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Chapter 341: Boundless Sea

Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao reached Hei Yin village, four days had already passed. Hei Yin village was the same as before; it was still a dreadful place as expected, but it seemed worse than the first time they came. Mostly, it was due to the people who were entering and leaving the village.

You XiaoMo clearly remembered the previous events here, especially the teleportation spot, as it was their first time in the village.

Previously, they went to the Gigantic Firebird square. The teleportation spot was just next door and even during its peak period, it wasn’t so crowded to the point there was no place to even stand. Furthermore, wasn’t the transport circle very expensive? So why was it so crowded? A sea of black hair, bodies colliding into each other … and smell of the unbearable stench of sweat.

You XiaoMo covered his nose. He was starting to get a little lightheaded and his eyes were losing focus. Ling Xiao fared no better as he was actually a bit of a clean freak. Not long after, the both of them stepped out of the transport zone. While they could squeeze their way through, the stench was too overpowering. Furthermore, something felt amiss with the place being so crowded.

Unsure of what to do, You XiaoMo looked towards Ling Xiao and asked, “What now?”

There were so many people. If they were to queue up, god knows how long it would take. They might have half a month left, but time was not meant to be wasted here.

Ling Xiao lowered his eyes. “Seems like something big happened.”


“Don’t know. Let’s ask around and we’ll know soon enough.” Ling Xiao replied.

Speaking of getting information, inns, restaurants and others of that sort were naturally the best place to go. In the ancient world, a brothel would also have made for an excellent intelligence center but You XiaoMo discovered much earlier that this world didn’t seem to have one.

The two quickly found a restaurant near the transportation zone. The restaurant could only be considered mediocre at best in Yan City, but in such a lawless place like Hei Yin village, it was already pretty decent.
When they arrived, the restaurant was already filled with people. Luckily for them, the restaurant was big enough and a table of people left after paying just when they arrived. You XiaoMo immediately rushed forward and occupied the empty table, while others who shared the same intentions, but missed their chance ground their teeth jealousy.

You XiaoMo smiled at them.

So what if you have that many people! You’re still not as fast as me, too bad!

“Hey brat, get up!” Triggered by his dazzling smile, a tall, burly man shouted at him. Feeling challenged and slighted, the man was having none of that. He walked up to You XiaoMo and slammed the table with his palm.

“No!” You XiaoMo simply declined.

The burly man rolled up his sleeves and flexed his beefy arms.

“Say that again, one more time.”

“It’ll be the same no matter how many times I say.” You XiaoMo smiled.

They had already gained an audience as people around had started noticing. Fist fights arising from verbal provocation was the norm in Hei Yin village.

The burly man’s eyes revealed his killing intent.

“You brat! I’ll grant you your death wish for refusing my kindest offer!”

A lazy, exasperated voice rang out from behind the man. “To whom are you granting that wish?”

The man jumped in shock. He saw a man cloaked in white, with a hideous mask on his face who had an air to him.

When faced with the man who suddenly appeared behind him without being noticed, the burly man was no naive fool. He could already guess that the man was stronger than him.

Furthermore, people in Hei Yin village were all crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Anyone on the streets could easily be a powerful person who had yet to reveal themselves.

“Ling Xiao! Come sit over here!” You XiaoMo smiled and beckoned Ling Xiao over.

Ling Xiao stuck out a finger and pressed it onto the other man’s shoulder, albeit with a face of disgust. The man quickly sat down on a chair, as if he had done it willingly. Only the burly man himself knew the crushing force of the finger on his shoulder. The clothes on his back were already drenched in sweat.

Surprised, You XiaoMo questioned, “What are you doing?”

“It’s not everyday someone offers themselves to you. Might as well make the best of them.” Ling Xiao sat down.

You XiaoMo shifted his gaze to the burly man who broke out in cold sweat.

He chuckled, “You’re right, how smart of you! Like this we don’t have to search for people anymore!”

“That’s because you’re too dumb.” Ling Xiao casually added on.

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes.You really don’t give any mercy.

“What do you guys want?” The burly man shouted, trying to put on a brave front yet failing as he eyed Ling Xiao fearfully. His companions had already taken off. As he was the strongest among his group, the others felt they had no chance of winning if even he could not defeat Ling Xiao.The audience felt cheated. There was nothing to watch here.

“Nothing much. Just answer a few questions and we’ll let you off.” You XiaoMo said.

“What questions?”

“What day is it today? Why are there so many people at the transport zone?”

The burly man heaved a sigh of relief. So it was this matter.

It was no secret, the whole Hei Yin village knew about it.

“It’s like this. Ten days ago, shocking news came from the Boundless Sea. The news spread very far and many people are dying to go there to have a look. The Gigantic Firebird is too slow and by the time it reaches everything might be over already.”

“What news?” You XiaoMo asked.

The name “Boundless Sea” seemed familiar.

“It’s rumoured that an Elemental Essence appeared there.”

You XiaoMo blinked a few times before processing what the man said. “What exactly do you mean?”

The burly man explained cautiously, “To be honest I’m not very sure either. I just know that someone discovered an underground leyline under the Boundless Sea. I’ve heard people say that the underground leyline could be bigger than the one at Dao Xin Academy.” Dao Xin Academy sitting on a leyline was no secret, but it was hardly mentioned by people.


“I’ve also heard that the superpowers in the north have already set off.”

A leyline that was bigger than the one at Dao Xin Academy discovered after they left!? Ten days had already passed, had it been snatched? You XiaoMo’s worries were written all over his face.

“The Boundless Sea is no ordinary place, is it?” Ling Xiao asked calmly.

He had a better memory than You XiaoMo. When the burly man spoke of the Boundless Sea, he immediately remembered the Flying Fish Sect people they saved at the Trials. A person called ZhouLin did talk about the Boundless Sea.

The man immediately replied, “Yes, the Boundless Sea is very vast and incredibly dangerous. While someone has confirmed there is a leyline under the sea, the exact location is not clear.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes lit up. Not clear of the location meant that they still stood a chance. The Elemental Essence was a huge temptation, but there was only one of it. Some people who knew they lacked power would be aiming for the spirit gem. If the leyline was large, then there would be plenty of spirit gems.

You XiaoMo could more or less be sure that all the powerful clans and strong individuals in the Long Xiang Continent were rushing to the Boundless Sea now after hearing the news.

“Ling Xiao, let’s go there now.” You XiaoMo exclaimed excitedly.

“Calm down. Even if a human practitioners discovers the existence of the leyline, he or she definitely can’t venture too far into the Boundless Sea in a short time. Going there earlier or later by a few days doesn’t matter.”

Ling Xiao was not in a rush at all.

“That’s right, the Boundless Sea is fraught with demon beasts. If a human can notice it, so can the powerful demon beasts living in the Sea. If a human wants to go under the Boundless Sea to search, his greatest enemy would be the demon beasts in the sea.” The burly man added on.

Ling Xiao was very satisfied with his answer, so he magnanimously let him off. The man took off immediately.

You XiaoMo ordered something to eat and left after they were finished.

The transport zone was no different from how it was in the morning. Even after a few hours, the place was still as packed as ever. Just as the saying goes, ‘even money can make a ghost do work for you’, You XiaoMo unwillingly parted with a few Crystal Coins to pay to leave through the teleportation portal that day.

For such a short distance, he spent nearly two hundred crystal coins! The person in charge at the transport zone really knew how to bleed him dry, making use of the situation to earn so much.

Yan City and Hei Yin village were the same. The human traffic was heavier than normal as Yan City was the only way to the Boundless Sea.

Walking on the streets and seeing streams of people walking past them briskly, You XiaoMo picked up his pace to catch up with Ling Xiao.

“Ling Xiao, do we go back to Dao Xin Academy first, or head directly to the Boundless Sea?”

“Go to the Boundless Sea. We still have ten days break. If we go back, we may not be able to come out.”

While the top ten in Ward A might be strong, they were nothing compared to those seasoned individuals who had already earned their fame many years ago. That was why the Academy had at least a fifty percent chance of not letting them go.

“Then let’s get moving.” You XiaoMo hugged Ling Xiao’s arm and dragged him along happily.

Ling Xiao pressed a hand on You XiaoMo’s head. “Idiot, do you know the direction of the Boundless Sea? Do you know how to go?”

You XiaoMo stayed silent for a moment before he spoke, “ … isn’t it just north?”

Ling Xiao gave him a look. “Yes, it’s at the northernmost most part. But the Boundless Sea is so vast it stretches out towards both east and west. Do you know where the human practitioners are gathering?”

You XiaoMo laughed awkwardly, “How about we go buy a map now and find out where the transport circle to the Boundless Sea is.”

“Let’s go.”

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The most greedy character of the story is Yo XiaoMo😂😂😂

December 3, 2020 3:25 am

Thank you Rachel for the translation!

January 6, 2021 7:58 am

People should learn not to be arrogant or they will be courting their own death hahaha

August 29, 2021 12:13 am

I’m a bit unsure… a leyline can’t be moved, surely, so is it a crystal/s that create one (rather than the other way around) and they can be moved? That was touched on before about the 31st room, but I wasn’t clear then either.
Thank you for translating.

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