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Chapter 349: Beast Transfiguration

Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As they were setting off the next day, Fairy Fu Rong ordered her servants to prepare rooms for them. Due to the limited number of rooms available, two had to share a room, but this was only the case for them. The Great Elder and Duan QiTian each had a room to themselves. Even the interior decorations of their rooms were not as minimalistic as they looked on the outside.

The Old Man’s room wasn’t hard to find. Just grabbing any passing disciple to ask would do the job.

Both the Old Man’s and Great Elder’s rooms were situated right beside Fairy Fu Rong’s, either for convenience or some other reason.

Ten minutes later, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao found the Old Man’s room.

From afar, they saw a glowing figure standing right outside a room. Who else could it be other than Fairy Fu Rong, who appeared to be knocking on someone’s door.

After a while, the door opened.

As You XiaoMo strained his eyes to see. It was actually the Great Elder’s room!

Hei Tian had an expressionless look on his face. They seemed to have conversed briefly, barely a few lines, before Fairy Fu Rong suddenly leaned in towards Hei Tian’s chest. Of course, she didn’t succeed. Instead, she was pushed a far distance away.

Ling Xiao rubbed his chin and smiled meaningfully.

“I didn’t expect Hei Tian to be the first person that Fairy Fu Rong tried courting.”

You XiaoMo remained silent throughout. On closer inspection, the Great Elder was indeed a looker. If he was younger, he would definitely be a pretty boy. Cold and aloof pretty boys were the most attractive. Seldom could anyone pull away from the attraction to pretty boys. No wonder Fairy Fu Rong was infatuated with the Great Elder.

Fairy Fu Rong had lived for so long, she must have witnessed his beauty when he was younger.

At this moment, the door from the adjacent room swung open. Duan QiTian walked out looking immensely irked before yelling at Fairy Fu Rong without second thought, “Bitch, you want to be a hoe do it somewhere else!”

A feisty temper. Definitely his second personality. You XiaoMo confirmed.

Fairy Fu Rong wasn’t affected the least by his harsh words. She smiled prettily at him and replied, “Old geezer, I hope you remember the mirror flower island is my territory. Where I, the owner of the island, want to be is none of your business. If you’re unhappy, you can always leave. I won’t stop you.”

Seeing the Old Man on the verge of losing the argument, You XiaoMo quickly intervened.

“Shifu, please calm down. We shouldn’t waste our breath and energy on an old woman who’s been ridden by many men. This will only make us seem uncultured. People who don’t know any better may think us on good terms with her.” The Old Man wasn’t the only one who was fiercely protective of the people he knew.

Duan QiTian’s anger vanished. The more he thought about what You XiaoMo said, the more it made sense to him. He then replied gleefully, “Well said my dear disciple! We have not sunk so low as to squabble with a loose woman.”

Fairy Fu Rong’s hands were shaking from anger.

So these two were actually Master and disciple! No wonder both of them were equally hateful!

“Fairy Fu Rong, if there’s nothing else, we won’t see you out!” Hei Tian, who had remained silent throughout, finally gave the order to leave. After making his point, he returned to his room and slammed the door in everybody’s faces.

Not only had her attempts at seduction failed, she was utterly insulted by the master and disciple duo. Fairy fu Rong glared menacingly at them before storming off.

After she left, Duan QiTian looked towards You XiaoMo and his demeanor took a hundred eighty degree turn. “What are you doing here? What do you need me for?”

You XiaoMo immediately reverted to being cautious. He tried to placate his Shifu and said, “Shifu, I saw that you weren’t in the best of moods this morning so I came over to ask. Did something bad happen?”

Duan QiTian didn’t expect him to look for him because of this reason. “It doesn’t concern you, don’t ask so much.” He scoffed.

“Shifu, you’re here for the Elemental essence too, aren’t you?” You XiaoMo stared hard at the old man’s face.

Duan QiTian frowned but had an unexpected answer. “Nonsense! Of course I’m here for the Elemental essence! DaoXin Academy must have it at any cost.”

“What about you?” You XiaoMo questioned.

The Old Man was a level ten mage. If he could obtain the Elemental Essence, his soul could improve further, thus, achieving higher level wouldn’t be a dream.. Not only that, it could even cure the issues caused by his double personality. You XiaoMo never forgot that point. It was one of the reasons why both he and Ling Xiao were at the Boundless Sea for.

t/n: A little reminder, one that not possess a rainbow color soul cannot progress further than level 10 due to the limitation of the soul. However, soul color can advance through multiple methods.

The Old man took him in as a disciple and taught him many things. If not for him, he would still be figuring out what to do himself and even less likely to be at the level he was today.Therefore, after knowing the uses of the Elemental essence, he wanted to repay his master.

Duan QiTian contemplated before giving his answer.

“The academy needs the Elemental Essence more than me.” His trip here was to help the school obtain the Elemental essence and had nothing to do with himself. But there was another reason he was unwilling to divulge.


“Alright that’s enough. If you have nothing else to say, you should also leave.” Duan QiTian shooed him out impatiently, unwilling to speak to him anymore. Like Hei Tian, he shut the door.

Shifu, please don’t use the word “also”.

When the both of them went back to their room, Ling Xiao saw a gloomy You XiaoMo and said, “Your Shifu has a lot on his mind. He most likely has some secrets he can’t tell.”

“Shifu still has something that troubles him?”

“Most probably something related to you shixiong Qiu Ran.” Ling Xiao sat down in the only chair in the room.

Hearing what Ling Xiao said, You XiaoMo was reminded of a matter that didn’t seem to make sense.

Qiu Ran was also a level ten Mage. He had already reached the peak with what he had achieved so far in life. If he wanted to progress, the only way was through the Elemental Essence. That was why logically speaking, he should be rushing here the moment the news of the Elemental Essence was out. Yet, they hadn’t heard a word from or about him till now.

You XiaoMo doubted Qiu Ran would give up on pursuing the Elemental Essence. Even after meeting Qiu Ran only once, he could already tell that he was an ambitious man. Since he had yet to appear, he was most probably hiding and waiting to make his move.

“Ling Xiao, what do you think Qiu Ran could be up to?” You XiaoMo couldn’t help asking.

“It doesn’t matter what he’s up to, his goal is definitely the Elemental Essence.” Ling Xiao stood up. “Don’t think about it anymore, he will show himself in the next few days. Get some rest, we’re setting off tomorrow and we need all the energy we have to fish in the troubled water.”

That night, Ling Xiao didn’t insist on doing Dual Cultivation and You XiaoMo was able to get a restful sleep. The second day they both woke up early. Similarly, others did too, with some who couldn’t sleep a wink last night.

At 7.20am, people gathered at the square as planned. As people started talking, the crowd sounded no different from the noisy port of Boundless Town. The chatter only died when Fairy Fu Rong and the rest of the superpowers arrived.

Due to the unique conditions of the Mirage Sand Sea, they couldn’t use the Ocean Rocs this time, having to rely on one’s own ability to fly there. But people also had the option of getting someone to bring them there, albeit this method was a bit embarrassing.

Seeing everyone else flying on their contract beasts, You XiaoMo’s original intention of getting Ling Xiao to carry him started to retreat.

Mages and practitioners were different. They needed to rely on external forces to lift themselves off the ground so the only way he thought of was to get one of the Qius from his pocket dimension.

“Get LanQiu out.” Ling Xiao whispered into his ears.

“Why choose him?” You XiaoMo looked up. LanQiu’s traits were too distinctive and many knew of his existence. If they were to be discovered, how should he explain?

“You haven’t learned any legitimate Beast Dominion Laws, so you wouldn’t know a contract demon beast still has another important use, such as Beast Transfiguration.” Ling Xiao explained.

“What is Beast Transfiguration?” You XiaoMo curious.

Ling Xiao answered, “A mage’s contract demon beast and a practitioner’s one have a very large difference. And that is the power of the soul which cannot be obtained from cultivating. It can transform the demon beast into any weapon or form you wish. That is Beast Transfiguration. Long Xiang Continent has this, but it’s less commonly seen than in a higher Realm.”

You XiaoMo couldn’t wait to try it out but when he thought of a problem, he calmed down a fair bit.
“Is it too late to learn it now?” They were setting off already.

“No.” Ling Xiao continued, “There are many different types of Beast Transfiguration, ranging from easy to difficult. The difficulty level is determined by the what you want to transfigure the beast into. The simpler the transformation, the easier to learn.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes lit up, “Hurry up and teach me how to use Beast Transfiguration to fly!”

“LanQiu can be considered a bird so you can make him your wings. This kind of transfiguration isn’t hard, you only need to say one sentence. Come closer, I’ll tell you.” Ling Xiao urged.

※※ ※

It was one sentence indeed, but that sentence was a bit long, and also insanely hard to pronounce. Most importantly, it wasn’t even in the same language. He needed to practice regularly to familiarize with it and also get the power from his soul to cooperate. In reality it seemed impossible.

You XiaoMo repeated the line a few times with much trouble in his mind. It was time to set off.

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