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Chapter 304: The Silver-haired Man

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The arch-enemy of Young Master Chai, Great Master Duan’s disciple, and the winner of Ward B’s tournament – You XiaoMo!

The only one who would dare to hurl insults at Young Master Chai in front of so many was only You XiaoMo.

Even the Young Master Chai was suffering losses at his hands, not to mention that he was only a little minion. However, he could not continue to be humiliated, otherwise, there would be consequences when he returned to the Stone sect.

You XiaoMo totally did not have any interest in their bullshit. He candidly called Rong Xuan and Qin Zhang over and had walked away. When the man recovered his senses, the figures of the three had already walked to the entrance of the Cultivation Center.

The man was about to open his mouth to shout at them to stop, but when he saw the Elder standing at the entrance of the Cultivation Center, he involuntarily shut his mouth. Since the beginning, the Elders had never looked kindly upon students who initiated trouble.

In the midst of the jeers from the crowd, the man could only furiously walk away, with his group following behind.

After entering the Cultivation Center, Qin Zhang called out pleasantries to them before leaving for the Black card zone. Qin Zhang did not have a Purple card. However, Rong Xuan had one which was exchanged when both were still in Ward B.

At that time, everyone in Yan group spent a good amount of time and energy in order to save five thousand points for the card. Therefore, that Purple card actually belonged to everybody, therefore the two decided to take turns with the card.

You XiaoMo had been amazed by their relationship.

Unless the relations between them were that of sworn brothers or lovers, it was impossible for their relationship to be so strong to the extent that both the Purple card and the points inside were shared between them.

He later found out that although Rong Xuan and Qin Zhang were not brothers, they had a rapport closer than blood brothers. Rong Xuan and Qin Zhang were childhood friends who had already went through trials and tribulations and confronted life and death together.

Such a pure friendship was very rare!

“Fellow Brother You, are you intending to go to the Red card zone?” Rong Xuan asked as they walked.

Both had long known that You XiaoMo had a Red card, but there was no jealousy, only some admiration. Though that Red card was not gained by his own efforts, with You XiaoMo’s strength, he would have gotten one sooner or later.

You XiaoMo smiled and nodded, “Correct, the cultivation speed in the Red card zone is faster. Unfortunately, only one person can enter with a single card.”

Otherwise he would be able to bring Ling Xiao inside too.

Rong Xuan smiled, “The relationship between you and Ling Xiao seems good?”

You XiaoMo’s steps stuttered for a moment, “The relationship between Qin Zhang and you is so close. Ling Xiao and mine can certainly be the same.”

Rong Xuan replied, “That’s not what I meant. I just feel that the relationship between the two of you seems even better than Qin Zhang and I. Are the two of you brothers?”

You XiaoMo lightly blushed and he recalled what Ling Xiao had said to him before, ‘When other people ask about our relationship, he could not say that they were friends again’. Although Ling Xiao was not here now, there was no guarantee that Rong Xuan would not spill the beans in the future.

He hesitated for a while, before he whispered, “We are not brothers. But to me, Ling Xiao is a… …very important person, more important than family.”

Rong Xuan was slightly surprised, “You guys are…”

You XiaoMo immediately cut him off, “You don’t need to speak your thoughts about this aloud, just keep it in your heart.”

Rong Xuan, “…Okay.”

The more Rong Xuan looked at him, the redder You XiaoMo’s face became, and You XiaoMo quickly said, “We’ve reached the Purple card zone. You can go inside now, I’m leaving.”

When he finished speaking, he ran off.

Rong Xuan was in a bit of a daze. He had never thought that You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao would have that kind of relationship. Although it was a little unbelievable, the feeling of them together was not unacceptable.

Only until he could not see Rong Xuan’s figure did You XiaoMo slow down. It was really embarrassing to death, but he finally said it out loud. To tell the truth, it had not been as hard to say out loud as he had imagined. On the contrary, it gave him a relaxed feeling of being relieved of a burden.

Ling Xiao would not be able to have any criticisms about this. You XiaoMo could not refrain from letting out a small smile when he thought about it. Waking at a relaxed pace, he arrived at the entrance of the Red card zone with the surprised gazes of the people around on him.

The current situation was just like that of the Purple card zone. Before he could even enter, his way was barred by an elder guarding the entrance.

“Entry into the Red card zone is only permitted with the possession of a Red card. If you do not have one, please leave!”

The elder gave a glance to You XiaoMo and soon turned his gaze away. It was evident that he did not think that You XiaoMo possessed a Red card. However this was not surprising, as there were less than ten people who had a Red card within the entire Ward A. Since the elder was the one regularly guarding the entrance, he would definitely recognize those few, and it was absurd for those people to loan their card out to others.

You XiaoMo had long known that this situation would occur, so he plainly opened his hand. Incredibly, a glowing red crystal card appeared on the palm of his hand.

The elder’s lazy look changed in an instant. His eyes peered at You XiaoMo’s card, and after a long while, he said with an odd expression, “You can enter now.”

You XiaoMo kept his card away, and smiled, “Thank you, Elder!”

That elder looked at You XiaoMo’s back, and whispering at a volume only he could hear, he said, “So this is him ah, he actually looks quite fair and clear…”

The fair and clear You XiaoMo walked into the area.

The Red card zone was different from the two other areas. There were a total of thirty one stone rooms arranged in a circle. The circumference was small and he spent two to three minutes to walk one round.

However, there was one thing which puzzled him; he had only found thirty rooms. Tong YueXu had clearly told him that there were thirty one rooms in the Red card zone, but no matter how many times he counted, there were only thirty rooms.

You XiaoMo did not believe that Tong YueXu would get it wrong. There was definitely some reason for this.

Just at this moment, the three stone rooms at his left suddenly opened. Two men and a woman walked out from each room. The three suddenly noticed his presence, and were clearly stunned for a moment, possibly because he was unfamiliar to them.

You XiaoMo was also surprised. All three were handsome men and women, and their appearances were the extremely good-looking kind. One of them even had a head of beautiful silver hair. The only drawback was that his face was somewhat cold. However, Ling Xiao was still handsome and beautiful when compared to them.

The woman had already gotten over her surprise and she lightly frowned, “Who are you? Why are you here in the Red card zone?”

Do you really need to ask this question?

Of course he had entered using a Red card. He had seen many wearing the same expression, but it was true that his situation was really a bit unbelievable.

You XiaoMo clasped his hands and replied, “Greeting seniors, I am a new student called You XiaoMo. I would be in your care in the future.”

Once he said this, the three suddenly understood.

The woman had a strange facial expression, “Are the new students nowadays so capable?”

Without even waiting for You XiaoMo to reply, the silver-haired man had already walked away without a word. The other male chuckled before he too followed behind. A subtle hint of anxiety flashed in the woman’s eyes and without even a goodbye, she hurriedly walked away.

Looking at the silhouettes of the three retreating backs, You XiaoMo just felt bewildered. But since they were inside here, they were possibly the one of the best twenty experts on the top hundred rankings.

In the end, he was still unable to figure out where exactly the thirty-first room was.

You XiaoMo could only give up on his search for answers, as he randomly chose an empty stone room. The structure of the stone room was a little different from the ones in the two other areas. There were no low stone daises, instead there were only two stone beds.

It looked like one could sleep here. But…You XiaoMo felt that it was a little tasteless, as he believed that there would not be anyone who would deliberately spend twelve points to run over here to sleep, unless that person’s brain had been squeezed by a door.
t/n: squeezed by a door: stupid, or someone with a problem in the head.

However he forgot that there was someone who might indeed do this.

You XiaoMo swiped his card at the indentation in front of the stone bed, and left his card there. The points in his card dropped by twelve again. This type of spending was really too luxurious.

He had to concentrate on his cultivation now and would certainly have less time to refine pills as compared to before. The earning rate of points would naturally slow down, therefore no matter how many points there were left in the card, he still felt distressed when he saw it drop.

You XiaoMo crossed his legs and sat on top of the stone bed.

He soon experienced the difference between the Red card zone and Purple card zone. The difference could no longer be measured in numbers; instead, it was a qualitative leap.

No wonder Ling Xiao said that the nearer the origin of the leyline, the faster the cultivation speed.

In just three hours, he discovered that the luminous bodies in his sea of consciousness were approaching their full capacity. This implied that he was on the verge of breaking through to become a mid-grade level six mage.

It was as if You XiaoMo had eaten a stimulant. Not only was the space between his eyebrows absorbing the pure energy underneath, even the pores on his skin seemed to have opened up, happily absorbing the energy.

The passage of time passed virtually unnoticed. You XiaoMo’s body suddenly jolted, a hint of an abnormal flush rose on his cheeks, and a roaring sound echoed in his consciousness. Something inside his body seemed to have exploded.

It was only six seconds, then that feeling vanished, and he gradually felt a majestic spirit power re-agglomerating…

When You XiaoMo opened his eyes, the spirit power surging in his body had finally quieted down. He spread his palms ad, sure enough, he had a breakthrough. This time, the time he took to breakthrough was faster than ever and had broken his own record again.

You XiaoMo jumped down from the stone bed and extracted his card from the indentation. With one look, he discovered that the points inside had decreased by thirty six points. Only then did he realize that three days had passed.

Three days was not considered a long time, when he recalled the time he went into closed-door cultivation several times for a month in the TianXin Sect. However, when he thought that Ling Xiao might be waiting for him, You XiaoMo immediately took his card back and ran out.

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