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Chapter 352: (Cat) Catching the Mice

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

There was only one explanation. One level ten Demon Beast they could deal with, but two, that was dangerous for everyone. Yan Fa was already having difficulty dealing with Monster Fox, looking around, no one was free to fight the Celestial Frost Lion. Yan Fa and the others were caught by surprise and had to stop.

“What are you rambling on about, just get rid of them, quickly.” Monster Fox became embarrassed to the point of anger as the Celestial Frost Lion’s words hit at her sore spot.

The Frost Lion snorted and said scornfully, “What are you afraid of? We got this in the bag. There isn’t even an Emperor level Practitioner. And you’re still worried about them escaping?”

The Monster Fox’s expression turned cold, and said, “With this attitude, if something goes wrong, you want to take full responsibility?”

The Frost Lion furrowed his brow, and said impatiently, “Fine, just leave Yan Fa and those old people to me, you get the others. Good enough for you?”

Monster Fox nodded in satisfaction and turned her chilling cold gaze towards Ling Xiao. Her red pupils seemed to be surrounded by a murderous aura that raged like a hurricane. As if she wanted to skin Ling Xiao alive, she said, in a ghastly tone, “Let me see you try to runaway!”

As she finished, her figure disappeared and ran towards Ling Xiao. Yan Fa cursed under his breath before shifting to block her. But the Frost Lion was faster and with lightning speed, stopped him. Bombastically he said, “Yan Fa, don’t be in a hurry, play with me a little. I hope you can hold on for a long while.” With that Yan Fa’s face turned eerie.

On the other side, as Monster Fox moved in for the attack, Yin Ge and the others intended to help Ling Xiao. In their point of view, even if Ling Xiao could fight one on one with a Level Nine Demon Beast, it would be impossible with a Level Ten Demon Beast. However, they got caught up with Monster Fox’s underlings and could only watch as Monster Fox approached Ling Xiao. As for Ling Xiao he just grabbed You XiaoMo and…ran!

Monster Fox let out a cold laugh before chasing without hesitation. By her perspective, Ling Xiao wanted to escape the fighting area to prevent friendly fire or reduce their pressure. Thus, he decided to run as far away as possible. That kind of thought was pure idiotic! Thus, a game of chase began! Monster Fox wanted to see their painful, struggling faces so she deliberately slowed down. Thus, with one in front and the other following, one chasing and one running, they fled thousands of miles.


In a white, hazy part of the sea, not sure of which corner of the Mirage Sand Sea, with no islands in sight but pure sea water, it was a great place for criminal activity. That was when Ling Xiao finally stopped, and put You XiaoMo down, “Okay, this should be enough distance.”

Behind them, Monster Fox realized that they stopped, and a flash of puzzlement appeared on her face but she didn’t think much of it. She just thought they had realized it was inescapable and thus decided to take a final stand.

Monster Fox’s speed was extremely fast, in less than five seconds after they had stopped, she arrived. Her silhouette appeared a few meters away.

You XiaoMo looked over at Monster Fox who appeared very pleased and said to Ling Xiao, “Don’t tell me you already knew that Frost Lion was waiting for a moment to attack so you purposefully made her angry to lure out the Frost Lion? And then use it as a way to escape from Gao-Dage and the others?”

Ling Xiao didn’t object, “Don’t you think its an good opportunity?”

You XiaoMo looked at Monster Fox with pity, she probably still thought she was the cat chasing the mouse…

“Although it’s a good opportunity but isn’t that Frost Lion stronger than Monster Fox? Wouldn’t that put the Vice Principal and others in a dangerous spot?”

Ling Xiao answered, “If there was danger, there is still Yin Ge. He’s very not normal, he wouldn’t turn a blind eye to it. Also, Yan Fa is no pushover either.”

You XiaoMo looked with a face of surprise, “How is Yin Ge not normal?”

Ling Xiao hold down his shoulder but had his gaze fixed on Monster Fox, and smiled gently, “About that, I’ll tell you later. First, we should…get rid of her, right?”

Seeing the man’s lip curl to a smile without a hint of distress about their situation widened her feeling of unease. She couldn’t understand why; did they think success was luring her here? Monster Fox couldn’t think of answer and just forgot about it. As she turned back to being full of confident, she said to Ling Xiao in a sinister tone, “Seeing as you’re a student of DaoXin Academy, I’ll give you a chance. Kill your friend and I’ll let you die a quick death.”

Ling Xiao ignored her and turned towards You XiaoMo, “Let Lan Qiu out first.”

Although You XiaoMo was confused, he did as he was told and let Lan Qiu out. Immediately the grey wings disappeared and in front of him appeared a bright red human figure. As the Bird of Pride appeared, the pressure of a Level Ten Demon Beast spread with incredible speed across the sea.

“A level Ten Demon Beast’s pressure?” Monster Fox’s pupils shrunk, no wonder they weren’t worried, they had a level ten contracted Demon Beast. But she quickly calmed down and said, “What if it’s a Level Ten Demon Beast, it’s still just level ten.”

Monster Fox was low on the eleven demon beast’s power tier but not the last because she had Level Ten Two Star strength. At their level, every difference in Stars were huge.

Lan Qiu looked at her like a idiot, an idiot at the blink of death. Ling Xiao turned to Lan Qiu and said, “Protect him, I’ll be right back.”

With great respect Lan Qiu replied, “Yes, Boss Ling Xiao.”

Boss Ling Xiao? A Level Ten Demon Beast is that respectful to that man? Monster Fox’s expression was filled with shock. Of course, she wouldn’t know Lan Qiu did it purposefully for show, although it was true. Monster Fox wasn’t stupid and quickly realized the strangeness of the situation. From the beginning to the end, they had not expressed a hint of panic, they were as calm as if she was the mouse. This attitude had only one explanation.

Realizing this, Monster Fox’s desire to live out weighted pride and her skinny fingers quickly formed a few hand seal. In a tender tone she shouted, “Water Mirror Moon Flower.”

That was Monster Fox’s ultimate move, an extremely powerful attack, a mirage that would attack and defend. Since it was an ultimate move, she didn’t use it often. The man got pulled into the mirage and around him was a sky of Peach flower petals, decorating a beautiful world. A world that looked peaceful but in fact every petal was a weapon, instantly giving off a sharp shine. The sea of petals flied towards the man.

In a devious grin, the man’s thin lips let out a single word, “Break!” With this sound, all of the flower petals disintegrated with a small purple flame. The mirage broke. This was a destructive way of breaking the spell cast, Monster Fox had almost never meet someone who could destroy all of the petals at once.

The moment the man came out of the mirage, Monster Fox had already escaped. The reason she had unleashed her ultimate move first was to trap the man for a while, so she could have time to run. But out of her calculation was the speed in which the man broke the mirage. From beginning to end it wasn’t even three seconds. Looking at the disappearing silhouette, without a second of doubt the man chased.

You XiaoMo quickly turned to Lan Qiu and said, “Quick, bring me, I want to see.”

Lan Qiu replied, “Boss Ling Xiao will come back.”
You XiaoMo replied with, “I want him to travel less, is that not okay?”

Lan Qiu, “…Okay.”

Ling Xiao’s speed was as lightning fast as before. By the time they had arrived, the two were standing on an unnamed island. Monster Fox was weak with no one to rely on and in a sorry state under the base of Ling Xiao’s foot. No longer was she high-spirited and vigorous but weak to the point of almost turning to her original form.

“Your excellency, if you have any questions please ask. This fellow here will tell you everything she knows, just if your excellency will spare this poor woman.” Monster Fox said sobbing. The charming face turned delicately pitiful, making one want to cherish them.

You XiaoMo who had came with Lan Qiu coincidently saw this scene and his expression turned to a daze until a scream of pain erupted. When he came to his senses, he saw Ling Xiao without any tenderness, step on Monster Fox’s…breast.

With a face of malice, he smiled and said, “The next time I see you use Bewitching Spell I’ll peel your face off. Do you want to give it a try?”

Monster Fox pleaded, “I won’t do it anymore, please.”

So rough!

But You XiaoMo didn’t sympathize with her, she had almost had her way with him. Ling Xiao turned around, almost surprised as to why he came but didn’t ask. Instead he said, “You guys came just in time, I was just about to ask her some questions.”

“What do you want to ask?” You XiaoMo walked in front of him and eyed the sadden state of Monster Fox. He already had a fox Demon Beast, so the thought of forming a contract didn’t cross his mind. Also, he wasn’t fond of the scent on Monster Fox thus contracts and things had to consider fate too.

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