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Chapter 331: Cultivation

Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Despite being a low grade transcendent level manual, the Buddha’s Willow Standard was introduced inside. If one practiced this soul training manual with someone stronger than themself, especially with a practitioner, then the effectiveness would be doubled and could be on par with a mid grade transcendent level manual.

This was such an attractive method to cultivate. Sometimes You XiaoMo wondered if Shifu wasn’t so old, and was slightly younger, maybe even he would swallow his pride and cultivate this way.

Nevertheless, this soul training manual was simply tailor made for You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao.

It said on the manual that one must find a strong partner to cultivate with. The greater the difference in power, the better it was for the Mage. With Ling Xiao’s power, there was no doubt that it had surpassed You XiaoMo’s by a great deal.

Of course, Dual Cultivation, as one could guess from its name, was meant to help take both parties to a higher level. Ling Xiao would also benefit, but since he was so strong, it would hardly be significant.

That night when the sky had just turned dark, You XiaoMo was dragged onto the bed by Ling Xiao.

Since he decided to cultivate using the Buddha’s Willow Standard, he had no choice but to give up on the Heavenly Soul Scripture even if he was reluctant to do so. After all, he had already cultivated till the third stage and was reaching the fourth.

Ling Xiao was much more enthusiastic than him.

“Your Shifu certainly had the foresight. Who knew this soul training manual would come in handy.” Ling Xiao remarked.

The corners of his mouth twitched. You XiaoMo really wanted to bash Ling Xiao from the bottom of his heart. The manual was not even the slightest bit related to him.

Ling Xiao wrapped his arms around his waist and carried him to bed. He smiled at You XiaoMo and said, “Every moment of the spring night is worth a thousand pieces of gold. Let’s not waste any more time and begin.”

Immediately after he finished he sentence, he reached over to strip the clothes off You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo slapped his hand away. “I’ll do it myself.”

What a pity, Ling Xiao thought.

Hmph! You XiaoMo ignored him. While his mouth said no, his heart was looking forward to it.

A minute later, the two of them had stripped off their outer coats, leaving them in their underwear. They were sitting on the bed and facing each other almost naked!

Embarrassment crept up You XiaoMo’s face. On the other hand, Ling Xiao had a face full of mirth.

The Buddha’s Willow Standard had very strict requirements for people doing Dual Cultivation. In particular, the pair had to be highly, if not perfectly, compatible with each other. Simply put, the two people must have chemistry. Without chemistry, the fullest potential of using the Buddha’s Willow Standard could not be realised.

Ling Xiao peeled the pants off You Xiao Mo’s legs and couldn’t get enough of touching his perky butt. This time around, they cut down on the foreplay. When You XiaoMo was sufficiently stretched, he buried himself deep within You XiaoMo’s body.

Feeling stretched to the limit, You XiaoMo let out a huff of breath. He raised one leg and forced himself to relax, wanting to get use to organ that was getting bigger inside him.

Ling Xiao buried his face in You XiaoMo’s neck and slowly expelled the breath he was holding. Even when he hadn’t started moving, he could already feel a numbing sensation within him.

Ling Xiao licked his lips. He really wanted to start thrusting now.

However, after seeing the youth’s body beneath him flushed from passion yet trying hard to suppress it, he decided against doing so. Thrusting could wait until cultivation was over.

Ling Xiao pulled his waist closer and sat You XiaoMo on top of him, closing the distance where they were connected. “Are you done?” He asked, voice already husky from desire.

“Yea…” You XiaoMo huffed and let out a small moan as he slightly readjusted his position.

While it was only a small movement, it still fanned his desire, causing his member to widen in girth.He embraced You XiaoMo tightly. Being able to enter but not devour him certainly felt horrible.

Considering it was their first time doing Dual Cultivation, they weren’t very familiar with the steps but it’d get better with more practice.

“Let’s start.” You XiaoMo said as he blushed.

In that moment, a pale blue crystal started turning in his mind. The surface of his skin started to glow with many colors. His soul was projecting.

Ling Xiao lowered his head and kissed him. Following the instructions on the Buddha’s Willow Standard manual, they began to cultivate…

Deep into the silent night, moans of pleasure could be heard. Under the moonlight, two silhouettes embraced tightly, tangled up in each other’s limbs. Heated breaths brushed across a youthful face drowned in passion. Accompanied by pleasured moans, tongues danced sensually together between locked lips, only parting unwillingly when You XiaoMo was out of breath.

Ling Xiao buried his head in the crook of his neck, lapping and sucking at the expense of his nape hungrily. Everywhere he touched, he left a trail of angry red love bites.

You XiaoMo parted his lips, panting hard.

The traces of pain and numbness on his neck blurred together. He couldn’t help himself and let out a moan he wasn’t able to suppress.

The loud slapping of skin on skin never seemed to cease.

You XiaoMo finally couldn’t take it and pushed the body above him.

“Too… too fast… you…ahh…slow down…” he complained.

There weren’t many steps on the Buddha’s Willow Standard, therefore Dual Cultivation shouldn’t take long. They actually finished cultivating two hours ago, but…

The friction from Dual Cultivation had awoken their desires, so strong as if they were drowned by a crashing wave. You XiaoMo wasn’t sure if it was because Ling Xiao had been pent up for too long, as his movements became more forceful.

Hearing his pleas, a husky, desire laden voice spoke into his ear. “Do you really mean it?” Ling Xiao chuckled.

As You XiaoMo wished, the aggressive thrusting slowed.

Yet, the movements that felt hundred times slower teased You XiaoMo’s senses even more. The tingling numbness felt like thousands of ants crawling over his body, this might as well be another form of torture.

You XiaoMo didn’t want to lose. He gritted his teeth and suppressed his moans.

Ling Xiao laughed again.

Just when You XiaoMo was guessing what he would do next, the stretch he felt behind was suddenly replaced with a hollow feeling within. Ling Xiao had withdrawn his member.

You XiaoMo stared in shock.

In the next second, Ling Xiao entered him again. He pushed his member in bit by bit, slowly rubbing against You XiaoMo’s inner walls. This time, the tingling numbness felt amplified by a few hundred times.

The fact that his body was modified by spiritual water made him more sensitive than ever. You XiaoMo couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Move it, you asshole… ahh…”

“Now do you still want me to slow down?” Ling Xiao laughed devilishly beside his ear.

You XiaoMo blushed furiously. “No.”

He suddenly regretted cultivating the Buddha’s Willow Standard. If every night was going to be like this, he might as well cultivate using the Heavenly Soul Scripture.

Receiving the answer he wanted, Ling Xiao gave a satisfied laugh and delivered one powerful thrust. Waves of pleasure coursed through his veins from the delicious friction, seeming many times stronger than what he usually felt. You XiaoMo screamed as he reached his release.

This is so not worth it. You XiaoMo thought bitterly.

As he was spent, his member had already softened. You XiaoMo was debating whether to help Ling Xiao with his release when suddenly, he was grabbed down there. A few strokes later and he was up again.

You XiaoMo stared at his hardened member frustratingly. Seems like men really think with their dicks. In the past, he completely wouldn’t agree with this statement. Now, he couldn’t even deny it.

The night went on until the the break of dawn.

When You XiaoMo woke up, he felt as if his body had been dismantled and reassembled again.

His legs and the place where they were connected last night, he couldn’t feel them anymore.

Noticing him stir, Ling Xiao returned from the outer chamber. He handed a cup of water after seeing You XiaoMo’s cracked lips.

You XiaoMo accepted it. His throat felt so parched as if it was on fire. Must have been too loud last night… Suddenly, he thought of something and spluttered, spraying water all over Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo couldn’t be bothered about that. He grabbed Ling Xiao by the collar and asked, “Did anyone hear us last night?”

He forgot that the dormitories of Ward A and Ward B were different. The rooms were closer to each other and it wasn’t a small pavilion. Just being slightly louder and others would hear. With how loud he was being last night, he definitely had been heard by others.

Ling Xiao held his hands. “Don’t worry. I erected a barrier last night. No one can hear.”

You XiaoMo wasn’t worried anymore.

“Oh yes, you’ve levelled up.” Ling Xiao said it so plainly as if he was saying, ‘Oh, have you eaten yet?’

You XiaoMo paused for a moment. Last night he was so focused on something else he didn’t even take stock of the results from Dual Cultivation.

It couldn’t be that he’d levelled up to high grade level 7 in one night. That was too fast.

You XiaoMo happily did a check and he was stunned.

In one night, he leaped from middle grade to low grade level 8. How was that possible?

Seeing his stunned expression, Ling Xiao had expected it.

As he sat by the bed he said, “The difference in our levels is too large. This result is expected, but I suspect the change in levels won’t be that significant anymore in future. Doing it a few more times shouldn’t be a problem.”

You XiaoMo raised his head and looked at him before cursing, “Fuck you!”

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