STSC Chapter 14

STSC Chapter 14

Chapter 14

In any case, thanks to this complete confusion, the year finally ended. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Today, my kitchen aunt cooked all the food in the morning and went home. The new runner 1 finished the job tonight in the afternoon.

Nan Ge Er Stacked Garden Chicken Cup. He could not hear the Mo Shu movement at that time from the movement of noise and interruption caused by chickens and chickens.

He stood in front of the Communist Party and temporarily stopped.

Mo Shu saw his hunting, and an internal staircase was enthusiastic and slow. Soon he approached him and froze his brow.

“Have you not told me to go?” Mo Shu constantly took over the actions taken by Nan Ge Er. “You have to worry.

Nan Ge Er suddenly was surprised that he had come to his hands. He was a little worried before he responded. “Yes, I do not have to do anything.

Instead, Mo Shu does not like the expression of the nervous fear that Nan Ge Er had, and began to take seriously Nan Ge Er.

However, I went to see that Nans Ge Er had returned to his usual silent expression: “I have no exercise, although I’m tired of it.” Do not whip ĝe Kating, in another straw, plan to take them.

Mo Shu slightly hid his eyebrow and stopped him: “Do not do so much, let me be heavier”

Nange looked at him for a long time and responded while he was walking.

He always likes to think about other things when he did something, so he …

He wanted Mo Shu to overlook that something was wrong.

Mo Shu soon carefully cared about it before returning to the cake to take all the streets to the left, even if Xiansheng does not appear, Mo Shu – in fact, that person was at home I picked up a step in my hand with a coupon. Experts

He worked well for himself, and he had great power and excellent attitude.

He was long with his long legs!

Nan Ge I’m a little envy.

With an average benefit, my performance will be great!

He needed to improve if he wanted to be healthy – he earned excessive money next year, while Nan Ge Er, creating chicks and duck in the garden, he was. I decided to get two small piglets to return to the back of my family, I knew he might , could not live long in this life, but his life I knew the style. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

He played an important role until the sky slowly slowed down.

Nan Ge Er almost consulted the court, he looked, he said with a loud voice: “As it is now, I will treat those who left the next time.” I can not finish work right away. It was.

Instead of helping to repair the stitches on the best surface of the earth, Mo Shu, “In rare cases, I’m free, we’ll finish everything here.”

I thought Nange, but I felt that he bowed to my head: “I will keep the food warm, just wait for meat when you are done. Mo Shu’s work was much higher than he was in the Standard, which is comparable to the three values, in rare cases he allowed him Become a little unlucky because he could catch it so easily and without work.

“To be safe,” Mo Shu replied, “Increase the fire, the office has a dining room at Court Darren, a meeting with guests and a meal, but it was at the government office. They always had two people, but the grass was mostly helpful, one of which is usually somewhere disappears

Nan Ge Er went to the kitchen after the response.

He wanted all the fish and meat. It was hard to come by. He believed that the two people who just celebrated the New Year had somewhat interesting feelings together.

Regardless of his life, he always celebrates many people and the New Year. Insanity and warmth comes from his past, but Boolean, but the cold was from his current life.

Such a celebration did not disagree, but was confused and isolated.

That was him first.

He could not judge whether he likes this situation.

After the time he worked, Nan Ge Er completed all that was taught, Mo Shuu, correctly installed the roof, proudly, smiling his body straight To He got up in the garden and went to the kitchen.

He did not appear. Simply looking at the window, an unstable movement appeared in a busy appearance. He changed his mouth with a smile.

No one knew that Mo Shu-xiansheng was really a qualified cook.

He did not want to help, but he stood by the window and watched Nan Ge Er.

He stretched out a small tile with a soup, saw that the bowl exploded and accidentally placed it in another place. When the work in other fields was incomplete, he took the food from the coffee …

In any case, he rushed.

When Mo Shu thought about it, Nan Ge Er was a very awkward child.

In addition to knowledge of money, in addition to being slightly more suitable for admitting other observers, he was also a young child from other disciplines.

Actually, I’m pretty hostile on both sides, right?

Mo Shu is detailed in detail.

That seems to be true.

He thought that was not too bad, he seemed to be the man who came to him in particular.

Nan Je-el worked in the kitchen, but I felt it was a spy, but when I turned around, nobody was there.

It completely blended him –

He completely believed in his instincts. Thanks to that, he could live.

Indeed, was the only person who could open a government building, possibly Mo Shu?

But when entering the bedroom, when he noticed that Mo Shu was sitting quietly there and drinking tea, he could not notice the trajectory, and he did not find it.

Mo Shu also did not look at Tom.

Mo Shu was seen by Nan Ge Eru when he walked. His expression did not change, but his eyes Nan Ge Er still laughed at him. It’s hard to get an incomprehensible manifestation of children.

“Time to eat.” Nan Gae-el quietly placed the table at the table.

Because I’m in a confusing and peaceful environment, is there an error in my instinct? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“Mn” Mo Shu also played the fool: “I will help you to bring food.

Said that even in this world “the teacher should be away from the kitchen”.

However, since there were only two men who had no women in the office, they also had to go to eat, so the clumsy Naguel, who did not know how to cook, had no choice and ignored the words.

… Of course, there is no problem as long as you simply reheat the food. There are still vegetables that have not yet been dried.

However, despite this, Mo Shu still looks fun at a meeting at Nan Ge Er, fighting against the firefighters and leaving such chains before the menu starts.

We did not even take part in our ancestors, cook food, immediately took the medicine.

Looking at Nangemo, shame that you despise your fathers?

The custom was similar, but at the New Year family dinner the rice crop was filled and the food was placed. And the bowls offer “fun” to their ancestors.

After a few minutes, dinner will finally begin.

From what he knew, this tradition existed essentially everywhere. This is not a problem in any country in the world.

… But before that, he does not hide that Mo Shu intends to follow the trend …

“Do you ask your predecessor?” Mo Shu saw Nan Ge Er. “Pray for your ancestors”

… What will he fight for?

Nan Ge Er felt in the black band 3, “The Waves”. Do not you ask them?

Mo Shu saw the phrase “Do you want to pray?” By Nan Ge Er.

I’m specter just wandering where can I find an ancestor where can I pray?

I’m dead in the previous world, so my prayer is gone. I did not want such reincarnation from the beginning. I do not want to thank and pray for it.

Monsieu talked about Naga’s silence and said: “Here you do not want to pray, I do not want to ask,” laughing and saying, “Let’s eat!”

“Why does not your Majesty ask your ancestors?” Perhaps Nan Ge Er said a slightly intimate atmosphere.

I’m sorry he left a bit of bitterness, but I have not asked this question.

However, Mo Shu was a little afraid before smiling a bit. Since “my ancestors do not need my prayers, he liked to talk to him with Nan Ge Er.

“Are you doing?” Said Nan Ge Er.

“They all die perfectly, why should I ask?” Mo Shu smiled. “They do not know if I ask or not”

… It is …

Please tell me Mo Shu is the pioneer of this world of atheism.

Nangge, who for the first time in the world heard such contemporary thoughts, made his eyes bright.

He apparently laughed, because it was clear that Mo Shu did not know the expression of Nan Ge Er. “My father said,” I have never asked my predecessor. “He took the fish set and put it in a pot. Before Nan Ge Er:” You have to live in your heart when you are alive and you have the death of death when you are dead.

Nangage unknowingly aware of bowl fish: “Are you satisfied with your current life?

“Of course.” Mo Shu confused and smiled. “I just stay here because I just love it or do not want your life?” He took a break. “You like life in the office here?

He felt unthinkingly something in the way Mo Shu spoke unnaturally, but Nan Ge Er took Mo Shu’s point, so he did not think too much. “… I do not know” He really answered the last.

“If you think you like it or disappoint it, that means you do not deny it.” He constantly smiles and drinks wine “What do you think?

The deep meaning of Mo Shu’s name is that for some time, Nan Ge Er, “I do not know” before shaking his head.

Clearly, the fair look of Nan Ge Er makes Mo Shu sad. He smiled: “When you do not know, you live for a long time, it is enough for you to find, grab a tail and slowly drank.

He believed that these words created him the most expensive house.

Nan · gu · Erl thought a little more and said, “Mn, I do not know, but ah …” I could not find the right word.

He felt that he himself was not able to express himself in his own words, and now he could not bear it.

“Watching?” Mo Shu got especially bright after drinking wine. He saw Nan Ge Er and had a smooth and beautiful smile, like the spring wind: “You do not have to go in”

“Mn” Nangu cried out to the smile, but as I wanted to testify again, he nodded again before seeing Mo Shu. “Let’s eat, please eat”

Mo Shou poured a little wine and smiled.

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1 Yamen Runners (Repeat Chapter 2): Employees of Public Administration Services Details: http: //

2 The gardener must be away from the kitchen: Mencius. Additional Information: (The Department of Art requires the King (the original Qiana’s father) 🙂

3 black belt / black belt: emoticon (=. = “) This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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