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Chapter 348: Bossy Hei Tian

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo immediately remembered Chai Jun, who they had disabled. After the Chai Family knew of the incident, there was no way they would let them go. If it wasn’t for DaoXin Academy’s protection, this Chai Family elder would have been here much sooner.

Now there was also Duan QiTian, making the Chai Clan elder even more cautious. Thus, he didn’t dare do this and resorted to using the pressure of an Emperor Practitioner on them. Really, no grace at all. Not soon after, the two other Island Master of JingHua Island arrived. The moment they arrived, the room quieted down. The first to enter the public eyes was a tall and muscular man whose face was half covered by a short beard. His expression gave off a sense of stateliness without resorting to anger. His bare shoulders were tattooed with an almost realistic scorpion. As he walked in, an immense pressure followed, leaving everyone breathless.

This was Thunder Fei Xie, it was rumored that his ability was just below Old Hei Yun. Beside him, the one cloaked in black with a flame embroidery was Old Hei Yun himself. Even his face was covered by a mask, that was his trademark. No one knew of his real face, even his disciples. All people knew was that every time he arrived, this was his getup, highly secretive but no one dared to comment. As the two were seated, other than Duan QiTian and the Grand Elder, almost everyone arrived. Old Hei Yun barely talked so the ones who did the opening small talks were Fu Rong Fairy and Fei Xie. The greetings continued for a half-hour before getting to the main point.

The general meeting was not about the Elemental Essence because the leyline was underwater in the Boundless Sea, they couldn’t use it like DaoXin Academy did with theirs. All they could do was dig out the spirit gems but that meant all of the forces wanted their share of the pie. The spirit gem wasn’t like the crystal coins, although they were both currencies in the higher realms, only the spirit gem could help with training. The crystal coins were just for show. Through their testing it would seem that the leyline below the Mirage Sand Sea was not very small, in fact, it was many times larger than the underground leyline of DaoXin Academy.

So, this meeting had two objectives, one was how to distribute the spirit gems and the other was how to defeat the level ten demon beast resting in Mirage Sand Sea. Although multiple Emperor-level Practitioners were present, that demon beast’s reputation far succeeded any of them. It wasn’t something easily defeated, especially since it had many strong demon beasts and helpers. Who would fight it? How to fight it? These were all tough questions.

But before they could even get to the second point, the first had already caused a divisive split. With Yan City’s Four Great Clans, Boundless Town’s top three Forces, and DaoXin Academy made the split with ways. However, the top three forces wanted twenty percent each, leaving DaoXin Academy and the Four Great Clans only forty percent, which meant their share would only be eight percent each. The unfairness was extraordinary, so of course the Four Great Clans were unhappy and although Yan Fa hasn’t said anything, it was apparent he wasn’t either. Just this question caused everyone to start arguing, no one was willing to step down.

“Why aren’t they talking about the second question first?” As You XiaoMo listened to their argument, at this rate, there wasn’t any need to even talk about the second point.

“If you don’t split the loot first, how could they calmly work together?” Ling Xiao answered.

“That’s true, but aren’t Old Hei Yun and the others way too greedy? It’s not like the Boundless Sea is theirs, asking for that much.” You XiaoMo mumbled.

“Just a little more percentage is a huge fortune. Since they are so greedy, of course they want the biggest piece. It’s just too bad that…” Ling Xiao’s lips curled to a sinister smile.

You XiaoMo turned around to ask what is ‘too bad’ when up in the sky two sounds broke through causing waves of sound ripples. Coming closer and closer and, in seconds, it arrived on top of the meeting ground. As everyone looked up, there were two elders, one with a blue patterned robe, his whole body emitting a feeling of kindness, which was a façade. The other was covered in black clothing, with cold eyes and a visious expression. However, that could not cover the alarming pressure they brought. Fairy Fu Rong and the others’ faces changed instantly. The two were none other than Grand Elder Hei Tian and Duan QiTian. DaoXin Academy sending two strong fighters was unexpected. Even though Duan QiTian was a mage, his strength was nothing to be calm about, it was even above normal Emperor Practitioners. Of course, with Hei Tian, it was rumored that his strength was just slightly below that of the president of the academy. With these two, there wasn’t anyone here who could win.

“Dao Xin Academy wants thirty percent.” Hei Tian said floating in mid-air, hands behind his back, giving off the aura of strength. His pitch-black eyes glanced over to Fairy Fu Rong and others as well as the Four Great Clans. After he spoke, a wave of silence washed over the area. Even Fairy Fu Rong had done her share to ask for twenty percent, but Hei Tian went even further, straight up asking for thirty percent before doing anything. You XiaoMo covered his mouth with his hands and whispered in excitement, “The Grand Elder is so cool!”

When he first met with the Grand Elder, he thought he was a cold person, but he didn’t think he could be this cool too. Just throwing a bomb like that out of nowhere. After Gao Yang heard him, he couldn’t help but laugh, “This is nothing. The Grand Elder is just that type of person, not asking for forty percent is already holding back.”

The Four Great Clans didn’t say a word and just shook their heads. They had all been in contact with Hei Tian before, if he said he wanted thirty percent, he would get that thirty percent. If one disagreed, he would beat you until you did. That was the reality!

Not only that, their clan’s disciples would all enroll in DaoXin Academy one day, even if Hei Tian asked for thirty percent, it wouldn’t really harm their profits. The Four Great Clans could still get ten percent so they didn’t need to offend Hei Tian over this. Of course, it was a different story for Fairy Fu Rong and the other three. From twenty to ten percent, one could not underestimate that ten percent as it would lead their powers to another level, building stronger practitioners.

Fairy Fu Rong spoke first, “Hei Tian, aren’t you asking for too much? There are eight families here, but you alone want twenty percent, don’t you think that’s going to far? I cannot agree.”

“I also don’t agree.” Fei Xie said somberly.

“This old man here doesn’t mind.” A cold raspy voice surprisingly sounded. Fairy Fu Rong and Fei Xie turned towards Elder Hei Yun shockingly. They couldn’t believe it came out of his mouth. Their faces turned dark, without Hei Yun, even if the two of them worked together, they had less than a thirty percent chance of winning.

Hei Tian looked over at Elder Hei Yun for a few seconds before moving to Fairy Fu Rong and the other two, “I’ll give you guys a chance. If you win against me, DaoXin Academy will give you guys ten percent.” This seemed like a wonderful deal, but neither Fairy Fu Rong nor Fei Xie were stupid. If they get hurt here, they wouldn’t recover in time to fight for the Elemental Essence. They wouldn’t want to risk the big prize for the little advantages. After they realized this, the two couldn’t only sit back angrily. Without shedding blood, DaoXin Academy got thirty percent.

No wonder they were the number two of the eight heads, exclaimed You XiaoMo.

After dealing with the first question, the meeting could finally start on the second stage. Since there was only one Element Essence, the conclusion was that first come first serve. Lastly was the level ten demon beast of Mirage Sand Sea. Although it was strong, they had nine Emperor level practitioners, dealing with it would be easy. However, the question was who? Fighting with a level ten demon beast, no one would come out unharmed, but if they were hurt, that weakened their chances of getting the Elemental Essence. That wasn’t something any side wanted.

“DaoXin Academy asked for thirty percent, I here believe that Grand Elder Hei Tian should take part for getting that percentage, wouldn’t you all agree?” Fairy Fu Rong still held a grudge about the earlier incident, so she couldn’t let Hei Tian stay out of this.

As she finished, immediately there were voices of approval, even the Four Great Clans. Their thoughts were the same as Fairy Fu Rong and not only that, Hei Tian was much stronger than Duan QiTian, so without him, they had a greater chance of winning.

An hour later, it was finally settled. Hei Tian would fight the level ten demon beast while the others fought its helpers. It seemed as if they got the better end of the stick but this was not really so as the demon beast gathered strong fighters as well.

You XiaoMo surprisingly found out that the old man had not spoken a word since the very beginning. His face was gloomy, and he couldn’t tell what he was thinking. By the looks of it, it was the second personality. When the meeting dispersed, You XiaoMo hesitated a bit before finding him with Ling Xiao.

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i already caught up… T^T i really can’t wait. what is ling xiao going to pull? argh can’t wait. love this so much. still think it needs it’s own manga adaptation

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He will surely get a lecture from his mentor hahaha~

LX is plotting something again as usual.

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I think Boss will make level ten demon beast contract with Momo.

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You XiaoMo covered his mouth with his hands and whispered in excitement, “The Grand Elder is so cool!”

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