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Translated by Aphelios of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


If picking someone up from the water was Xiaoshen’s wedding ceremony, then, that time at Baizhang Pond, Xiaoshen also ‘picked up’ Shang Jiyu (moreover, he pushed him down first). So this meant that Shang Jiyu was now Xiaoshen’s bride. 

But, it was the other one.

After pushing him down in the lake, Xiaoshen cried and asked him why he had suddenly disappeared.

……Shang Jiyu’s face darkened even more. 

Afterwards, Xiaoshen also realized that he just had a slip of the tongue! 

Oh god, Shang Jiyu now knew that Xiaoshen picked up the wrong person that time… Look how sad Shang Jiyu was now! 

Xiaoshen had never experienced this kind of situation before, and momentarily fell into a deep thought on how to deal with it. 

When Martial Uncle suddenly lowered his head, it made all the disciples of Yuling tremble in fear.

Yuan Gang seemed to have realized something, and suddenly said, “Oh. That is… at that time… I remember when the Ligou River fell, Teacher picked up around 100 people or so. Then, according to your dragon clan’s customs, none of them could be regarded as Teacher’s wives, right?” 

Teacher’s wives? Xiaoshen turned to look at Yuan Gang, he didn’t expect that this little wooden-brained shrimp would react quickly this time around. 

Others, “Oh——” 

Shang Jiyu, “……” 

He hadn’t really thought about that yet… If that counted as well… 

After pointing it out, it did seem like Xiaoshen indeed treated the new disciples really well. 

Shang Jiyu’s face was so cold that it looked like his face could drop ice particles at any moment. 

Xiaoshen reacted and immediately said, “That doesn’t count! I was saving people. Don’t talk nonsense ao~!” 

Yuan Gang timidly responded, “Yes, yes. I was speaking nonsense.” 

He exchanged a look with the others, Ah, that sound just now was the standard dragon groan, right? It really was cute, with a hint of domineering power, while also being coquettish… 

Daomi’s cold sweat was about to drip down. It was up to him to find a solution. He stretched out his hand and said, “I suggest that we all go and tidy up the flooded fields from before. It’ll take very little effort from us, but it would be a big help to the mortals. We’ll also put some formations down to prevent beasts and monsters from invading, and give these citizens time to recuperate.” 

Everyone came back to their senses and said, “Yes, yes, we disciples will go right away.”                    

It was better to leave Martial Uncle and Brother Xiaoshen to resolve the issue by themselves. Looking at Martial Uncle’s reaction, they felt that Brother Xiaoshen must have done something terrible. While the Teacher’s 100 or so wives theory seemed ridiculous, it couldn’t actually be true… right?

“Teacher, this disciple shall take his leave.” Yuan Gang saluted Xiaoshen particularly and his words were spoken especially loud. 

This shrimp was really lucky. He’d be able to become a big prawn later. 

——Similar to how the dragon race differentiate seniority based on thickness and thinness, many water clans use size to determine cultivation level as well. 

In a flash, the Yuling disciples hopped on their spirit weapons along with Yun Ziran and all scattered, leaving Xiaoshen and Shang Jiyu alone. 

Xiaoshen said, while stammering, “Don’t be upset.” 

Shang Jiyu looked at him helplessly and reached out to his dragon horn. Touching his dragon horn felt wonderful indeed. “You wanted me to become your bride?” 

Xiaoshen’s face turned red. Shang Jiyu’s petting was really comfortable. He nodded, “Those 100 or so from before really don’t count ao~” 

Now, he was considered the thickest dragon in the entire world, but within the entire dragon race, he was somewhere in the middle – not too thick, but not too thin either. His dragon horns have not fully grown yet, and were not polished; the very top even revealed a light reddish color – it was still a little tender. Of course, that ‘tenderness’ was meant by the dragon clan’s standards. Xuan Wuzi’s White Sea Sand ruler would still crack if it was smashed onto the horn. But that area was still very sensitive and Xiaoshen would not allow just anyone to touch them, that person had to be someone he was intimate with. 

Shang Jiyu, however, didn’t know about this, continuing to rub at the smooth part of the dragon’s horns and said in a low voice, “Do you know what marriage stands for in the human race?” 

He wanted to say, do you know what it means to me, yet he didn’t voice it out loud. Love was beyond the strings. 1

Xiaoshen’s entire body shuddered and he vaguely said, “A proper romantic relationship?” 

Shang Jiyu smiled, but didn’t speak further. 

It may also be because his other self had suddenly seized control – after a moment of silence, when he raised his head again, his expression was somewhat subtle as he rubbed Xiaoshen’s dragon horns with a lot of force! 

“That’s good to hear, but who knows how many you’ve picked up already. A hundred brides at once, you sure can pick them up.” 

Xiaoshen was caught off guard by the sudden rubbing of his horns and trembled violently for a second. His teeth were all clenched and he took a big step back to remove his horns from Shang Jiyu’s grip. His face was flushed red as he swore, “……GO AWAY!” 

Shang Jiyu didn’t care and crossed his arms, “Don’t fly into a rage out of shame Your Dragon King Highness. I’m not that easy to fool.” 

He continued with a faint smile, “The man who placed the spirit bracelet on you “dropped” into the water as well. What did you want to say before… you originally thought he was your what? Your bride, right? I thought something was off before. Bride… so it was bride.” 

Xiaoshen had almost let this slip in front of him before, but now, this guy was actually acute enough to bring up these old accounts. 

Xiaoshen, “……” 

About that, although Xiaoshen was deceived, he did call the person in red “his bride” in the beginning, and the other party replied with “husband”. 

Xiaoshen vaguely sensed that this detail might be very fatal if revealed. If the Shang Jiyu he likes heard about this then… 

“So, you didn’t acknowledge these 100 or so people,” Shang Jiyu said with a sneer. Now that he mentioned it, if it weren’t for Xiaoshen’s slip of the tongue, he himself would also be one of the “unacknowledged” brides. 

Shang Jiyu pressed him further, “Then did you acknowledge the one from before? So, am I the second wife then?” 

He chuckled internally. A bride’s a bride. No wonder the youth was acting strangely – it was because he regarded him as a bride. 

At the same time, he also expressed ridicule to his ‘other’ self, Even if it was by accident, I still won. So what if he wanted to pick you up. In the end, I’m the one with a proper title. 

If Shang Jiyu hadn’t mentioned the second wife, Xiaoshen would still have not reacted. Now, he immediately said, “It was all a misunderstanding. Didn’t you hear what Xuan Wuzi and the others said just now? You can withdraw the marriage! I’m giving you back!” 

“It’s too late.” Shang Jiyu said, expressionless. “Besides, have you ever heard of returning half a bride? How do you think you’re going to do that?” 

Xiaoshen, “…………” 

He was right… half… this guy can hide anytime! 

How can he return him! Xiaoshen lowered his head dejectedly. 

Shang Jiyu pressed closely at every turn and appeared quite exalted and satisfied as he said, “Now, I on the other hand, am very very supportive of you in separating us apart. You better remember that the person you picked up was me. Only I am legitimate and have the right to trouble you.” 

Xiaoshen was dumbfounded, and was unconsciously forced by Shang Jiyu into a corner on his flying spirit tool. “…” 

Really, what a despicable woman!! 2 

Shang Jiyu lowered his head and spoke in a seemingly soft manner, “Even if I’m the second wife, I’ll acknowledge this. Later, I’ll help you kill the one from before.” 

Beat to death was good… but didn’t this mean that this Shang Jiyu was going to annoy him from now on?! He knew he should have revealed this earlier! 

Xiaoshen blanked out for quite a while. There was nowhere to escape. He held his head and said, “I already said I’m not going to take responsibility. I refuse to take responsibility for this. If you can’t accept it, then hit me!” 

When push comes to shove, Lord Zhenbao’s teachings were still the most useful – when it’s necessary to act shameless, act shameless. 

Don’t take Xiaoshen’s words “if you can’t accept it, then hit me” as a kind of cowardly confession, it was completely different from acting shameless. If you hit a shameless Xiaoshen, then you would only be scratched by angry dragon scales… 

Of course, Shang Jiyu was not stupid enough to hit Xiaoshen like Xuan Wuzi did. He said, “Although there was no one at that time, the sky, the earth, the sun and the moon were all witness to this. You can’t deny it. In the future, don’t you dare let me see you pick up random people. You can build the Dragon Palace, but forget about a harem.” 

Xiaoshen mumbled, “I wasn’t even thinking about that…” 

As he spoke, Xiaoshen took a faint look at Shang Jiyu. Gods, he was so unlucky. He had only officially picked up his “brides” twice, and both times were really way worse than the “random” mess he picked up…… 


When Daomi and his party returned on their flying spirit tools, they saw the martial uncle standing there in high spirits while brother Xiaoshen was sitting on the side with his face in his hands, emitting an air of resentment and bitterness. 

No one knew what happened… 

“Teacher, it’s done. Those mortals wanted to build temples for you.” Yuan Gang said, “By the way, Yang Su should still have some subordinates in the East Lake. His family’s little flood dragon Jiao is a timid child, so his remaining subordinates probably stayed in the East Lake to protect the little Jiao. His clansmen were probably there too. Should we go and warn them? Even though we’ve already set up the spell circles, in case they try to rescue him…” 

Xiaoshen said in surprise, “Are the water clans now this brave?” 

“Hehe, I don’t think there’s a need,” Daomi said. “Yuan Gang is too young. It was perfectly within Xiaoshen’s right to punish Yang Su. Furthermore, if his clansmen knew that it was a member of the dragon clan who appeared, they should more or less come to Yuling bearing gifts and confess to their crimes. Aye, you’re not confident at all. How can you be a Yuling disciple under Xiaoshen’s occupation?” 

Yuan Gang, “……” 

Originally, he thought this shrimp was already pretty good. Who knew that Daomi adapted faster! 

“Well… are we back to Yuling now then?” Yuan Gang was eager to give it a try. 

They were going to bring back news that would startle the entire cultivation world. Just imagine the expression of everyone after they return to the mountains… Well, Yuan Gang thought, it was impossible to imagine it. 

First, it was because Brother Xiaoshen restrained them from sending the message to the Yuling Sect, thus no one dared to do so. 

Later, after Xiaoshen and Shang Jiyu finished their negotiations, the disciples didn’t know how to tell this to the patriarch. This kind of thing… it was better to just leave it to the martial uncle. So up till now, the others at Yuling were still in the dark. 

“Good, good!” Xiaoshen was more eager than Yuan Gang. 

Although he did accidentally pick up a wrong bride in Yuling, that didn’t merit him avoiding an essential task in fear of a small risk (a successful usage of an idiom +1!). Yuling was still waiting for him to command. 

He had a pleasant journey. The return was a day faster than the departure. 

Xie Kurong has been very concerned about the situation at the East Pole, and on top of his concerns, he hadn’t received any updates for a while. He was anxious to the point where he was about to send additional disciples to the East Pole again. If it wasn’t for the sect’s jade booklet, which contained the identity and vital information for each Yuling disciple, and was also – through a spell – able to show whether those disciples were still alive, he would have done so already. 

Furthermore, at this time, the disciples’ flying spirit tools were bringing them back. 

Xie Kurong personally went to wait at the Jade Entrance, and many deacons and disciples, who were also concerned about this situation gathered together as well. 

When Xie Kurong saw them fly into the Imperial Palace, they all looked fine. Even if some were hurt, it wasn’t bad enough to endanger their lives. He sighed with relief, “How was the trip?” 

The patriarch doesn’t know what happened? 

Martial Uncle didn’t say anything? The news from outside hasn’t reached the patriarch yet? Or is it that the patriarch was just keeping calm? 

A disciple revealed an odd expression and looked at Shang Jiyu, however, the martial uncle didn’t respond. He could only bravely push on and said, “Martial Uncle has led the East Pole sea back to its original place, and the water sources from all the areas have returned to their right paths. And there is… that is… the dragon clan…” 

When Xie Kurong heard the words ‘dragon clan’, his eyes lit up, “What happened? Did you all have a fortuitous encounter on the road? Where’s the water vein where you discovered the secret territory of the dragon clan?” 

Although the dragon clan had ascended to the heavens and taken all the things that should have been taken away, there were always some things left behind. If it was found and passed on, then it would definitely be considered a fortuitous encounter. Even in places like Yuling, where geniuses litter the grounds, it was still a sight to behold. 

Xiaoshen couldn’t hold back anymore. Upon hearing Xie Kurong’s question, he immediately rushed out and transformed into a dragon. He adopted a fantastical position of an evil dragon and laughed wildly, “Ah ha ha ha! No! They found a dragon!!” 

Xie Kurong was nearly scared to death, and he covered his heart and rolled his eyes. 

It was not the secret territory of a dragon, but an actual dragon from the dragon clan??? 

The onlookers were also astonished. They had their mouths opened, but no words came out for a long time. The graceful azure dragon circled the sky, and although they’ve only read about this scene in books and could confirm this at a glance, it was only through seeing it with their own eyes could they experience the utter shock at the real thing.                              

The scales of the azure dragon shone brightly with luster. Each and every one of its moves looked like it was pulling the spiritual powers around them and enveloping them in some kind of aura. Even the Ligou River was separated from its spell circle and floated around the azure dragon like liquid silver. 

The azure dragon made a few circles in the air pleased and arrived in front of Xie Kurong. 

Compared with Xie Kurong, his head was much bigger and his dark green eyes shone like precious stones under the sun. In a blink of an eye, his nose was almost touching Xie Kurong. 

Xiaoshen, I’m gonna scare you to death!!

The first group of Yuling disciples, at least, were able to take it step by step; they saw Xiaoshen talk, fight, then explained the situation… and finally accepted the fact that Xiaoshen was an azure dragon. 

Xie Kurong and others on the other hand were suddenly graced with Xiaoshen’s true form. Xie Kurong’s face has even almost touched the dragon in a mock dragon’s kiss, he nearly turned cross-eyed and could hardly let out a word at this moment. 

After a while, Xie Kurong stumbled back a few steps and lost his voice, “This is… What’s going on?” 

“Patriarch!” Daomi could not hide his excitement and said, “Well, it’s like this: Brother Xiaoshen is part of the Lanyu River’s dragon clan. He is going to occupy our Yuling Sect from now on!” 

Xiaoshen nodded gently in affirmation. That’s right. 

Xie Kurong, “…………” 

Others, “……” 

Was Daomi poisoned?? 

“Wait…” Xie Kurong looked up at this powerful and beautiful creature and felt faint, “How can dragons still exist in this world? What’s more, the Lanyu River? Xiaoshen… Xiaoshen is the Lanyu River’s dragon?” 

His chest tightened. Did Grandmaster Fang Cun know that the Lanyu River still had a dragon there??!! 

However, now that this was brought up, the grandmaster didn’t actually tell him to bring Xiaoshen back… It was all his own conjectures… 

The ordinary disciples were getting more and more noisy. 

At this moment, Shang Jiyu calmly opened his mouth and said, “Ten thousand years ago, Grandmaster Fang Cun moved the Lanyu River and created this karma. Xiaoshen remained alone in this world and slept for ten thousand years in order to guard the Kai Ming Mountain. After he awakened and discovered what happened, he came to collect his debts. It was just that he did not reveal his true identity before.” 

As soon as he opened his mouth, everyone stopped talking. Not only was the martial uncle as imposing as always, but they also wanted to hear about Brother Xiaoshen’s origins. 

After just listening to two sentences, they already had a lingering fear in their hearts.

It turned out that the dragon clan still had their secrets and not all of them have ascended. 

……You thought your Brother Xiaoshen was illiterate, was a turtle, was a clam, but in fact, he is an ancient dragon and your creditor! How exciting! 

However, this also made them come back to their senses and reflect on it again. From the shock of seeing a dragon, and that the dragon was Brother Xiaoshen, to the excitement of seeing a dragon in person and the crazed ecstasy that amongst their clan, some had even fed this dragon. 

Of course, there were also some people who were upset that they had scolded a dragon. 

Shang Jiyu continued, “All in Yuling should not only rightfully return the Lanyu River, but also compensate the ten thousand years’ worth of interest as well. Thus, from today on, Xiaoshen will temporarily stay in Yuling. What does Patriarch think?” 

Did he have a need to think about it?… 

Xie Kurong was stunned for a moment, but has now gathered himself and sternly said, “Martial Uncle is correct! We must pay! Must pay!” 

They were worthy of being from the same clan. The other disciples had the same frame of mind as the first batch who knew about this earlier: 

So what if they had to repay their debts? Their sect was going to raise a dragon! The only remaining dragon in the entire world!! 

……Some people even began to dig out their pockets. Where did they place their medicinal herbs? They were going to provide for Brother Xiaoshen with all their love! 

Xiaoshen quietly licked his lips. “There’s one more thing. You all need to build me a land-based Dragon Palace! A huge one!” 

Xie Kurong immediately said, “It’s not a problem at all. We’ll immediately choose a location to start building.”

It was all that they could wish for… If he had a residence, wouldn’t that deepen their relationship even further? Now all he had to do was deliver Martial Uncle to Xiaoshen as soon as they got back… Yup.  

Xiaoshen was a little satisfied. They were finally showing the reverence and respect to their creditor as they should. He continued to point out, “Now that the issue with the Dragon Palace is settled, I would also need a grand chancellor.”

Xie Kurong nodded, but suddenly found that Xiaoshen’s large eyes were staring at him intently and seemed to be sizing him up. 

Xie Kurong, “……………………” 

Xie Kurong’s lips moved, and a thought that even he couldn’t believe to be true came to mind, “You don’t mean that… You want me to be the Dragon Palace’s grand chancellor, right?” 

Xiaoshen, “No, No.” 

Xie Kurong laughed in relief. “As I thought…” 

Xiaoshen added in distress, “I’m still not sure on who’s more suitable – you, Daomi, or Jin Qianzi.” 

Xie Kurong, “………………” 


The author has something to say: 

Congratulations to all the shareholders! Our Xiaoshen has successfully occupied the Yuling Sect! His success today is inseparable from your support! On behalf of Xiaoshen, I am sending out 200 red envelopes. Hahahahahaha!


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Translator Notes:

  1. the sounds from the plucking of strings can be easily heard and understood, however, love is outside of that realm. Love cannot be easily understood, and one can only guess its meaning.
  2. Here, the author originally referred to Shang Jiyu, a man, as a woman. Cause you know… Wife…


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