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Chapter 207 – Transport circle

Two days later, their carriage finally reached the outside of Naye City.

Naye City is located on a high slope, famous for its beautiful scenery. Up above the high slope was the transport circle, it is said that every night, the sky here would be covered in twinkling stars, sparkling and glowing all over the dark night with a variety of colors, extremely beautiful, as if it covered all of Naye City.

Rumors were that many lovers and couples would come to Naye City every year just for this. And if your love was witnessed beneath those stars, your love would be blessed for all eternity. Regardless of whether or not this rumor was true, this stunning scenery is real.

By the time You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao reached Naye City, the sun had casted down its fiery red rays upon the clouds. Half of its body had sunk down to the horizon line, as the sun rays casted onto the Naye City’s gate making it a bright red.

Although the sun was about to go down, the flow of people going in and out the city was strong and continuous.

After they got off the carriage, Ling Xiao shooed away the Raging Inferno Horse and then took You XiaoMo into the city.

Naye City, even though it was established on a high slope, all that surrounds it is famous spots.

Up on the north side of the city is the endless Great Desert. The Great Desert is a vast and very dangerous area, because this is the home of many low level beasts, you can always meet a pack at any time. You can’t take precautions against it, since they are always hidden under the sand.

To the south are vast plains also filled with low level demon beasts, but because their strength is not that great and they are less likely to stay in a group, this area is not as dangerous. As long as you gather a group of a dozen people then you can safely pass through the plains.

The west area is a sea, with lots of marine type low level demon beasts. Last but not least is to the east, a mountainous terrain with a very rugged topography. The area is divided by a big mountain range, making this the largest canyon of the Long Tian continent. The canyon is so wide, and above it is white mist floating all year round, some said that this fog can affect practitioners very heavily, so no one has ever dared to fly above the canyon.

That is why lot of people choose to leave via transport circle and not by flying on their own.

You XiaoMo gave the gate guard ten gold coins before entering the city.

After he had gotten behind the gate, You XiaoMo was a little unhappy, he made a *humph* sound and said, “Naye City really knows how to steal money ah! Five gold coins per person as an entering fee, even more expensive than HunJi City’s three gold coins.”

Listening to his complaints, Ling Xiao laughed, “Naye City is, after all, the only city that has the biggest transport circle. If the city gave up on taking such an opportunity to make a big gold pocket, then that would be too dumb.”

You XiaoMo shrugged his shoulders, fine, if he was the city lord, he would probably do the same since there are countless practitioners wanting to leave the South through this transport circle. Why is it that he felt like this relationship was between an abuser and the abused?

“Next, where should we go?” You XiaoMo ran toward Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao touched his chin, “Let’s go to where the transport system is placed first to determine the time to leave, then we will plan something later.”

You XiaoMo gave it a quick thought, then nodded.

Suddenly an old man appeared, he had been concerned about them for a while now, his face full of wrinkles as he showed a nice smile, “Hey son, it seems that you want to go the transportation zone?”

You XiaoMo surprisingly looked at him, the one who spoke to them was an old man wearing clothes made from linen, he looked rather clean and his age seemed older, but his step is quite agile. You XiaoMo asked, “How do you know?”

The little old man saw he didn’t get annoyed and immediately said, “I have lived in Naye City for almost fifty years, and I see your two faces are unfamiliar. Outsiders either come here for the starry sky or for the transport circle, since you two are not a couple, then it’s certainly for the latter.”

Hearing that “couple” word, You XiaoMo secretly looked at Ling Xiao, which reminded him, their relationship could be considered as a lover in some ways, after all what needed to done had been done.

Ling Xiao was aware of his glance, he turned his head and blinked at him, which made someone startle and quickly take back his line of sight. Ling Xiao smiled and asked, “Do you know about the transport circle?”

The old man felt happy, he patted his chest confidently saying, “Of course, this little old man can guarantee. Naye City, except the watchmen at the transportation zone, no one is more knowledgeable about the transport circle situation than me, if you to want to know something, just ask, I will answer what I know.”

A transport circle’s job is to transport, that is all, there is really nothing more to know about it.

But the transport circles in Naye City are different, if you don’t understand the situation here you could easily be tricked by the transport circle watchmen.

Because all the transport circles in Naye City are based on the distance to charge the fee, if you don’t learn the data of the circle you use, then the watchmen will trick you into using a longer distance route.

For example, they won’t tell you the transport circle can go straight to the place you want to go, they will tell you to take the one that reaches another place, then from that place you transfer to another circle to transport to your destination.

This way they can charge a higher cost, and thus a new type of job was derived, and that is what this old man does.

They will watch out at the gate and observe who is a first timer, whether here for the transportation zone or not, then they will introduce and guide you for a certain fee.

Although he is not completely clear on the Naye City situation, Ling Xiao looked at the old man’s positive attitude. He could roughly guess what would happen. Immediately, he said, “Then tell us something, how many circles are there in the transportation zone?”

The little old man said, “There are currently ten circles open in the transportation zone right now, three of them for the South territory. Except for some specific places, those can lead you to anywhere. The others lead to the western border of Jixian valley, if you want to reach other destinations in the West, you need to first transport to Jixian then you can transfer at a line there… and the last destination is the Black Swamp of the North.”

Ling Xiao asked, “How is the situation of the Black Swamp transport?”

Seeing him specifically mention this one, the old man knew this was their destination, he quickly answered, “Son, you have asked the right man, this transport circle was opened five days ago, because there aren’t enough people, that’s why it hasn’t departed yet. It needs three more people, if by sunset before today they still haven’t enough, then the rest of the passengers will have to split the fee and pay for the missing three so that that can close the circle, if you two want to go there, you better register now.”

“Then we should hurry up, the sun looks like it about to set soon.” You XiaoMo alerted him.

Ling Xiao nodded, “Then let’s go.”

Before going, You XiaoMo took out from his magic bag two gold coins and gave it the old man.

After those two left, the little old man was petrified as he held the two gold coins with a surprised and happy face. This was the first time he met someone who gave him this much. Before, at best, he could get a dozen of silver coins, and occasionally there would be some generous people. But still they only gave him one gold coin. With these two gold coins, his family could live for more than a month.

The people standing nearby couldn’t help but envy him as they had been slower than this old man, their expressions were full of regret.

The transportation zone is not very far from the city gate, they quickly arrived at the place.

The zone was crowded with people, many were waiting on the side, they were mostly practitioners. There were also some mages. Some people were busy discussing, some people were waiting anxiously for someone.

A lot of people came, very few people left. Everywhere was packed with people and their constant whispering.

At this moment, an uproar suddenly started among the crowd.

By the time You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao arrived, someone was sent flying, and with a *bang* the person fell right before their feet. If they hadn’t taken a slower step, they might have been caught in that fall.

They hadn’t reacted to what happened yet, and the one who had kicked that guy came out from the crowd.

It was a big bearded man, with a “tiger back and mature body.” His aura sent out a tough and aggressive feeling, that man was a 3 star Celestial level martial artist, and the young man who was kicked, his level was much lower, he was only at the 4 star Moon level, no wonder he was thrown out like a little chicken.
T/n: tiger back and mature body = tiger back is very muscular and strong => the man is muscle build

The young man got up from the ground with an angry face, he furiously fixated on that bulky guy, even though his power was much lower, he didn’t seem to be afraid at all.

And then, between the people came out a group, their clothes were the same as that young man.

One of the white bearded old men of that group immediately went to the young man’s side, worriedly asking, “Are you ok?”

The young man fiercely said, “Uncle Lin, I want him to die.” He had never been this disgraced since birth.

More and more onlookers gathered, You XiaoMo raised his ear to hear everyone’s whispers, so that he could promptly guess the story.

Originally these people wanted to use the same circle to leave this place, but because there weren’t enough people all the passengers had to share the missing cost, but because of an uneven distribution, they quarreled.

There are a total of fifteen people, a group of six, a group of three and a group of two, and four others individuals.

Since this young man’s group was the largest in total, they didn’t want to pay the split fee because it would take them six times more than others. So they suggested splitting the cost evenly between all the people. Of course there were some that agreed with his proposal, but that bulky man and some other practitioners felt that they covered the loss more, so they disagreed, which led to a breakout. Even though the man’s party had more people, that bulky guy’s strength was higher, that’s why he had the upper hand.

Just when they started to fight, a middle-aged man came over.

That middle aged man gloomily shouted, “If you still continue to be noisy, then this transport circle doesn’t need to be opened.”

The young man’s group and the bulky man’s expression changed.

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