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MW(R) Chapter 19

Chapter 19: What I like XiaYao

Translated by MengHu

Secret Jiang ShiWen was invented to keep track of what was said to start your plan to recover Xia Yao Zhou Du. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

That night, when I got home, he took out XiaYao’s diary and read it. As he did, Jiang ShiWen’s words did not seem to feel. Xia Yao did very clearly in his diary that he loved Zhou Den. And this “love” lasted for 2 years. XiaYao could not stop love ZhouDu.

His tip is archery with pride. To say that Jiang ShiWen said it was a good thing, Xia Yao was just a rare thing for her.

When these thoughts still shook, Zhou fell asleep and filled with hope.

The next day, Wanghao ZhouDu appears outside the door in the morning, and his consciousness will be more serious because of pain. Zhou family assistant invited him to his house.

“Where are Zhou Du? Please do not tell me he is still asleep.” Wang Hao, he went home when he saw the Zhou Du, not in the dining room, living or not in the dining room.

Family assistant responded quickly: “Zhou Du still stands, why do not you check him with you?

Zhou’s family had assistants and administrators, but ZhouDu’s father could not rely on “ZhouDu” as a “new owner” or something else. As the aid was older than the mother of Zhao, I said it by name of amnesty as my parents.

Wang Hao ran to Zhou Du’s room. There the door was firmly closed. He did not think much before hitting the door.

“Wow, Zhou! The king of your uncle came to your school!

Suddenly the door opened from the interior and appeared Zhou Duo. Wanghao instinctively leaned, trying to avoid an attack – experience, he said he had been gathering from the previous year, he certainly attacks Wang Hao if Zhou Du was fermented.

However Zhou Dud quietly saw Wang Hao.

I turned to the other side of the body and put Wang Hao into my room.

Wang Hao wondered at ZhouDu.

“Does ZhouDu still sleep half of you? Are you sure you’re leaving me in your room? Do you know who I am?” He did not trust my ear, I asked.

When I was young, Wang Hao played with Zhou Du in the last room. Not only dropped Zhou Doo’s bed, he had destroyed all the valuable children’s books and toys in Zhoude. He did not really remember what had happened with the memory of ZhouDu, just what he said in tears, but she was still, since then Wang Hao again steps from Zhou Two room.

Zhou Dai saw that Wang Hua was still stupidly caught before he was thrown into his room.

In entering, he pulled the same chair sitting to the right before Wang Hao with a tough look, throwing it on the bed.

“Please help me”

“Who will help?” The royal family stood in its words. He knew that what behind it should be a great circuit. And he loses against the bed against cellulose.

Zhou Du thought a little while and said: “Please help me find XiaYao as something”.

“Ha?” Wang Hao was completely lost. How does XiaYao enter this?

However, Zhou Du, who was ready to answer, said: “He just expressed some deal with me, I wanted to thank him for a gift, but because you find it for me, I do not know if he likes it.” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

This was when Wanghao finally grasped the situation. Seeing good things Zhou asked about her, his attitude was a change of 180 degrees.

About “About …” Wang Hao left a satin smile, pointing up and fingers, as he crossed one of his feet on the other. “You are not that you are, I always think my father does not buy me. I’m not sure I can not help you. Hesi, I’m a grade 10. If you point out the point, I told you that it was It will only be. It shows that not only do you think he does not want to buy it?

Zhou Du knew what model he refers to. It was a model of robots and it was expensive. Currently, Zhou Den, who had a high school finished class, so my father contracted a thousand people to return home abroad. Wang Hao was aware of the model of robots and asked for his father for 1, but his dad said ZhouDu’s reflection for class replacement. “I hope you’re at the beginning of the class, but if you can have at least a tenth place, I’ll buy for you.”

T / N: Zhou’s father translated the model called “million” to “one million yuan”. Ten thousand yuan are approximately 1500+.

However, Wang Hua has never reached the top ten in high school until the end of the high school. Since then, the model has always been behind his head.

When Wang Hao opened his mouth, Zhou Du understood what he thought, and Wang Hao seemed to want his model of a robot.

“If I can get what I want, I’ll give it to you”

“Are you serious?” Wang Ha jumped out of the bed and the funnel chain of excitement. “I knew you’re the best Dudu!

Shoobi surprised him, his expression choked: “Please do not call me this nickname.

“Well, I do not want it anyway!” Wang Hao danced like a monkey across the room.

Zhou Du added: “But you have to remember that, XiaYao does not get out.

“Oh?” Wang Hao asked to be confused: “What do you think?

“You can not let the summer understand that someone tries to find what he likes.

Every Wang Hao stirred up in an uproar short term. He was going to ask Xia Yao he really liked it.

“But why!” Wang Hao raised doubts.

ZhouDu did not want to explain: “If you know that XiaYao tries to find something you want, I will broadcast you.”

Wang Hao could not help, but DzouD’s face was serious. But the model of the robot he had already dreamed was so worthy.

I went to school together. There were not many people in hot air. And XiaYao was constantly sitting on her desk and wrote something.

After Zhou Du helped Zhou Du, Wang Hao left the classroom and nobody knew where to go.

Some people in my class all thought of my business. ZhuDu saw a little from XiaYao’s back, before remembering what Jia ShiWen said. So he rose with the help of a table and slowly wandered from the back of the classroom to the XiaYao seat. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

As Guo Dongdong always accepted in the classroom when the class was ready to start, Zhou Dud could sit next to Xia Yao in about 30 minutes, from the beginning to the first lesson in the morning.

He finally took time to walk before taking the place from Guo Dongdongs.

Xia Yao flared, his breath slowly considered. He tried to solve the problem of physics, but he was proud to take his thinking skills on the circumference.

ZhouDu preview, before pressing XiaYao.

XiaYao breathed his breath. He did not know what Zhou Den wanted to do.

Zhou Du saw Xia Yao at first sight. When he saw that XiaYao did not intend to ask him to leave, he relaxed and dropped more weight to the place where their seat was filled.

Zhou Dai solved with his fingers and his throat extended to see the problem noted. “You’re wrong.” He took a lead from XiaYao and began to work on this problem with a raw paper.

“Your way was wrong from the beginning,” Zhuang said, closer to XiaYao.

The heart of Xia Yao is launched quickly, Zhou Du’s warm and clean youth struck him and sucks secret secrecy.

Zhou saw Xia Yao, who was always silent without worry. When I saw XiaYao calmly he stirred his lead and was a little distant between Xia Yao and himself.

XiaYao was still overwhelmed. When he thought that the circumference was approaching, he urgently said “Thank you!”

Funtou could not help, but his body bent its corners. Jean-Shivan’s approach seems to be very useful. He straightened, there was a hidden luck, “Please do not thank me, if I need help, I can come to me anytime.”

XiaYao saw Zhou Du. He wanted to say something, but he stopped. Finally, he revalidated the thesis of physics, asked another question and said silently: “I can not solve it either”.

Zhou Du approached Xia Yao. He missed the problem before reading it in the paper project when he pulled himself on the pen.

XiaYao looks at the answer and despises, then bothers her a bit, “Can you explain it to me? I could not really understand the answer.

Zhou Du was picked up at this point. But when he took some crude expression on his face, he began to explain the question Xia Yao.

After the explanation, Zhou King tries to ask Dawn if he understands what he says, but when he shakes his head deeply draws the side view of the summer I got it. His breath ceased, he soon escaped his look as though he would burn something. He flattened the pen on the table and stood up receiving a desk when he got up.

Spark that disappeared in the eye of XiaYao. He knew everything at the same time. XiaYao did not know what ZhouDu did, but because he wanted to leave, XiaYao could not do anything about it. He pretended that nothing happened what he could do and continued to solve physical exercises.

Before trying to justify his action by mistake, Zhou Deng appeared close to the seat for a while. “Your board club will come here soon.

Very strange, Suzhou strangely strangely raised Zhangzhou and thought that Zhou Deu wanted to go, accidentally “It needs time to come.

When he heard Xia Yao, Zhou Du did not make him happy. Does XiaYao mean he wants to sit for a while? While he thought about that more, he was convinced that this was the truth, he thanked Kang Shoshae. She was more well-known about the problem than herself. Thinking, Funo was sitting back in the seat of Guo Eastong.

Just the last moment before the start, before Guo Dongdon entered his class in Finnish.

He fulfilled his satisfaction and rose from his seat. He raised his shoulders to Guo Dong-dong and told him. “I can come tomorrow later.

Guo Dong-Dong stood there hopelessly. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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