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Chapter 337: More Than Two Groups

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo easily managed to fish for the information he wanted from them.

There had definitely been some people who came to Peach Blossom Village to look for information a while ago. The one who met them at that time was the second son of Jiang TaoEr’s uncle. This was also the middle-aged man who had recognized You XiaoMo, Jiang Tao.

Although Jiang Tao was already forty plus years old, he seldom left Peach Blossom Village and was inexperienced in the ways of the world. He divulged about everything once those people started fishing for information. However, even if he did not spill the beans, the affair about Jiang TaoEr was not a secret in Peach Blossom Village. They would also be able to get the same information if they randomly asked someone of the older generation.

As they had suspected, those people had come searching for You XiaoMo and even asked if You XiaoMo’s father had left anything for his son.

But Jiang Tao did not know about that as they did not live under the same roof in the first place. However, some information was still leaked out. For example, the information that You XiaoMo had been taken away by people from the TianXin Sect. This was also the reason why those people would come knocking on the TianXin Sect’s door.

Jiang Tao did not know that You XiaoMo’s great grandfather knew about this matter.

However, his great grandfather would probably not speak about this even if he knew, as this was something that happened a long time ago. In addition, it was also something that concerned their own family and there was no reason to tell outsiders about it.

You XiaoMo did not dare tarry too long in Peach Blossom Village. He was afraid to implicate them and after getting the information he wanted, he left together with Ling Xiao.

Before leaving, he left some low-grade magic pills for his uncle’s family as they were unable to use middle-grade or high-grade magic pills. Those magic pills were all beneficial for the body and some could even extend one’s life, letting them really live to be a hundred years old.

The old man was reluctant to part with You XiaoMo but he still allowed him to leave.

On the day they left, the old man specially accompanied him to the entrance of the village.

You XiaoMo repeatedly turned to look back at every step. Within a few short hours, he had already regarded the old man as his great grandpa. Finally, he had been carried away by Ling Xiao while in the midst of being reluctant to part.

“Put me down, I can walk by myself.” You XiaoMo protested.

Ling Xiao turned a deaf ear. Only when they had walked till the Peach Blossom Village could not be seen did he let You XiaoMo go.

With an ‘ ouch’, You XiaoMo landed butt first on the ground.

Ling Xiao ignored his plaintive gaze, and thoughtfully said, “Seems like it is as Ye Han had said. There are definitely two or more groups looking for us.”

You XiaoMo swallowed back the questions he was preparing to ask, and instead questioned, “Why do you say as such?”

Ling Xiao replied, “You dunce. If that Dong Shen was the person who came to Peach Blossom Village, he should have known your name. But from the circumstances at that time, it was obvious that he did not know. Therefore, the one who gathered information from your uncle should be from another group.”

That was reasonable!

You XiaoMo nodded, “Then my dimension should be what they are looking for.”

The most valuable thing on the genuine You XiaoMo’s body before he joined the TianXin Sect was that blue teardrop dimension. He did not find any valuable things other than that.

Therefore, he was certain that they were aiming for his dimension and this dimension was probably the only keepsake that his so-called father had left for him.

“Let’s talk about this when we get back.” Ling Xiao said, “Speaking of that, I do have a question.”

“What question?” You XiaoMo did not understand so he asked.

Ling Xiao beamed as he looked at You XiaoMo, “You appear to be quite unfamiliar with Peach Blossom Village. Is this not your hometown that you’ve lived in for over ten years?”

You XiaoMo tried his best to affect a clam expression and used an indifferent tone to say, “Oh, that’s because I accidentally knocked my head in the past. I was in a daze after waking up for some time and there are some things which I can’t remember clearly. I even forgot how I entered TianXin Sect and it was Jiang Liu who told me about it later.”

It was not wrong to say this. The first person he saw at that time when he woke up was his fellow villager Jiang Liu. Some of the things he knew were obtained from him.

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes, “How did you hit your head?”

You XiaoMo scratched his head, “I don’t remember it too clearly, but I think that I accidently tripped over a stone.”

Ling Xiao abruptly injected, “To even be able to trip while walking, it’s really your style.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

He believed it just like that?

On account of him getting through this hurdle, You XiaoMo decided to pardon Ling Xiao for implying about the fact that he was stupid.

The two picked up their pace. Ling Xiao had intended to directly return to DaoXin Academy, but You XiaoMo wanted to personally say goodbye to Zhao DaZhou and the rest. Thus, the two returned to the TianXin Sect again.

At the same time, the group that had followed You XiaoMo to the South went to look for the TianXin Sect again. The middle-aged man’s indomitable strength instantly alarmed all the experts in the TianXin Sect.

Zhou Peng immediately led his people and hurried to the plaza. This was the same plaza where the war where the Qing Cheng Sect came to attack the TianXin Sect occurred and was also the place where Tang Fan died. His heart sank after he saw four familiar faces in the plaza, “It’s you guys again? My Ye-shishu has already told you guys about the whereabouts of You-shidi. What else do you all want?”

The youngster scornfully glanced at him, and soon coldly stated, “Call Zhao DaZhou and You XiaoMo out.” They had already figured out that one of the people Zhao DaZhou had returned with was the one they were looking for.

That’s right. This group was the one that came knocking on the TianXin Sect’s door!

But this time it could be said that the phrase ‘one will search high and low only to find it when one least expects to’ really applied to their situation. They had been fretting about how they could infiltrate DaoXin Academy. Who would have thought that their target would actually walk out?

“You guys better not bully us so excessively.”

Once Zhou Peng heard what they said, he theorized that they already knew about the return of You XiaoMo and the rest. Although he did not know how they got the information, don’t think that they would compromise again this time. They had disclosed the information the last time as they had no choice.

After the middle-aged man heard this, he calmly remarked, “This insignificant TianXin Sect dares to be so impudent in front of this old fellow. Looks like you people want to refuse a toast and be forced to drink a forfeit.”

t/n: to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit means to hesitate to do something until one is forced to do even more.

Zhou Peng suddenly stared at the middle-aged man in fear.

They would not have yielded the last time, if not for the middle-aged man being too strong.

Although they desperately trained after that encounter, an expert that could go head to head with him had still not appeared in the TianXin Sect. The strongest was only a peak seven star Imperial Realm practitioner, but this middle-aged man was an Emperor Realm expert. The disparity was just too large.

Zhou Peng spoke with an unchanging expression, “Sire, I admit that you are really strong. Although the TianXin Sect is just a speck in your eye, it is also not a bone that’s good to gnaw on. If this one may offer a bit of advice, there’s still time for you to leave. Otherwise you would be reaping what you sow should you choke on this bone.”

The hand that the middle-aged man lifted paused and his reserved eyes stared at Zhou Peng with a trace of surprise.

This person seemed to be a little different compared to before. He had more self-confidence and a hint of pressure. Why had he changed so much? Could it be it was because that mage You XiaoMo was back so it made them feel at ease?

The middle-aged man felt that this idea was too ridiculous. He glared at Zhou Peng and coldly snorted, “What a bluff. Since you are all looking for death, this old fellow will fulfill your wish.”

“Fulfill what, you old ignorant man? If you want to deal with the TianXin Sect, you’ll have to go through me first.” At this moment, a sound akin to the clap of thunder resounded in midair.

Everyone was stunned. In an instant, a red shadow similar to a meteor streaked across the horizon and flew in front of everyone. Wearing a red brocade robe and with a ridiculous dressing style, it was the Bird of Pride, the new member of the Qiu team – LanQiu.

Other than Zhou Peng, everyone was gawking.

The middle-aged man’s face slightly twisted. With his judgment, he could naturally see through LanQiu’s original form and strength. They did not see this Bird of Pride before and abruptly had a bad premonition. The man had always felt that the development of things would not be that simple, and now things seemed to have exceeded his expected range.

The people from the TianXin Sect were already having a lively discussion about LanQiu’s origins.

“You ugly thing, don’t interfere in this matter between the TianXin Sect and us. Since you are a Seven Sins Beast, then you must have heard of Yin Yang Valley. If you don’t wish to be killed by the Yin Yang Valley, scram before this young master’s sight.”

The youngster was slightly startled when heard from the middle-aged man that the one who had arrived was the Bird of Pride. But he soon snorted in disdain, so what if it’s a Seven Sins Beast? Even the Emperor Beast had to show the Yin Yang Valley some courtesy.

Yin Yang Valley? LanQiu’s expression changed slightly.

He had come down from a higher realm and had naturally heard of Yin Yang Valley. But what had truly alarmed him was not these three words but some great power behind Yin Yang Valley.

Things would be troublesome if they were from Yin Yang Valley.

“If you’re scared then you should hand the person over. This young master may even think about letting the TianXin Sect off.” The youngster had caught the change in the Bird of Pride’s expression and could not help but let out a contemptuous smile. As he had expected, this was only a group of inferior beings.

A murderous intent flashed through LanQiu’s eyes. The thing he hated the most was when others called him an ugly thing. So what if they were people from Yin Yang Valley?! This was a Middle Level Realm! A brat stinking of breast milk actually dared to throw his weight around in front of this uncle?!

“Watch out!” The middle-aged man suddenly shouted and his figure immediately appeared in front of the youngster to block LanQiu’s sneak attack.

Carrying a strong corroding nature, an ash gray radiance that was difficult to perceive emitted out. A hole was instantly corroded in the defense shield that was condensed from the middle-aged man’s spiritual power.

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