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Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Chapter 233 Another Two Options

Translated by Yuanyulin

When the night came, You XiaoMo left Ling Xiao behind and went to his space.

Ever since they came to the north, You XiaoMo rarely let his Qiu team out, and it wasn’t because he didn’t want to, but because they chose to not go out. The aura inside the space is very thick, so it’s very suitable for them to practice. Besides, even if they go out, they have nothing to do. They figured they might as well just stay inside the space.

You XiaoMo had given them tasks to do, so, after a few discussions, they decided to rotate the tasks. They used ten days as a standard cycle. After ten days, another person would take over. When You XiaoMo arrived, it was PiQiu who was on duty.

PiQiu looked exactly the same as a few months ago, he didn’t have any changes at all; neither his height nor his weight. When one looked at his fat, one would instantly know that he got enough nutrition.

PiQiu was watering the magic herbs using magic water, when he saw You XiaoMo walk over, he immediately threw the water away and ran towards him. “Master, did you finally come to see me?” PiQiu asked happily with his two big round eyes. Looking at his expression, You XiaoMo couldn’t tell him the truth, so he said, “Yes, I came to see you guys.”

When he had just finished saying that sentence, there was a ‘pfftt’ sound coming from the direction of the lake. It was followed by a mocking voice, “Either you are just plain stupid, or you don’t want to admit it. There’s no way master would especially come here just to see you. He obviously is just about to take out a new magic herb seed, that’s the reason he came.”

The one who said that was Xiao Hei, his appearance looked so cool, but unfortunately he talks a lot, and his words were especially poisonous. He really made people’s teeth become itchy (hate to the point of wanting to bite the other person) just by listening to him. You XiaoMo already heard his sarcastic tone many times, so he had already gotten used to it. Besides, he knew, even though Xiao Hei has a sharp tongue, he actually has a gentle heart. Of course his gentle side was only towards them, to outsiders, his statement was usually only how he would treat them.
(Yuan’s note: Xiao Hei is the epitome of tsundere *cough cough*)

“Master, is what Xiao Hei just said true?” PiQiu looked at You XiaoMo anxiously.

You XiaoMo almost got a cold sweat on his face, so he immediately took out food from his magic bag. It was mutton that Ling Xiao preserved before. “PiQiu, eat this meat.”

PiQiu was already drooling when he smelled the meat, after that he immediately grabbed it and ran straight into the corner. Xiao Hei, who saw this, said ‘a good for nothing glutton’ coldly.

Although PiQiu was small, he is one hundred percent a glutton, especially for meat. Not to mention this mutton’s meat effect, even an ordinary demon beast’s meat would make him drool with envy. So everytime he saw him act like this, Xiao Hei would call him names.

PiQiu didn’t care. As long as he had meat, he wouldn’t mind being abused with a hundred or a thousand sentences.

After he dealt with PiQiu, You XiaoMo took a wooden basin from the blockhouse, and scooped out some magic water from the lake. He then put in all the magic herb seeds that Liu Yue gave him. The seeds were multicolored, just like the multicolored stones that You XiaoMo had in a fish tank in his previous life.

Talking about stones, he admired himself for his talent. Back then he had nothing in his rented room, he especially went to the market one day to buy some multicolored stones to pretty up his room. However, since he couldn’t afford fish, he had only bought the stones.

The seeds that Qingcao Court gave weren’t really plump, some of them were even already dehydrated and shriveled, almost as if they had already been abandoned. If they continued to be like this, they wouldn’t grow up well, so he had to puff them up for one night until the seeds could absorb all the magic water. This was so that he didn’t have to take special care of them.

You XiaoMo had already experimented with it before. He had sowed some seeds that were about to die, and it grew up so badly that he had to use a lot of energy to correct it. After he finished digging it up, You XiaoMo went to find SheQiu and the others. These days, they all took human form and sat in meditation positions at the lakeside to practice. In just a few months, they all had already leveled up one to two stars. They leveled up much faster compared when they were practicing at the Paradise Realm. After they received such a benefit, they all refused to go out.

After he saw them, You XiaoMo went to the dipper herb field. At first, he thought that the Dipper Stink Bugs were still in the middle of their metamorphosis process, because when he checked the information about Dipper Stink Bugs later, it said that the third metamorphosis would take a very long time. For some it would take up to half a year, while some even needed a year. But, it seemed like his only needed two months, because they were already playing tag with each other in the magic herb fields, having a good time.

You XiaoMo examined them and made sure that they didn’t have any problems, and realized that there wasn’t any difference from after their metamorphosis. Their sizes and colors were still the same as before, and here he thought that there would at least be some difference.

After PiQiu finished his meat, he ran to You XiaoMo with his two short legs and drum-like belly. You XiaoMo immediately gave him a task to sprinkle the seeds from inside the wooden basin in the magic herb field tomorrow. PiQiu patted his own meaty chest and ensured him that he will certainly complete this task.

Xiao Hei, who was at the lakeside, casually threw out a bomb, just like usual, “The blockhead who only knows how to eat, and the idiot who deceives his own family to count their gold coins.” (lying to others to do the job to make profit)

PiQiu: “……”

You XiaoMo: “……”

Xiao Hei, you’re too conceited! You don’t feel good if you don’t insult other people for a day, do you?!

You XiaoMo wiped off the blood he had vomited from Xiao Hei’s words. He coaxed PiQiu well before he left, promising that the next time he would reward him with 2.5 kg (5.5 pounds) of meat, which clearly shot straight into PiQiu’s heart, making him immediately throw all XiaoHei’s words behind him.

PiQiu, “Master, don’t worry, I will work super hard.”

XiaoHei, “…”

You XiaoMo had wanted to take a bath in the space at first, but Ling Xiao had forbidden him from doing so, because the Qiu team was inside there. Ling Xiao said that only he can see You XiaoMo’s body, so he took away his right to bathe inside the space. You XiaoMo had once put on a boycott, but it was suppressed ruthlessly, even his chrysthanthemum nearly got picked. Since then, You XiaoMo never dared to take a bath inside the space again, unless it was absolutely essential.

When You XiaoMo got out of the space, he had yet to react and Ling Xiao, who was standing beside the screen, looked at him with a “tender” face and waved his hand at You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo subconsciously walked over, as he took a step, he suddenly discovered there seemed to be something behind the screen.


You XiaoMo widened his 2.0 vision eyes, like an X-ray piercing through the screen. He could vaguely see a large bathtub that could hold three to four people, filled with hot water. The steam earlier was coming from the tub.


You XiaoMo silently took a step back, thinking something, very brutal ah. After what happened last time, You XiaoMo moved away from the bathtub. He couldn’t help but think about that obscene scene of that night they took a bath together.

The thing called ” help him bathe”, when someone really did all three options, You XiaoMo felt he really had lost big time.

Seeing him want to flee, Ling Xiao didn’t immediately stop him, he just smiled, a very tender smile, but it immediately gave You XiaoMo a chill up his spine, his body suddenly froze.

Ling Xiao gently said, “Xiao Momo, I’ll give you two choices. Either come here and take a bath, and I will be gentle with you tonight. Or we can take a bath tomorrow…”

“I choose the latter.” You XiaoMo didn’t wait for him to finish and chose the second option without hesitation.

Look at this! It had become his conditioned reflex! But after rethinking again, You XiaoMo felt that the latter choice seemed even more extreme than the first.

“Are you really sure?” Ling Xiao expression changed, first he looked at You XiaoMo with weird eyes, then he suddenly exposed a very immoral smile while asking You XiaoMo again.

You XiaoMo…was uncertain. This expression, why did it look so dangerous ah!

You XiaoMo swallowed his saliva, “That …. what did you say about the second option? I didn’t hear it clearly.”

Ling Xiao brightly smiled, wickedly looking at him. “The second choice is that we will do it tomorrow, but… I won’t promise I will hold myself back tonight.”

You XiaoMo,”…”

He swore to god, after this he definitely needed to give up on his halfass listening habit.

In the future, every word Ling Xiao said, he must listen to them loud and clear, or else he could easily fall into a trap.

You XiaoMo took a deep breath. He wouldn’t stupidly ask for a third choice, because with Ling Xiao’s IQ, he would definitely come up with a more vulgar and shameless method. Since You XiaoMo had experienced it two times, he realized if he still repeated this lowly mistake then he was definitely a dumbass.

But, the second option, he certainly wouldn’t choose it. They had to leave for the academy the day after tomorrow, and how could he forget about Ling Xiao’s stamina.

This man was not only savage in action, but his endurance was also top notch. Every time he would always do it more than twice. In the end, only You XiaoMo was the one to suffer. Which means he wouldn’t be able to leave the bed the next day, so…You XiaoMo could only choose the first choice.

“Come!” Ling Xiao once again waved at him.

You XiaoMo hesitated a little bit, dawdled, then came forward while bargaining, “Promise you will be gentle?”

Ling Xiao said, “As long as you obey, I will be gentle.”

You XiaoMo, “As long as you treat me gentle, I will obey.” Since his head was on the table anyway, and running would still result in death, he might as well have a clean death. Worse case scenario, he might have to stay on the toilet longer than normal.

Ling Xiao didn’t say a word. He just stared at You XiaoMo for awhile, before he seemingly, unwillingly gave a nod.

You XiaoMo, “…”

What…what was with the reluctant expression? Don’t tell me he really was trying to fool me?

You XiaoMo was obviously only ten steps away from Ling Xiao, yet he took nearly five whole minutes until he stopped walking, which really tickled someone’s patience. Ling Xiao then came over, picked him up and threw him into the tub to let the night begin. Which, he thought later, he should have done right from the start!

chrysanthemum: Ahem. If you do not know this term. I shall explain. In Chinese culture, due to the way a chrysanthemum blooms, many people have referenced that it looks similar to the asshole. Which, is why, ExR often uses the term “chrysanthemum milk tea” in many of our lewd, vulgar, uncultured jokes. If you can’t handle our jokes, you are free to not read them. Or, maybe you should go read  a Honey Q manga and see exactly how tame our jokes and comments are compared to others. You’ll also see the real version of “chrysanthemum milk tea”.

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Minnie ford
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