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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After returning to the starship, Murong Pei was coaxed by Liang Yi to rest, and that he would deal with the aftermath on his own. Because of the change in plans, the subsequent arrangements had to be changed, so the preparations made before naturally could be used directly. The good thing was that Liang Yi did not mind the torment, but was excited.

He was definitely happy to carry out his wife’s orders.

“How is the situation on the resource planet?” Liang Yi flipped through the information in his optical computer and asked casually.

The deputy pulled out the relevant information and passed it to him, “The Murong family has contacted the Dark Party to attack the Liu family’s Elra Resource Planet.”

The Dark Party was an underground organization of the Federation, specializing in receiving money to help sabotage. The secrecy system in the Dark Party was very powerful, if the deputy did not have extremely high hacking skills, he would not have been able to find out about the Murong family’s contact with the Dark Party.

Liang Yi raised his eyebrows slightly, “Then target the Elra Resource Planet, I heard that a large number of Elra beasts are farmed there. You guys bring some back and give them to the madam.”


The Elra beast was not a livestock that only existed in the Elra Resource Planet, but elsewhere it was rare and not as tasty as the one produced on the Elra planet, so it was named the Elra beast. The amount that Liang Yi could get each month was also limited, but Murong Pei liked it a lot.

“Where is Wen Dai? Sent back to the Wen family?”

The deputy nodded, “He has been safely returned to the Wen family, and will not be suspected.”

After all, Wen Dai was not a star pirate, so naturally he cannot stay on the starship for a long time, there was still the Wen family waiting for him behind him. Liang Yi waved his hand and let his deputy go to make arrangements, he quickly finished his business and went back to sleep with his wife.

Murong Pei slept very lightly and did not look comfortable. He frowned and rested his hand gently on his belly, as if his stomach was hurting.

Liang Yi just walked over to him and he woke up. Liang Yi sat down beside him and held his hand, “Not feeling well?” 

“Mn…” Murong Pei pursed his lips, “My stomach is upset.”

“Wait a minute, I’ll call the medical robot.” Liang Yi kissed his face and opened his optical computer to call the robot.

The robot scanned and said that Murong Pei’s body was fine, but his stomach was upset and he might be pregnant.

“Can’t you detect a pregnancy?” Liang Yi frowned.

The medical robot explained, “The embryo is too small to be detected, I have to wait until it is at least half a month old.”

Liang Yi sent the robot away and planned to wait for half a month before retesting again. He really wanted a child with Murong Pei, but was worried that Murong Pei would only care about the baby once he had it.

After all, Murong Pei was a ger, and a ger was different from an Omega.

Omegas loved their partner first, their Alpha was their heaven. Even if it was their own flesh and blood, in front of their Alpha, children were nothing. Omegas could abandon their children for their husbands, but a ger was not the same.

A ger was more focused on the child, and often after giving birth to the child, the husband would be thrown out and ignored. After all, ger were born just for motherhood, and the husband could not be relied on, only the son.

Omegas could get pregnant very easily, and although it was not confirmed yet, Liang Yi was already planning to put Murong Pei somewhere else. An Omega’s body was delicate and weak, and it was easy to miscarry. If Murong Pei was really pregnant, but because of Liang Yi’s fault the child miscarried, then he would be guilty of a big crime.

Murong Pei lay dumbfounded on the big soft pillow and gently touched his abdomen.

Was he pregnant so soon?

Liang Yi suddenly regretted it a little. He should have gotten the medical robot to do the check while Murong Pei was sleeping. Now that the still-unshadowed thing was known to Murong Pei, if he didn’t get pregnant, would he counsider sex a waste?

“Wife.” Liang Yi gently embraced him, “Don’t think too much, take a good rest first.”


Murong Pei nodded obediently and slowly closed his eyes.


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March 2, 2021 7:38 am

LOL, let’s hope that when he transmigrated, he become a complete Omega leaving being a ger behind. It’s no good to abandon you husband even for the child. Thank you for the chapter!!! A ger…. hm, I think I have a story to re-read. 😁

March 2, 2021 10:39 am

Happy life, happy family. Hahaha! Good things happened. Thanks for the chapter

March 16, 2021 2:26 pm

Awesome! I’m glad that they are getting their happily ever after! 🙂

Panacea Seer
Panacea Seer
April 2, 2021 11:22 am

I like the concept of a Ger, who needs a husband when you have filial children to take care of you, keeps the husband on his toes since its not sheer instinct keeping them together, work for the happy marriage Husband or you wife will take the children and go

March 25, 2022 4:45 am

It was never mentioned in Murong Pei last life is a ger😲😲😲

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