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Main Story Part 9

When I wake up I’m in a car. A very expensive car. CanSheng is holding my body wrapped in bed sheets. I can feel that my hands are still tightly tied together, causing hyperemia which makes my hands feel ice cold in the Summer. Excessive struggle has already made the skin on my hand fold together. Compared to the aching pain throughout my whole body, the waves of stabbing pain and stickiness in the lower half of my body is more unbearable for me…

“Where is this?” I ask.

Ye CanSheng says, “We’re going home.”

“Haha…” I bury my face into the white bedsheets. When did it become our home…? You damn Chou XiaoZi[1] (T/N: Stinking brat), this whole thing is too much of a shock for me.

I continue to talk after I finish laughing, “So do you finally plan on telling me what’s going on now?”

“Nothing’s happening,” his two hands are still tightly holding me. His eyesight is looking towards the driver at the front as he says, “Turn at the front.”

That person replies, “Yes, Young Master.”

Young Master?! I dumbfoundedly look at Ye CanSheng and at that cold face of his. So I picked up a Young Master and took him home like a fucking idiot. And then that Young Master topped me. No, raped me!!

“Young Master? Ye CanSheng, are you fucking playing tricks with me?” I struggle to free my hands from within the bedsheets, grab onto Ye CanSheng’s collar and roar out.

CanSheng grabs a hold my hand in a dominating manner and then adjusts the blanket’s position, wrapping me up again. His look towards the person at the front with an ice cold expression in his eyes and says, “Did I give you permission to look at him?!”

The speed of the car clearly slows down, that person’s figure shakes, “I don’t dare to. Your subordinate did not see anything.”

“Which eye saw it?” His eyes are extremely cold, his voice sounds like it comes from hell.

“Young Master, your subordinate really didn’t see anything!” That person’s hand on the steering wheel is trembling, the car also begins to become unstable…

“…” Ye CanSheng is silent and then looks towards me again. He says, “As you can see, I am the second Young Master of the mafia boss here.”

Everything changed too quickly. My mind is still in a state of confusion. Mafia!! Haha, isn’t it just like the probability of drinking a mouthful of cold water and getting it stuck between your teeth[2]? I actually met them.

I would’ve never thought in my entire life, the person I picked up on the spur of the moment actually made me become involved with the mafia and be doomed eternally.

I say, “Untie my hands.”


“I won’t escape.”

Actually I think I won’t be able to escape anyways, with my current body. I don’t know if I can even walk.

“No, they will see your body.”

“Ye CanSheng, I am not a woman.”

My body quivers as I patiently explain. I don’t hate CanSheng. I know his temperament. These days of getting along with him has made me understand, he is only too afraid to be abandoned. To be pushed away…

He is too similar to me…

It’s just that he understands better than me that one must fight for what you desire. To use a type of force that will destroy someone and obtain through power.

“You’re not a woman, YunSheng. You can only be mine. Only I can see you, only I can enter your body.”

His hand covers my forelocks. He then touches the corners of my eyes, and says in a gentle manner, “You’re so beautiful you make me want to imprison you for all of your life, YunSheng.”

“I’ll go mad.” I lightly chuckle and tremble uncontrollably all over. His obsession has already reached the point of being abnormal.

“I’ll still want you even then.” His finger scrapes along my cheek as he speaks. He then triggers a chill to run all over my body.

“Haha, just kill me.”

“I’ll still want you even if you’re dead.” CanSheng’s finger has slid next to my lips and my tears just fall like that, without warning, displaying my despair.

He asks, “Why are you crying?” His voice is just like that of the big child back in the days when he was was living together with me.

I didn’t say anything, I just dodged the hand that wiped my eyes.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have picked him up and brought him home that day. At this point in time, I cannot see my own future. I’m afraid of loneliness, but I never detest or reject life. In fact, it’s the opposite. I look forward to an ordinary life. You could say, I’ve always tried hard to live. I want a peaceful future, a life where I can have a chair and a cup of warm tea (T/N: simple and content life).

Once upon a time, it was the fault of of others. However, this time round, I destroyed by my own hands.

Therefore, I’m extra sad.

At the same time, I also feel sad for Ye CanSheng’s loneliness and the kind of brutality he harbours where he doesn’t know how to care for someone. His past must contain even more pain and suffering than my own. I have failed as a psychologist.

“Young Master, we have arrived.”

Ignoring all the stares from the people around him, he carries me, who’s is wrapped up tightly in white bedsheets, up the stairs. Quoting his words it’s: We’re home.

He places me on the couch, rips away the bedsheets, leans downwards, looks at my body and says, “YunSheng, you’re so beautiful.”

“CanSheng, untie me.”I hold my hands out to him.
The blood has already stopped running to my hands and all I feel is numbness and coldness. I almost can’t feel my hands.

He obediently unties the leather belt and lets go of my hand. I look at my wrists and discover that the skin there is already deeply dented. Some parts of the skin that were on the edges of where the belt had been tied have already broken. The tender and pink skin did look pretty…

I rub at my wrists and say, “CanSheng, what do you actually want?”

He holds onto my two hands, looks at me and says, “I want you.”

His black hair covers his eyes, I can see his pretty face shape and the beautiful shape of his lips.

I laugh as I open my legs. I hook onto his hips and say, “You’ve already had me.”

“Not enough! Not enough at all!” His large hand reaches out towards the lower part of my body.

My whole body tenses. I still hate this kind of stuff. I feel extreme fear.

I sigh, reach out and push away the person who’s pressed down onto my body and has already begun to bite me, “Get out of the way, I’m going to take a shower.”


When I enter the bathroom I see Ye CanSheng standing next to the couch, backfacing the sunlight. He’s hidden behind his black hair and his figure seems extra dark against the light. Maybe it’s just my illusion but I always feel like he’s suppressing something. His figure is a bit unstable, but at that time I had long already overlooked this. Back then I thought: How does such power exist within him? He’s only 29. Just what has he experienced…?

The second Young Master of the mafia boss…

Doesn’t that mean there’s another Young Master? How did he survive each step of the way and live up until now?

I suddenly remember the sentence he once told me. ‘My mom did it because of love…’

Was it really because of love?

I’m afraid it’s hate ba…

I soak myself in warm water. Stabbing pain constantly shoots up from the lower half of my body. My wrists are also unbearable. I then look at the rest my body and the corner of my lips bitterly smile.

I just don’t understand why Ye CanSheng, that XiaoZi, could look at this kind of body and say it’s beautiful.

All the variegated parts are that XiaoZi’s bite marks. There are also blueish purple kiss marks. He sucks too harshly. There’s probably hyperemia in some parts. No matter how I look at it it’s not beautiful. It’s clearly extremely ugly…

I raise my head, look at the enshrouding light above my head and think to myself: If he’s really a second Young Master of the mafia, then can I still escape? Being carried out of the school by him like that, I really don’t know how I’m going to explain it to the principal…

I was sick? If I said that then probably even the ghosts won’t believe me…

If I don’t escape, then within such means and erotic love, I’ll probably go mad ba…

I suddenly realise that my ability to adapt is much higher than average. Mafia? Young Master? Why does this feel like a fucking dream? Hey, hey, hey, don’t joke around anymore. This dream is too long ba…

I immerse myself within the water. Looking at my naked body, I think to myself: Fang YunSheng, your life is really too miserable…

When I come out of the bathroom, Ye CanSheng is still sitting on the couch. He turns around, looks at me and says: “YunSheng, I’m hungry.”

I then just realise that the sky is already dark, yet Ye CanSheng is just sitting on the couch with the lights off.

I ask, “Why don’t you open the lights?”

“It’s safer this way.”

Pain suddenly erupts somewhere in my heart. I walk towards him, sit down next to him and say, “Talk to me about your past.”

“The past?” he murmurs.


[1] 臭小子 Romaji: Chou XiaoZi, this is just the original word XiaoZi the word Chou (stinky) at the front, which just means stinking brat. I have decided to keep it the original romaji as it will appear quite a bit and I felt it was better to try keep things as close to the original as possible. So, I am terribly for making this sudden change mid way through, any ‘stinking brats’ in previous chapters are actually Chou XiaoZi. Sorry, my mistake as a translator. へ(´д`へ) (。-人-。) o(_ _)o

[2] 像是喝了一口凉水结果把牙齿塞住的概率 Direct translation: the probability of of drinking a mouthful of cold water and ending up with the water stuck between your teeth. Meaning a very low chance as it’s pretty much impossible to get water stuck between your teeth.

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July 7, 2017 1:30 am

Yun Sheng is surprisingly calm. To accept the situation so quickly just shows how much misery he’s used to as well. Can sheng may have had a sh*tty childhood but YS’s life isn’t much better…

July 7, 2017 1:45 am

Gosh!!! The two of them is just the same… But if he stayed?? Is that what you call Stockholm? syndrome???

July 7, 2017 4:28 am

I really admired yun sheng adapt ability…he can stay calm in such unknown and new situations…😀😀

aida hanabi
aida hanabi
July 7, 2017 5:27 am

Huhu… So pitiful… Pain….ughh their had same pain.. But.. But.. Ohh please I hope wonna take too long for them suffering.. Amd reach the care amd gantle life

July 7, 2017 4:04 pm

I feel that they are heading towards a pretty dark path… I still hope for a happy ending and I’ll stick around.

Thank you very much for this release!

Blood A
Blood A
April 28, 2018 7:26 pm

Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

January 24, 2021 4:40 am

CanSheng is 29? Then how is he a brat? Or is he 19?

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