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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Editor: Sulo

Now that Liang Yi saw him, he had to go back to his job. Previously, Liang Yi had obeyed Murong Pei’s wishes and planned to take his time to deal with those enemies, but not now. Liang Yi thought about it and decided to give it a push to get rid of those people early. He asked Murong Pei what he wanted to do, and Murong Pei had no problem with it.

Before it was due to idle boredom, wanting to help the original get revenge and slowly toss these people. But now, it was different. He was over revenge, and naturally held the child to be of more importance.

So Liang Yi quickly made a plan and started to take revenge on the Liu family, Murong family and Feng Feng, and along the way, he also accelerated the pace of grabbing resources. He wanted to save more good things for his wife to raise the baby, and he also needed good things to replenish his wife’s body after the birth of the baby.

In short, for the sake of his wife and child, Liang Yi had to start getting busy with his career.

Murong Pei did nothing, just stayed in the room and relaxed, watched TV and movies, played games; every day was leisurely. But he thought about it and thought it was too decadent, so he picked up his former craft.

As a son of a big family, although he was a married ger, Murong Pei was still proficient in all aspects such as the zither, chess, calligraphy and painting. Though he had lost his memory, he had only lost his past memories, and it was not as difficult as he thought when he learned something again.

Murong Pei tried to play a zither for Liang Yi, and he had not regressed from that time. Not to mention embroidery, Murong Pei suddenly found joy in life. Murong Pei did not see anything wrong with this, as he had been brought up to do so.

In essence, there was still a big difference between a ger and a man. If it were not for Liang Yi’s accident that year, Murong Pei losing his dependence, he would not have doggedly started to take over the Emperor to avenge his lover.

Liang Yi felt that Murong Pei did something new every day, which was condescending to him. After all, most of the gers did not look like Omegas but like male Betas. In addition to being a little more delicate than men, they could not see what else was different.

For men, it would be insulting to ask them to raise a husband and child.

Liang Yi was willing to involve Murong Pei in his career, willing to let Murong Pei work alongside him instead of being kept in a house. But Murong Pei didn’t seem to appreciate it. He wasn’t interested in Liang Yi’s career, preferring to be a sage helper.

“If you need my help in advising you, I’ll help you.” Murong Pei nestled in his arms and said softly, “But I’d rather be protected by you.”

If he could be a spoiled rice worm, then why should he abuse himself to do what men have to do to prove that he was a man and not a woman?

Liang Yi, on second thought, thought it was right. Gers were not men in the first place. He misunderstood that he needed to take care of his ger’s delicate mind, which was between men and women.

From then on, Murong Pei happily delighted Liang Yi every day with the zither, chess, calligraphy and painting, and would personally make clothes and embroider handkerchiefs for Liang Yi. Liang Yi had a feeling of returning to the cold years of the palace, and enjoyed it very much.

Occasionally Murong Pei would help out with some star pirate group matters, providing some insights and unique solutions, but more as a wife taking care of his husband.

Although, because of his pregnancy, it was more of Liang Yi who took care of him.

Half a month later, Murong Pei was confirmed to be pregnant with a child, and Liang Yi was even less inclined to let him do anything. If Murong Pei had not played the zither, painted and embroidered as a pastime, Liang Yi might not have allowed him to take the trouble to do so. But Liang Yi could see that Murong Pei was really enjoying himself, so he couldn’t do anything.

While the two of them were getting more and more settled, the conflict between the Liu and Murong families continued to escalate.

First, the Murong family raided the Liu family’s resource star, which was originally a secret, but was revealed by an unknown person who also provided evidence. The Liu family immediately exploded and refused to give up and took the Murong family to the federation court.

The court awarded the Liu family compensation for the damages and sentenced the Murong family’s eldest son — the only Alpha male — who was the instigator, to three years in prison and was sentenced to the prison planet for rehabilitation. The Murong family was upset at the loss of their outstanding heir and a large fortune. After all, this matter was more of a loss of face, than being ridiculed about losing their Omega son.

The Murong family, then, simply and secretly contacted the second-ranked star pirate organization and told the star pirates a lot of things about the Liu family. Since their own hands wouldn’t be exposed, let the star pirates come in. They did not expect to get a share of the resources of the Liu family, they just wanted to hurt the Liu family, purely to detriment others.

With Liang Yi’s help behind them, the second-ranked star pirate group really gave the Liu family a heavy blow. The Liu family’s resource stars were taken over, and even some remote ones became directly owned by the star pirate group.

From this loss, the Liu family lost a larger amount of property, and since they were in support of Feng Feng’s position, their rank lowered. After all, the Liu family did not have much power in the political world, and they were a family that relied on financial power to get ahead.

In contrast, the Murong family was at least considered a noble family with many contacts.

Liang Yi felt that it was not enough, so he thought about it and felt that the best way to get back at the Federation was to take control of it. Instead of waiting for a person who was hostile to him to rise to the top, he should support one himself, so that he could act in a much more secure direction in the future.

So Liang Yi went behind the scenes and brought out a competitive player. This person had the means, but because he offended Feng Feng, he was suppressed very thoroughly. Near the final election, he had almost no chance to turn his chances around.

The federal election was a game of multiple parties and forces, naturally there couldn’t be only one or two candidates. But there were only a few of those who were the most likely to succeed the seat.

The fact that Feng Feng had the support of both the Murong family and the Liu family had given him a large number of vassals, which was why he was the most popular. But Liang Yi’s side has a tendency to rise.

After the Murong family left and the Liu family was badly wounded, a group of people who supported Feng Feng because of the Murong family decided to stand aside and stop supporting Feng Feng. In the end, Feng Feng was just part of a small family with little background, and even if he could become president, he had to look at the faces of his supporters, and at the same time not dare to offend people from other parties — so these parties did not put these presidential candidates in their eyes.

In their view, supporting those who came to power did not affect the future survival of their family, and at most, it was just more convenient to get benefits. This was not the Royal Son of the throne, the President’s power was not as big as theirs was, and the Federation’s noble council had more say in comparison.

But for them, Feng Feng was not important, for Feng Feng was just the opposite. If he was to go to this from a large number of supporters, Feng Feng would instantly go from the most likely presidential candidate into the unpopular little one.

The marriage between the Liu family and Feng Feng also became a stain on the Liu family, and Feng Feng could not get on with a better family, so he could only please his new wife in order to hold on to the Liu family. Unfortunately, the young master of the Liu family found this out immediately. There was no premarital shyness and sweetness, and he flaunted the power he used to support Feng Feng with everyday.

Anyway, Feng Feng could not be the president, and senior officials watched the Liu family. Young master Liu was still satisfied with Feng Feng, plus after being a marked Omega, one would uncontrollably ‘love’ their husband. So young master Liu did not want to separate from Feng Feng, but this did not mean that he would do whatever Feng Feng wanted. In his opinion, since Feng Feng had to rely on his family, it was of course Feng Feng who should do whatever he wanted.

The Murong family decided to support others after giving up on Feng Feng. After Feng Feng lost their family’s Omega, he openly married another family, which was a disgrace to them. Now they had completely abandoned Feng Feng, and rightly so.

Second Miss Murong Xi was discontented at first, but the Murong family head persuaded her to stop thinking about it.

“Xi’er, helping Feng Feng now is just letting the Liu family get benefits for nothing, you won’t understand this.” The Murong family head soothed his beloved daughter, “It’s just a man and he can’t be the president now. When he loses the election, he will be of no more use. Dad helping you get him back is just a matter of wasting some effort. If you don’t like Feng Feng, just want to marry the president, then it’s even easier. Daddy strives to let you marry another candidate, and then help him to the top.”

Murong Xi thought about it and thought it made sense. Feng Feng would definitely not take her seriously when he became president, so it would be better to let Feng Feng completely fall down, and then be under her control.

Thinking of this, Murong Xi immediately smiled, “Thank you, Dad, we agreed that when the election is over, you will give Feng Feng to me.”

Unfortunately, they didn’t know that after the election, the Murong family would not have a good result either.

Eight months later, Murong Pei gave birth to an alpha boy, a chubby little guy who was clearly being raised exceptionally well. He was so cute with his little face puckering up when he held his pacifier.

Liang Yi did not expect to have a son in his life. When he came back, he was already prepared for a lifetime without a wife and children. Now that he had a wife and son, he was as happy as if he were in a dream. He wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed him fiercely, but was pushed away by Murong Pei in disgust.

Liang Yi’s heart immediately thumped, he knew, after having a son, a ger would care more about the child than the husband!

“Wife…” Liang Yi grunted and padded over to beg for reassurance.

Murong Pei looked at him helplessly, “Stop it, now that I’m done with my pregnancy, you should tell me what’s going on over at Murong’s house, right?”

Previously, because he was pregnant and in labor, Liang Yi refused to tell him what was going on outside, fearing that it would affect his mood. Now that he’s finished, Murong Pei was really curious.

Liang Yi did not continue to hide, “The Murong family was charged with treason, their cooperation with the second star pirate group was exposed, and now the entire Murong family has fallen, and most of the forces attached to the Murong family have also scattered. Your obnoxious second sister was exposed giving the color spot virus. This time, she offended most of the Federation’s big families, after all, when attending the wedding banquet was implicated in the injury of many other families infected, so now she and her traitorous father have gone into prison to accompany her brother.”

“What about the Feng Feng and the Liu family?”

Murong Pei had never completely recovered his memory, but over the time he had been pregnant, he had gradually recalled his past with Liang Yi and his childhood days in his foreign ancestor’s house when he was a child. As for other unpleasant memories, it was as if they were completely lost and could no longer be recalled.

Even so, he still had a physiological aversion to the Liu family, Feng Feng and Murong family, and felt sick to his stomach whenever he heard about them.

“After the presidential election, Feng Feng lost, our candidate won. The Liu family gave Feng Feng a high official position to sit on. But he seems to be very unhappy in the Liu family, his wife also does not like him. Behind the back of the Liu family, he secretly kept a mistress, and was discovered by the Liu family.”

The Liu family would not take it lying down. Young master Liu did not have much love for him originally, and only had to deal with the aftermath of the mark. Out of this incident, the Liu family simply gave young master Liu surgery, canceled the mark on his gland, and once young master Liu was no longer affected by the mark, he would no longer indulge Feng Feng.

Feng Feng and young master Liu divorced. He not only lost his official position, but could not even find a decent job. In the end, he couldn’t stay on the capital star, so he had to leave with his only remaining savings.

The Liu family did not get a good deal either. Liang Yi shook out the Liu family’s backroom dealings, and it wouldn’t be long before the Liu family followed in the footsteps of the Murong family.

After Murong Pei heard this, he himself, for some reason, suddenly sighed with relief, as if he had gotten his revenge. He looked at his son, who was still playing with his pacifier, and his husband, who was staring at him with a smile, and couldn’t help but hook his lips and move over to kiss him.

“It’s been hard on you, husband.”

Liang Yi immediately sealed his lips, taking advantage of the opportunity.

The enemies had all had their deserved downfall. In the future, he just needed to enjoy life with his beloved. When he feels tired of it, he would wash the star pirate group clean of his name, buy a scenic restful and comfortable vacation planet, and grow old together with his lover and son.

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