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Translated by Aphelios of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


For many years, Yu Zhao was considered the “perfect person” in the eyes of almost all cultivators. He was a genius blessed by the heavens with a great future. He should have been on the route to immortals yet, for the sake of mankind, he had chosen to sacrifice himself and perish together with Luo Pin. His sword has unlimited potential and endless meanings! “Perceiving the Golden Dragon” was also a story that every cultivator would listen to upon entering the cultivation world. Thus, this was not only Yu Zhao’s legend, but also a beautiful legend in the hearts of every cultivator. 

One might as well ask which cultivator who upon entering the world of cultivation didn’t fancy themself as the next genius to break through the realm and ask the golden dragon! Now, Brother Xiaoshen has shattered both their dreams and the legend…… That was merely just a stream of curses from Xiaoshen who was abruptly woken up back in the days. Xiaoshen introspectively said, “Lord Zhenbao had also said not to casually shout curse words since it damages one’s image. Aye, if I knew earlier, I wouldn’t have told you. If it weren’t for the fact that you guys were so angry about it… Anyway, it’s not as if anyone knew if I said them or not and what I said.” Lord Zhenbao was right afterall. If it was necessary to play dumb, then he should play dumb. He already regretted not denying everything… If it wasn’t for the sake of Shang Jiyu.

“It’s ok. What you said was good.” Shang Jiyu was at once at ease, and even felt that there wasn’t any need to care about Yu Zhao these past few centuries. Who was this insignificant Yu Zhao? What need was there for him to brood? It wasn’t worth it!

This matter that had been gnawing at him was completely unravelled! While this was Shang Jiyu’s mentality, others didn’t share the same feeling. Boo hoo, why didn’t he just keep the truth a secret and let them live in their dreams. Yu Yi seemed to understand yet not understand, and only just realized that this matter was closely related to itself. He held his flying sword and opened its mouth to spit out a string of tiny sounds that was incomprehensible to everyone.

Shang Jiyu looked down at Yu Yi from above and said in a satisfactory manner, “I think it would make more sense for you to change your name to Yu Gun (Yu Get Lost) or Yu Dan (Yu Egg).” 1

Yu Yi, “……”

Yu Yi felt deeply hurt and wronged, and wanted to climb into Xiaoshen’s arms. 

“Owww.” Xiaoshen saw that the still gigantic ink essence wanted to climb into his arms and had just reached out his arms in welcome when he saw Yu Yi stopped in stagnation. He took a look and it turned out that Shang Jiyu had used his Shanhe sword to pick up Yu Yi by its back collar from behind. 

Shang Jiyu slightly tilted his head and lazily commented,  “You dare to pick him up?” 

Xiaoshen, “……” 

Such a wicked bride, a wicked bride, a wicked bride…… 

Although Xiaoshen wanted to be a shameless dragon, he also remembered that the other Shang Jiyu too cared about this and thus, he retrieved his arms in embarrassment and said to Yu Yi, “Don’t mind him at all. This isn’t related to you whatsoever. You’re only an ink essence.” Yu Yi suddenly had its confidence back. That’s right, his name was given to him by Xiaoshen. 

Xiaoshen urged Shang Jiyu, “Weren’t you looking for clues?” 

Shang Jiyu reached out his hands in leisure contentment and Xuan Wuzi appeared from some unknown corner and presented him with a stack of books. 

He flipped the pages and said, “I can manage both watching you and looking for clues at the same time.” 

Xiaoshen, “……” 

The Yuling disciples, who recovered from the shock of their broken dreams with much difficulty, timidly asked, “Since Teacher is already at the library, can you give us a lesson?”

This request has never been made before. It should be remembered that the first lesson Xiaoshen had taught the Yuling disciples was ‘one must pay off one’s debts’. Later on, even if he was mistaken for a white sea turtle Baiyuan, everyone had still hoped that he could translate the ancient texts.

Xiaoshen thought for a moment, “What do you all want to learn? Poetry? Ancient texts? Cultivation techniques?” 

But they all shook their heads. Xiaoshen was baffled. So, these Yuling disciples are all grown up now. They didn’t even want to learn these anymore.

“Then, what lessons do you want me to teach?” He said so much in one breath but they were all wrong. Even he wasn’t able to guess what other classes he could teach. They surely can’t be wanting to learn how to be a dragon from him, right? He only saw them look at each other when all of a sudden they all said in unison, “History!” 

History! Wasn’t Brother Xiaoshen a living example of history? Who has seen the world ten thousand years ago? He did! When they asked themselves honestly, what they were most curious about right now, it was most definitely this. As for the other classes, they could be placed aside for now. 

Xiaoshen perked up. Didn’t that just mean talking about his life and environment? “Sure! I’ll tell you all a few words.”

Another person raised his hand, “Teacher, can you start with Lord Zhenbao? Nowadays, the most familiar story is that Lord Zhenbao ascended the heavens with one word and brought his entire clan to the heavens as well. However, little is known about him other than that. Whenever Teacher mentions him, you sound so natural and familiar. Were you two close?”

“Oh.” Xiaoshen said, “He’s my father.” 

Everyone, “……???” 

Even Shang Jiyu looked at Xiaoshen with shock. Even he didn’t think for a moment that this ancient great power, who had his legend passed on for millenia, and who Xiaoshen had mentioned several times, was actually Xiaoshen’s father. Although they did want to hear Xiaoshen talk about some ancient secret affairs, they didn’t expect Xiaoshen to really reveal something so astonishing that no one was able to give a response for a while.

Xiaoshen, “Lord Zhenbao can do anything, and he is very powerful. It’s just that now, I suspect him of deceiving little kids.” 

For example, the story of brides falling into the water was really unrealistic and caused him to pick up two wicked brides. “He lived for many many years, but he still pretended to be young…”

Xiaoshen was in the middle of recollecting, but was interrupted. “Teacher, wait a minute?! Lord Zhenbao, Lord Zhenbao is your father?!! You’re Lord Zhenbao’s son???” 

It was easy to guess that Xiaoshen, as an azure dragon, must have come from a powerful background, but no one ever expected that he was actually the son of Lord Zhenbao, the monarch of all dragons!

What’s more, whenever he mentioned the monarch, it was also with: lord dragon, king dragon, which made everyone think that Lord Zhenbao simply appreciated Xiaoshen. Now that they thought about it, a thin dragon like Xiaoshen was able to take over the Lanyu River and was left with the task to guard the Kaiming Mountain… It seemed quite reasonable that he was Lord Zhenbao’s son. This was probably to develop and train his own son, right? For a moment, it was surreal to be so close to a living legend.

Daomi even murmured, “If I call Brother Xiaoshen brother, then doesn’t that mean I can call Lord Zhenbao uncle?… Oh my god!” 

Everyone, “……”

Xiaoshen carelessly said, “What are you all so shocked for? Lord Zhenbao can do anything. Of course he could have a son. Is it so strange?” 


That was not what they meant… The question was not whether or not Lord Zhenbao could have children… They originally thought that Brother Xiaoshen was merely familiar with Lord Zhenbao, but now, if Brother Xiaoshen is Lord Zhenbao’s son, then him addressing his father as Lord Zhenbao on the contrary seemed too unfamiliar and strange. 

In the face of everyone’s questions, Xiaoshen easily said, “That’s because he is the Dragon Emperor! Everyone calls him that, and I can’t be an exception. I am Lord Zhenbao’s son, not his father.”

Everyone, “……”

What kind of exclusive dragon clan logic is this… Shang Jiyu was more and more distracted. He rubbed at the pages of the book with his fingers and pondered for a long time. A moment later, he heard a disciple asking Xiaoshen about the dragon clan’s custom of picking up brides. The news probably came from the disciples who were at the East Pole before. Without lifting his head, Shang Jiyu said, “That reminds me, I’ll break the legs of whoever dares to fall into the water again. You can’t fall into the water by accident either.” 

Yuling disciples, “……”


After the conclusion of the class, the Yuling disciples all felt that they had learned a lot and thanked Xiaoshen as they left reluctantly. 

Martial Uncle was watching so tightly… When some of the newly admitted disciples came to say their thanks, Xiaoshen, in an attempt to anger the wicked bride, deliberately said: “You’re welcome. We’re all family.” They all took one look at Shang Jiyu and flew away without waiting for him to flick them away.

Xiaoshen, “……” 

“Don’t worry. No one in the entire Yuling Sect dares to disobey my words,” said Shang Jiyu leisurely.

Xiaoshen turned to look at him and said in a vicious voice, “Stop talking nonsense. Did you find anything in the book?” 

Leave it to Shang Jiyu to threaten the younger generations.

The corner of Shang Jiyu’s mouth rose, “Do you still remember the information in the book you found before, where the spirit bracelet used ‘inversion’ as its main source? Well, it seemed that it’s related to Luo Pin.” 

“I remember. Didn’t the story go that he died together with Yu Zhao and left no descendants?” Either it was a coincidence or someone accidentally got a hold of his legacy. Xiaoshen said, “Why? New ideas?”

“You can say that. I went to look for some books related to Luo Pin, when I suddenly thought of something.” Shang Jiyu’s fingers gently held onto a page of the book. “The ocean waters flown backwards… wasn’t this ‘inversion’? 

Xiaoshen was speechless for a moment. “……This can’t be, was Luo Pin’s technique this powerful?”

Before, they thought it was strange that this incident happened in the East Pole and later even asked Xie Kurong to send people to keep continuous watch over it to see whether it was really just an unexpected and odd natural disaster. If it really had something to do with the person who placed the prohibition on him, then that person had probably wanted to gather subordinates. It was weird and disturbing for that person to bother the East Pole. The Eight Poles were connected to the principles of heaven and earth; it was the root of all things, and involved every living creature.

“I just think it’s similar. As to what exactly it’s all about, I don’t know yet.” Shang Jiyu said. 

“By the way, are you sure the person who placed the prohibition on you didn’t know you’re a dragon?” He suddenly asked. 

Xiaoshen had always thought that person found him in Wang Clan Pond by accident, and then began to devise a plan to capture him. After all, Wang Clan Pond wasn’t as big as the Lanyu River, so it was possible to discover him accidentally. Xiaoshen had always taken on the form of a human cultivator when he was asleep. Ordinary people were not able to see his real form, and at most, were only able to sense that his cultivation was not shallow. So now, when Shang Jiyu raised this question, Xiaoshen too responded, “Of course it was impossible to discover.”

Look, the Yuling Sect had so many clues, yet they couldn’t figure it out. 

Shang Jiyu nodded. “Regardless, I’ll tell Xie Kurong to be more careful. If it’s really Luo Pin’s descendants and also related to the East Pole incident, then I’m afraid they’re probably harboring evil intentions.” 

Shang Jiyu passed his message to Xie Kurong. Xie Kurong was surprised after hearing his findings. Martial Uncle was able to connect and discover the possible source of all these incidents from pieces of unrelated events. Though he himself hadn’t noticed, when Shang Jiyu mentioned it, he too thought it would be prudent to keep a closer eye on things. If it turns out to be mere coincidences, then they only but wasted a bit of effort. A few days later, Xie Kurong looked for Shang Jiyu again. Shang Jiyu had thought it was a matter of the East Pole, but Xie Kurong unexpectedly said, “Martial Uncle, where’s Xiaoshen? The temporary imperial palace is almost finished. You both can get ready to move in.” 

Xie Kurong lamented that though he didn’t become the grand chancellor, he still had to help with the chores. 

“Furthermore, water clans from all over the lands had begun to send gifts one after another, and Jin Qianzi is currently organizing them.” Of course, the speed of building a house for cultivators was different from that of ordinary people. The progress was extremely fast. 

“Xiaoshen is sleeping. I’ll call him.” When Shang Jiyu entered the room, he saw that Xiaoshen was still lying in bed, wrapped in a layer of blankets, with only a faintly red dragon horn peeking out from the top. Although Xiaoshen refused to say it, that place seemed to be… quite sensitive… As soon as Shang Jiyu reached out and touched the dragon horn, Xiaoshen turned a half circle inside the blanket and emitted a soft groan and his cheeks flushed red. He rubbed along the moist and slightly cool dragon horn and continued down to caress the bottom. As he did that, Xiaoshen even arched his waist and unconsciously opened his eyes a little. After a while, he finally regained his consciousness and pushed Shang Jiyu away, “How, how dare you! Who allowed you to touch this dragon?” 

“When you pushed me into the water and married me, you didn’t ask for my consent either.” Shang Jiyu said cooly.

Xiaoshen stiffly got up and muttered, “You keep talking about this little matter…” 

Shang Jiyu followed him out. “Xie Kurong came to report that the water clans from across the lands have been dropping off gifts for you.”

“Oh.” Xiaoshen only felt that it was a common gesture. Ordinary water clans giving offerings to the dragon clan was something very common. Even after ten millenia had passed, it was unlikely that these water clans would forget a basic rule like this. Some time had passed since the azure dragon’s appearance that it was enough for the news to spread to most of the cultivation world. Other clans’ and sects’ opinions aside, and their envy and admiration of the Yuling Sect… The earliest wave of water clans who responded the quickest already readied their gifts and were delivered to the Yuling Sect at this time. In fact, they all wanted to visit in person. However, even if the Dragon Palace was gone and the Dragon King of Lanyu lived in the Yuling Sect, they still couldn’t ignore the rules and show up unannounced. Therefore, they first offered their gifts and letters. If His Highness was satisfied, then he would naturally choose some to meet with. Even if he doesn’t meet with them, there was nothing to say. They’ll probably just continue to offer gifts.

“I’ll go and have a look.” As soon as Xiaoshen heard the news, he wanted to go check out the presents. 

Although there was Lord Zhenbao, his kin, who has collected countless rare treasures and even got the name “Zhenbao” 2 , Xiaoshen didn’t inherit this interest. In contrast, he had actually lost interest due to seeing too much of it as a child. He was anxious to see them mainly because of something else…

Xiaoshen, “You! Let ‘him’ come out! I’m taking him to see the gifts they sent!” 

Shang Jiyu smiled insincerely and said, “What? Do you want to give him a love keepsake? Then you have to give one to me first. I didn’t get anything yet, and I even gave you everything my master left me. I think your cloud belt looks pretty good. I haven’t seen anyone who can refine clouds into a weapon yet…” 

He carelessly reached for the cloud belt on Xiaoshen’s waist. Xiaoshen immediately jumped away. “Bahh!”

Xiaoshen said with dislike, “Sooner or later, I’m going to return you.” 

Shang Jiyu didn’t seem to hear him, “I’m going to go and see what they gifted.” 

When they arrived, the temporary land palace that Jin Qianzi was in charge of was almost completed, and he was carrying a long list detailing the offerings in his hand. When he saw them coming, he saluted: “Your Highnesses…” 

Upon hearing the title, Shang Jiyu’s entire body emitted an aura of contentment and asked with interest, “What did those water clans send our Xiaoshen?” 

“There are too many. Your humble servant will start from the beginning. The first one is from the Dongting Water Mansion’s sea dragon Jiao’s clan. They live very far away and yet their presents arrived really quickly; they’re very filial and respectful. They intensely requested to come to Yuling to pay their respects to Your Highness. Along with the letter, they offered a Nine Tripod Cauldron, nine pillars of White Sea sand – this one is quite useful, a chest of Ye Guang Ming…” Jin Qianzi read the extremely long list in one breath, and as he read it, Xiaoshen observed Shang Jiyu’s expression. He kept thinking that the other him can hear it too, and planned to ask him what he wanted later. Of course, if this Shang Jiyu behaved better later, then he could consider giving him a little something.

After all, as he had said, in the beginning, this Shang Jiyu was virtuous and gave him everything that Chen Miaoxiang left behind. At this time, Jin Qianzi was almost finished with his list. He quickly glanced at Shang Jiyu and vaguely said, “Every water clan also offered in total 300 beautiful fish tails, 300 high quality mussels, 10 plates of top rated snails…” It was as if he was reading off a menu. Shang Jiyu stared blankly before suddenly responding in extreme anger, “You think by stating it this way, I can’t tell that they’re offering him an imperial harem?!” 


The author has something to say: 

Shang Jiyu: Who dares to hook up with my dragon?

Yuling Disciples: We don’t dare! 

Water clan: We dare!!! We definitely dare!!!!


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Translator Notes:

  1. when you put gun and dan together, it means scram, get the f out.
  2. It means treasure


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XD The water clans dare! Hehe, I wonder if they won’t be scared off by Shang Jiyu!

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Shang Jiyu isn’t happy, but which ‘wife’ would be happy, if the ‘husband’ was offered a harem? 😂 And the Jiao clan which send gifts first probably just wants to avoid the faith of the one smacked down by Xiaoshen. Thank you for the chapter!!!

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