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Chapter 350: Unfortunately, it’s Not Included in the Set

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebel Scanlations

In the end, You XiaoMo let Ling Xiao carry him for the moment, he would be learning it while on the road.

Since there were only a few people who needed to be carried, You XiaoMo’s situation was fairly eye-catching, causing the old geezer at the front to glare at him in dissatisfaction. Shifu, I am not trying to deliberately disgrace you. The distance between Jing Hua Island and the Mirage Sand Sea was a two day journey. He could take advantage of this opportunity to practice. But that verse was indeed quite hard, and it was in a language that he was unfamiliar with. After You XiaoMo studied it for a few hours, he finally managed to barely chant it out in a coherent manner but the speed was a little slow.

In the midst of battle, it was possible that he would be rapidly dispatched by his opponent if he was even slightly slower by a second. Therefore, no matter whether it was mentally or verbally, he needed to study it until he could rapidly chant it once through.

“Although some people have excellent talent, they are still a useless person who needs others to carry them.” A ridiculing voice was heard from the front. The person who spoke was Chai Zheng. The ridicule on his face was even more obvious when he saw You XiaoMo look over. Tang MengCheng was beside him. He did not speak, but his eyes that were looking at You XiaoMo held the same disdain.

Almost all the people around heard it as Chai Zheng did not deliberately lower his voice. You XiaoMo swept a glance over them, and then he nonchalantly moved his line of sight away shortly after. This evidently gave off a feeling of contempt for the opposite party and the impression of beneath one’s dignity to converse with them. Compared to this, Tang MengCheng and Chai Zheng’s childish and provocative behavior was just sub-par. The two were immediately maddened till their faces twisted in anger.

So full of yourself,huh? We’ll definitely make sure you’re gone forever during this journey to the Mirage Sand Sea, the two maliciously thought. Chai Zheng looked ahead at the old ancestor from the Chai Family in relief. It was clear that this old ancestor was both his hidden trump and his biggest guarantee. After a while, Gao Yang who was at the front suddenly made an about-face and flew over.

“XiaoMo, you need not care about what they say. Chai Zheng and Tang MengCheng have always been petty-minded. It’s not necessary to disturb your frame of mind because of them.” Gao Yang consoled.

You XiaoMo had been practicing chanting that verse. He was slowly becoming a little more familiar with it, and he estimated that he would be able to recite it out in less than a second within the next hour. He froze for a moment upon hearing Gao-dage’s words, “Gao-dage, what are you talking about? I don’t care about what they said ah!” He felt that he would be aggravated to death on a daily basis if he really cared about such things.

“Didn’t you just… …” Gao Yang was stumped. Looking at his open and candid expression, it seemed that things were really not what he thought it was.

You XiaoMo *he-he* as he laughed, “Sorry, I was thinking about other things and accidently got caught up in my thoughts.”

Gao Yang smiled, “That’s good.” When he saw You XiaoMo with his head lowered while he was at the front, he had thought that You XiaoMo was affected by the two’s words and was feeling deeply hurt.

“It seems your Gao-dage really cares about you.” Ling Xiao suddenly interjected after Gao Yang left.

You XiaoMo had just relaxed and when he heard this sentence, and guiltily replied, “Really? I feel that it’s normal. We ought to be concerned about each other. After all, we are friends.” He came to his senses after saying that. What was there for him to feel guilty about?

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes. In the end, he let You XiaoMo go, and did not continue this topic. He asked, “How’s your training going?”

You XiaoMo, “It’s acceptable. I’ve nearly got it, but it still needs more refinement.”

Ling Xiao, “En, bring out LanQiu and give it a test. Remember to have him mask his aura lest he be discovered.”

You XiaoMo was also thinking along the same line. He was the master of the dimension and only needed a thought to pass a message on. LanQiu transformed into his animal-form, a red-colored bird, after he appeared in order to not be discovered.

At a speed visible to the naked eye, LanQiu quickly transformed into a beam of red light and threw himself towards You XiaoMo’s back. After a moment, there was an additional pair of… …dull and gloomy wings on his back. They deliberately flew behind the procession so as not to attract too much attention. Everyone was occupied with hurrying on or chatting to pass the time. Thus, not many noticed this. You XiaoMo turned and looked at the dusty grey wings. This color was really ugly. Don’t tell me that it was still related to the body of the original form?

Ling Xiao instructed, “Trying flapping them to see if you can fly. Remember to visualize the wings as part of your body. This will make it so that you can do half the work with twice the effect.”

You XiaoMo closed his eyes to concentrate on feeling his wings out. His body and the wings and were connected through his soul power. It was no wonder that only mages could use this. Soul power was equivalent to the soul, using it to connect to the wings would cause the wings to turn into a part of your body. This method of flying was much more convenient than the practitioner’s method of using their spiritual power to fly, and it also consumed less soul power.

The Heavens were really fair. You XiaoMo picked it up very quickly with Ling Xiao’s directions. Half an hour later, he was already able to fly by himself without Ling Xiao’s help. This feeling was more intense than being carried by others. In his previous life, he had dreamed that he could freely fly through the sky. In this life, his dreams were finally fulfilled.

“Ha ha! Ling Xiao, look, I can finally fly now!” You XiaoMo flew hither and thither around Ling Xiao. Only until flying so many laps around Ling Xiao that he was nearly dizzy did he stop. Yet the excitement on his face never diminished.

Ling Xiao also let out a smile upon seeing that he was so exhilarated, “Next, just practice more and you will be able to have a better grasp on the speed and direction.”

You XiaoMo vigorously nodded like a good student, and soon exclaimed in excitement, “Do you still have any more Beast Transfiguration method? Tell me all you know!”

Ling Xiao shrugged, “There’s none left. I only know this one.”

His original form was a demon beast. No matter how bored he was, it was impossible for him to intentionally take the effort to learn these things. The Beast Transfiguration method that he told You XiaoMo about was known to him by chance. In addition, due to some reason, he was also not that willing to tell You XiaoMo about it.

Though You XiaoMo was a little disappointed, he was still very excited. He could now fly about anytime in the future and would not need to depend on Ling Xiao. In order to retaliate against Chai Zheng, he specially dragged Ling Xiao and flew to the front of the procession. Although his wings were grey, it was particularly conspicuous when he plunged into the middle of the crowd. There was always someone looking at his wings in astonishment as he flew to the front.

Chai Zheng was talking to Tang MengCheng when he suddenly caught sight of You XiaoMo’s figure from the corner of his eyes. Just as he was about to coldly snort in disdain, his entire body stiffened as he suddenly saw the wings on You XiaoMo’s back. Tang MengCheng discovered his strange action, following his gaze to look over, his face unsurprisingly darkened.

You XiaoMo provocatively looked back at them and needled, “Aren’t you two still being carried by your own contracted demon beast? If you have the skill then you should fly by yourself like me ah.”

Tang MengCheng and Chai Zheng were so furious that they were spouting smoke through the seven orifices. These sentences were much more acerbic than what they said before. You XiaoMo’s action of directly singling the two out was so brazen that it made people detest it even more.

“You XiaoMo, don’t think that I won’t dare to touch you just because there’s someone supporting you. If you really want to fight, I’ll accompany you to the end!” Chai Zheng furiously snarled.

You XiaoMo heard this and he was delighted instead of being frightened. The present him had no need to fear Tang MengCheng and Chai Zheng. Just as he was about to take the opportunity to reply, an imposing voice was abruptly heard from the front. “Zheng-er, come back here!” The voice seemed to have sounded just beside his ear. You XiaoMo had only felt a ringing near his ear but was nearly deafened. Then he felt a heavy gaze falling on his body. You XiaoMo’s scalp tingled. He could vaguely feel that the gaze was coming from the very front, and it was probably from Chai Zheng’s old ancestor.

Ling Xiao pulled You XiaoMo behind himself and that gaze disappeared. The hair on his arms had risen from the gaze and You XiaoMo breathed a sigh of relief with it gone. It was unfortunate that he did not manage to mess with Chai Zheng.

“A lofty ancestor actually bullied a younger generation. This is really shameless.” Duan QiTian’s voice was suddenly heard as he rudely mocked the old ancestor from the Chai Family.

The Chai Family’s old ancestor was not shamed into anger after being mocked but calmly said, “Duan QiTian, you actually took in such a good disciple. His schemes are so profound that he actually thought of luring my great-grandson into a trap.” With his experience and vision, he could naturally see through You XiaoMo’s strength. Chai Zheng would definitely suffer losses if he was to go up against You XiaoMo.

Duan QiTian sneered, “Then you could only say that your great-grandson is an idiot!”

The old ancestor from the Chai Family coldly glared, “Duan QiTian, do you want to fight with me? This old ancestor is not afraid of you.”

Duan QiTian shot a glance of contempt at him, “Let’s fight it out if you want to fight!”

“You both should stop your quarreling. We’re reaching the Mirage Sand Sea soon. If you want to fight, you can do it later. There’s plenty of time to let you guys fight to your heart’s content.” The old man from the Tong Family, who had always been the ‘mediator’, spoke up to smother the sparks between them.

“Old Tong is right. There’ll be a tough battle coming up.” BaiLi TianYi’s great-grandfather placated as he smiled and stroked his snow white beard.

Duan QiTian gave a cold snort but did not add anything else. Although the face of the Chai Family’s old ancestor was still twisted in anger, he was also a person who knew how to take the big picture into consideration. The embers were suppressed before they sparked!

The Mirage Sand Sea was finally sighted after flying for two days. However, the Mirage Sand Sea was different from other places in that only the landscape within a hundred meter radius could be seen. This was because the density of the white fog saturating this place was four to five times thicker than other places. Not only that, the white fog here was also poisonous. This was also why they could not ride the Ocean Roc to the Mirage Sand Sea.

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Typical, the Chai Family’s Old Ancestor didn’t reprimand his own for their earlier, loud jibes at Momo, but steps in when Momo gets his revenge. He needs to school himself and his own, in manners, first!
Love how Ling Xiao can be counted on to protect Momo (and vice versa, when he’s able to).
Thank you for translating.

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