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Chapter 206 – Addressing

Ling Xiao was not in a hurry to leave Earth Peak, he already promised Yuan Mo to help Zhou Peng stabilize his new position within the Tian Xin Sect. Even though Yuan Mo’s position was the highest apart from the grandmaster, Ling Xiao was still much more fearsome to other people.

The party that used to oppose Tang Fan before, after his death, they started to come out like spring bamboo after rain. Zhou Peng didn’t immediately suppress them, instead, he gave to those who were willing to serve him the seats once occupied by Tang Fan’s men.

Like the Xiao Long’s party, before when Tang Fan was still alive, Xiao Long’s party was the closest to him.

Zhou Peng already hated them before, but he didn’t choose to kill them, instead, he found an excuse to exile them to a poor resource mountain, where their hands could not reach the Wu Shuang Mountain, nor could they plan a coup d’état.

Seeing how Tang Fan was like an ant for Ling Xiao, Xiao Long and Lei Ju were both scared to death, and so they didn’t dare to object to anything.

The biggest change was the warrior division, because the mage division didn’t have much to do with the internal war of the Tian Xin Sect, so there weren’t many changes in the mage division, although the atmosphere had slightly changed.

Of the three peaks of the mage division, Sky peak was the one which had the most connections with Tang Fan, after his death, they couldn’t find any advantages to stand above, plus now Earth Peak had You XiaoMo backing it up, even though Kong Wen is dead, Earth Peak status was still unaffected.

Zhou Peng knew that Ling Xiao is very fond of You XiaoMo, and You XiaoMo is fond of his seniors, after he took over the seat, the first thing he decreed was that there would be no unfair distribution of resources between the three peaks and no special treatment.

Following this new rule, whether it was Earth Peak or Flying Peak, people all voted for it, except for Heaven peak as they remained silent, even if they were dissatisfied, no one dared to raise an objection.

When things got sorted out and Zhou Peng’s position was finally settled, Ling Xiao was finally ready to leave the Tian Xin Sect.

Zhou Peng knew Ling Xiao would leave sooner or later, so he didn’t deliberately persuade him to stay. Zhou Peng only said that, regardless of who Ling Xiao is, he will always remain his Da-shixiong.

After that Ling Xiao scolded him, well, showily, and then Zhou Peng gloomily ran away.

On the other side, You XiaoMo wanted to say farewell to his seniors by giving a heartfelt goodbye, but that idea was rejected by Ling Xiao.

The result of the bargain, You XiaoMo didn’t even get a chance to even see their faces, moreover Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin just happened to be not on the peak, if he wanted to say goodbye to them he would need to find them. In the end, You XiaoMo had no choice but to tearfully write a letter to them, and then later he was dragged away like a little chick from the Tian Xin Sect.

Looking at how the Tian Xin Sect was getting smaller and smaller with distance, You XiaoMo couldn’t help but let out two drops of crocodile tears. He suddenly remembered something he forgot to do, how could he have forgotten to swipe that Flame Flower herb, such miscalculation!

“Ling-shixiong, where are we going next?”

You XiaoMo sniffled, quickly took back that teardrop that had yet to fall down, so fast that it made it look like a fake tear.

Ling Xing leaned his head over, funnily looking at him, “Still calling me Ling-shixiong?”

You XiaoMo had gone dumb, that’s right, they had left the Tian Xin Sect, and he didn’t know if he would be able to come back here in the future, and Ling Xiao is not the Tian Xin Sect’s eldest disciple anymore. Of course he is not his shixiong, “What should I call you?”

Ling Xiao touched his chin, suddenly proposed, “How about you call me Xiao?”

“Denied.” You XiaoMo said without hesitation quickly objecting to that idea, that was too cheesy, “Maybe I should just call you Ling-dage”

t/n: dage = big brother, eldest brother, but this term usually on friendship level, or family, or to someone you respect, not for romantic relationship.

“Rejected.” Now Ling Xiao objected it.

You XiaoMo asked, “Why not?”

Ling Xiao hugged his thin waist so tightly that their bodies stuck together, he extended his forefinger and lifted up his chin like he was flirting with a well-bred woman. He smirked, “Will dage kiss you? Will dage have sex with you? Will dage treat you like how I do?”

You XiaoMo’s body had gone stiff, he could feel the sleeping monster down there, even though it was still in hibernation right now, but he could still feel its shape under the clothes clearly, what happened that night really left a big shadow on him.

You XiaoMo blushed, “Let me go first.”

Ling Xiao acted naughty, “You call me Xiao and I will let you go.”

You XiaoMo’s lip shivered, he had an impulse to bite him to death, and then he really did it. He immediately lunged toward Ling Xiao’s arm, opened his mouth and mercilessly bit him, he bit as he chomped on it.

Ling Xiao couldn’t hold his laughter, pulling his arm, “Stop.”

You XiaoMo violently shook his head, “Ah wun stup~”

T/n: I won’t stop

Ling Xiao was the first to surrender, not because it was painful, he actually didn’t even feel any tickle or pain, “Fine, I won’t force you, how about both of us take a step back, you can directly call me Ling Xiao, ok?”

You XiaoMo thought a little, then gave a nod. He loosened his mouth, actually his mouth kinda felt a little sore now.

Ling Xiao lifted up his arm, he squinted his eyes, although there were no teeth marks left behind, and his clothes were the high quality ones, but there was a lot of saliva on it. Sparkling sparkle, if not for his clothes being waterproof, or else it would have seeped through the fabric.

You XiaoMo rubbed his sore mouth and carefully watched Ling Xiao’s expression, he saw him squint his eyes. You XiaoMo quickly shifted back into the carriage’s corner.

Ling Xiao took a deep breath, his smile gentle like a spring breeze. Like a flower blooming in march, he softly spoke his name, “You XiaoMo.”

“Here~” You XiaoMo weakly raised his hand, too scared, this was the first time Ling Xiao called his name.

Ling Xiao moved next to him, looked at his yet-to-wipe-saliva face, he wickedly licked his lips, “You XiaoMo, you have a lot of saliva. Seems like you need someone to help you swallow it all.”

You XiaoMo gave a “Ha?” sound, and then Ling Xiao’s face magnified in front of him. While You XiaoMo’s mouth was still open, Ling Xiao quickly pick up those lips. He very precisely bit his lip so hard that it made him scream in pain.

Ling Xiao held his head tightly, as his tongue easily infiltrated into You XiaoMo’s mouth with an undeniable strength, but it was not a rough movement. He locked his tongue onto You XiaoMo’s and kissed him passionately. He said he can and he will, as if all of You XiaoMo’s saliva was being sucked away.

You XiaoMo quickly waved a white flag.

Ling Xiao finally released him, as his body was paralyzed inside his arms and he was left gasping for breath.

He had been taken advantage of again!

The Dao Xin Academy is located in the north of the Long Tian Continent, as the distance between the Tian Xin and the Dao Xin is far like that between heaven and hell. To some people, even if they have any intention to enroll in the Dao in Academy, they would be powerless because the Long Tian Continent is really big.

The Long Tian Continent is a very vast and wide land, the Tian Xin Sect might be the one who had taken over the South, but in the end the South is still only a little part of Long Tian. If you wanted to fly from the South to the North, it would likely take several decades to reach the destination, and who would have enough energy to fly for a decade?

Besides, the North is still a little uncivilized, even the traffic system is not that convenient.

Of course, to get from the South to North, this is not the only route, in fact there were two more convenient routes to get from the South to the North.

First there is the transport circle, but to cast a transport circle to transport to the South is too costly, not many people can afford this method. The second one is even much more impossible, and that is the transport space, this type of method needs more than five Imperial level warriors to make it, and throughout the South there are only three Imperial levels.

With the limited conditions, although the South is a very suitable place for other forces to develop, but because of the high fee, most of the South is still unenlightened.

It is said that the a transport circle is not even open more than 100 times in one year. Sometimes it is only opened one time per month, that was why even when the southern forces were busy fighting each other to death, they didn’t worry much that outsiders might take advantage of the situation. Everything had its cause.

“Ling…Xiao, why is it that it is so expensive to cast a transport circle?”

You XiaoMo wrinkled his eyebrows at his first attempt to say Ling Xiao’s name. It felt so awkward.

Ling Xiao said, “That is because the farther you are, the more energy is consumed. Since the spirit stones needed to cast the circle are not available anywhere, if you can save on the cost you should, and the South and the North span almost the whole Long Tian Continent. So it would obviously set the cost high.”

You XiaoMo nodded, “Then where should we go?”

Ling Xiao said, “Naye City, the only city that has a transport circle to the North.”

Naye City is the biggest city in the South, its development is more prosperous than the big city of Qing Cheng is because there are several transport circles inside this city. Those circles can help one get out of the South to reach other places. Although transport circles used to a more faraway place are fewer, the short distance ones are plentiful. Every year Naye City earns a large sum of money thanks to this.

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