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Chapter 343: Saliva

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebel Scanlations

After looking for a while, You XiaoMo lost his interest. Though the reward the Four Great Clans were giving wasn’t small, anyone could guess that you’d be nothing but canon fodder if you accepted and weren’t at least an Emperor level powerhouse.

Nonetheless, many people were still lured over by it, especially for the Teng Family, as they had a very long line in front of the sign-up area. The smallest lines belonged to the BaiLi Family and Tong Family. The rewards they were offering weren’t low, but weren’t high either, so less people were willing. Their line wasn’t that long, and soon it was their turn. Giving the transportation fee over, the man operating it immediately transported them out of Yan City.

The destination of the transportation was the only town near the Boundless Sea. To get there, you’d have to travel thousands of kilometers over the deep mountains. However, with the powers of Yan City needing to have close dealings with the town, the Four Great Families had to talk things out with them upon arrival. Tile house roofs of the same color, people bustling in the streets, there was a tense atmosphere across the town. This was Boundless Town, named after the Boundless Sea.

Standing on the street, You XiaoMo took a deep breath. The atmosphere here was even more tense than Yan City, people talking about the Ley Line everywhere. However, the most crucial aspects were never brought up in these conversations, such as how the location of the Ley Line was found to be in the Boundless Sea.

They did, however, mention where the powers of Yan City had settled, along with the various powers of Boundless Town.

“Where should we go now?” You XiaoMo gazed at Ling Xiao as he walked backwards.

“Let’s go and gather some intel first,” Ling Xiao replied.

You XiaoMo agreed with an ‘oh’. Gathering intel naturally meant going to a place with many people. The inns at Boundless Town were rather old, not blanketed with extravagance like the ones in Yan City. They hadn’t even gone in when they heard the cacophony of voices from inside. It was even more crowded than Yan City. Pretty much all the tables were squeezed full and there were no spare chairs left.

You XiaoMo had only just walked in when he walked out again. He wasn’t a clean freak, but hygiene was still important to him. The two could only find another inn. In the end, they found some space in the most expensive inn in Boundless Town. Because it was expensive, there weren’t too many people and those that were here were rich, so it wasn’t as crowded as the other inns. An attentive fellow came over with a pot of hot tea.

“What would you two like to order?”

You XiaoMo replied, “Is there a menu?”

The man said, “Yes. Please wait for a moment; I’ll bring it to you at once.”

You XiaoMo was surprised. He had asked that at random, but there really was one. In his eyes, this world’s culture was like ancient times, so he hadn’t expected there to be anything like menus. Not long later, the man brought them the menu. The menu was a slab of wood about the size of two palms of an adult. On it, all the dishes the inn offered were carved there. The font was a little small, but still clear. Next to the names, there was prices just like in the modern world.

Looking at the menu, You XiaoMo couldn’t help but widen his eyes in shock. No wonder there were far less people here than everywhere else. There was a reason for it; almost half the prices listed here were calculated in Crystal Coins.

Seeing the look on his face, the waiter immediately knew what he was thinking and explained, “You probably think the dishes are very expensive? There’s actually a reason behind that.”

You XiaoMo raised his head to glance at the waiter. “What reason?”

The waiter pointed to the dish calculated in Crystal Coins at the top of the menu. “The ingredients these dishes are made with are no ordinary ingredients. For example, the Egg Rolls listed here use the eggs laid by the level six demon beast Crushing Claw Vultures. Crushing Claw Vultures only ever lay eggs in September and they don’t lay very many either. In addition, to get them, you’ll have to enter the deep mountains. That’s why the price is so high.”

You XiaoMo nodded his head. This was obviously something made to be eaten by the rich. You XiaoMo sadly thought to himself that he was no rich man.

“Then we’ll have a plate of Egg Rolls and this Toffee Fruit…” Hearing the man’s explanation, Ling Xiao began to order. He picked the two absurdly expensive dishes without sympathy. You XiaoMo immediately glared at him. The person who didn’t earn any of the Crystal Coins was spending them so liberally. Even if he thought didn’t feel pained by it, You XiaoMo did.

Ling Xiao said, “We can just earn more Crystal Coins if we run out. We won’t come here often, so we might as well try out the local specialties while we’re here.”

That was true. In the end, You XiaoMo caved. At his level, he didn’t need sustenance all that much anymore. Yet it was precisely because of this that he missed the feeling of eating food. It had been a while since he had experienced the taste and texture.

Ling Xiao’s Toffee Fruit reminded him of all sorts of caramelized treats, such as toffee apples. The restaurant was very fast at making their dim sum, getting it ready in under five minutes.

“Enjoy your meal.” The waiter placed the two plates of dim sum on the table and then asked, “Would you like some wine with that?”

You XiaoMo startled for a moment and then quickly shook his head, “No…” He didn’t drink.

“We’ll have a flask,” Ling Xiao cut him off. You XiaoMo glared at him with hidden bitterness. At the very least ask for the price first!

The waiter quickly brought a flask of wine up to their table along with two cups. The sweet smell of alcohol filled their noses before the flask was even unsealed. Even You XiaoMo, who had never drank alcohol before, enjoyed the smell.

The waiter said with a smile. “This is the most popularly sold treasure of our store, Razor Wine. It has a very pure taste, and when you first taste it, it’ll be like a fire burning. However, after a while, you will be able to taste its true flavor.”

Since it had already been brought to the table, You XiaoMo poured him and Ling Xiao each a cup. He didn’t drink it and pushed the other cup to Ling Xiao.

“Try it out.” Ling Xiao raised the cup and sniffed it first before taking a small sip. You XiaoMo immediately asked, “How is it?”

Ling Xiao’s eyes narrowed, looking like he was enjoying it and replied after a moment of silence. “Not bad at all, as expected of their restaurant treasure.”

Hearing this and seeing his expression, it seemed very delicious. You XiaoMo hesitantly licked his lips, but couldn’t help his curiosity and took a light sip… and then there was no more “and then”.

The amusement in Ling Xiao’s expression was obvious. “How is it?” You XiaoMo spat it all out, the wine mixed with his saliva, all splattering over the Egg Rolls and Toffee Fruits on their table. The surrounding people immediately looked on with disdain.

You XiaoMo wiped his face with his sleeve and then said with a stutter, “N-not bad.”

Following that, he quickly picked up his chopsticks and shoved a piece of the sweet Toffee fruit into his mouth, not caring if it was dirty or not. It was his own saliva, after all. He ate until all he could taste was that sweet flavor. Raising his head, he saw Ling Xiao watching hm. You XiaoMo rolled his eyes in thought and pushed the wine over to him. “These Egg Rolls and Toffee Fruits have my saliva all over them. I’ll have them, you can have the wine.”

Ling Xiao ate an Egg Roll right under his nose before asked, “So what if it has your saliva?”

You XiaoMo: “…” This guy’s skin was too thick.

Soon enough, he realized something was wrong. Wasn’t it a little too quiet? You XiaoMo discretely glanced around and saw that everyone was looking at Ling Xiao in shock, occasionally glancing over at him. This meal was a trying one for You XiaoMo.

It finally came to an end and the waiter very, very attentively ran over to give them the bill. “That will be a total of eleven Crystal Coins.” Eleven Crystal Coins was equal to eleven thousand gold coins. This was most definitely the most expensive meal You XiaoMo had ever eaten, You XiaoMo paid the Crystal Coins indignantly and the two decided to settle in the hotel.

That evening, You XiaoMo was dragged onto the bed by Ling Xiao, to “cultivate”, and was then devoured inside and out, his struggles disregarded. It wasn’t until half way through the night that their bed stopped creaking from all the swaying.

You XiaoMo lay on top of Ling Xiao, exhausted, with the bottom half of his body a sticky mess. It was very uncomfortable. Nowadays, doing it once felt just as tiring as doing it twice or thrice.

You XiaoMo said tiredly, “Hey, get out.”

“Hm, wait another moment.” Ling Xiao spoke in a low, sexy tone.

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes. If he kept waiting, he suspected that Ling Xiao would want to go again, because the desire inside him was beginning to bare the hints of reawakening.

It was then that a noise came from next door. The fitful bursts of sound was very familiar. After listening for a while, You XiaoMo suddenly felt black lines on his face. This was the same creak that the bed had made just now when he and Ling Xiao were exercising on it. He climbed down from on top of Ling Xiao, shuddering as the other’s desire left his body.

After hurriedly cleaning off the stickiness on his skin, You XiaoMo returned to the bed to see Ling Xiao still naked, unmoving and his face half shadowed. He didn’t know what the other was thinking. You XiaoMo put on his clothes as he called to the other, “Hey, you…”

“Sh!” Ling Xiao suddenly made a shushing motion at him. You XiaoMo was a little taken aback.

“What are we doing?”

Ling Xiao said, “Listen closely.”

You XiaoMo obeyed in confusion.

Creak~ Creak~


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