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Main Story Part 10

“Yes, your past.”

“No, no, no….” He suddenly gets up off the couch and pushes me down, full of fear. Looking a bit nervous, he looks around and says, “Mum said no one can say that. No one can.”

His eyes flash with pain and fear…

He continues, “Mum will punish me! Everyone will punish me! I don’t want that!! I don’t want that!!!”

I’m captured by him. Fear instantly pours over me like a ferocious tide. I don’t dare to continue questioning him. I’m afraid he’ll lose control, afraid that he’ll go mad again… At the same time, I feel sorry for him when he’s like this: Clearly he’s just an outrageously fragile child. Everything he’s had to bear with, no matter if it’s the past or the present, could actually crush him…

“Okay, you don’t have to say anything. I won’t listen. I don’t know anything. I know nothing.” I reach out with my hands to hug his head. I can feel his fear very clearly. A past that can trigger such fear in him…

Day and night. He’s like two extremes…

The him during the day is violent, cold, and crazy.

The him during the night is pitiful, gentle, and fragile.

I just can’t bring myself to hate him when he’s like this. It makes me sad. Just what happened in his past that has started to cause his personality break…?

“YunSheng, can you not leave me?” he says in my embrace.

“Why are you so obsessed with me?”

“Because you’re the first….,” his voice is very small. He leaned against the nape of my neck (T/N: The dent made by the bone structure on the shoulder). He’s so fragile it makes me sad.

“What first?”

“Many firsts.” He reaches out his hands and hugs me. He slightly rubs against my neck and says, “Don’t leave me, YunSheng.”


I actually shouldn’t have promised him, but, the person who’s trembling all over is too fragile. I’m afraid that if I reject him, this person will collapse and break. So I said, “Okay…”


He suddenly holds onto my face and and then bites my lip.


His strength is extraordinarily big. Pushing me onto the couch, he holds onto my face and crazily bites down… He calls my name non stop in between his actions.

“YunSheng, YunSheng…”

I can feel his insecurity yet I don’t know why.

Later he hugs me and says, “I need to leave for a while tomorrow. Be good and wait for me at home okay?”

I feel surprised on the inside. I don’t know if it’s happiness or sadness.

I don’t say anything, “….”

He says, “Wait for me to come back.”

I still don’t say anything because the first thought that emerges in my mind is: Escape!

I think: The reason why he’s like this and all the fear he displays should have originated from the home he is about to go back to. The roots of his fear…

That night I fall asleep in his embrace, and when I wake up the next day I was lying on the bed with no one around me. I really can’t say that I can escape just because there is no one in the room because there is now an extra chain shackled on my foot…

The chain is as thick as my big thumb. It’s long enough for me to walk to the kitchen, living room, toilet and the fridge. Yet it’s not enough for me to walk to the entrance.

Plus I’m not wearing anything on the bottom…

Now that there is a chain, I can’t wear anything anyways…

Ye CanSheng… He took my phone then imprisoned me here because he wants me to be good and wait for him to come back…

Now that I realize this, I directly throw the remote control against the television screen on the spot.

I take out the longest shirt in the cabinet and put it on. I then sprint to the kitchen straight away, get a knife and start cutting away at the chain. I cut for a whole hour without stopping but there is not even a single slit on the chain…

Two hours later, all kinds of indentation appear on the knife and the chain finally has a dent in it.

After a whole night passes, a clear ligature mark appears on my wrist. It’s a blueish purple colour. I cut and cut at the chain using the knife in my hand. I can’t rest, I can’t stop, because I don’t know when Ye CanSheng will come back so I have cut apart the chain as soon as possible.

No matter what, I must escape.

Otherwise I will definitely go mad!

As the saying goes, ‘even the constant dripping of water wears holes in stones’[1]. I finally see the crack on the chain. That crack finally becomes big and when I finally break the chain, the door opens. I’m startled all over. The knife falls from my hands and onto the ceramic tiles making a crisp sound. Ye CanSheng, he’s back?!

My whole body tenses, I don’t dare to move at all.

And then, a stranger’s voice comes from behind me, “CanSheng, Young Master has made himself clear. You[2] have probably already broken the chain by now. I’ve come to change a new one for you.”

The broken chain in my hand slip and fall onto the ground. Those words send shivers up my spine, like my whole body has fallen into an icehouse…

I can’t escape. This is the first thought that comes to my mind.


[1] 滴水穿石 Translates to ‘water constantly dripping wears holes in stones’, meaning that if you consistently try over and over again, in the end you can succeed.

[2] 您 This is pretty much just you, however in Chinese there are two ways of saying you. One is 您 (nin) one is 你 (ni). 您 is only used for people who are older than you or people you must show respect to. In this case, the stranger is addressing YunSheng with 您, showing that he clearly respects him even though YunSheng isn’t an elderly.

Thanks to s-meow’s comment, our translator noticed there was a typo in the raw.

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July 8, 2017 5:41 pm

Poor guy worked so hard for nothing.

I also dont know if I should be feeling some sympathy for Can Sheng as well….

July 9, 2017 1:19 am

If it were me, I wonder if I would really have the heart to escape … TBH, … I’m really not sure … He’s extreme opposite personality from day to night is scaring and heck… Pretty dangerous too … But … I see it as an interesting/ troubled person which I want to help if possible… I don’t think it’s sympathy…. More like CanSheng is sending SOS signals​ …. And running away from him … Would destroy him …

But I like YunSheng will for survival. I really hope for a happy outcome for them …

aida hanabi
aida hanabi
July 9, 2017 1:29 am

Useleds u have some axe or something that big and heavy enough to cut the chain or u.. Have courage to kill someone haha

July 9, 2017 5:02 pm

All the effort for naught! Though I wonder if the servant will tell on him and how would CanSheng punish him! My inner S is excited! Btw regarding this portion: “he’s lowered himself onto my pseudo sutural foveae (T/N: The dent made by the bone structure on the shoulder)” “因为你是第一个……”他的声音很小,抵在我肩窝处,脆弱的让我难过。 I feel it could have just been translated to “he lowered himself onto my shoulder(/décolleté/neckline/clavicle)” as the sudden scientific(?) name that pops up in the translation and the translator’s note was rather jarring and brought me out of the narrative… Haha and got me going on a Google search spree… Read more »

July 14, 2017 6:37 pm

Oh my god…. how could i not have tried this sooner!
My absolute fave are thriller stories and combined with BL?!
Uhhh…! I’m in heaven right now!

Thank your for discovering and translating this story! I shall await the new chapter with an excited heart! Can’t wait to see how Yun sheng will survive and keep ahold of his sanity~ more power to the people who worked on this 😆

Blood A
Blood A
April 28, 2018 7:26 pm

Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

Official LMW release!

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