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Chapter 357: Friends Turned Enemies

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Spirit Gems were hard to dig out, especially deep underseas. It was impossible for an ordinary man, but luckily Ling Xiao was there.

He used his power to create a field in which he repealed the sea water. Since they were so deep beneath the ocean, the pressure was so strong that even Ling Xiao couldn’t hold it for long. An hour was the most he could do.

Once the time was up he must retract his field or else it would hurt his core and he wouldn’t be able to help DaoXin Academy with getting the Elemental Essence.

You XiaoMo recognized the urgency and quickly took out a bottle of Spiritual Water, ready to replenish his Soul Power at any time. Especially because he was the only one digging.

Spirit Gems were extremely tough, not to mention deeply buried, making it difficult to dig out. With the first Spirit Gem You XiaoMo realized this and therefore he must use Soul Power while digging. Good thing he was a Level Eight mage.

For efficiency, he could only be a little rough with how he did things.

He spread out his Soul Power like a fishing net and dug. In less than two seconds, the ones that were dug out were put into his dimension. Rinse and repeat.

After a long time working as hard as he could, drinking Spiritual Water as well, it was impossible to obtain his desired amount with just one person.

In the end, You XiaoMo couldn’t even get a thousandth of the Spirit Gems available.

Once Ling Xiao retracted his field, they left immediately.

It didn’t take long before they saw the light and decided to go back to Spring Lake, the starting point.
You XiaoMo still felt disappointed as he shook off the water from his hands.

In the hour they left, Azure Island had become extremely quiet. There was the rubble left from ruined architecture everywhere and Old Hei Tian plus the others were nowhere to be found.

After a while, XiaoHei and the others came to find them. They were never too far from the Spring Lake and kept in contact with She Qiu.

“Master you finally came out.” Cat Qiu ran to them crying. Pouncing onto You XiaoMo’s legs as he continued, “Cat Qiu was really scared, there were so many strong people.”

You XiaoMo lifted him up. Cat Qiu looked like this rabbit pillow he had in his previous life. Circular, flat, with two rabbit ears and so You XiaoMo couldn’t help but rub his hair, “What happened?”

The tsundere XiaoHei said, “When we had arrived at Spring Lake, Boundless Town’s three Practitioners came too. From their conversation we could tell that they knew of the secret beneath the lake and hadn’t planned on telling the others.”

At the time, they feared being discovered, especially since they’re levels were so different. Good thing they were very far away and were in a hurry that no one was found out.

Ling Xiao replied, “We figured the same.”

XiaoHei continued, “There was one more thing, it seemed that there was someone tailing Old Hei Yun and the others. They followed them in pursuit.”

Ling Xiao raised a brow at that, “Do you know who he is?”

XiaoHei shook his head, the master did not give him information on someone like that, “It’s a young man wearing a black cloak.”

Speaking of a cloaked man who was young and could follow Old Hei Yun without being found, thereby being a level ten practitioner, there was someone who fit.

No wonder that person seemed to have disappeared for a while. He came to the Boundless Sea to rob the Elemental Essence. This time there would be no return for him, Ling Xiao thought as his lips curled into a sinister smile.

“What’s the situation right now?” You XiaoMo also figured it out but he didn’t really pay any mind to it. Even though that person was strong, with this many strong practitioners at Mirage Sand Sea, even if he worked with the Netherworld Sea Siren it wouldn’t be easy.

“Lan Qiu gave a message not long ago that those people were still at Mirage Sand Sea’s South side on West Sand Island. They’re fighting for the Elemental Essence up in the air.” Mao Qiu replied.

Ling Xiao said, “We’ll go look. You guys don’t need to come.”

You XiaoMo nodded in confirmation, “Also, there shouldn’t be too many people at Azure Palace, you guys can go treasure hunting. If you don’t like that, two thousand meters away from Spring Lake is the place of Spirit Gems produced by the leyline. If you guys are bored, you can go and dig some up, but don’t stay down for too long.”

As he finished, he and Ling Xiao left, leaving the three behind with XiaoHei wearing a blackened expression on his handsome face.

Beneath the Mirage Sand Sea lived many Demon Beasts, if they went in, they would be fish dinner for sure. Especially since the water was so deep that before they could dig anything, their lives would be forfeited.

Although the first suggestion was not a bad idea, but XiaoHei was not interested in it. Mao Qiu and Cat Qiu on the other hand were both interested.

Mao Qiu could be girl or boy, but she preferred being a girl and so mostly appeared as a girl in human form. Generally, girls like sparkly items so she was interested in the treasures. Cat Qiu on the other hand called up Pi Qiu with a Transmitter Stone to ask if he wanted to come. Right after hearing this, Pi Qiu left She Qiu and ran over.

West Sand Islands was an attraction in the Mirage Sand Sea.

There were numerous islands with many sizes. Almost every thousands of mile you could see another island. Not only that, surrounding them were all kinds of corals in a rainbow of colors, all very beautiful.

Mirage Sea Island and Boundless Town transacted economically in coral currency.

As the two continued onwards, alongside the roads were many coral patches. Very pretty, but only for looking and not eating, thus You XiaoMo didn’t feel the need to collect them.

An hour later they finally arrived on top of West Sand Islands.

In a sea of white clouds there were three silhouettes looking at each other from afar. The atmosphere wasn’t tense like enemies fighting, but still very ominous.

You XiaoMo took a good look before recognizing one of them. Just as he was about to shout out their name, Ling Xiao, in quick response, covered his mouth.

“Mnnmmm…” You XiaoMo rolled his eyes a little, what’s wrong this time? Every time he seemed to get his mouth covered.

Ling Xiao explained, “Do you not realize the one who is standing beside Old Hei Yun is your Shi Xiong Qiu Ran?”

You XiaoMo’s eyes widened in disbelief. You are lying, Old HeiYun and Qiu Ran?

To find out the truth, they decided to wait and react accordingly.

“Shifu, since I was figured out, I suppose there is nothing more I can do. You are correct, Hei Yun is my Life Bound Demon Beast. I was the one who told him to establish the Black House Square. What’s the difference of you knowing or not knowing?” Qiu Ran spoke uninterestedly. His original plan was not to let Duan QiTian know, but even if he did, it didn’t matter.

Duan QiTian responded blankly, “Yes it doesn’t amount to anything. Although there was this question I had wanted an answer to since the beginning. Tell me honestly, were you the one who harmed Wei Bai?”

Qiu Ran was silent for a moment before giving a snarky laugh, “You were always suspicious of me, weren’t you?”

Duan QiTian confirmed unapologetically, “Correct, ever since your Second Shidi went missing I had the suspicion it had something to do with you.”

Qiu Ran let out a cold laugh. Staring sinisterly at Duan QiTian, he spoke one word at a time, “Since you really want to know, I’ll tell you. Don’t want to you turn over in your grave. You are right, you’re precious Second Shidi was harmed by me. Too bad he’s lucky and got away, but I’m sure he’s broken at this point.”

“You bastard!” Duan QiTian yelled angrily.

With an expression of ease Qiu Ran replied, “If you want to blame someone then blame yourself. I’m your disciple too but all you cared about was Wei Bai. You gave him everything. But me? Even the Heavenly Soul Scripture I had to find myself. Now, even Xiao Shidi you just accepted is treated better than me.”

When he had first heard from his disciples that Shifu allowed Xiao Shidi in his treasured library, even though he had acted as if he didn’t care, he was filled with jealousy like back with Wei Bai. From then on, he knew Shifu had never once liked him.

Duan QiTian answered, “You’re the one harboring ill intentions, but you blame me, your Shifu. Why don’t you reflect on what you did wrong?”

Qiu Ran gave a cold laugh, “At this point it’s useless. You’re precious Second Shidi will never come back. As for You XiaoMo, you better keep a close eye out because I can’t guarantee he won’t follow Wei Bai’s old path.”

Duan QiTian started shaking in anger, “If you dare move even on hair on his body, your Shifu promises you he will take your life with his own hands.” He had already lost one, the same tragedy will not happen again.

“Take my life? HAHAHA!!!!” As if he had heard something funny, Qiu Ran burst out into laughter. It took a while for him to calm down before looking at Shifu menacingly, “Old fella, you think you can still walk out of this Mirage Sand Sea alive? Today is the day of your death.”

“Heh, you think you can win against me?” Duan QiTian snorted in response.

“Old fella, don’t think because you hid it well that I don’t know. In reality…your soul has been long damaged, right? And, it can’t never return to your prime?” With a face that says he had won, Qiu Ran laughed.

Duan QiTian’s eyes widened.

You XiaoMo’s eyes also widened.

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