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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


“Good Heavens!” Tuoba’s scorching gaze lingered over the sea monster before him, “Looking like this, you truly are…”

Every nerve in Moqi’s body tensed as he anxiously fixed his gigantic eyes on Tuoba.

Tuoba proclaimed, “A work of art!”

His Admiralship, who had lived under the shadow of self-pity over his monstrous appearance for most of his life, was flabbergasted. His giant eyes opened wide from shock, almost turning into a couple of high-intensity searchlights.

Leaning forward, as if reaching for the hand of a refined young lady at a ball, Tuoba carefully and gracefully picked up one of Moqi’s dark grey tentacles that laid by his feet. Glowing with excitement, Tuoba fixed his ruby eyes on the slippery yet tough tentacle and saw that it was covered in circular suckers, with tiny rows of serrated teeth growing out of them. His voice slightly trembling with emotion, “A true embodiment of darkness and malevolence. You are so perfect that I get butterflies in my heart just looking at you…”

Moqi’s face was covered in disbelief, he almost suspected that he was, in fact, dreaming.

Not only was the burglar’s moral compass shattered beyond repair, his aesthetic sense was so crooked that it must have fallen into the Mariana Trench1.

Tuoba recalled in a reminiscent tone that was full of tenderness, “My grandfather was a pirate. When I was little, he used to tell me stories about the Kraken every night before bed. Tales of the giant monster that lived in the dark, icy depths of the ocean, where the water pressure was high enough to crush any human into a bloody pulp. He also told me how the monster would appear on the surface of the ocean during stormy nights to unleash huge waves and strong winds amongst the thunder and lightning. That it would use its strong, gorgeous tentacles to smash passing ships into pieces, then swallow its crew and sweep up all the treasure from the ship before returning to its evil nest at the bottom of the sea… I’ve always believed those stories to be nothing more than myths and legends. I never actually expected the Kraken to be real…”

The admiral believed he may have found the cause of the burglar’s corrupt values.

Don’t tell kids strange bedtime stories, alright?! And don’t let pirates raise children!

“Look at your evil little tentacles.” With a face full of appreciative looks, Tuoba lowered his head to place a gentle kiss on Moqi’s tentacle. Nuzzling his cheek against the appendage, he cheerfully muttered, “So slippery…so cute.”

He looked very much like a little girl holding an adorable little puppy and shouting “So soft…so cute!” as she pinched the puppy’s tiny paw.

Moqi felt somewhat embarrassed by Tuoba’s praise. Growing up, apart from his father who had the same Kraken bloodline, and his mother who viewed her beloved son through a self-manufactured cuteness filter, no one had ever described Moqi’s monstrous form as ‘cute’.

So, his giant, two-storey, grey and bald head gradually turned crimson. It seemed as if the Kraken was blushing…

Tuoba placed several more loud smooches on the tentacle he held, then curving his eyes into a smile, he revealed a devious and wanton grin. Licking his tongue over his small canines, Tuoba exclaimed, “We can try tentacle play too!”

The large dog had suddenly transformed into a three-headed hellhound that could chew the meat bone from three different angles at the same time. The shameless meat bone was not only unafraid, it had indicated that this was a super-duper awesome idea that sounded very thrilling indeed!

Roar! Moqi was at a loss for words after Tuoba’s provocative suggestion and uttered an unintentional cry. When Moqi realised that he had inadvertently revealed his gargantuan mouth, he quickly shielded his mouth with ten of his tentacles, while covering his giant, blushing head with another ten tentacles.

Though they were impossible to hide…

“Aiyah! Aiyah! Your roar is so adorable.” Tuoba put down the tentacle in his hand and scampered over to the admiral’s mouth. He teasingly caressed the admiral’s giant face as he coaxed, “Come on, baby, let me see your giant mouth.”

The admiral bashfully pressed his ten-metre-long mouth together as he wrapped a tentacle around Tuoba’s waist and lifted him up into the air…

“Haha, slow down, slow down!” Tuoba continued with enthusiasm, “Let’s wait for my fever to break before we try the tentacle play, okay? My throat really hurts right now.”

The monster almost had a meltdown, Roar!!

That’s not what I meant at all!

Then Moqi gently set Tuoba down on his round, bald head. Picking up the coat he threw on the ground earlier, he used two tentacles to shake it open before gently wrapping it around Tuoba. Then lifting one tentacle behind Tuoba’s back and squeezing another under his butt, Moqi settled Tuoba on his tentacles.

A tentacle below and another at his back, it seemed Moqi had built a tentacle sofa for Tuoba – a VIP seat for a guest of the Kraken.

Roar? The admiral uttered a gentle growl, as if enquiring into whether Tuoba was comfortable sitting like this.

“Very comfortable.” Tuoba comprehended Moqi’s meaning. Turning around, he kissed the tentacle behind him, “Thank you, darling.”

Being called ‘darling’ was not a privilege Moqi had enjoyed in human-form. The admiral could not decide if he should feel happy or bitter about the situation.

Once he had confirmed that Tuoba was firmly seated, with a complicated expression, the giant sea monster speedily crawled towards the shore with his twenty-odd tentacles, it was not long before he reached the sea. With all of his tentacles and half of his head submerged, the Kraken’s gigantic green eyes were exposed above water so he could see where he was going.

Swimming as easily in the ocean as humans walked on flat terrain, the Kraken moved quickly and steadily with a speed similar to the eldest Young Master Murong’s cruise ship. Using all of his tentacles to propel him forward, the Kraken’s large head remained motionless, looking very much like a small, floating island poking out of the ocean’s surface, with Tuoba in tow as its lone passenger.

Moqi swam from day to dusk, then from dusk to night. As the fiery, golden sun sank below the sea, it was replaced by the soft moonlight that revealed itself from behind the clouds. Across the endless ocean, a pitch-black island carried a person on its back. If viewed from a certain angle from a distance, the silhouette of the person on the lone island seemed to overlap with the moon.

The Kraken’s little human was inside the moon!

If one overlooked Admiral Moqi’s currently grotesque appearance, this sounded like a rather heart-warming scene from a fairytale.

“Darling,” Tuoba patted the two tentacles Moqi was using as his sofa as he thoughtfully asked, “are your tentacles tired? Do you want to swap tentacles?”

Had it been a human holding a small person above his head for a whole day, his arms would be so sore that they would have been numb already.

However, Moqi extended a tentacle above water and shook it from left to right to indicate the shaking of his head, Roar.

Meaning no, his arms were not sore.

“That’s the Kraken I adore.” Tuoba nodded as he praised, revealing a doting look on his face.

Moqi roared affectionately in reply.

Followed immediately by a growl filled with fury, Roar!

“What’s the matter, baby?” Tuoba asked anxiously.

Meanwhile, several small triangles appeared over the water’s surface. They swiftly circled Moqi’s body, looking rather well-coordinated.

Moqi, Roar!

That’s a school of sharks.

“Aiyah, sharks!” Tuoba rubbed his feverish cheeks, “Can you control them?”

Moqi commanded, Roar.

The sharks conscientiously formed a single file in front of the admiral’s gargantuan mouth and swam inside in an orderly fashion. Then the admiral shut his mouth and chewed rather loudly.

That’s dinner!

After chewing for a while, with a series of poof, poof, poof, the admiral spat out a pile of sharp, rock-hard shark teeth, the same way humans spat out the pits from jujube fruits…

After finishing his shark banquet, Moqi caught a few more tender juicy small fish while he swam. He sliced open the fish, removed their guts, then selected the best chunks of flesh and laid them out over one of his tentacles. Then exposing a sharp tooth from one of the suckers on his tentacle, like chopping vegetables on a chopping board, he filleted the fish into sashimi. Next, holding the sashimi high above his head, he brought them before Tuoba, using the tentacle as a dinner table.

When Tuoba finished his condiment-less sashimi banquet, he let out a tired yawn.

Rah~ The admiral uttered tenderly.

Go to sleep, babe.

Using three of his softest tentacles, Moqi formed a giant, soft bed for Tuoba. He placed the thinnest tentacle as a pillow under Tuoba’s head and the widest tentacle as a duvet over Tuoba’s body.

The admiral absolutely doted on his beloved.

“Good night, my darling Kraken.” Tuoba pressed a loud smooch on his little tentacle pillow and tenderly implored, “You should take a break if you’re tired.”


Okay, babe.

The admiral dutifully closed his left eye and turned off half of his brain. Ten of his tentacles drooped as he entered a state of unihemispheric sleep.

His other ten tentacles diligently swam in the sea while his gigantic right eye emitted an intense green glow as he searched for nearby islands with signs of people.

Tuoba slept soundly between Moqi’s tentacles.

Just like this, Moqi swam for two days and one night before successfully carrying Tuoba to safety. He spotted a cargo ship from Z nation and turned back into a human before he was seen.

Moqi shouted for help with Tuoba in his arms, looking very much like two ordinary survivors of an unfortunate shipwreck. The cargo ship was well stocked with supplies. Once Admiral Moqi identified himself to the ship’s crew, he was given fresh water, food, medicine and a warm bed.

The captain was even considerate enough to not bring up the question of why the distinguished navy admiral had been butt-naked when he was rescued.

After a few more days, the ship returned to port as planned. Moqi and the now fully recovered Tuoba left for the shore together. The moment both of them stepped onto dry land, they serendipitously glanced at each other.

“So…where do you want to go?” Moqi asked after a brief pause.


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Translator Notes:

  1. The deepest trench on Earth:
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The unspoken words is already b/n them…why all mm cp here is all couples goal..

March 18, 2021 3:02 am

This is freaking adorable! I love how Tuoba switches from liking Moqi because he’s fun to tease to falling head over heels for him after he shows his sexy(?) kraken form!

Don’t tell kids weird bedtime stories, and don’t let pirates raise children! 💀😂☠️

March 21, 2021 12:23 pm

Yall this was so cute. Gaint shy doting kraken for his burglar.

March 23, 2021 5:07 am

I slightly cringed when they called each other babe, hAHahA, maybe it’s cause I wasn’t expecting that, since I thought they were just ‘playing’ but overall, this chapter is adorable!!

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