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Translated by ethidda of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Xuan Wuzi really felt it was unfair.

He hadn’t done anything, but there was now a rumor floating around in Yuling Sect that he was secretly trying to hook up with Brother Xiaoshen, greatly angering Martial Uncle, so much so that he kept arguing with Brother Xiaoshen in the library.

That’s right, he really was the only one in the recent centuries in Yuling Sect, who asked to die by offending Martial Uncle. And Martial Uncle really did accuse Brother Xiaoshen of illicit relations or something similar.

But to decide it was him based on just this was a bit too slapdash.

Today was a different day from before. He didn’t want to die anymore! Especially after learning that Brother Xiaoshen was of dragon descent!

Xuan Wuzi thought Brother Xiaoshen and Martial Uncle must have known that he was innocent, but in order to not have Martial Uncle be angry with him (he really liked getting angry), Xuan Wuzi still decided to focus on researching how to break the curse and try it on Yu Yi.

Xiaoshen stood on the side, watching.

“Psychic chi 1 combine, may ten thousand things be born by transformation 2 !” Xuan Wuzi declared. Green light traveled toward Yu Yi.

The green light disappeared into Yu Yi’s body. Yu Yi blinked. Nothing happened.

Xuan Wuzi bit his fingernails. “That can’t be… Wah…”

Xiaoshen said with disappointment, “You failed again.”

Just as he finished talking, there was a ‘pong’ sound. Yu Yi turned back into a little ink essence the size of a finger. It fell halfway, in the air, and didn’t even have time to call its sword out to fly, before it was caught by Xiaoshen.

“Haha, you turned back. Cute.” Xiaoshen didn’t care if Yu Yi was big or small, but it was really convenient for it to be so tiny.

Yu Yi climbed along Xiaoshen’s palm onto his shoulder. He sat down and glared at Xuan Wuzi, as if it wasn’t happy.

“Hahahahahaha, I did it! I did it!” Xuan Wuzi was ecstatic.

At that exact moment, Shang Jiyu entered, holding his hands behind him.

“Martial Uncle.” Xuan Wuzi reported, unable to hide his excitement. “I finally changed Yu Yi back.”

Shang Jiyu took a look, nodded, and didn’t make any special comments. He looked as if he approved, but not especially happy. At least, his expression didn’t really change.

Xuan Wuzi felt like he was doused with cold water. Clearly, Martial Uncle had cared greatly, worrying so much about this issue…

Yet when Xiaoshen saw Shang Jiyu’s appearance, he was ecstatic. Shang Jiyu changed back!

After arguing with ‘him’ the past several days, that guy had wanted to get even, and didn’t let his other self appear for several days in a row. Xiaoshen was angry and impatient, but it wouldn’t do any good to punch or kick him.

Today, he finally saw Shang Jiyu appear.

He smiled at Shang Jiyu, and at the same time, pinched the little ink essence Yu Yi, who hadn’t been on his shoulder in a long time.

Who knew that Yu Yi muttered something inaudibly, pointed at itself, and his body suddenly became big again!

And because he had been sitting on Xiaoshen’s shoulder, now the two were collapsed on the ground. Yu Yi was solidly crushing Xiaoshen. Its white hair fell from its black skin, tangled with Xiaoshen’s hair. Black and white in stark contrast, it was unusually eye-catching.

Yu Yi used its long arms and long legs to push himself up a bit, but he was still above Xiaoshen. Its eyes were wide open, startled, as he looked at Xiaoshen.

Xuan Wuzi, “……”

He trembled as he glanced at Shang Jiyu on his side. Just now, Martial Uncle’s approval was not obvious, but now his unhappiness was quite apparent…

Xuan Wuzi felt his upper and lower teeth kept hitting each other, making a ‘da-da-da’ sound. “I… I… Maybe it’s… not too stable… In a bit, he should change back… probably.”

Shang Jiyu gave Xuan Wuzi a long look. Unexpectedly to Xuan Wuzi, he did not hit him and make him fly away, but instead reached out to Xiaoshen.

Xiaoshen grabbed his hand and stood up.

Yu Yi stayed half-kneeling where it was, blinked, and seemed a bit down in the fog of ink.

It stood up, and dragged its sword as it walked forward. He took two steps, and changed back into a little person. Its tiny silhouette dragging the Shuimo sword looked especially pitiful.

Xuan Wuzi said excitedly, “See, see, it changed back again! It worked!”

Just as he said that, they saw Yu Yi – who had just been extremely depressed – raise its sword and run with giant steps toward him. It jumped majestically and stabbed Xuan Wuzi’s knee!

“Ow!” Xuan Wuzi yelled painfully and ran away.

“This Xuan Wuzi is really not dependable,” Xiaoshen muttered. But he very quickly focused on Shang Jiyu, and embraced Shang Jiyu tightly. 

Because he was too excited, he almost didn’t control his strength. He heard Shang Jiyu cough, and hurried to loosen his hold. He rubbed his dragon horns on Shang Jiyu’s chest a few times. “I missed you. Did you hear what I said the other day?”

He looked impatiently at Shang Jiyu.

Shang Jiyu kissed his horn, and smiled. “I heard. I was too worried about what I could gain or loss, that I got the wrong idea.”

“You came around, that’s great!” Xiaoshen pulled him along. “Come, I’ll bring you into the water!”

Shang Jiyu didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “Don’t rush. This is just a formality.”

“Yes, it’s fine, it’s fine. The water’s right there, anyway.” Xiaoshen said, “So…”

Shang Jiyu took off his belt, and sighed gently. “This is the library. There are still other people here.”

Xiaoshen, “……”

Xiaoshen was enraged and threw him over. “You’re shameless! You’re lying to me again!”

Shang Jiyu stood steady and tied his belt properly again, and said with a grunt. “I’m not lying to you. It’s you who couldn’t tell us apart.”

Xiaoshen suddenly wasn’t angry anymore. Sigh. He couldn’t tell them apart just then, and he was having a harder and harder time telling them apart. He used to be able to sense at least some difference. Now, if it weren’t for Shang Jiyu purposely spilling the beans, he probably really would’ve fallen for the trick.

Shang Jiyu said faintly, “Have you thought about it, that before, under the tree, it was also me?…”

Xiaoshen, “!!!”

Xiaoshen was going crazy. “Lies! Who are you trying to trick?”

“Trick you.” Shang Jiyu stood even closer. “But, he always tells you to suppress yourself. Think about it. We are actually the same, but I won’t let you suppress yourself…”

Xiaoshen, “……”

Shang Jiyu watched him with a smile, his finger already touching the dragon horn, without noticing it. He noticed the trembling under his body, and said quietly, “How about it?”

Xiaoshen turned his head away, “No good.”

Even though his whole body responded in the same way, he still firmly rejected him.

He could not be forced or cajoled.

Shang Jiyu stopped smiling. He slowly raised his fingers and held tightly in his sleeve. He had never had such a thought, but if he really became ‘him’… 


Xuan Wuzi was chased out by Yu Yi, running away as he screamed ‘wah wah’.

All the disciples on the way looked at him in sympathy. Who hadn’t been beaten up by an ink essence?

Xuan Wuzi even ran out of the Immobile Lands onto Ligou River, but Yu Yi was still after him.

He then saw that there was a small boat ahead, carrying Xie Kurong, two deacons, and a young person he’d never met. The patriarch didn’t usually ride boats. Xuan Wuzi didn’t think much about it, just rushed forward and greeted formally, “Patriarch!”

He looked behind. Yu Yi was not only still chasing him, but was suddenly big again. The Shuimo sword in his hand suddenly flared its sword intent and was stabbing towards him!

Even Xie Kurong’s expression changed, and yelled, “Yu Yi!”

Yu Yi’s eyes shone, its face was without expression, and it actually radiated killing intent, as if it couldn’t hear Xie Kurong.

Xuan Wuzi paled. He had thought the patriarch would take action, but it was the youth by his side who acted first.

Earlier, he had been too far away and hadn’t looked closely. Now that he was right there, Xuan Wuzi was able to see clearly that this youth also had a head full of white hair, but it was different from Yu Yi’s. His eyebrows and skin were also white as snow, but his two pupils were red. He wore white gown. From his waist down were lines of writing still dripping with ink, but he didn’t recognize the language.

The youth moved. The ink writing on him flew outward from his outer clothes, and directly blocked Yu Yi’s attack. Then it returned to his body – completely undamaged!

Yu Yi’s sword intent was originally from Grandmaster Yu Zhao. As a Yuling disciple, he knew as well as anybody how strong this sword was. Even if he hadn’t known, if he stood at Jin Que Jade Entrance and looked at the remnants of ‘Immortal Cuts the Jade Entrance’ event, he would have learned.

But this youth used only a clothing item to directly block the sword intent. Exactly who was he?!

Yu Yi resheathed its sword. Xie Kurong moaned painfully. It finally regained its senses, and looked confusedly at its hands and then looked at Xie Kurong. Suddenly, it became a small ink essence again.

“Xuan Wuzi, what technique did you use on it, so that it cannot think clearly?” Xie Kurong asked, frowning.

Xuan Wuzi lowered his head in guilt. “Um, I don’t know how it turned out like this either… Maybe it is only temporarily confused?”

Xie Kurong was speechless. But for a Yuling disciple to invent his own technique, it was only expected that something unexpected would happen. The teachers would still focus on encouraging them. “Alright. You have to be careful. This is Yu Yi, after all. If we hadn’t been here today, and Mr. Bai hadn’t decided to help, would you have been able to be completely unhurt?”

“Yes, yes, this disciple will remember.” Xuan Wuzi wiped his sweat, and then said hesitantly, “Thank you, Mr. Bai. Mr. Bai is…?”

Xie Kurong laughed. “Do you remember how you all mistook Xiaoshen as the sea turtle historian? This is the actual sea turtle historian. He heard the azure dragon has revealed himself to this world, and especially hurried over from where he had been a recluse.

Xuan Wuzi made a quiet, surprised sound. This was the white sea turtle!

Since the appearance of a dragon, the white sea turtle who had completely disappeared came as well.

No wonder he could block Yu Yi’s sword. The youth’s outer garment was probably the legendary sea turtle shell that held the record of dragon history. No wonder it was so hard.

The white sea turtle’s white lashes fluttered. His human form looked only seventeen or eighteen years old, but his real age was probably no less than several thousand years old. He smiled and said, “I am Bai Cangnian. And I really did come for His Highness the azure dragon.”

His was a family of historians who served the dragon emperors, but he was the only white sea turtle who had not served a dragon. He hadn’t expected that he even had a chance to see a dragon.

“Just now on the way, we looked at the waters… Now I’m bringing Mr. Bai to see His Highness Xiaoshen.” Even Xie Kurong felt a bit of embarrassment saying this. After all, they still haven’t found the Lanyu Lake to return it, and his junior martial uncle (Shang Jiyu) even let go of all the servants that were gifted to Xiaoshen from everywhere. It seemed… at least a little bit shabby, as if Yuling Sect was treating its debt holder poorly.

Bai Cangnian said, “Yuling library is famous in the world. I have always wanted to take a look. And that just now… it was an ink essence, right? A look is worth a thousand words.”

Xie Kurong could not hide his pride. White sea turtles were dragon historians. Even though Bai Cangnian had never taken on this position, he was an erudite through his familial lineage. To have his validation was enough, even if it was just out of politeness.

The other deacons and even Xuan Wuzi all started smiling.

“Haha, exactly. This ink essence is not normally like this. It’s just that it recently was the target of a technique and a bit strange. Please excuse it,” Xie Kurong said. “His Highness Xiaoshen is also at the library right now. Let’s go. And we can also see other ink essences.”

With a wave from him, the little boat started moving all by itself, carrying them towards the Immobile Lands.

Before they even arrived, they could already see that Xiaoshen was in his dragon form. He was whipping his tail at Shang Jiyu and Shang Jiyu was dodging here and there. There was also a group of disciples around them watching. It was all very immature.

Xie Kurong glanced at the Bai Cangnian who was still smiling faintly. He said helplessly, “That… our junior martial uncle and His Highness are very close.”

He wiped his face and raised his voice to shout, “Your Highness Xiaoshen!”

Xiaoshen turned to look. “What is it?”

Shang Jiyu took that opportunity to touch the tail behind him. Xiaoshen turned back and glared at Shang Jiyu.

Xie Kurong, “Haha, see who’s here?”

Xiaoshen’s sight landed on the youth beside him. His dragon body glided over. He lowered his dragon head, all the way down to right in front of the youth. His dark green pupils stared at him for a long while, considering him, then swept over his clothes and the dragon writing inked onto it.

Xiaoshen slowly said three words, “White sea turtle?” 

“Greetings, Your Highness.” Bai Cangnian bowed in front of the azure dragon. “This official heard that Your Highness revealed yourself to the world. Such an important event must be recorded.”

It was true that as a white sea turtle, it was his first time writing – after the dragon clan had left, there hadn’t been much worthy of a white sea turtle to record.

“Oh…” Xiaoshen still hesitated. When he was in dragon form, even though his pupils were a bit familiar, compared to his human form, they were icier and more distant. When considering others, there was even a bit of contemptuous cruelty, but this was the true nature of dragons.

Bai Changnian raised his head. Looking at the dragon, his expression contained yearning. It was very understandable. He was a white sea turtle, after all.

Shang Jiyu walked over, too. “Sea turtle historian?”

Bai Cangnian looked over at Shang Jiyu. Xie Kurong had introduced them just now. He said politely, “Shanhe sword’s reputation is well-known.”

Shang Jiyu didn’t bother with modesty, just said, “Sea turtle historian, then make a record of me, too—”

Bai Cangnian smiled faintly. “Even though the Shanghe sword is well known, it is not enough for you to be recorded in our family histories. Even your sect’s Yu Zhao was not.”

Xuan Wuzi took a breath in. This was the white sea turtle. To say this… spoken lightly but implacably. Probably, other than dragons, they really didn’t care about anybody.

White sea turtles recorded history. Even though they recorded the history for the dragon clan, it was said that if a huge event happened in the world, they would still mention it. From today’s talk, even Grandmaster Yu Zhao wasn’t worth recording. What needed to happen in order to be recorded in the dragon history books?

Shang Jiyu just laughed. “If you won’t record it, our actual historian will record it. And he won’t be recording my sword intent either, but recording the deep affections between us as His Highness and his wife.”

Bai Cangnian’s smile suddenly froze. His white lashes trembled slightly. He stared unwaveringly at Shang Jiyu with his red eyes, then he looked over at Xiaoshen.

Ah, yes, Yun Ziran. Xie Kurong coughed once and said, “His Highness had given the historian position to a talented human, but since the sea turtle historian is here, Your Highness, do you think you should change the positions?”

Xuan Wuzi thought, hehe, how sad. He went through so much to come find Brother Xiaoshen, but in the end, Brother Xiaoshen didn’t care about him at all. He already had another historian. Look at how sad the white sea turtle looks.

“Why? If I do that, Daoist Master Ziran will be sad!” Xiaoshen said, “Wouldn’t this be like me telling him that he is not as well-learned as the white sea turtle?”

Everybody, “……”

…But he really wasn’t!

Bai Cangnian lowered his head and looked very sad. Even though he might be several thousand years old, right now, he only looked like a youth. No wonder he would get sympathy.

His family had been the only historians for the dragons, throughout the generations. Suddenly, now there was no such place for him.

“But the white sea turtles have always been dragon historians and are well-versed in history.” Xiaoshen wasn’t completely muddle-headed. He said to himself, “I can have left and right historians. They can take turns recording history.”

Bai Cangnian finally forced himself to smile.

The others saw this smile and felt even more pity for him. When you learn how capable Yun Ziran is, would you still be able to smile?

Xiaoshen enthusiastically divvied up the job, “I think the left historian will be Daoist Master Ziran, and he will be responsible for recording this king’s majestic and great deeds. As for the white sea turtle—” 

Bai Cangnian could guess. “The left historians record the great. The right historian records the terrible. Your Highness is wise to record history without concealment.”

One will record His Highness’s good deeds. The other will record things that he didn’t do so well. His Highness didn’t care to hide these things, but proactively asked the historian to be honest. This was very unusual and worthy of a book itself.

Xiaoshen looked at him strangely. “Shut up. It’s one to record the deeds, one to record the words. You are of course responsible for recording this King’s long talented poems and famous aphorisms.”

Bai Cangnian, “???”

Everybody, “……”


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Somehow, I feel that this dragon king still has a looooong way to go. Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Just when you think Xiaoshen is smarter than he looks, he says something and all you can think is “he’s an arrogant idiot.” The joys of being a youth and a top feeder to boot.

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