who had a strong sense of smell — those who had ever owned cats should know that cats usually rub their ears and press their claws on their bodies, which really leaves their own scent.

If you go out and touch other cats, they will find out quickly.

Shuo Han didn’t dare to be so blatant before. After getting a nod from Gu YuMian, he became unbridled.

At this time, the human in Shuo Han’s military coat was shrouded in the aggressive and possessive scent of a snow leopard. Shuo Han was undoubtedly the most powerful in the whole interstellar era, don’t even mention the Zerg. In the eyes of the officers of the same animal type, Gu YuMian was branded with the mark of “exclusive to Shuo Han” from his hair to his fingertips.

… He could only be seen from a distance. If you got a little closer, you would be treated as a rival.

Gu YuMian, “??” What are they doing standing so far away?

Shuo Han slouched back and held Gu YuMian’s hand, “It doesn’t matter.”


An hour later, a test report from the Academy of Sciences arrived.

The safety of the food was very high. 

“Because the main toxins of the Zerg are in the shell, pliers and mouthparts,” said fox, wearing glasses and typing carefully on the light screen. “The leg, after removing the shell, is completely tested to be non-toxic.”

And after testing, it was found that this group was not a high-level Zerg, not like the intermediate and high-level Zerg that had parasitic ability. Although the fighting power and toxin of this group of Zerg were comparable to that of the high-level Zerg, they did not have parasitic ability.

… But even so, no one had thought about eating them before, and no one had been able to peel off the terrible shell of the Zerg.


Before Shuo Han was born, the Zerg, who had dominated the interstellar for hundreds of years, would never have thought of such a day.

They were killed by Shuo Han a few years ago and almost died out.

One day in the future, they would be cooked by the monarch’s human and put on the Earth’s table… 

It should be against this pair of CP.

It was close to evening in Ancient Earth and it was dinner time.

“I’m just trying it a little bit,” Gu YuMian said. “It doesn’t have to be delicious, eh…”

Because of the large size of the Zerg, Gu YuMian needed the help of the officers when he cooked it — of course, their hands were enough, they were afraid to approach Gu YuMian… Against His Majesty’s cold glare it became a great challenge to the officers.

The structure of the Zerg and crabs was very similar.

After all, it was impossible to cook Zerg in the way of making shrimp and crab. Gu YuMian thought about it, but the final way was closer to roasting a whole sheep.

The meat of the Zerg was rich, delicious and tender. The fire made the meat cook slowly. Big pieces of meat were roasted in the fire with thin shells. Gu YuMian used local materials and used some ingredients left by the program team.

Chilli to marinate with scallion, garlic and pepper. After the liquor was brewed, put a layer of salt on it. Take out the viscera and scrape a few holes in the thick place to make it easy to marinate and taste. Then bake it on the charcoal fire. After baking for a while, the original thin shell was roasted until golden. The white and flexible meat was crispy and still fresh.

The whole large roasted meat was yellow and red, shiny, crispy and tender, fat but not greasy, and dripped delicious golden oil and watered continuously… 

It was a pity that there was no flour. It was better to fry it with flour and was very simple. Ordinary soldiers watched Gu YuMian do it, and they tried it on their own. The Zerg in such a place would soon be put on the barbecue rack one by one.

Moreover, the equipment and Academy of Sciences remote analysis data certification deemed the Zerg as non-toxic. Even if some soldiers had a psychological burden at the beginning, they couldn’t help but take a bite or two at the instigation of their companions.

——It was crunchy with a bite but surprisingly crispy. It was baked in it’s burnt shell, but it was still fresh and juicy. Garlic, pepper and wine tasted good, mixed with oil into the hot and fragrant juices in the meat

Everyone looked at the Zerg, who were roasted to be greasy, and suddenly felt, “I have a terrible impression of the ferocity of the Zerg, and I may never go back.”

In addition to this, Gu YuMian also treated other parts separately — for example, claws, which were the least and the most tender when eating crabs, as well as for the Zerg.

This part was relatively small. He could stir fry it with chilli spice first, then add sauce and rock sugar and cook it in hot oil for a while, and then collect the juice. The last minute of cooking was the key, which would thoroughly soak in the cool and spicy taste.

The color of the agate sauce was bright, and the most tender meat was wrapped in the red shell. Because the shell had been broken in advance, the oil, which was fragrant and hot, was attached to the shell and flowed into the fresh white meat inside… 

A pincer shell was wrapped with oil paper, sucked the tender “crab” meat together with the hot oil with strong taste, which was cool and spicy, and immediately filled the stomach!

Even the shells were spicy and crispy. Many people couldn’t help but chew them together. They were extremely spicy.

Shuo Han was, of course, the first one to eat — and because he didn’t want others to be too close to Gu YuMian, Shuo Han was the largest labor force in the whole cooking process, and it was also a routine operation to use his SSS level powers to ignite the fire and collect juice.

Shuo Han took a bite from Gu YuMian’s hand.

His brow was raised a little.

The expression of indifference and laziness became serious.

Gu YuMian asked, “How is it?”

“We used to be too wasteful,” Shuo Han said simply.

Killing so many Zergand and bombarding them with particles in the past was a waste of energy. He didn’t expect them to be such delicious food. Now thinking about it, it was a monstrous thing.

Gu YuMian, “……”

Officers, “…” It’s a little funny, but… they couldn’t can’t agree more.

The video from Ancient Earth, was linked to the Academy of Sciences, and the pandas, husky, and fox sailing to Capital Star on the starship.



One after another swallowing.

“What? Cooking?” In the Academy of Sciences, the deputy leader in charge of the research of Zerg, then communicated and walked into the research room in a white jacket, “What do you want, how do you do that…”

Open the door and spread the fragrance of hot red crab in the air.

In order to understand the state in real time, colleagues were still using the large-scale holographic mode.

Deputy Group Leader, “…”


Don’t say anything, it’s very fragrant.


Since the activities of Zerg at night would become weak or even dormant, now the main ones that were active in surface damage were low-level Zerg. The high-level Zerg and the Zerg queen were still hiding.

But even so, it was not safe — even the lower Zerg had evolved.

Now the Zerg were mainly rampant on several planets around Ancient Earth, including the planet they visited last night. The good thing was that there were not many people living on it. In the morning, they had basically transferred.

Many people far away in Capital Star and the surrounding galaxy were not fully aware of the current situation.

Ah, it’s closed. Happy… 

[Why transfer to Capital Star? I’m too lazy to move. Alas… No sign of any Zerg invasion. My old lady still goes out to play cards as usual…]

[My treasured variety show just started. Is it possible to come back after the war? Please.]

[Capital Star is sure to be okay.]

[So is it for this reason that His Majesty compromised with the cabinet and agreed to marry? Not really? Is it that serious? 23333 I think it’s just a vacation…]

Most of these children were under 20 years old and had not experienced the war with the Zerg.

Adults see and think a little more, and they couldn’t say that it was easy, because they knew it was just the beginning——

At eight in the evening, one hundred light-years away from Capital Star and near Earth, the first case of being parasitized by a Zerg, was a local miner who did not evacuate in time.

Only one photo was released on the news. The half-blue man was separated from his crying wife and daughter. He was still awake. The little girl held the schoolbag that her father sewed and wept at a loss.

Kids didn’t know what that meant, and all adults had a heart attack at the same time.

——It’s begun.

Faster than any could guess.

The infection of the parasite was an irreversible and cruel process. There was no known technology and medical means to prevent it. At first, one would be conscious, but they could only watch their body become a Zerg.

After that, it was the time when the war was really cruel… 


On Ancient Earth, the uneaten food was much better than the nutrient solution, and the Zerg meat was rich in energy storage. Although it could only be absorbed, it could still play a significant role. In addition, people who were more sensitive would have a subtle feeling after eating the meat of the Zerg used in Gu YuMian cuisine — not to be specific, but it seemed that they had become more powerful than before.

Of course, the most important thing was to eat the Zerg, then go to fight the Zerg, and the finished Zerg could be used to eat… When they thought about it, they all became very motivated.

After a brief rest, Shuo Han and the officers would soon be back in action.

The next stop was grey Saturn.

After a communication, Shuo Han’s mouth flattened and some of his absent-minded look disappeared, “Someone has been infected on grey Saturn. Have you had enough?” Shuo Han buried his head in Gu YuMian’s neck and sniffed, whispered, “I’ll send you back to Capital Star later.”

Gu YuMian could no longer stay here.

Shuo Han had always been absolutely proud of his ability.

But now, he didn’t know why he had suddenly become a coward.

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