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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Bai Yin’s words sounded rather heretical, but it was only so for those who did not have pets. 

Exclusively treating the owner as a person, while the others were treated as pets that were of a lower grade than themselves?!

Although it sounded inconceivable, such words often hit the pet owner’s heart. No one wanted their pet to look more favourably towards their Dao companion after being fed casually by them.

This kind of ‘treating one’s owner as the centre of their life’ actions could max out the owner’s sense of vanity and security.

The only premise was… If this was truly their owner.

Chu WuQing felt that it was extremely funny when he heard that, besides surprising the rabbit, he could even come up with such a remark. He was so amused that he walked over to tease the little guy more.

But in Su BeiCi’s eyes, it was Chu WuQing who was being incessantly fond of this loyal spiritual pet because of Bai Zhuo’s words.

It can’t go on like this, Su BeiCi secretly thought to himself.

He knew that Chu WuQing liked his female self, and he knew that the so-called ‘engagement due to love’ was just making use of him.

But it was also because of this hidden identity and usefulness that he could stay by Chu WuQing’s side and have an absolute advantage.

Unexpectedly, such an advantage could not compare with a rabbit?

Su BeiCi couldn’t even help resentfully thinking that this rabbit had better not be the shapeshifted form of a shameless person. However, he did not realise that this line of thought that he had while venting his anger was actually the truth behind his frustrations.

Su BeiCi meditated in the abode for a day. Everyone thought that he was consolidating his cultivation at the Golden Core Stage and comprehending the Path of Carefreeness. Although he was consolidating the cultivation, it was only something done in passing. What he was comprehending in his mind was how to get close to Chu WuQing and let WuQing get used to his existence.

When facing a shameless enemy, he would naturally have to be more shameless than the other.

Especially… Su BeiCi thought of Lin Yi, a man who he wanted to kill before, but had unexpectedly lent a helping hand to.

Although the guy’s gaze made him rather unhappy, QingQing allowed himself to do whatever he wanted when he was there, and he could even… feel a weird joy coming off QingQing.

Although he did not know the reason, it could definitely be used. Su BeiCi’s clear eyes darkened and he gave a low laugh.


When the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect returned to his sect, all kinds of emotions had been aroused in his heart. Especially because he could observe the XianLing Sect more thoroughly than the other sects with different intentions with the help of his neighbors.

Logically, shouldn’t the XianLing Sect immediately take this opportunity to establish itself as the number one sect and receive the visits of other sects to pay their respects and declare their dependance with such a strong backing like the Xuan Shan Patriarch?

However, two days had gone by. Except for their own disciples entering and exiting and the Beast Taming Garden that they could completely disregard, the XianLing Sect turned away all other sects.

It was really strange, but the aura of the Xuan Shan Patriarch definitely existed, intimidating all parties.

Could it be that Xuan Shan’s Nascent Soul had unusual changes, or was Xuan Shan going to leave?

These things could not be seen nor imagined by other sects. But after having lived for hundreds of years and as the only Golden Core cultivator who was infinitely close to the Nascent Soul Stage besides Xuan Shan, the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect could clearly understand it.

Although he didn’t know how far the Chu Clan’s control of the small realm was, he vaguely knew that they had a chance to leave and go forth to a higher level after ascending to Nascent Soul.

Only in this way could he explain why Xuan Shan was willing to abandon his own sect for the sake of Chu WuQing.

“Could it be that even though Chu WuQing seemed to have a low level of cultivation, he is actually a True Immortal who had descended to the Cultivation World to temper himself? If Xuan Shan wanted to ascend heavenwards to the next level, the influence of the Chu Clan becomes important.” The Patriarch of the QingLing Sect guessed, and he even became amused by this conjecture. But no matter whether this conjecture was probable or not, it was true that Chu WuQing was the hope for him to form a Nascent Soul.

“During tomorrow’s ceremony at the XianLing Sect, Xuan Shan will probably announce that he’s going into secluded cultivation.” The Patriarch of the QingLing Sect took a sip of spiritual tea and made a decision in his heart. At the moment he got up, an invisible force enveloped the entire QingLing Sect.

The giant bell on the Ancestral Peak rang with a resounding and solemn toll even though no one struck it.

Was a big event that concerned the life and death of the sect about to occur? All the QingLing Sect disciples were shocked.

When they entered the doors of the QingLing Sect, they regarded themselves as the disciples of the number one sect. When they left the QingLing Sect, the rest of the sects would all give them some face, and it was not an exaggeration to say that they would praise them as the proud Sons of Heaven that were successful in every endeavor.

They were always the ones pressing down on the heads of the other sects and others would have to give way to them when they met on a narrow path. If there was a secret realm or an abode that appeared, they were the first to enter. All kinds of grand ceremonies concerning the whole Cultivation World were held in the QingLing Sect. They were always the number one…

In the past, the XianLing Sect that was at the end of the mountain range was not even qualified to give way to them after they met on a narrow road. The XianLing Sect always avoided them whenever they were aware of their existence.

The proud Sons of Heaven and ants did not belong in the same world.

But one day, the ants they had always looked down on suddenly rose up. Not only did they rise, they even dared to slap their Patriarch’s face.

Today, they even ignored the dignity of the QingLing Sect, who was the number one sect. Relying on that enchanter Chu WuQing, who used some unknown methods to seduce the Xuan Shan Patriarch, the XianLing Sect wanted to hold a conference inviting the entire Cultivation World and accept the dependance of the other sects.

If they wanted to be on top of them as the number one sect, where would their QingLing Sect’s face be?

Now, that group of XianLing Sect disciples actually dared to come forward and address them as Daoist Friends after meeting them. Although they had just run into each other, what a humiliation it was to take on an attitude of equals and move aside to let them pass.

The sect was going to make a decision at last?

Were they going to teach the XianLing Sect a lesson?

The disciples excitedly thought in their hearts. If it was said that the number three sect, the LingYang Sect established its prestige with iron and blood, then as the number one sect, the ability of the QingLing Sect could only be more powerful.

It was just that the LingYang Sect would take the initiative to attack when it was offended. However, with the dignity of the number one sect, the QingLing Sect put pressure on the Sect Leaders of those that disrespected them. They made them take the initiative to hand over the disciples who dare to offend them with disrespect, and made the Sect Leader apologize and compensate them.

Even without the QingLing Sect making a move, those kind of disciples would be made to commit suicide in front of the QingLing Sect gate by their Sect Leaders.

Though this kind of ability did not seem to be bloody, it was more terrifying than the LingYang Sect and the intimidation that took form was even more frightening.

Those who could be in the number one sect were never gentle and kind.

The disciples of the QingLing Sect believed that a powerhouse that could cultivate to the Nascent Soul stage would never fall out with the QingLing Sect because of Chu WuQing.

He was just a plaything. Their Patriarch was the person who could really stand on the same ground as Xuan Shan.

“The Patriarch is finally going to make a move.” Everyone muttered in their hearts.

In the main hall of QingLing Sect, there stood a Patriarch that was respected by thousands of people.

“Tomorrow at the XianLing Sect’s meeting for the Cultivation World, I will propose our dependence to Chu WuQing.” The Patriarch indifferently stated.

This sentence that was as light as a feather was akin to a huge stone falling into the lake. In an instant it stirred up a tempestuous storm in the Qingling Sect. Almost all thought that they were having auditory hallucinations.


The Patriarch summoned the entire sect for the purpose of choosing dependence instead of encouraging everyone before the battle? How could this be possible? What about the Patriarch’s dignity and ability as the number one practitioner in the Cultivation World?

“I know what you’re thinking,” The tone of the QingLing Sect’s Patriarch was still indifferent, “Although I’m the Patriarch of the sect, I do not have the intention to make the entire sect follow my decision. From today on, I’m not a person from the QingLing Sect.”

The effect of this sentence in the hearts of the people from QingLing Sect was greater than that declaration of ‘dependence’ just now.

Was the reason why the QingLing Sect became the number one sect in the Cultivation World dependent on the background of the sect? In terms of background, they were not even as good as the XianLing Sect. Was it dependent on the overall strength of the sect? In terms of overall strength, who could compare with the LingYang Sect who owned the warships?

The reason why they could become the number one sect was because of their Patriarch.

It was because of their Patriarch’s absolute strength that suppressed the cultivation of the whole Cultivation World.

Without the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect, their strength was no different from other sects.

“We pledge to follow the Patriarch for the rest of our lives.” Some of the disciples who recovered from the shock knelt down in a hurry.

Following this shout, many people immediately reacted and knelt down one after another.

Among them, the late-stage Golden Core Sect Leader was having the most thoughts about this.

Logically speaking, any leader of a big sect who had reached the peak of their cultivation would not be willing to have a Patriarch who could absolutely suppress themselves.

However, the leader of the QingLing Sect had been promoted by the Patriarch. He had a deeper understanding of the Patriarch’s intention and cultivation than others.

The Patriarch would choose dependence, not because of admiration, but because of sufficient benefits.

Some Golden Core Elders still did not understand this point. Some showed hesitance on their faces, and some were even angry.

However, he took two steps forward to move in front of the kneeling disciples of the QingLing Sect. Then he gently lifted his clothes, knelt down and sincerely pleaded, “Beseeching the Patriarch not to abandon your disciples or the QingLing Sect.”

With this cry, the originally hesitant Foundation Establishment and Qi Condensation cultivators also knelt down with the Sect Leader. Those Golden Core Elders that feared the Patriarch and the Sect Leader of the QingLing Sect also had to follow the crowd to kneel even if they had numerous speculation and calculation in their hearts, “Beseeching the Patriarch not to abandon us.”

“The QingLing Sect is willing to follow the Patriarch.” The Sect Leader kowtowed and said.

More than ten thousand disciples of the QingLing Sect kowtowed and repeated it.


Just at this time, a sword cry roared into the sky and the Sword Qi split the air majestically.

The eyes of the core disciples at Foundation Establishment darkened slightly. As true proud Sons of Heaven in the QingLing Sect, even the Golden Core Elders in the sect had to give them some face, not to mention the outside world.

The cultivation resources they enjoyed were the best among the cultivators of the same generation in the entire Cultivation World.

However, that Lin Yi who was snatched from the XianLing Sect pressed down on their heads, and he even had what they only dared to dream of having the moment he arrived – to be accepted as the personal succeeding disciple of the real decision-maker in the QingLing Sect, who was the number one person in the Cultivation World.

Now, he was itching to come out of seclusion upon knowing that the QingLing Sect was going to depend on the XianLing Sect?

Before the Sword Qi dissipated, the sword light suddenly split the air as it departed from the Ancestral Peak. On it stood a youngster in white with an apathetic expression, who reached the main hall in a flash.

The Sword Qi dissipated and the sword light faded, but the whole hall was flooded with invisible Sword Qi. The cultivators below the Golden Core Stage all drew in a breath before they managed to suppress the agitation in their hearts.

However, the sword cultivators in QingLing Sect felt the spiritual energy inside their bodies surging, and there was an formless connotation guiding them to comprehend the Sword Path.

If one took a closer look, the boy who was obviously only at the Fourth Level of Qi Condensation when he arrived, was already at the Ninth Level of Qi Condensation in just a few days. It was really too frightful.

Was this the legendary Spirit Sword Root?

No matter what kind of thoughts these people had before, the cultivators below the Golden Core stage bowed their heads and greeted, “Eldest Shixiong.”

This was the intimidation of absolute strength, the intimidation that belonged to the powerful.

The QingLing Sect’s Patriarch’s expression also changed slightly and a hint of joy showed in his eyes, “You had another breakthrough?”

Lin Yi nodded slightly.


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