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Chapter 229 Abnormal

Translated by rui

You XiaoMo wasn’t the only one who took action.

Tong YueXu, BaiLi XiaoYu and Teng ZiXin also walked out.

They were going to take the test together anyways, in order to seek the limelight ChaiJun took the test by himself first, if they also took the test one after the other, then they would seem too self righteous.

Although Teng ZiXin is conceited, she isn’t proud to the point of being supercilious.

Four people arrive before the testing instrument, BaiLi XiaoYu put his in first with an expression full of anticipation.

In order to look at his purity and number of distillations, other people paused for a moment and just as he said before, it really is six times, and the purity of this six times is quite high, clearly his foundations are very strong.

Although Chai Jun’s is also six times, it’s obvious that BaiLi XiaoYu is better than him, a few people instantly whisper words of praise softly.

Chai Jun’s complexion is very ugly, but BaiLi XiaoYu isn’t someone he can touch, let’s not mention that the Chai family is the weakest out of the four big families, above BaiLi XiaoYu there are still a few brothers and sisters who are stronger. With them both being the youngest son of the family, the level of doting BaiLi XiaoYu gets is higher than his, he can’t express any jealousy in front of BaiLi XiaoYu. Chai Jun then shifts his vicious gaze onto You XiaoMo and very much looks forward to You XiaoMo possibly embarrassing himself in front of everyone.

You XiaoMo’s group of three actually aren’t surprised by this number, being able to become a level four mage at this age, how could one possibly not have a bit of capabilities, and just like what Tong YueXu said, with his current level, being able to distill magic herbs six times is already extremely outstanding.

Elder GuanYong who had constantly been standing on the side with an indifferent expression finally reveals a hint of a smile and nods his head in satisfaction before saying, “BaiLi XiaoYu, pass.”

Tong YueXu is next, his distillation of seven times heightens the atmosphere in the hall.

But everyone’s expectations for him were very high in the first place, so this number isn’t out of people’s expectations.

Tong YueXu doesn’t say anything extra, he retreats back to BaiLi XiaoYu’s side and stands together with him. He then looks towards You XiaoMo and Teng ZiXin, the last two who haven’t been tested yet.

You XiaoMo looks at the association member who’s standing next to the testing instrument but never helped him undergo the test and is at a slight loss of whether to laugh or cry.

His magic herb powder has already been put inside for a long time, but for some unknown reason, this person actually never pressed it down for him, it’s like as if he’s purposely waiting until the others finish testing.

He wants to say, although he doesn’t plan to keep a low profile this time, don’t be so painstaking.

But no matter how much he looks at the other person and stares with a x-ray like gaze, the other person is just completely aloof and indifferent.

It isn’t until Tong YueXu finishes his test that this man finally starts to move, but at the same time he moves, Elder Guan Yong standing to his side also takes action, it’s unknown whether it’s just a coincidence or if it’s something else, the two people almost press the button on the testing instrument at the same time.

Following their movements, two rays of dark green light that are almost on par with each other instantly erupt, the flickering light causes the faces of the surrounding people to be full of astonishment in a split second.

Green rays of light that are almost on par with each other, what does this represent, this represents that You XiaoMo’s number of distillations has a 99% chance of being the same as Teng ZiXin.

The entire hall suddenly becomes quiet.

The original lively atmosphere becomes dead silent in an instant.

One can only see that on the front of the two testing instruments lies two numbers emanating green rays of light — eight!

Eight times, this is the highest value that has appeared from the beginning to the end of this assessment, everyone in the hall could’ve guessed that Teng ZiXin would definitely have the highest number this time, the truth shows that everyone’s predictions weren’t wrong, but in their hearts, Teng ZiXin’s number should be the only one of its kind.

In the end this You XiaoMo actually gave them such a big surprise.

The number of distillations of magic herbs done by a level four mage is actually the same as Teng ZiXin, someone who’s a level five mage.

Does this mean, You XiaoMo’s strength can already … rival that of a level five mage?

Every single person thinks of this point in horror, if this is true, then one can only fear that this You XiaoMo’s potential is higher than Teng ZiXin’s.

Teng ZiXin looks at the number on the instrument with a stunned expression, this number ‘eight’ deeply and painfully stabs at her two eyes.

She actually barked up the wrong tree, who would’ve thought, the You XiaoMo whom she didn’t pay attention to just a moment ago is actually standing on the same level as her at this very moment. Although she reserved a bit of her strength appropriately this time, but the difference between a level four mage and a level five mage isn’t small.

Teng ZiXin quickly omits the shocked expression on her face and looks at You XiaoMo who’s standing to her side with a gaze showing he’s absorbed in his thoughts. Even though the Teng family isn’t lacking geniuses with high potentials, but if they can draw a genius like this to their side, it’s still beneficial for the Teng family.

Amidst the crowd, Chai Jun eyes are wide open and looks at this scene in disbelief.

He only snaps out of it after a very long time, his expression becomes temperamental in a split second and his gaze gradually reveals a hint of hate.

This person whom he’s always looked down upon, always waited to be embarrassed actually already stands at the high altitude he still hasn’t reached. This makes his complacent from just a while ago directly turn into great mockery. This strike isn’t small.

This result also leaves Elder GuanYong in great surprise, to the point where his eyes uncontrollably reveal his clear emotions. Back then when he saw You XiaoMo and Teng ZiXin finish at the same time, although he didn’t know the other’s number of distillations, but the feeling this youth gave him was quite special, that’s why he purposely planned for the two people to be tested at the same time. He didn’t think that the surprise would be so big!

Other than Elder Guan Yong, a few of DaoXin Academy’s daoshi’s gazes towards You XiaoMo also become unusually fiery, the one who’s the most excited is NingJing -daoshi. Her beautiful face is even slightly flushing.

“This You XiaoMo makes me so surprised.” Ning Jing -daoshi says as she pouts her lips.

Hearing that her voice is like she’s talking to herself, Gao Yang also nods his head, “It’s not only a surprise, I’m almost going to stop breathing, it’s very likely that he’ll become a level five mage before the age of 19. Back then, Teng ZiXin also rose a level at this age.”

NingJing-daoshi is pleasantly surprised, “GaoYang, you really have found a good student for me.”

She tested You XiaoMo herself, so strictly speaking, she is qualified to have the priority of being his daoshi, but You XiaoMo also has to agree with this.

Gao Yang smiles, “It’s you who has good luck.”

Behind these two people, Ling Xiao folds his arms and looks at You XiaoMo who’s feared, admired and envied by everyone, the corner of his lips reveal a smile with a hint of pride. Although he also likes the You XiaoMo from before, the You XiaoMo who’s now the cream of the crop attracts him even more, his heart beats frenziedly and his blood boils.

After a long time, those people who accidently went into stagnation finally take a deep breath in, the sounds of people whispering under their breaths become louder and louder, the gazes that look at You XiaoMo now aren’t belittling like before because with this level of strength, his achievements in the future might not be less than Teng ZiXin.

Elder Guan Yong adjusts his mentality, he looks towards You XiaoMo full of satisfaction and nods his head a few times in a row before smiling, “Pretty good, pretty good, I announce that both You XiaoMo and Teng ZiXin pass!”

Even though he willingly wanted to have such a high profile, You XiaoMo is still very excited, he doesn’t pay any attention to the fiery looks other people are giving him, instead he runs over to Ling Xiao without consulting anyone and can’t help but say, “Ling Xiao, I’m number one.”

Ling Xiao is very happy that the other ran over to tell him first, hints of pampering are revealed in those eyes beneath the mask, “Congratulations to you, continue to work hard, I believe you can do even better.”

You XiaoMo is excited and horrified.

This is Ling Xiao’s first time using this kind of tone to speak, he’s not really… used to it.

You XiaoMo shivers, “What about you congratulate me in a different way?”

Ling Xiao is angered that he laughs, he lifts his hand and knocks at the other’s head, “Okay, what about this way?”

You XiaoMo clutches his head and tears stream down his face, he really is looking for cruelty.

Because of You XiaoMo, Ling Xiao who was originally mingled quietly within the crowd now also catches everyone’s attention, seeing their intimate actions together, a few people start to predict his background. A man with such a temperament, maybe he comes from some powerful aristocratic family, but they haven’t heard of such a person before.

Thinking of this, some people can’t help but also become suspicious of You XiaoMo’s background, a young genius with such strength could probably only be trained with the power of a big family.

Just as they’re thinking of random thoughts impetuously, NingJing-daoshi asks exactly what they’ve all been dying to know.

“You XiaoMo, my question might be a bit bold, but I don’t know whether or not you have a shifu and who your shifu is, can you tell me?” Being capable of mentoring such a pupil, his Master’s reputation is definitely not small, NingJing-daoshi instantly goes through those high level mages who have been famous for a long period of time in her mind.

You XiaoMo is taken back and suddenly thinks of Kong Wen.

Although Kong Wen is his shifu by name, but he’s never taught him.

This kind of person can’t be considered to be his master, he also doesn’t want people to investigate into people from TianXin Sect.

But before he can open his mouth, Ling Xiao answers on his behalf, “He doesn’t have a shifu.”

NingJing–daoshi astonishingly says, “How could he not have a shifu, then he…”

Ling Xiao answers, “He is able achieve what he can today purely from his own hard work.”

NingJing-daoshi instantly becomes silent.

Those who had their ears perked up and were secretly listening on are stunned by You XiaoMo once again, their bodies sway and they clean out their ears with all their might. They didn’t hear incorrectly right? This genius who has a very high chance of being able to compete with Teng ZiXin is actually self-taught? Holy shit, he is clearly just a fudging abnormal!

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February 14, 2019 7:37 am

OMG I feel like a proud mother. This part excites me every time.

February 21, 2019 7:19 pm

Lol, I like this arc! YXM is getting a chance to really shine! And it’s not wrong – even with aid from LX and the dimension and occasional tips from his brothers, he did basically teach himself.

His honest rejection of LX’s good intentions was hilarious.

February 28, 2019 2:41 pm

LX really does pamper YXM.. that prideful look.. awww..
And our sweet Xiao MoMo running straight to LX.. how could LX not fall even more for him.. ❤❤❤❤❤

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So heartwarming 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

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Slam dunk!!! That’s shut the doubters up, but earned at least one enemy, as is always the case when there are those snobs with too high an opinion of themselves around 😠
Thanks for translating and editing.

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