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Sorry everyone for not having a release yesterday. We all got swamped with finishing up some things for the Lunar New Year that we actually forgot to translate the chapter! So sorry for that!

Chapter 330: Inheriting Soul Training Technique

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The next day, You XiaoMo went to see the old man alone.

He originally thought that it would take half a month before the old man came back, but he could guess the reason.

With such a major event having occurred at DaoXin Academy, and as one of the eight heads, the old man had a responsibility to take on, so of course he couldn’t be lazy.

~Magic Herb Garden

You XiaoMo found the old man in the Pill Refining room, it had been months since he had been back, at a moment of joy he rushed over and patted the old man on the shoulder, “Shifu, I’m back.”

Duan QiTian slowly turned his head around with an expression that could only be described as ominous.
In surprise, You XiaoMo’s hands jerked back and let out a dry laugh. He had forgotten about the double personality. Waking up this early with that kind of an expression, it had to be the second, ill-tempered personality and he had just patted him on the shoulder.


With a snort and a face of displeasure, the old man said, “I don’t see you for a few months and you sure got courageous.”

All You XiaoMo could do was let out a dry chuckle, and only that, “No…Disciple’s got no guts, no matter how much guts I eat, it wouldn’t work either.”

In anger the old man shouted, “Why are you still standing there stupidly, come and help.”

With a string of ‘yes’, You XiaoMo quickly followed. He wasn’t about to bring up the Heavenly Soul Scripture to the second personality, who knows which one actually wanted to teach him that soul training technique.

Before he knew it, four hours had passed working in and out.

You XiaoMo looked up to see the sun shining brightly and wiped the sweat from his face. It should have been time for lunch, but he was still working. He knew meeting the second personality was a bad idea.

Just as he was muttering to himself, the old man’s voice came suddenly from the Pill Refining Room.
“Dumbass, what are you standing around for? Get over here.”

You XiaoMo walked over compliantly. The old man’s just being crazy again, this was not the time to rub him in the wrong way, or else he would drive him out.

As he arrived in Pill Refining room, the old man was not refining pills or distilling herbs but rather drinking tea. Speaking of the tea room, You XiaoMo really had to roast him. The second personality liked tea more than the first! They say tea is good for self-cultivation, but he felt the opposite, the more he drank the worse the temper.

You XiaoMo. Asked, “Shifu, what do you need me for?”

The old man shot him a look of disdain, “Didn’t we get your roommate to tell you yesterday? Do you not bring your ears outside?”

With happiness, You XiaoMo’s ears excluded all the displeasing content of that sentence. The old man was finally going to teach him the Heavenly Soul Scripture. His four hours had not been wasted.

Excitedly You XiaoMo asked, “Shifu, when will we be start?”

The old man snorted and looked at him, “Half a year and you have gotten a level higher, an okay speed. What soul training manual are you using right now?”

You XiaoMo went blank for a second, shit, he couldn’t say he was practicing the Heavenly Soul Scripture.

Seeing that he wasn’t getting a response, the old man narrowed his eyes, a hint of light flashing in them, “What? You can’t say?”

You XiaoMo quickly replied, “No, my current soul training manual is a manual called I Ching, a low grade high level manual.”

This was the manual he had gotten from the Paradise Realm, although he had never used it, he had briefly scanned through it. If the old man asked more, he could recall a few lines.

However, the old man didn’t continue, instead he let out a snort and tsundere like, “The manual is okay, but as my disciple, that’s not good enough. If people knew my disciple was using a low grade manual, that would put shame to my name.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes sparked with that, he was waiting for this. Quickly teach me that soul training technique.

As expected, the old man continued, “I have a better soul training manual, take it and learn from it. Don’t let anyone know, especially your da shixiong Qiu Ran. You understand?”

“Understood!” You XiaoMo immediately nodded, but stopped half way through, “Eh?”

Why couldn’t da shixiong know about this? Didn’t he learn the Heavenly Soul Scripture too? Of course, he didn’t dare ask that out loud since it would take a while to explain how he knew.

The old man didn’t see his confusion and threw him a jade drive, “The content of that manual is all in this jade drive. Go through it quickly and destroy it afterwards.”

While You XiaoMo was holding the jade drive, he felt an unexplainable feeling. After he finished talking, the old man got up and left, leaving him in the tea room. You XiaoMo stood still staring at the jade drive. It wasn’t until half a hour later did his conscious leave the drive and he took a deep breath.

This was an soul training manual called Buddha’s Willow Standard.

Even if it wasn’t the Heavenly Soul Scripture, he assumed that the old man was going to give him a mid grade or high grade high level manual, but not a low grade transcendent level soul training manual.

Although he was not originally from this word, living here for a few years had taught him how rare transcendent level manuals were. It was the equivalent to an Elemental Essence in value, but the old man just tossed it over like it was nothing. You XiaoMo felt touched.

It wasn’t the Heavenly Soul Scripture, but it was still a huge surprise.

No wonder he couldn’t let Qiu Ran know, if he knew that theri Shifu had a better manual, but didn’t teach him, he might have other thoughts. He didn’t know what happened between them for them to be so cautious of each other, but he was on the side of his Shifu.

After reading the manual in the jade drive multiple times and remembering everything by heart, he followed the orders of the old man and destroyed it. When he walked out, the old man was standing in front of a bookshelf, facing away fiddling with something.

Once he walked closer he heard him talking. “Did you remember everything?”

“I memorized it, the jade drive has been destroyed too.”

“Good, from now on train from that manual. If you don’t understand anything, figure it out yourself and don’t ask me.”

“…” Shouldn’t you say, ask away?

The old man seemed to realize his phrasing was a little odd. He let out a cough and explained, “Your shifu didn’t learn that manual, so you have to figure everything out yourself.”

“But why didn’t you learn this?” You XiaoMo asked carefully.

The old man wasn’t going to hide anything about the topic, but he did look awkward. That was so out of character that You XiaoMo’s eyes widened and he stared blankly.

The old man went from embarrassment to anger and screamed, “What are you looking at? This is a dual cultivation manual! How is an old man like me a good fit!”

You XiaoMo “…” Dual, dual cultivation manual? Don’t think he was illiterate. He knew very well what these words meant.

Ah, the reason he wasn’t allowed to ask was this…dual cultivation, he couldn’t help but imagine the old man soul training with the Buddha’s Willow Standard, two old men…

My god it was horrid!

With this You XiaoMo could only stutter out, “Shi shi shi…shifu, if this is a dual cultivation manual, w-w-why did you give it to me…?”

The old man flushed red with embarrassment and anger, giving him a look, “Don’t think I didn’t realize you and that roommate of yours are in that kind of a relationship.”

You XiaoMo’s face turned red. Although he wasn’t hiding it, being told out loud was still awkward. Especially because it was his Shifu.

The old man calmed down his tone, “Although, this manual doesn’t have to be dual, you can do it alone, but this will have a lesser effect. If you really don’t want to, then just train solo. Anyways, just get out if you’re done.” With that he shooed him away.

As You XiaoMo was walking away, his head was still in shambles. An elder knew about him and Ling Xiao’s relationship and gave them a dual soul training manual, it still felt unreal. In his mind, if people didn’t disprove of the relationship that was enough.

You XiaoMo stood still and turned around to look at the pill refinery.

Although dual cultivation was embarrassing, he did it often with Ling Xiao, so it wasn’t anything he couldn’t accept. Better yet, he was in a rush to get stronger, so this was welcomed.

By the time he got back to his room, Ling Xiao was already there.

When he saw You XiaoMo’s face, he couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

You XiaoMo fiddled around for bit before hesitantly telling him about the dual soul training manual. But just after he finished, he regretted it as Ling Xiao’s expression was very peculiar.

He swore he saw pink bubbles floating around Ling Xiao and that grin was as evil as evil got. He couldn’t help but feel an evil chill as if he dug himself into a hole. From now on, Ling Xiao would have an excuse to get him into bed whenever he wanted.

Ling Xiao put his hands around You XiaoMo’s waist and tugged him inside with a bright smile, “XiaoMo, come, let us get inside. Tell me everything about the manual and we’ll explore it together…”

You XiaoMo “…”

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