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Chapter 234 Points

Translated by Yuanyulin

As his snow white skin dyed with a flush color, You XiaoMo found himself on top of a man’s body while riding him in a daze. Both of his legs made a very promiscuous scene, the white upper garment was only covering half of his upper body. It was dimly visible that both of them were joining their bodies together.

A ‘pa pa’ (squelch squelch) sound was heard along with You XiaoMo’s body movement as he constantly moved up and down, making a certain rhythm. The man’s big arms were hugging You XiaoMo’s waist tightly and they wouldn’t let him go until half an incense later (hour). With his strong and unyielding arms, even if You XiaoMo had any strength and tried to fight back, he wouldn’t be able to move at all.

“Nggggghhhh…” a certain person finally couldn’t hold it back anymore and let out a moan, while growling in a loud voice, “Have you come yet?”

The man made a deep and low laughing sound, straightened up his body and hugged the youth. His movement was without any hesitation at all, as if telling him that he still has an abundance of energy to use. “We already agreed that we won’t stop after only one round, ne.”

You XiaoMo was silenced upon hearing that phrase, as if he got choked up. But then he quickly became angry. He held the man’s body, opened his mouth and bit the man’s shoulder, not caring even if he bit the man until he bled.

He was tricked again, Ling Xiao was simply just toying him. His one round was obviously two rounds according to normal people’s time, because You XiaoMo himself had already come two times, yet he still has no sign of cumming. If it continued to be like this, he would be the one who was going to be exhausted to death.

The man moaned a little and soon after, he sped up the rhythm, almost making the person on top of him fall down, and the room was filled with soft moans…

The next day You XiaoMo lay down on top of the bed for half the day, he didn’t come out even after noon.

He actually wanted to stroll around the business district, but he miscalculated. That beast Ling Xiao didn’t give him any opportunity to do that. They agreed to do it lightly, but because he bit him, he did it violently over and over again.

Long story short, he lost again!

While he was recuperating for almost a day, You XiaoMo didn’t know that his name was already spreading out.

Although he could get out of the bed, he already lost his mood to stroll around.

It wasn’t until the morning of their departure, when the sky just started to lighten, that he decided to go downstairs leisurely.

At first, he thought there wasn’t anything downstairs, but it turned out when he hadn’t even descended yet, he already heard noises coming out from the hall. One after another, it seemed like they were discussing something energetically.

When he reached the bottom of the stairs, You XiaoMo spotted Ling Xiao sitting in the corner. However, the seats were rather one-sided, so it was quiet. You XiaoMo went and sat in front of Ling Xiao, asking, “Where is Liu Yue?”

Ling Xiao put down his teacup, laughed then said, “It’s still early in the morning, and you already are talking about another man in front of me?”

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes, he was just asked about Liu Yue, and he accused him of talking about another man?

With a smile on his face, Ling Xiao looked at You XiaoMo rolling his eyes, and knew that he was in a fit of anger, so he said, “I told him to assemble at the square first. You should eat something light first to fill your stomach and we will go there after that.”

You XiaoMo suddenly threw him a ‘you’re smart!’ look.

Ling Xiao smirked. As expected, this little guy right here, you just need to coax him a bit, and then he’ll forget all his anger.

After he ate breakfast, You XiaoMo left the room and then went to the plaza hurriedly with Ling Xiao. Along the way, he heard many people talking about him. But because nobody knew his appearance, nobody came out to him.

Half an hour later, they finally reached the square. The square wasn’t as swarmed as it had been two days ago.

As soon as they arrived, Ning Jing-daoshi immediately found them, and shortly registered them.

Although they got up early, they didn’t come early enough. Lots of students came much earlier to give a good impression toward the tutors. Of course, that included those standoffish clans’ disciples. Due to the amount of people, the tutors had begun to distribute them, and let some of the students go to the academy first.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao came at a good time, Ning Jing-daoshi just happened to be distributing the people. The mentors were fewer than practitioners, so they could depart earlier. Although Ling Xiao was a martial art student at the academy, since he was together with You XiaoMo, she made an exception and let them leave together.

Dao Xin Academy is not far from Yan City, it takes only half a day by riding the gigantic firebird.

During this time, Ning Jing-daoshi took the opportunity to explain to them what and where they should pay attention to.

You XiaoMo leaned on Ling Xiao’s body, lazing off while listening no Ning Jing-daoshi’s explanation.

Dao Xin Academy also has a martial arts department and a mage department, divided by Block One and Block Two, both school blocks have different locations. Due to the fact that they are in Block Two, Ning Jing-daoshi was explaining Block Two rules.

First of all, they have to know that students need points at Dao Xin Academy. Since level four is the minimum standard to join Dao Xin Academy, Block Two doesn’t lack geniuses. Therefore, if the new students who just enrolled want to survive smoothly and steadily here, they have to put away their pridefulness and belittling attitudes.

Apart from that, Dao Xin Academy having two school blocks there were also two wards named Ward A and Ward B. Between them, Ward B had the lower grades. Most of them were freshmen, and their grades were not very high; while Ward A students were seniors with higher strength, first rate students. The difference between both school blocks lie in the treatment towards the students. To get better treatment, they have to work hard.

There were two ways to climb up from Ward B to Ward A.

The first was to train hard, and students could move immediately to Ward A as soon as they became a level seven mage.

The second was to participate in Dao Xin Academy’s annual competition, and the top ten would have the opportunity to move into Ward A.

But thanks to that, there were many mages participating in that competition every year, and all of them were talented students. That’s why it was difficult to get into the top ten position. Before that, there was one problem that all new students had to watch out for, that is, the trading currency at Dao Xin Academy.

Dao Xin Academy didn’t use crystal coins or gold coins, instead, they used a point system inside the school. Points worked just like crystal coins, it is an essential thing inside Dao Xin Academy. You couldn’t trade your crystal coins for points, it could only be acquired through one’s own talent and effort at school. So… the crystal points that You XiaoMo earned by selling magic pills two days ago became useless.

After he heard this information, You XiaoMo’s head that was leaning on Ling Xiao’s shoulder suddenly slipped off. If Ling Xiao didn’t catch him, he might have hit the ground.

This action immediately caught Ning Jing-daoshi’s attention who was speaking, and looked at him concerned, “You XiaoMo, what’s wrong with you. Do you have any questions?”

You XiaoMo immediately sat up straight and shook his head, “I’m fine, daoshi.”

Ning Jing-daoshi nodded her head, and began to continue explaining again.

However, this brief interlude caused many people to focus on You XiaoMo and the geniuses from the four big clans that were sitting on the same gigantic flame bird as him. Some of them who only heard rumors about him but had never seen him were stretching their necks to look at him.

You XiaoMo wasn’t in any mood to care about what were they thinking, because he felt like crying.

He never thought that he wouldn’t be able to use his money when he entered Dao Xin Academy. It felt as if he had a golden mountain, but later found out that he couldn’t even use the golden mountain.

You XiaoMo suddenly became low-spirited.

Ling Xiao guessed what was inside his mind, but couldn’t do anything. This method was essential for Dao Xin Academy. It was fair to all students, and it also motivated students to work hard in order to get points initiatively, killing two birds with one stone.

“Ai!” You XiaoMo made a heavy sigh, he found out that the jade drive that he bought at Xian Ji Lou last time actually had this information. However, the news was in the farthest part, so he quickly forgot about it, and it just came to his mind now, after finding out the truth.

In that corner, the matter regarding points was explained in detail.

It was worth to be mentioned, that points was also one condition when one moved from Ward B to Ward A, and points also were used almost everywhere. So it’s important for freshmen to start earning points as soon as they entered the school.

Around two hours later, the gigantic fire bird finally arrived at Dao Xin Academy.

Dao Xin Academy was located halfway up the mountain outside of Yan City. It is said that the entire top of the mountain belongs to Dao Xin Academy. The view from the air was spectacular, just like a rare, vicious beast that was hibernating.

When the gigantic firebird started to land, Ning Jing-daoshi said happily, with a flush on her face, “Everyone, listen. Gather up all your belongings, we’re about to enter the academy.”

After that, there was a rustling sound, and everyone began to pack up the things they had brought out before. Even so, there were still some trash bags left over from their snacks.

Ten seconds later, the gigantic fire bird really started to land, just like what Ning Jing-daoshi had said. You XiaoMo could even feel that his body felt weightless in an instant. Fortunately, it didn’t last for long, which was followed by the sound of the other gigantic fire birds that arrived one after another.



One incense time: in ancient china, the time needed to burn an incense was around an hour, that’s why one incense time is an hour.

Ai! (哎!) : interjection of surprise or disapprobation like hey!; why?!; how dare you!

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