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MW(R) Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Zhou Du decide

Avon translation

After returning to class, Shooto shot XiaYao and walked around the table. XiaYao’s heart is lazy, he cripples his head so no one can see his red eyes. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

When the school was deported, Wanghao looked directly at her straight to Zhou Du and said: “My mother taught me several times to send you home after school, but only to Jiang ShiWen. I said she would be for you, so I thought you should make it ”

The whole Zhou Du focus was prior to Xia Yao, he seemed to go away at one go, Peng Peng and Xia Yao could stand together.

“You do not understand today?” Jou raised his head to ask Wang Hai for him.

When you call the driver who leads you at the school gate, “I do, I think I should send you home and get back home early. If your dad does it. Do not like it? I can work a bit harder.

“No, I will study with you.” Jou raises her down.

“No, you still want to train in this state?” Wanghao was surprised.

Jou injured him. “I’ll wait until I finish my workout and go home.

Wang Hao laughed, “What do you mean, waiting for me?” Obviously you expect Jiang ShiWen?

Jou Du’s deepening of the expression, he openly said to Wanghao: “I’ll see if you’re going to beat you if you repeat such nonsense of horror if I’m not lucky you. I’m not interested in Jiang ShiWen.”

“Either well.” Wanghao helped ZhouDu’s feet: “It’s just a joke”

Shocho no longer increases her and they both start learning.

XiaYao and PengPeng also trained. When XiaYao worked yesterday, PengPeng helped him and, after school days, saw both, ZhouDu knew that XiaYao came to help her today.

He sat at a farmer looking for training, watched Xia Yao and Peng Peng and took samples together. Peng Peng said XiaYao mineral water with a sweet smile. XiaYao also unlocked the bottle, smiled and nodded.

Zou Doo eyebrows drank with frost and his bag was dying. He did not pay attention to Jiangxi Yuan, who appeared next to him.

“Your jealousy must be the girl you like.” Jiang ShiWen sat down and got a seat permit at Zhou De.

The sudden appearance of Jiang ShiWen was sitting and looking at ZhouDu without worrying. Referring to her to her, he replied: “I do not know what you say here.

Kang Shoshifumi (Kang Shen-vens) said: “When I do not say this, it came to find out how our girlfriend Gajazi is learning.” She gave her chick away Peng Peng. “She?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“No” Jou was a little worried.

“Your expression faces did not know that your eyes came from you when you saw him. Did you give up?” Jiang ShiWen smiled: “Indeed, you, I did not expect a thunder of ZhouDu, I can not tell other people, but what you like is unconscious love.

Jou’s facial expression disappeared, Jiang Shiwen said that it was called. Now he loved Xia Yao, but he did not know it to say that, because he clearly said that he was no longer satisfied with him.

“Oh, I should stick a sign?” Jiang ShiWen was impressed.

Failed: “Please tell me something if you do not understand.

At a distance, Peng Peng turned his head and saw at the same time that Joe King and Gangson were sitting with each other. She could not say that they looked good.

XiaYao got into his eyes. He paused and bowed his head.

“Where are we going?” There were several bottles of water in his hands.

PengPeng listened and laughed: “Well, I will not do it on the third wheel.” She missed Xia Yao.

Fielders saw two people, Sarens.

“Well, that does not look like your style.” Jiang ShiWen also destroyed your nerves here, only one sitting “, his glances against Peng Peng and Xia Yao back Then why here, better than you, even if you are refused or thought. I will not tell her when I’m going, I’m sorry, but the other half does not know it.

“Useless” Jou Du said: “He already said that I do not like him.

T / n: pronoun to get the same pronunciation.

“Huh?” Jiang ShiWen was surprised and glad that the day you came later was rejected.

Zhou rubbed his brow. He asked Jiang ShiWen on his side and, finally, wondered if they were on his stomach pit, who ever tells you that you like: “Ask what you mean Then say that they do not like the next Next whether they can change so much fast? What does it mean? ”

After Jiang ShiWen heard this, she saw Zhou for a while and said, “You are just one glance? Another angry man comes to fruition, and I say that you are saying something provocative I can do it.”

“Are you angry?” Zhuhai confused and looked at Jiangxi province: “But I did not do anything, why is he angry?

Jiang ShiWen’s eyes are angry, because you did not do anything, “let’s get wide and I ask you: What? After school, are you going to the house together after a seminar, waiting for them, sitting and not giving a small gift, is also a special day?

Shoobi was seriously wearing his head.

Jiang ShiWen, if you like something, you do not want to do it at the same time, so the other is angry, so keep going? She says something that does not like you. Of course, I will follow up with you, of course, there is no problem.

Zhou lifting his head thinks. For people returning home with Xia Yao, nothing was done every day because he injured his legs. Do you talk to her after class? However, after class, he seemed to do homework because he always read, but does not seem to be confused. In the case of small gifts, the Jou University was confused because he did not know what to give.

He expressed his idea of Jiang ShiWen.

Before Jiang ShiWen’s answers, think a bit: “I do not need my qualification as good as you or not? I remember that I’m the first in your class, please stay.”

Funo nodded.

“That’s fine, you can pretend to help her with homework when the class is over so you do not delay his learning.” Jiang ShiWen stops “I can not help, after all, everyone likes another thing. You can ask her friend to see her that she likes Of course, we can not let her know It’s a secret.

Funtou was confused.

Jiang ShiWen says, “Since you do not even know if they like it, of course, if you know that they are not silent, they can be angry, but ask for it if you know. He is true,” he sighed and said:

“Is it really causing the words really?” ZhouDu still believed because he had a very awkward look what XiaYao could do whenever he approached XiaYao if He did not want it.

“Please do what I said for the first time.” “If love is simple and emotional, they no longer like you after a day, but love is love in heaven, stupid Do not do everything”? Jiang ShiWen does not seem very positive

Jou Du felt her feelings that she said.

Xia Yao secretly decided in his mind, Zhou Du lifted his eyes to remove them, standing far to Peng Peng. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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Thank you for the update..looking forward for this tsundere’s move

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Finally! A Cupid arrived XD
But she is pointing the arrow to someone else and she also become a love rival in the other’s eyes

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After reading this chapter, I couldnt help but silently squeal in my mind.

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Really good that someone can help guide him. Cuz he’s definitely useless in the love department atm.
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