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Translated by Aphelios of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Xiaoshen really liked this feeling. In fact, ever since he met Shang Jiyu, every contact with him has made Xiaoshen extremely happy.

Even if it was the other Shang Jiyu, whom he didn’t like, but because he was “Shang Jiyu”, Xiaoshen would still tremble when his dragon horn was touched.

That kind of comfort, was as if he had returned to the world he was most familiar with.

There was the ocean, moonlight, and perhaps even Lord Zhenbao’s quiet companionship. There was nothing else; only simple tranquility and enjoyment.

He preferred kissing. He had thought there was nothing more enjoyable than that.

However, Shang Jiyu let him know now that there was something even more addictive than kissing. Releasing all the water clans aside, if Shang Jiyu asked him right now to change his name to Yuling Shen, he would probably agree…

Shang Jiyu was probably very satisfied with Xiaoshen’s answer, because he has responded to Xiaoshen’s demands again.


Xiaoshen licked his lower lip as he laid in the arms of Shang Jiyu and asked lazily, “When can your sword be fully realized?”

He was a little curious. If Shang Jiyu’s sword spirit was fully perfected, how amazing would it be?

“I don’t know.” Shang Jiyu replied.

Learning was derived from the teacher’s teachings while cultivation stemmed from one’s own understanding. Each person’s cultivation was different. What’s more, the Shanhe sword was unique and unprecedented, thus it all depended on the user’s own exploration. Perhaps it can never be fully realized or maybe it will be perfected in the very next moment.

He looked at the Xiaoshen in his arms and said pensively, “If one day, the sword is perfected, then I shall be able to be bound to the azure dragon and ask him be my partner for ages to come.”

Xiaoshen looked up at him and laughed joyously, and with a tone filled with natural pride, said, “Who can bind an azure dragon?”

Before Shang Jiyu could say anything, Xiaoshen was excited again and boldly said, “One more!”

Shang Jiyu, “……”

Xiaoshen was still quite considerate. Just like his first kiss with Shang Jiyu, he coiled around Shang Jiyu to the point where he almost couldn’t breathe, “What happened? Did you not rest well?”

Shang Jiyu, “……I’m good.”


At the temporary imperial palace.

Xiaoshen, “Let all these random water clans go. Disband.”

Jin Qianzi couldn’t believe it, “Your Highness! What is the meaning of this?”

All of them were pretty and good-looking and were even recently drilled to battle. They were nice to look at and can fight – all elites amongst the water clans!

Xiaoshen looked back at the Shang Jiyu who was absentmindedly reading, and let out a short cough, “After thinking about it, there really isn’t any need. The Lanyu River hasn’t been found yet and if you stuff all these water clans in my current river, it’ll feel crowded, especially since they’re all so large.”

He just glanced at Shang Jiyu casually, but Jin Qianzi immediately understood what was going on, and could not help but feel a little sad.

Shang Jiyu was too territorial. A few days ago, Jin Qianzi was able to, with much difficulty, keep these water clans here to dress up the place, but now, not a single one was allowed to stay, and were all ejected out with no exceptions!

Jin Qianzi had his worries with Shang Jiyu sitting not far away and carefully transmitted the message, “Your Highness, if you have reservations, then I, your humble servant, have a method of secretly crossing the Wei River.” 1 it’s an idiom that means to advance secretly through an unknown path. It originated from 206BC, when the Han Dynasty’s founder Liu Bang used this method to cross the Wei River in his battle against Xiang Yu and was a pivotal win for Liu Bang in defeating Xiang Yu and establishing the Han Dynasty. 2 

Xiaoshen, “Secretly what? What do you mean?”


Jin Qianzi immediately self-reflected. Why did he use idioms? He quickly whispered, “I’ll find a way to secretly…”

For example, he could try to directly select some water clan members to enter the Yuling Sect! Then, they’ll be legitimate Yuling disciples and thus can even enter the temporary imperial residence to serve His Highness!

As the grand chancellor, wasn’t it his duty to help their Lord with his worries?

Jin Qianzi was not boasting when he said this – a lot of methods were passed down from generation to generation. Xie Kurong always proclaimed to have modestly declined the invitation to be grand chancellor, but in reality, he would not be able to compete with this turtle at all.

“I don’t need it. I don’t need it!” Xiaoshen was even a little shy as he said it. “Aye, where would I even find the time to look at other fish and shrimps?”

Jin Qianzi, ”……”

Got it. Got it.

The expression reflecting from Jin Qianzi’s eyes as he looked at Shang Jiyu changed a few times. He couldn’t believe it…

This Shang Jiyu, infamous in the cultivation world for his ferocity and even had a fight with His Highness a few days ago, was unexpectedly able to strategically give and take so well and change his methodologies to expertly hold onto Xiaoshen’s heart with a vice-like grip.

Jin Qianzi thought, in this case, he too should turn in the flowing direction of the wind and said, “Your Highness, do you want to summon the water clans who paid their tributes?”

Xiaoshen pondered for a moment. Some of these things were quite good after trying them out these few days. He pointed at a few tributary items and said, “The tributes offered by these few water clans were pretty good. You can summon them for an audience. Oh right, remember to tell them not to bring any fish or snails. Gifting themselves is not allowed either!”

Jin Qianzi broke a sweat. He indeed heard that there were some water clans who were using these beauties as a first wave of attack, and in the off chance that His Highness summoned them for an audience, planned to offer themselves up as a bed partner – especially those from the flood dragon Jjiao clan, who were already fighting amongst themselves.

Considering that Shang Jiyu has already stabilized his position, Jin Qianzi switched to consider the queen consort’s feelings and purposely raised his voice a little louder, “Your Highness, it seems that you and the queen consort haven’t had a formal wedding ceremony yet. The human race has a lot of traditions and etiquettes. In this case, why don’t you arrange for a ceremony? It can also serve to let those water clans know Your Highness’s intentions and serve both Royal Highnesses faithfully.”

As soon as Xiaoshen heard this, he looked back at Shang Jiyu. He remembered that the human race indeed seemed to have a lot of traditions and enjoyed large scenes. Before, Shang Jiyu had taken him to see the dragon dance at the human race’s festival.

However, before, Xiaoshen had wanted to pick up the correct Shang Jiyu but he refused, so Xiaoshen wasn’t sure what he thought, “Let me ask.”

Jin Qianzi was anxious and his voice lowered, “Isn’t Your Highness a bit… a bit…”

Xiaoshen, “A bit what?”

Jin Qianzi, “The husband is timid, huh.”

This was a human race’s saying. Xiaoshen only half understood, however, he knew what husband and timid meant and easily figured out what Jin Qianzi was implying. He angrily said, “What do you know you old bachelor!”

Jin Qianzi, ”……”

Jin Qianzi was harshly reprimanded and he ran out with his head held in his arms and thought, His Highness couldn’t even accept a slightly differing opinion.

Not long after Jin Qianzi ran out, the Yuling Sect resonated with the cries of the water clan members. These were the water clans who found out they were going to be dismissed. Apart from their sadness and heartbreak, they were also hoping that if they cried loud and miserable enough, His Highness would perhaps take pity on them.

Unfortunately, Xiaoshen was with Shang Jiyu at that time, thus even if he was able to hear and see the spectacle, he would just wave his hands to create a soundproof barrier spell.

Although he scolded Jin Qianzi away, Xiaoshen still remembered his previous proposal. He went to Shang Jiyu’s side and stammered out, “Did you hear me? Jin Qianzi said that we can partake in the human tradition and organize a wedding, ao.”

Under Xiaoshen’s nervous gaze, Shang Jiyu only shook his head, “There’s no need.”


“Oh.” Xiaoshen recalled what Shang Jiyu had said before and said in a disappointed tone, “Do you still want that agreement? Then just tell me directly. What kind of agreement do you want? What kind of wedding do you want?”

Shang Jiyu brushed his fingers across the corner of Xiaoshen’s dragon horn as the corner of his mouth lifted in a wry smile. It wasn’t that he didn’t want one, but rather he didn’t dare. Even if he did say it, it would be vague… because he was afraid of getting a disappointing answer.

What was more, he still had some things he didn’t understand…

When Xiaoshen saw Shang Jiyu frown, he felt a wave of melancholy hit out of thin air, and simply climbed into Shang Jiyu’s embrace, “Did I say something wrong? You’re sad.”

“No. As long as you’re here, I’m happy. ” Shang Jiyu sighed.

Although he was sighing, Xiaoshen could hear that his words were sincere, which made him wonder whether he should be happy or not.

“Then… then, how about this? Let’s do something special and happy that only dragon couples do.” Xiaoshen said.

Shang Jiyu slowly glanced at Xiaoshen. It was happening again. He really shouldn’t have brought Xiaoshen…

It looked like Xiaoshen was a bit addicted.

“No, no, it’s something else.” Xiaoshen assuaged.

Shang Jiyu smiled. It seemed that Xiaoshen simply wanted to cheer him up. “Okay. What should I do?”

Flying nine days to see the moon, or diving into the deep sea to search for precious pearls? Or perhaps even a good fight?

In the stories that have been handed down since ancient times, the numerous poetic legends of the dragon clan flashed through his mind.

As soon as Xiaoshen heard his answer, he immediately rolled down from Shang Jiyu’s embrace and fell to the ground. At the same time, he turned into a long azure dragon and threw out a delicate brush and a porcelain bottle. “You help me brush and moisten my scales. It’s both intimate and happy and something that dragon couples like to do the most. You’ll definitely be happy after brushing.”

It was originally supposed to be both parties brushing each other, but since Shang Jiyu didn’t have any scales, it would only be Shang Jiyu brushing him.

Shang Jiyu, “……”

It might not necessarily brighten his mood, but it surely gave him no time to be dejected. With Xiaoshen’s size, he was afraid it was going to take a whole day.

Shang Jiyu laughingly bent down to pick up the brush, and really began with the scales on Xiaoshen’s neck, meticulously brushing each and every scale.

The process of washing for the dragon clan was something reserved only for someone they trusted and were close with. Before today, Xiaoshen did all his washing by himself.

The luster of a dragon’s scales was 70% natural and 30% maintenance.

“It’s so comfortable ao.” Xiaoshen turned over onto his back and revealed his belly while his short dragon claws faced upwards. The scales here turned light and fine and looked white and tender. In fact, if he touched them with his hands, there was a layer of flexible and strong thin scales.

“Then we’ll brush your stomach first?” Shang Jiyu asked in a warm voice.

The brush hairs had just tentatively made contact with Xiaoshen’s stomach when Xiaoshen’s short dragon claws thrashed twice and his entire dragon body squirmed. “Oh my, oh my! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! It’s too ticklish! Ah! It touched my inverse scales! Ha ha ha ha.”

All dragons had inverse scales. It was their Achilles heel. The location of the inverse scales differed for each dragon and naturally, would not be revealed easily to others.

Xiaoshen’s trust stunned Shang Jiyu. Xiaoshen looked innocent and uninformed in the ways of the world, but from his fights, it was evident that he was not this simple. Otherwise, the dragon clan would not have become the eminent clan they were in ancient times. Besides, he was the son of Lord Zhenbao.

However, Xiaoshen was willing to reveal his inverse scale to him. What did this mean? Was Xiaoshen’s feelings toward him not merely at the level of ‘like’?

But soon, before Shang Jiyu became restless, Xiaoshen waved his tail and said with a red face, “That…”

Shang Jiyu, “……”

What meant to come would eventually come.


Shang Jiyu let out a breath and advised as he brushed Xiaoshen’s belly with the soft brush, “You’re still young. You need to restrain yourself.”

Shang Jiyu was just thinking about this, when, at this time, Xiaoshen immediately showed his cunningness beyond his innocence. “That’s not what you said when you asked me to release the harem.”

Shang Jiyu, “……”

Shang Jiyu suddenly felt a struggle inside his body and felt the other him was trying to take over control.

Xiaoshen on the other hand was also looking at him with the gaze of a dragon on his prey and urged, “Hurry up ao~!!”

Shang Jiyu had been in control of this body for a long time, and it should be the other him’s turn to appear, but how could he be willing to…

Perhaps Xiaoshen didn’t realize this, but sometimes, he was even more ruthless than “him”. After all, he couldn’t even accept the water clan members staying in Yuling.

Shang Jiyu didn’t bat an eyelid as he harshly kept the rebellious other self down, and said to Xiaoshen in a gentle voice, “Then let me brush your tail first.”

Xiaoshen rolled in happiness, “Okay!”


The library.

Xiaoshen swaggered over and sat on Shang Jiyu’s leg as he asked the Yuling disciples, “How’s the search for my water going?”

The disciple below reported, “Teacher, we have been searching high and low and have covered half of Yuling already, however there’s still no trace of it at all. Would it be possible that this Miaoxiang Yuanjun had lost it elsewhere?”

“How would I know.” Xiaoshen asked again as he leaned back in a bad mood.

When he was in a good mood, he would think about doing that and that, and more so when he was in a bad mood. He curled his finger around Shang Jiyu’s hand.

 But Shang Jiyu didn’t respond, which caused Xiaoshen to be confused.


The disciple took a look and quickly said, “Then we’ll keep looking.”

He quickly retreated with a meaningful glance.

Shang Jiyu, “Hehe, you’re in such a hurry to find it? You don’t want to wait even a bit?”

As soon as Xiaoshen heard the switch in Shang Jiyu to the other one, he jumped down and asked, “What do you mean?”

Shang Jiyu remained at the same spot, but for some reason was suddenly annoyed and coldly said, “Don’t you think it’s weird? ‘He’s’ so good to you yet he doesn’t care to help you find the Lanyu River and refused to complete the wedding ceremony with you.”

“That’s all because you’re obstructing us. You wanted to look for that ex-wife and occupy the bride’s position…” Xiaoshen was speechless.

Shang Jiyu knew what ‘he’ did when he suppressed himself. In addition, Xiaoshen’s concern for the Lanyu River just now had made him jittery with unease, and his body surged with anger. He gritted his teeth and said, “That’s because we all know that once you find the Lanyu River, you wouldn’t care about this place anymore.”

Xiaoshen was stunned and frowned.

Shang Jiyu looked toward Xiaoshen’s cloud belt around his waist and said, “I kept pondering this over in my mind and it feels wrong either way. You’re the azure dragon, Lord Zhenbao’s son. Would Lord Zhenbao truly not look after you after leaving you to guard the Kaiming Mountain? What’s more, though you are the Dragon King, you have nothing and barely any spirit weapons. Lord Zhenbao probably planned to bring you to the Heavens at any moment after you finished guarding the mountain. Rising straight into the skies, right?”

Xiaoshen had not reached the realm to ascend yet, but this issue was not difficult for Lord Zhenbao to resolve!

He was able to use a mere word to break through realms and brought the entire dragon clan to the heavens. Thus, he would naturally be able to lead Xiaoshen straight into the heavens easily. What Shang Jiyu hypothesized was not far from the truth. He even figured out that Xiaoshen’s cloud belt was an item he would use to head into the heavens.

If it was not for the accident caused by the man in red and Grandmaster Fang Cun, Xiaoshen would not have been delayed for so long.

“Lord Zhenbao did indeed leave me with a thread to the heavens,” Xiaoshen said honestly. “My entire clan is up there. Naturally, I would be going up to the heavens as well.”

“It’s as I thought.” Shang Jiyu let out a laugh, but there was unhappiness in his voice. “I’m merely a fun pastime for you in the mortal realm and dare not prevent you from becoming an immortal. When you become an immortal, I’ll still be a mere mortal. If one day, I too ascend to the heavens and we meet again, it would already be thousands of years later. Or perhaps I would descend halfway into my cultivation. Either way, the end is the same – we would merely be strangers on a separate path is all… Isn’t the dragon race all the same? Leaving behind emotions but not their hearts.”

Xiaoshen seemed to have vaguely heard ‘him’ in this speech. It was half half, indistinguishable and was as if both Shang Jiyus were talking to him at the same time.

Furthermore, Xiaoshen vaguely understood now why Shang Jiyu refused to complete the ceremony with him.

For the human race, to become cultivation partners is something unique and special. The pair would vow to stand by each other, hand in hand, till the end of time.

The dragon clan on the other hand was much more heartless.

Strictly speaking, the uneasiness that Shang Jiyu was experiencing has nothing to do with the heavens nor ascension.

Love is born from the heart, and the heart is born from nature. The dragon clan’s feelings were like waves, their heart like the currents, and their nature like water. Such a dragon clan, even if they do not ascend, there would be other reasons.

Thus, Shang Jiyu was truly worried that Xiaoshen was merely playing around and momentarily engrossed in this relationship but would leave at any time.

And he was perhaps also dispensable in Xiaoshen’s mind, and in the end, there was no real difference between him and the numerous other dragon brides who were easily picked up from the waters.

Xiaoshen stammered, “No! That’s not true. How can you say this about the dragon clan? There are some dragons like that, but not me!”

He incoherently explained in fear that Shang Jiyu would not believe him, “Well, in the beginning, I did think about it… no, it’s more like I didn’t think too much about this at all. It wasn’t on purpose. It’s just that… It’s just that I saw him… you and liked you a lot. But then slowly, I felt… I didn’t want to part with you and wanted to bring you to the heavens with me. Lord Zhenbao was able to bring the entire clan to the heavens. I would find a way too… either way, even if we were temporarily apart, it would definitely not be this strange separation what not. I’m not that kind of dragon.”

As he said this, he thought of something, and touched his belly, “See! I didn’t even hide my inverse scales from you!”

“You really know how to sweet talk. What if I don’t want to become an immortal?” Shang Jiyu’s tone became off and it was clear that he was deliberately making things difficult. He didn’t wait for Xiaoshen to respond before saying, “That’s right. What was it afterwards? You meant having an illicit sexual affair and thus, became so addicted to him that you would not be able to part?”  

Xiaoshen, “……”

Xiaoshen looked at him carefully and was distressed, “In the end which one are you?”

At that moment, Xiaoshen felt that the two Shang Jiyus had become one and were interrogating him together.

But now, the tone was once again clearer.

Shang Jiyu sneered, “What? I didn’t come out for just two day and you already forgot about me? Having too much fun?”

Xiaoshen became frantic, “You hurry up and let him out! Did he hear what I said? Did he believe me? I’m not lying. It’s not sweet talk.”

Shang Jiyu, “Don’t worry. You can explain it to me first. You two were going behind my back and cheating on me. As the first wife, I… AM… VERY… UNHAPPY!”

Xiaoshen, “……”


From the rising voices occasionally floated out a few words outside. With the ears of a cultivator, it was impossible to not hear what those words were.

Yuling disciples:

“Well? Did you hear that? “

“……Illicit sexual affair? Behind ‘me’???”

“Oh my god, Martial Uncle…”

“Terrifying! Weren’t all those water clan members dismissed? There’s still someone in the entire sect who’s not afraid of death?”

“I don’t know. Who is the most fearless person in all of Yuling?”

After a while, Xuan Wuzi, who was engrossed in his book, looked up and felt a lot of people looking at him.

Xuan Wuzi, “???”

……This speculation is groundless! So cruel!!!


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The trials of maintaining a relationship when the couple are from different walks of life.

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The Shang Jiyu dilemma: what to do with a split personality jealous of themselves…..

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