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Translated by ethidda of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Xie Kurong had been thinking, here I am, a Yuling patriarch. There was no way I’d be a ‘turtle grand chancellor’ 1 . Then in the end, he heard that he was only one of the candidates and was quite upset about that.

In the great human world, only one in a ten million had the potential to cultivate. In order to be accepted in the Yuling Sect, one needed talent, luck, and hard work. Then, to finally become the patriarch of the Yuling Sect that was an even more difficult thing.

He was so excellent that he had never lost the candidacy for any position!

Yet for the dragon’s grand chancellor, he was actually only one. of. the. candidates?

And the other candidates were Daomi and Jin Qianzi??

Xie Kurong looked at Daomi out the corner of his eye.

“Me?” Daomi felt both wronged and favored. Turtle grand chancellor, turtle grand chancellor This grand chancellor had always been someone of the turtle clan. He was a Chinese starling, and was able to be a candidate along with Jin Qianzi and the patriarch? That was such great trust from Brother Xiaoshen, what a grand honor. He didn’t see the patriarch glaring at him.

Daomi had complicated feelings, and said in a wishy-washy way, “Wha What grand chancellor? I didn’t even know we were choosing this this. I’m probably not qualified. Wouldn’t this be like ascending with a bare bottom – a bit embarrassing?”

“???” Xiaoshen said, “You’re no longer in the running!”

Daomi, “……

What? That was it? Didn’t he just become a candidate, and he was out of the running with just one sentence?

Daomi wanted to cry but had no tears. “Why? Brother Xiaoshen, I just learned of this. I didn’t even have a chance to prove myself yet.”

Xiaoshen said coldly, “You just reminded me that I can’t choose such a long-winded grand chancellor.” Not only that, but one who collected so many strange puns from who knew where.

Xuan Wuzi stood on the side and couldn’t help but nod in agreement. This Dragon Palace would be the first one built on land, built at Yuling. The grand chancellor will be chosen from Yuling as well. If Daomi had been chosen, then how will the people in the world see Yuling Sect?

Wouldn’t they mistakenly assume that they were so lucky to provide for a dragon, but decided to send such a useless person to serve the dragon?

The others each had their own thoughts, but in general, everybody wanted Daomi to be out of the running. He was well enough as a follower, but he must not be the grand chancellor. If they were any more enthusiastic, they would be clapping.

Then it was Xie Kurong and Jin Qianzi left.

Jin Qianzi was probably still sleeping. Only Xie Kurong was present. At that moment, all eyes focused on Xie Kurong.

Xie Kurong, “……

Were they this eager for him to take on the position?

Xie Kurong actually seriously reconsidered as well. He thought about it more and realized that actually, if he became a grand chancellor, it was not a big deal. He would actually have a closer relationship with Xiaoshen. But if Jin Qianzi knew he became the grand chancellor, he might go crazy. It was hard for him as well, as the patriarch, because he had to keep everyone in mind.

“Xiaoshen,” Xie Kurong said. “I have a lot of day-to-day tasks to do to manage the sect. Plus, I’m not very familiar with the water clans. I’m thinking I’m better off putting the majority of energy on the things I’m good at that you also care about. We still haven’t found Lanyu Lake, right? So I will get a team to search.”

Even though it was a rejection, Xiaoshen still felt good about what he said, that he didn’t misjudge Xie Kurong, who worried about the things he worried about. “Alright. Then it’s decided, Jin Qianzi it is. You must do all you can to help me find Lanyu Lake. Also, since I don’t know where the white sea turtle is, I want Daoist Master Ziran to act as my historian!”

Yun Ziran was dumbstruck, too. He didn’t think that he could get any official position at all! This was worthy of writing ten poems!

But Yun Ziran had his own worries. “Your Highness, I already belong to a sect.”

“What does that matter? Isn’t Jin Qianzi also an outer disciple of Yuling? Serving a disciple and holding a position in the dragon court don’t interfere. It’s fine.” Xie Kurong had read many history books and said, “In the ancient times, weren’t there also cultivators who went to serve in the dragons’ courts? Even though there were only a few, it did happen.”

“Oh, oh.” Yun Ziran nodded with understanding. “Then, it’s my honor to accept!”

Giving his full support, Xie Kurong said, “If you need extra people for your subordinates, you can directly give tasks to the disciples.”

Looking at the expressions on those kids, they would probably be ecstatic to help.

In fact, after Xie Kurong said this, Shu Feng, Wei Yu and the others all got excited.

If not them, then who else would be tasked for this? Other than Brother Daomi, these disciples were probably closest to being the Teacher’s direct line. They recognized his brilliance early on and followed him. Even if other people had high levels of cultivation, none could compare to their loyalty.

Shu Feng decided to take this opportunity. He stepped forward in front of Xiaoshen. “Teacher! This disciple is willing to—”

Shang Jiyu threw Shu Feng far away.

“That was you just now, right? That was you? That really wasn’t ‘him’?” Xiaoshen circled Shang Jiyu, as if possessed by Daomi, and kept saying, “Did ‘he’ secretly come out? Or why would Shu Feng be thrown out!”

Shang Jiyu, “……

He said nothing, and he had even a bit of a helpless expression.

Xiaoshen thought carefully, “I didn’t sense any change at all this time, either. How did he sneak in this time

“Xiaoshen.” Shang Jiyu suddenly turned to him and said, “I threw him.”

Xiaoshen, “Ah

Shang Jiyu was a bit embarrassed. He said quietly, “I can also get unhappy I think if I had met you the moment you woke up, then there wouldn’t have been all those other people.”

Xiaoshen felt his ears heat up. “Then Then, I’ll just go do the pickup again. The previous ones don’t count.”

Shang Jiyu smiled wryly, and actually sighed. He gave a meaningful look. “Maybe another day, when we reach an understanding about it.”

Xiaoshen didn’t understand. What understanding? Didn’t everyone already know that I was talking about picking up a bride?

“A dragon? A real dragon? Me? I really got picked?”

Since he woke up from deep sleep and learned that he would be the Lanyu Dragon Court’s grand chancellor as well as construction overseer for the Yuling palace, Jin Qianzi had been repeatedly saying the same few sentences, with tears in his eyes.

Jin Qianzi had never thought that he would one day be a turtle grand chancellor!

How many clans had hereditary positions? His family was no exception. They had all lost their positions when the dragons had ascended.

Even though Lanyu Lake was still missing, Jin Qianzi believed that it would be found. It was one of the largest lakes in the world!

“This official will definitely live up to your expectations. I heard that between me and the patriarch, Your Majesty chose me! I will definitely prove that our clan has saved over the generations is worthy of Your Majesty.” Jin Qianzi wiped away his tears. He was definitely very well suited to be the grand chancellor. He didn’t put on airs at all in front of Xiaoshen.

——Xie Kurong himself was speechless. Even though he showed again and again that he purposely bowed out, there still ended up being many hurtful stories that cast him as the one who lost the competition.

“Then I’m depending on you. And this Dragon Palace, you have to construct it well,” Xiaoshen reminded. Before, he had always lived at Shang Jiyu’s. Now, he wanted to show off his own abilities.

“Don’t worry!” Jin Qianzi said. “I’ll look at the clan’s geography right now, do the measurements, and choose the most suitable place to build the palace. The construction will continue day and night. It won’t be long until you can move in!”

Xiaoshen nodded, satisfied. Then said, “You should also ask for Shang Jiyu’s opinion. I’ll have him move in with me. See what his preferences are.”

Jin Qianzi paused, then understood. “This official understands!”

These days, in the human world, His Highness was the only one of the dragon clan. Of course he couldn’t marry someone from the same clan. Luckily, dragon clans didn’t worry about this kind of thing.

Shang Jiyu belonged to Yuling Clan’s eldest generation today. He also fought well. He was actually a good enough match for his highness, if he had to be.

Yet Shang Jiyu suddenly said unhurriedly, “Then wouldn’t it be decorated in two different styles? After all, everybody has their own preference. But you must build my room bigger. After all, I’m the first2

Xiaoshen, “……

This again!

For a while there, the two Shang Jiyus had actually gotten along. One came out during the day and one came out at night. But since the thing about taking a wife had come out, this Shang Jiyu had been unsatisfied. He said he didn’t care about the other times, but when interacting with Xiaoshen, shouldn’t he – the real, honest, proper dragon’s wife – show up more?

And it seemed like he wanted to bring up with every sentence that he was the proper spouse. If they were to be treated as individuals, then he should be the one treated better.

Jin Qianzi of course didn’t know any of that. He even thought about it a long time. “Two? Then who is the other one? Yu Yi?”

He had woken up not too long ago, and was working hard to catch up. He had asked around who all were close to His Highness.

After much thinking, only this Yu Yi came to mind. He symbolized Grandmaster Yu Zhao’s legacy. So it was possible?

Shang Jiyu, “……

His face became as black as Yu Yi. He asked Jin Qianzi, “Why are you still talking? Go build your house!”

Jin Qianzi didn’t dare to show his temper to the queen consort. Worst case, he would just ask around later. “Alright.” Jin Qianzi fiddled with his beard. “Your Highness, then this official is going. Sigh, what a shame that we don’t have great quantities of White Sea Sand I will do my best to find a replacement.”

Xiaoshen nodded. Originally, he had a large piece of White Sea Sand. He could even lie down on it in his true form to sleep. But he had punched it into pieces. What a pity.

“Hey, speaking of Yu Yi just now reminded me that I haven’t seen Yu Yi yet!” Xiaoshen said. “He should be at the library, right? I’ll go find him.”

Shang Jiyu spoke with his hands behind him. “I’ll go, too.”

Xioashen frowned, muttering that he really thought of himself as the proper spouse. “You want to follow along for this, too? If you have time, why don’t you go look for my water? Right now everyone in Yuling is trying to help your Martial Nephew. You should go, too.”

Shang Jiyu said, “Since so many people are looking, why should I look? But I’m not going for that black creature. He’s just an ink essence.”

His tone was as if he never cared about the ink essence, as if he wasn’t the one who struck Yu Yi far away every time. “I should go look some more for clues about who put that restriction on you.”

Xiaoshen paused in surprise. He hadn’t actually forgotten about this, but at that moment, he had been like the rest of Yuling, focused on finding the Lanyu Lake that Chen Miaoxiang tried to do away with.

Shang Jiyu said purposely, “This is actually very important. I need to hurry and find out who it is, and then kill him.”

Ex-wife? What a joke. This person dared to come before him, and still thought he could live past this year?

Xiaoshen, “……

This actually seemed like unexpectedly good fortune?

“Alright.” Xiaoshen headed to the library and asked Shang Jiyu, “From what you know of your master, can you guess where your master would have misplaced it? I’ve gone through all of her things left behind, but haven’t found anything.”

Shang Jiyu’s face was expressionless. “I don’t know. She lost it a long time ago.”

“That much water! How could she ‘just lose’ it! Now there is only a river and a pond,” Xiaoshen complained. Even though the dragon clan was powerful, first of all, water greatly improved a dragon’s ability to command the clouds and make rain fall. In other words, water was their weapon of choice. Secondly, Xiaoshen had been officially given the title of Lanyu Lake’s Dragon King. Just based on the title, it had special significance.

Shang Jiyu said coldly, “In just a river, you picked up around a hundred people. If you have a great lake, then you would pick up as many as you want, wouldn’t you?”

Xiaoshen, “Why are you bringing this up again?”

Xiaoshen found that after Shang Jiyu discovered his identity as the bride, his ability and frequency to be unreasonable leveled up more than just once!

He looked down and rushed to the library. Now, as the most important debt-holder of Yuling, Xiaoshen of course didn’t need to obey the rules that said certain areas did not allow flying and must be traveled to by boat.

Landing at the Immobile Lands, Xiaoshen actually found that the boat with his own writing ‘I faced the great waves to fish up friends of the olden days’ was surrounded by disciples. There was even a base under it, making it clear it was for Xiaoshen’s use, as if it was a museum display.

He stood to the side, mostly proud but also a bit confused. “Are they going to collect everything that I’ve ever used?”

When everybody saw Xiaoshen, their expressions brightened into excitement. They answered, “No, but this boat is really too valuable. I was just wondering if you were the only dragon to have ridden a boat on water. Then this boat would be a true dragon boat 3 .”

Xiaoshen, “……”

If they hadn’t said it, Xiaoshen wouldn’t have thought of it!

That’s right, he was a real, live dragon. How had he ended up riding a boat with them, as if possessed?! Even if he couldn’t fly, he could’ve swam!

It was the atmosphere at Yuling Sect that had affected him. Xiaoshen was so angry he wanted to destroy this boat, but he couldn’t really bear to. His poetry was on there… But if he really just let the Yuling Sect preserve it, or even treat it as a sightseeing point…

“Schliff, schliff—”

It sounded like wind blowing pages in the books. Xiaoshen turned to look, and saw Yu Yi appear at the library door with the sword on his back. Seeing him, his bright eyes became even brighter. He flew over quickly, the corners of his clothes pulling ink with him, looking like a phantom.

Yu Yi stood in front of Xiaoshen. Even though he couldn’t talk, his expression was full of unsuppressable happiness. And he noticed Xiaoshen’s dragon horns on his forehead.

Yu Yi carefully raised his head. When he was almost touching it, Xiaoshen turned his head and avoided it. He laughed, “It’s a dragon horn. I’m a dragon.”

Shuimo sword quickly danced around Yu Yi, faster than it had ever before. Even though this was not a good way to describe a sword, it really looked very excited. The sword was in fine form. The disciples who had originally come to look at Xiaoshen subconsciously stepped far away, so that they would not get injured.

And Yu Yi seemed to have become inexplicably excited too, and tried hard to get close to Xiaoshen’s horn.

“Yu Yi, why are you so…” Xiaoshen also felt something was wrong, and held Yu Yi back. “What are you so excited about?”

The members of Yuling Sect also got excited when they saw a dragon, but they didn’t lose it like Yu Yi.

Hearing Xiaoshen’s question, Yu Yi stopped trying to touch his horn. But the sword was still dancing. Its face looked a bit confused, as if it didn’t even know what it was doing.

Shang Jiyu was standing on the side. He squinted, as if he thought of something. Then he laughed coldly. “It looks like you and Yu Zhao might have a long history.”

“Yu Zhao?” Xiaoshen didn’t understand. What did this have to do with Yu Zhao? They were a thousand years apart. He had never even seen Yu Zhao.

“Hehe. Yu Yi inherited Yu Zhao’s sword intent, and Yu Zhao’s sword intent was first understood when he ‘perceived the golden dragon.’ His word is the ‘dragon roar sword’.” Shang Jiyu’s expression darkened as he explained his analysis.

“Before I saw him, I had forgotten. They said Yu Zhao wasn’t actually in the clan when he ‘perceived the golden dragon’, but was out on official business, traveling toward Lan Ting Province. That dragon roar actually wasn’t from some dragon in the heavenly realm and it wasn’t a rumor either… that was from you, right?”

——Lan Ting Province. That was the province where the Wang Clan Pond had been.

The others all suddenly understood. Thinking about it, this guess really was very logical!

At that time, nobody knew there was still a dragon in the human realm. They said Grandmaster Yu Zhao broke through a level and heard a dragon roar, and so deduced that it was a fortunate interaction with the heavenly realm. But if there was still Brother Xiaoshen in the human realm, and in that area too, then it would be a different story!

It might very well have been an incorrect recognition. The dragon howl was from Brother Xiaoshen, not the golden dragon that everybody imagined. But an azure dragon!

So, this Perceiving the Golden Dragon Stage really should have been Perceiving the Azure Dragon rank from the beginning? Brother Xiaoshen had a history with Yuling from a long time ago?!

The Yuling disciples were actually quite happy. They felt they had solved a thousand year old clan history. It was so interesting and worth remembering.

But Shang Jiyu’s expression was as dark as it could get, because from this perspective, Yu Zhao actually “met” Xiaoshen a long time ago…

Since he started cultivating, because of his great natural talent, he has always been compared to Yu Zhao. This had always been a sore spot. Only Xiaoshen had expressed that he didn’t care about Yu Zhao. To him, he was different from Shang Jiyu. Even if they were alike, it was Yu Zhao who seemed like him (even if it was the other him).

Now knowing this, both Shang Jiyus became unhappy.

Even the other Shang Jiyu, no matter how noble and understanding, learned of this and would still become sullen.

Shang Jiyu said in a low voice, “He really just won’t go away…”

Xiaoshen was a bit at a loss. “What? I didn’t… No way, I was sleeping. Why would I shout? I don’t snore either. It definitely wasn’t me. What history? Don’t make things up.”

He was a dragon, after all. He had a very well honed sense for danger. His tone became more and more certain, and started denying it altogether.

“If it weren’t you, then who would it have been? Why would Yu Yi be so excited? Besides, you are the only dragon in this world. Anyway, to claim that he really connected with the heavenly realm was unbelievable to begin with. I really thought it must’ve been an exaggeration…” Shang Jiyu said, “What exactly did you say to him back then?”

Xiaoshen, “……”

Who knew What Shang Jiyu had already imagined. He held Xiaoshen’s wrist, burning with jealousy, “What did you say? Did you also compliment him that his sword is ‘pretty’? Then exactly whose sword intent is prettier? No wonder you were so happy the moment you saw that black thing. Did you feel as if you had known him a long time?”

Xiaoshen, “……”

Xiaoshen really felt these were unfair accusations. “I’m not. I didn’t. Don’t make stuff up. I was sleeping the whole time… Eh, wait, wait! …I seem to remember something.”

He searched for his extremely fuzzy memory, and suddenly found a clue. “I don’t remember clearly if it was a thousand years ago or not. Anyway, there was once, when I woke up in the middle. I had been sleeping very deeply. Theoretically, unless there had been a disturbance in Kai Ming Mountain, I shouldn’t have woken up. But someone leveled up in rank and caused a great disturbance!”

Shang Jiyu’s expression fell, even though he had already guessed. But when Xiaoshen confirmed it, he was still exceptionally unhappy. “It really was you.”

Shang Jiyu took a deep breath. He refused to accept it. He was just born several years late. If he had been born a thousand years ago…

Shang Jiyu asked him darkly, “That dragon roar back then, what did it mean? What did you say to him?”

Xiaoshen stammered, “Go the fuck away.”

Shang Jiyu was suddenly sworn at and was shocked, “??”

Xiaoshen covered his face: “I don’t usually swear. But that day I was woken up because of the disturbance and I was so angry. I didn’t move at all, just swore at him from far away to ‘go the fuck away’…”

Shang Jiyu, “……”

Other people, “……”

Ah!!! Our cultivation world’s beautiful legend…!!!

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Translator Notes:

  1. Because traditionally, it was a turtle who took this position under a dragon, but also calling someone a “turtle” means bastard and is offensive.
  2. He’s referring to being “the first wife”/”properly wedded wife”, as opposed to the “other” Shang Jiyu, who was never given the proper honors.
  3. The boat an emperor rides is a “dragon boat”.


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