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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


“Why did you kill those people?”

Chen Jing was silent.

“I know you met Gao Yun during the orientation party, and you did her a huge favor, so in order to express her gratitude, she invited you out to dinner. After seeing your timidness and maladjustment, she encouraged you to participate in some student activities or to talk with your teachers more and look for opportunities to do things for your classmates. Thus, you became a resident supervisor assistant, and your university life began to improve. You were very grateful for Gao Yun, and you also had a good impression of this girl, but you were timid and have low self-esteem, so you could only silently bless her. 

“You joined the Kaidan Society to get closer to her, right? However, when you heard of Cheng JiaoJiao and the others discussing the prank to scare Gao Yun, you didn’t want that to happen, so you were going to go tell Gao Yun about it. However, later, you changed your mind. I guess that perhaps you wanted to find an opportunity to express yourself and rush out to protect Gao Yun when she was scared or something. 

“Unexpectedly, that night, a tragedy occurred, and your mind was blank. You kept reproaching yourself, yet you didn’t dare to stand out and blame the others or admit the reality. In that period of time, you were living in a deep conflict. You worked hard to blend in with the crowd so you wouldn’t let Gao Yun down, but you also couldn’t help but want to give up everything and take responsibility for your actions. In the end, when you heard of the tragic news that Gao Yun had died in her coma, you couldn’t bear it anymore, so this Chen Jing appeared. 

“With vengeance and justice in mind, you murdered people in cold blood to fill up the void in your heart.” Guan Jin’s expression was grim. “Chen Jing, ask yourself, is this really the happy result you and Gao Yun would’ve wanted? If she knew someone was murdering people in her name, her sins in another world would only be more grave.”

Chen Jing remained standing where he was. His expression became conflicted, and he seemed to be confused. However, this was only for a brief amount of time, and he soon resumed his calm expression. “You want that fool to come out and for me to disappear? Hmph, don’t waste your effort, he’s just an incompetent coward who isn’t strong enough to resist me at all. I also don’t understand what you said just then, so don’t waste any more of my time.”

Guan Jin was quiet for a while before he continued, “Before, you actually didn’t like to bury yourself in your studies, right? You wanted to be like some of the other students in your class: humorous, versatile, and popular. Even though their grades were just average, they were still loved by most students. Do you still remember the girl who could play piano, whom you met in when you were just starting middle school? 

“I think her name is Liu Yun, right? Even her name is so similar. Although her grades aren’t that good, she’s pretty, cheerful, and has a lot of friends. Your house is near hers, so he would often walk to and from school with her. Gradually, you began to participate in extracurricular activities and hung out with her and her friends on the weekends. Studying was no longer your everything. However, good times never last, and when your mother, who has always had very high expectations for you, discovered that something was wrong, she was furious and scolded you, prohibiting you from going out on the weekends. 

“And, she directly contacted Liu Yun’s parents. Thus, from then on, Liu Yun didn’t walk with you anymore, nor did she even talk to you. This beautiful girl disappeared from your life, along with your childhood years. Once again, you became that good student who only buries themself in their studies, all the way until you went to university. However, in your heart, perhaps you hate the fact that you had such perfect grades, or perhaps you secretly wish that you could’ve been a dimwit when you were younger, because this way, your mother would never be so strict with you, restrain you, and make you mature in the way that she wants you to.”

“Sh-shut up!” spat Chen Jing, though he didn’t do anything.

“University life made you even more at a loss, and you discovered that here, you were incompetent and out of favor. The teachers no longer care if you get good scores on tests, and you immediately lost your direction in life. At this time, a girl who, like Liu Yun, could also play the piano, walked into your life. Similarly, she brought confidence and hope to you, helping you find the light in your confusion. However, similarly, she quickly exited your life, and it was also in a painful way, just like before. The unwillingness and anger that you’ve suppressed for nearly twenty years erupted, so the people that caused Gao Yun’s death became your way to vent to save yourself.”

When he saw that Chen Jing seemed to be struggling intensely, Guan Jin took a breath and continued persistently, “You’re not willing to stand up because you rely on this person, you trust this person, and you even bow down to this person. But, do you know, his cleverness, his meticulousness, his courage, and his confidence are actually all yours. The only difference between you two is that he’s indifferent and crazy, but you’re gentle and tolerant. You can take control back at any time, because he’s just an empty frame without a brain. You made him, and you drove him to commit murder and take revenge.”

“They deserved to——die,” Chen Jing said through gritted teeth as he covered his head.

“Do you think this is a brave undertaking and an adequate explanation to Gao Yun? But in my opinion, you and him are both cowardly and ridiculous! Who gave you the rights to avenge Gao Yun, and how can you let her rest in peace? Stop hiding behind others, stretch your damned head out of your turtle shell, and admit the reality to Gao Yun’s family, go to Gao Yun’s grave and place her favorite flower, a calla lily, there, and apologize sincerely to her. This is what a fucking man should do!!!”

Guan Jin’s chest heaved up and down, and he watched as Chen Jing cried out and fell limply to the ground, sobbing.

Exhaustion flooded out like tidewater; talking this much really wasn’t his specialty, and he definitely wasn’t going to do this again.

The girl who had “fallen off” the stairs and the boy who had ran off had appeared behind Chen Jing. The “boy” took out a pair of handcuffs and put them on Chen Jing’s wrists, and the “girl” gave Guan Jin a thumbs up.

Guan Jin pulled out the earbuds that had been in his ear, and Lu YunYang, who had been giving him directions this entire time, had stopped talking.

When reinforcements from the Serious Crimes Unit arrived, the police brought Chen Jing onto a police car and drove away, and Lu YunYang showed up.

“I’d like to acclaim our wonderful cooperation once again. I devise the strategies, and you obtain the decisive victory. We’re invincible, and we work in perfect harmony, bringing out each other’s strengths.”

Guan Jin glanced at him. “I dislike that last statement.”

“Hm? What’s wrong with it?”

Everything’s wrong with it!

“Anyway, you really are talented, and you remembered your lines perfectly, but stimulating his emotions and searching for a breakthrough point needed improvisation. I only gave a brief explanation of the general direction at the right time, and your execution was seamless. It’s really amazing. Have you ever thought of getting involved in psychology?” Lu YunYang said expectantly.

“Aren’t I a successor in your family of psychologists?” Guan Jin recalled the random identity he had made up just then.

“But I don’t want to be your dad.” Lu YunYang seemed to be a little troubled. “Love between a father and son is too extreme.”

Guan Jin rolled his eyes.

“Anyway,” Guan Jin’s chest was still a little tight; it seemed that being an actor was exhausting indeed, and even his emotions had been affected, “isn’t it tiring for you to dig up things in people’s heart that they’re most unwilling to share?”

Lu YunYang looked at him in surprise and smiled faintly. “In order to experience someone and see through them, one must regard themself as that person, seeing what they see and thinking what they think.”

“Is it your indifference or toughness that prevented you from splitting into multiple personalities?”

“Can I treat this as a compliment?” Lu YunYang grinned.

Guan Jin declined to comment.


“This time, he broke down completely, and his explanation was very detailed and thorough.” Chen QiaoYu put down her notes.

“Did the other Chen Jing already disappear?” asked Ding Ding.

“Alter egos are even stronger than the main personality, so it’s not that easy to get rid of them. He was merely forced back by Chen Jing’s overwhelming guilt, but we can’t rule out the possibility that he will counterattack later,” said Lu YunYang.

“Then how would one judge a situation like Chen Jing’s?”

“In terms of split personality disorder, there are actually disputes over how to judge them. The criminal personality itself is independent and conscious, so they should bear responsibility for their crimes, it’s just that the same body has to bear the punishment. The different personalities in many people with split personality disorder don’t know about the others, so the problem is that in order to punish one personality, the others also have to bear the consequences. However, Chen Jing’s personalities are aware of each other, and his alter ego was actually produced from the inner desires of his main personality, so he’s not innocent. As for how he will be judged,” Lu YunYang shook his head, “that is not up to us to control.”

Guan Jin organized the files and locked them into the archives. When he saw the case files he had organized before, he was surprised to realize that he had already completed three big cases here, and he had played relatively large roles in all of them. It seemed that the flavor of wine that had been transferred to a different bottle really did change.


At night, he finally picked up A-Gua from Wen JingHan, and when he saw his A-Gua that had already gotten a lot plumper after a few weeks of not seeing him, Guan Jin felt the discomfort as if he hadn’t been able to witness the growth of his son.

Fortunately, A-Gua still recognized him, and he rubbed his head around on Guan Jin’s legs. He bounced around the room, following Guan Jin around, effectively cheering him up. Guan Jin prepared a meal of spaghetti [Actually, this is the only thing he knows how to make…] in satisfaction, and even saved a portion of it for A-Gua.

Just as he was hugging his fat dog and talking about his feelings, Tony called.

“Guan, I have something I need to deal with, so I’m going on a trip, at most for three days. Do you want to come with me, I can take you to see Ethan.” For once, Tony’s tone was serious.

Guan Jin’s heart twinged. See himself? What, go to see his own bones?”

He looked down at his obedient A-Gua and sighed inwardly; perhaps he really shouldn’t have gotten a dog.


The next day, Guan Jin stood in front of Wen JingHan. “Help take care of my dog for three more days.”

Wen JingHan widened his eyes. “Hey, you can’t rely on me just because he ate a lot at my house.”

“Also, I want to take two days off, I’ll go to work on Monday.”

“What? You want to come home with me too? I only have extra dog food I can provide.”

“Save it for yourself.”

“Is this the attitude you use for asking your boss for time off work? You better be careful, what if I don’t approve it?”

Guan Jin ignored him. I’m going back to sweep my own grave, so it’s justified!

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Sue R
Sue R
April 17, 2021 11:47 am

I bet Lu YunyYang would love to secretly follow Guan Jin if he can. But…Guan Jin is a little careless of his double identity now. I am worry about him a feel pity for LYY.
Thank you for your translation I like this detective novel.

April 17, 2021 6:16 pm

great Job, Thank you for the updates. Loving this novel so much. Intelligent, funny and very interesting. Hope the romance is fun.

April 17, 2021 10:15 pm

I Love the interactions of LuYunYang and Guan ji is very funny!!!

April 17, 2021 11:01 pm

I wonder what he’ll do. Will he have a reflection over his past self’s grave and decide to live the new life, or will he resume the revenge plan and pull Lu YunYang into it? And will Lu YunYang follow to further his own ‘get Guan Jin’ plan? Thank you for the chapter!!!

April 18, 2021 6:17 am

These cases are interesting but waiting for Guan’s character development and obviously his chemistry with LYY.
Thank you for the chapter.

May 2, 2021 10:05 am

I wonder what his reaction will be when he sees his own grave?! But I’m hesitant about Tony… something LYY had mentioned, how does he know he’s not an enemy? I love how the case was solved and I liked how GJ asked him if he doesn’t get tired of peering into irked emotions they don’t want to share?! And he was surprised by it! Loving the novel!

June 22, 2021 4:27 am

The flavour of wine in its new bottle has, indeed, changed… but will the spirit of Hei Xiao allow that to continue?
Will this Guan Jin be safe visiting his previous body and will Lu YunYang follow him?
Thank you for translating.

December 21, 2022 12:18 pm

Return of A’Gua! I wonder if someone will be suspicious of Guan Jin now that he is going to visit his grave. (Looking at you WJH and his mysterious partner)

Thank you for the chapter!

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