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Chapter 342: A Familiar Person

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

A year since the last time they came to the Xian Ji Building.

Many people rushed over to the Boundless Sea upon hearing the uproar about the incident. The sales for maps of the Boundless Sea were beyond previous sales levels as the Boundless Sea was too vast.

The map from Xian Ji Building was most the complete and detailed map in Yan City’s and they could also gather information about where the origin of the leyline there, but it was awfully expensive.

The grand Xian Ji Building was filled with people was as raucousness as a food market.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao squeezed inside until they could finally see an enormous screen in the hall. There were numerous news displayed on the screen. There was a large amount of information concerning the incident in the Boundless Sea on the screen as it had been widely circulated recently.

You XiaoMo looked carefully at the news. There were five types of maps for the Boundless Sea and the prices varied for each one.

The first type was extremely expensive and it needed fifty thousand crystal coins. The price was so expensive that it was outrageous and the map was also not very comprehensive. Only seventy percent of the area of the Boundless Sea was marked out. As for the remaining thirty percent, even Xian Ji Building was unable to be completely map it out.

The prices for second and third type were thirty thousand and ten thousand crystal coins respectively.

You XiaoMo immediately passed over these three types. He once again experienced the feeling of having a shortage of money, as all the crystal coins he was carrying would total up to less than ten thousand.

In the end, he selected the fourth type which had a price of five thousand crystal coins. This purchase also happened to empty out his entire fortune.

You XiaoMo shook his magic bag upon exiting from Xian Ji Building. Now he really was penniless.

Seeing his mournful expression, Ling Xiao said, “Don’t you still have magic pills on you?”

You XiaoMo shot him a look of accusation, “They were all eaten by you so there’s not much left.” However, he was not ready to rely on magic pills to earn money even if he had pills.

Ling Xiao realized that justice was not on his side.

You XiaoMo suddenly remembered a problem and stalled. Ling Xiao discovered his strange action, “What is it?”

You XiaoMo replied, “I don’t have crystal coins anymore. We can’t take the transport circle or ride on the Gigantic Firebird. We can’t go to the business district and there’s no way even if we wanted to buy magic herbs.”

Ling Xiao paused, “There’s a trading area here. Let’s go there to take a look.”

The trading area and the business district were different as transactions there were mainly done through bartering. However, one also could not exclude the use of crystal coins for doing business. Crystal coins would be used to exchange for some items with a relatively small value. The two roamed the area before finally deciding to set up a stall in a corner.

You XiaoMo first took out a piece of cloth from his dimension and spread it on the ground. Just as the other people were assuming that he was preparing to take out some items to display, he pulled Ling Xiao down to sit on it. Then he took two transparent jade boxes out from his dimension. There was a stalk of level eight magic herb in one box and a level seven magic herb inside the other box. Then he put the jade boxes on the bare ground …

The mouth of everyone who saw this scene incessantly twitched. Normally, when one spread a plain cloth on the ground, it was for the purpose of placing a treasured object on it. Instead, this guy went the other way.

You XiaoMo was not aware of what the other people were thinking because this was their first time setting up a stall here. There would definitely not be a lot of customers in the beginning. To attract customers, he made a small sign and displayed it on the side. Written on the sign was – high-grade magic herb, purchases only made through crystal coins! The gazes of everyone who were looking at You XiaoMo suddenly became the gaze of people looking at an idiot. High-grade level seven and eight magic herbs were very expensive. Sellers would generally choose to barter for them, as crystal coins were unable to accurately measure their genuine value. Furthermore, crystal coins could be earned at any time. Yet, high-grade magic herbs were not available at all times.

So the biggest difference between the two lay in the fact that the latter had no specified price and no market. Sure enough, this move was super effective! It was not long before customers arrived one after another. However, most were only here due to curiosity. Among all these people, those who had money were only a few. Even if they had money, they would not be able to afford it, as You XiaoMo’s opening price was thirty thousand and fifty thousand for one stalk. This price was simply unaffordable to many! They had still not met a customer with deep pockets after manning the stall from morning till noon.

“Do you want to take a break?” Ling Xiao asked as he rested his chin on one hand and looked at the sweat beading You XiaoMo’s forehead.

“No!” You XiaoMo firmly shook his head.

“You’re sweating.” Ling Xiao lightly touched on a problem.

“It’s ok, I can still carry on.” It would be strange if there was no sweat when they were under the sweltering sun for the whole morning. There was shade from the buildings around when he was manning his stall in DaoXin Academy. Therefore, this was his first time setting up his stall under the scorching sun, but he was still able to bear this level of discomfort.

Ling Xiao leisurely stated, “Did you not think of using your spiritual power to block the sun?”

You XiaoMo experienced a blue-screen-of-death for a second, “… …You can use spiritual power to block the sun?”

Ling Xiao replied, “To be more accurate, it’s not blocking the sun. When you envelope your entire body with spiritual power, you can withstand the heat of the sun and you won’t feel very hot.” Was that to say, he had actually been carrying an air conditioner everywhere he went, only he was not aware of it?

You XiaoMo fell silent for a moment, “Why did you not say it earlier?”

Ling Xiao shot a glance at him, “I just didn’t think that your IQ was actually negative.”

You XiaoMo, “… ..” Why did he have a feeling that he was unable to refute that?

Ling Xiao looked at him contemplatively. Why did he still seem like a fool even though it had already been a few years? But Ling Xiao had to admit that this was also his charming point.

A certain person who frequently bullied You XiaoMo expressed his joy. You XiaoMo, who suffered a blow, did not have any reaction. In any case, he was used to it. After performing the familiar action of cloaking his whole body with spiritual power, he immediately felt cool and relaxed as a slight chill suffused him from head to toe. It was as if the sun over his head did not exist.

Time passed in a flash and dusk was soon approaching. Finally their stall welcomed a wealthy…familiar person.

Silver-colored long hair was unusual and eye-catching and attracted even more attention as compared to Ling Xiao’s Ogre mask. It framed an extraordinarily handsome face. This person was none other than Yin Ge. Although they did not know why, he ran over here too. A hint of surprise flashed through Yin Ge’s eyes upon seeing them, but it quickly disappeared again.

Appearing like a leisurely person, he walked to them, “How much are you selling the Shapeshifting Herb for?”

Seeing that he was not prepared to ‘talk about former times’, You XiaoMo simply declared, “Thirty thousand crystal coins.”

You XiaoMo was afraid that Yin Ge might have thought that it was gold coins and specifically emphasized the last two words, although such a mistake was unlikely to occur. Yin Ge straightforwardly paid the crystal coins and then he took the Shapeshifting Herb and walked off.

You XiaoMo looked at his retreating back, “Ling Xiao, what do you think Yin Ge is buying that Shapeshifting Herb for? Does he have a contracted demon beast?”

Ling Xiao indifferently replied, “Who knows? Maybe he bought it for someone else.”

The chance of successfully changing one’s form with a high-grade Shapeshifting Herb was more than eighty five percent. Generally speaking, as long as the rank of the demon beast was not so inferior that it was hated greatly by both man and God, most demon beasts would be able to successfully shapeshift. You XiaoMo felt that he had just seemed to have glimpsed an insight into this, but it soon vanished in the blink of an eye. After selling a stalk of level seven magic herb and seeing fewer and fewer people in the trading area, You XiaoMo decided to pack his stall up as it was unlikely that more customers would come.

They stayed at a nearby inn for a night. The next day they hurried to the business district. Thirty thousand crystal coins may look like a large sum, but it certainly would not be able to last long. To avoid the situation that happened yesterday, he decided to take advantage of this opportunity to sell a few more stalks of magic herbs. Xian Ji Building’s price was too high for the news regarding the underground leyline in the Boundless Sea. He could not afford it so he gave up.

Walking out of the Magic Herb Pavilion, You XiaoMo’s waist purse had an additional twenty something thousand crystal coins. Originally he had planned to exchange more crystal coins, but Ling Xiao stopped him, saying that he should wait till he needed it to exchange the herbs for coins as if there was too much they would not be able to finish using it. You XiaoMo had been mulling over this sentence on the whole journey, he only figured it out when he knew that they had arrived near the transfer point.

“I know! You said that we would have no use for it, are you saying that the currency in the Higher Level Realm is not crystal coins?” You XiaoMo excitedly ran to Ling Xiao and asked.

Ling Xiao showed a smile, “Yes.”

You XiaoMo was obviously not satisfied with his answer, and gave a slight complaint, “Why are you…”

Ling Xiao, “Why am I what?”

You XiaoMo reconsidered, and swallowed back his sentence of ‘Why are you not boasting about my cleverness?’ Under Heaven and Earth’s witness, he had the feeling that he would be disdained if he said that out.

You XiaoMo resentfully asked, “Then, what’s the currency used in the Higher Level Realm?”

Ling Xiao gave a profound smile, “Spirit gems.”

You XiaoMo was momentarily surprised, “Are you serious?” He had finally gotten a spirit gem after much difficulty. To think that is was actually the currency in circulation in the Higher Level Realm. Ling Xiao did not continue the topic and walked off without a word to the transfer point. You XiaoMo quickly caught up to him.

The situation at the transfer point was different from the past. In the past, the Four Big Clans from Yan City took turns to guard the transfer point. Recently, due to the incident in the Boundless Sea, the Four Big Clans decided to recruit able people via means of the transfer point, so they separately dispatched people to guard and defend the transfer point.

Once the two went in, they immediately saw four registration points. Those interested could go over to register and colleagues were also eligible to receive remuneration. You XiaoMo discovered the one who gave the most remuneration was the Teng Family. They were only recruiting practitioners with cultivation levels above the Spiritual Realm. The remuneration was in magic pills and magic herbs. If one was a practitioner at the Imperial Realm, the remuneration could be negotiated.

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Ling Xiao realized that justice was not on his side

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