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Chapter 351: Causing Trouble

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebel Scanlations

Mirage Sand Sea was a dangerous area of the Boundless Sea, easy to defend and hard to invade.

However, so long as you managed to get through the toxic gas surrounding it, you would be safe inside, but many humans and demon beasts had fallen prey to it. What looked to be normal, common, white mist was actually immensely poisonous. As soon as a little was breathed in, the weaker victims would immediately die of the toxicity, so only those Spiritual level and above would be able to pass through safely.

“Then what about mages?” You XiaoMo asked, hearing them talk about practitioners and wondering if there were no limitations for Mages.

“There are limitations for mages as well, but it’s not according to your level. You’ll know when we get in; it won’t have any effect on you, though.” Ling Xiao hadn’t done any research beforehand, but he managed to guess the way it worked upon taking a look.


To confirm how many helpers the level ten Demon Beast had, Fairy FuRong had sent her people to slip into Mirage Sand Sea some time ago. After the sacrifices of several female disciples, they had finally obtained reliable information. The level ten demon beast knew he couldn’t monopolize the entire ley line, so used the ley line as a lure to get nearby level ten demon beasts to help. Boundless Sea had more level ten powerhouses than even the North Continent. To secure the Elemental Essence, the demon beast had invited a total of ten level ten demon beasts, promising them each a tenth of the Spirit Gems.

Luckily, those invited demon beasts weren’t stronger than that demon beast, but with him included, there was a total of eleven. As for them, their side only had eight Emperor level elites. If each of them took on one Demon Beast, there would be two left over. It was a good thing that they had discussed this yesterday.

“I’ve already given you all the data we could get on Mirage Sand Sea’s demon beasts. After entering, everyone should go and find their own opponent. If you have any problems, use the Transmitter Stones. If no one has any objections, then let’s begin this operation.” Fairy FuRong said in a tender tone. Since the information had all been obtained by Fairy FuRong’s people, it was agreed that she would be given a whole percent for her work at the meeting. After that, everyone split into groups.

There were only eight groups at first, but DaoXin Academy split into three groups led by Hei Tian, Duan QiTian and Yan Fa. Yan Fa actually wasn’t as strong, and would have a hard time against a level ten Demon Beast, so most of the students would be with him. Then, it was time for the Emperor level powerhouses to open up a path, leading the ten groups inside Mirage Sand Sea.

Though Mirage Sand Sea only had the poisonous gas on the outer edges, the outer edge continued for over ten thousand meters, consuming a lot of Soul Force. You XiaoMo finally understood why Ling Xiao said the poisonous gas barrier had no limits for levels, because it mostly just consumed one’s Soul Force. If you could replenish your Soul Force whenever, even low leveled mages could enter and exit at will. Ten thousand meters wasn’t too far to go. It was barely an hour before they reached the other side.

Instantly, their eyes met wide open space, blue skies and seas, and a row of red crowned cranes even flew overhead. It looked like paradise. It was hard to believe that a bloody battle would soon erupt here. By then, the ten teams had already separated. Yan Fa had taken them to some shallows, surrounded by quiet mountain ridges. White fog blanketed the area and the sound of waves was audible. With the warm ocean breeze, everyone felt rather drowsy.

You XiaoMo closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and feeling the dregs of sleep cling to him. Suddenly, there was the thwack of a slap and he opened his eyes, he saw that it was Ling Xiao. Holding his burning cheek, he asked in anger, “Why did you hit me?”

Ling Xiao sighed. “This is an illusion.”

You XiaoMo was stunned for a moment. “Illusion? No way, it doesn’t seem like it.”

Ling Xiao replied, “That’s because the one casting the illusion is a level ten demon beast, of course you wouldn’t notice.” It wasn’t just them, even Yan Fa hadn’t realized. What good luck, meeting a level ten demon beast so quickly!

As they spoke, Yan Fa finally noticed and quickly broke through the illusion with the other elders. The blue skies and seas disappeared from before their eyes, replaced by large stones covered in moss beneath them. In front of them, there was a withering, rotting forest with no hint of green grass or life.

“Heheh… I hear you’re the vice-principal of the DaoXin Academy, Yan Fa. Seems like the rumors weren’t false. You’re truly very strong, able to break through this little lady’s illusion’s so quickly.” With the alluring laugh and voice, everyone noticed a group of people standing on one of the hills. The person heading the group was an extremely beautiful woman, even more seductive than Fairy Fu Rong, wearing naught but a fine veil on her body. She had remarkable breasts, long slender legs, a fine specimen. A level ten demon beast, one that was proficient in illusions, no less, this must be one of the only two female level ten demon beasts – the Monster Fox.

The Monster Fox’s name was simply just Monster Fox, a fox demon beast just like MaoQiu, but with a less impressive bloodline. MaoQiu’s ancestors were the ancient Nine-tailed Demon Foxes, so as long as she continued to cultivate, she would achieve a strength that even Monster Fox wouldn’t be able to ever achieve. Monster Foxes had one tail and that tail was their life. If they ever lost it, not only would they lose all their spiritual power, they wouldn’t be able to regain it in ten thousand years, a harsh consequence. So Monster Foxes always took great care of their tail. The woman in front of them wore a revealing red veil in a human form, but behind her swayed a massive white tail. Though their tail might’ve been their weak spot, it was also a great boost to their combative ability, so that’s why she dared to keep it out. If she hid it, she would only lose quicker.

“Leave this Monster Fox to me and the three elders. The others are up to you to deal with.” Yan Fa’s expression was extremely severe. Though they had more people, their opponent was a level ten demon beast. The gap between a level was nothing like the gap between a star; it was immense.

“Shifu, don’t worry about us and focus on the Monster Fox,” Gao Yang called out. Yan Fa nodded at him and led the three elders to meet Monster Fox.

Monster Fox was a ruler of a section of the Boundless Sea and had many powerful soldiers under her command. Among them, were three level nine demon beasts. The remaining two elders took a level nine demon beast each as their opponents, leaving the last one to Gao Yang and the others. It was good that they had all fought against level nine demon beasts before and weren’t at any disadvantage when facing it together.

The battle erupted and soon became chaotic. You XiaoMo might not be very strong, he wanted to contribute, but…

You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao, who was standing beside him, with black lines on his face. “What did you come here for? Aren’t you going to help?” With Ling Xiao’s power, it was a waste to fight these small fry. However, if he didn’t go, people would talk, because he wasn’t low on the hundred man rankings.

“Why so serious? They’ll win,” Ling Xiao replied lightly.

Monster Fox hadn’t brought many helpers, and Yin Ge and the others weren’t normal Spiritual Level experts either. They all had powerful ace techniques, and many methods for keeping themselves from certain death. You XiaoMo was speechless. Of course he knew they’d win; that wasn’t what he was worried about.

Ling Xiao kicked a person who wanted to sneak attack You XiaoMo and sent them flying. Then, he took You XiaoMo in another direction and kicked another enemy flying. It was uncertain if it was on purpose or not, but the enemies that were sent flying streaked towards Monster Fox like falling meteorites. The human ammunition hadn’t even gotten close before they were blasted into smithereens by Monster Fox. Though it was an insignificant attack, it gave Yan Fa and the others a small window of opportunity…

You XiaoMo said, “You did that on purpose, right?”

Ling Xiao glanced at him. “Do you have any objections?”

You XiaoMo slowly bit out, “No, I wanted to say, kick another few over.”

“Fine…” Because of Ling Xiao’s interruptions, Monster Fox was unprepared for the attacks, letting Yan Fa and the others take the upper hand. If this continued, victory was certain.

After blasting her own underlings for the tenth time, Monster Fox was angry enough to start blowing steam, her figure not nearly as casual as before, but rather inelegant. She glared over at Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo, who had caused all this, having noticed them. It wasn’t just Monster Fox that noticed this, but Yan Fa and the others as well.

Some people wanted to copy Ling Xiao, but… They didn’t have the skill. A battle between level ten powerhouses wasn’t something you could easily influence. The slightest mistake might cause trouble instead. Monster Fox had wanted to shake off Yan Fa and the others to kill Ling Xiao, but was continuously seen through by Yan Fa and was clung to, unable to shake them off.

Eventually, she couldn’t bare it anymore and hollered out in anger, “Frost Lion, until when are you going to stand there and watch for? Come out and help already!”

“Haha, Monster Fox, I can’t believe that a ruler of Boundless Sea like you would be pressured like this by some younglings. How embarrassing…” A man had walked out at Monster Fox’s yell. He had blue hair and an intense aura, marking him as a level ten demon beast for sure. He was exactly as the information they had gotten said him to be. He was the Celestial Frost Lion they were told of. Everyone widened their eyes. Why was the Celestial Frost Lion here?

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