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Chapter 358: Lure

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

There was a problem with Shifu’s soul?

He remembered that when Shifu had told him about his dual personalities, he had only talked about how it affected his ability to refine pills, and did not say anything about his soul having a problem too!

He could not understand this, but Qiu Ran did not look like he was lying.

Ling Xiao whispered in his ear, “Looking at your Shifu’s expression, Qiu Ran seems to have hit the nail on the head. He had probably not even told Hei Tian about this.”

You XiaoMo gritted his teeth, “If there’s really a problem with Shifu’s soul, then will the Elemental Essence be able to repair his soul?”

Ling Xiao chuckled, “Of course.”

You XiaoMo grabbed Ling Xiao’s arm, “Then we should help the academy to snatch the Elemental Essence.”

This was the only way that Shifu would accept his Elemental Essence. He could not help the surge of bitterness in his heart at the thought of Shifu knowing that his favorite Second Disciple had been harmed by his First Disciple.

Ling Xiao gave him a severe stare, “Are you sure that it’s ‘we’ and not ‘me’?”

You XiaoMo dryly laughed, “I will cheer you on.”

“How did you know of this?” Duan QiTian was shocked by Qiu Ran’s words, but he quickly calmed down. He knew that concealing it further was of no use anymore upon seeing Qiu Ran’s confidence.

“Don’t think that I can’t see through your act if you conceal it well. After all, we have been master and disciple for so many years.” Qiu Ran enjoyed the shock on Duan QiTian’s face. He really could not see through it in the beginning, but the longer they interacted, the more he felt that something was fishy. After some investigation, he was finally certain of what had happened to Duan QiTian.

For the purpose of repairing his damaged soul, Duan QiTian had been running around here and there all these years, unceasingly searching for things related to the soul. As a result, Qiu Ran was able to figure this out.

Duan QiTian’s face was gloomy, “Even if my soul has suffered damage, it is still more than enough for me to teach a bastard like you a lesson.”

“If you were planning to rely on your life bound contract beast…ha ha…” Qiu Ran let out a strange laugh, “It’s impossible for me to come here without a plan. Since I’m here, it means that your life bound contract beast already does not pose a threat to me.”

Old Hei Yun tore off his black robe and finally revealed his identity.

He was judged to be elderly from his usual hoarse voice. But the truth was not as such. This was a young man with a head of waist long red hair who was bursting with vitality. His eyes were as red as blood and he had a pair of red, sharp eyebrows inclining towards his sideburns.

Duan QiTian pupils abruptly contracted, “This aura! Could it be that you are close to breaking through the tenth level?”

Hei Yun, or Hong Yun to be more accurate, looked at Duan QiTian with cold eyes. Hearing his words, Hei Yun’s gaze indifferently shifted to the bizarre thing on Duan QiTian’s shoulder and replied, “That’s right. The Aberrant Blood Vine is no longer my opponent now.”

The Aberrant Blood Vine on Duan QiTian’s shoulder suddenly opened its eyes. An enchanting pair of gem-like verdant eyes were now brimming with a chilling killing intent, concealing an element of violence.

“Cut the crap. Since you want to, let’s fight.”

“What’s going on?” You XiaoMo who was hiding far away looked at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao, “Qiu Ran’s life bound contract beast is an Emperor Beast called the Savage Crow and it is also known as the Five-Colored Bird. It is a divine bird belonging to the phoenix class. Although it is inferior to the Ancient Demon Phoenix, it’s ranked quite high on the latent potential rankings of the Emperor Beasts.”

You XiaoMo looked over in shock.

He had been following Ling Xiao all this time and had come to understand the strength of Emperor Beasts. If it was indeed as such, old geezer would not be able to win even if he risked all on his life bound contract beast.

Ling Xiao continued, “Qiu Ran has probably hatched a plan already. He had long harbored hatred for Duan QiTian and it is possible that he would use this chance to kill your Shifu.”

You XiaoMo was horrified. No matter what, the old geezer was his greatly respected teacher. To plan to murder one’s teacher was such a great treasonous, heretical act. Qiu Ran would become DaoXin Academy’s number one enemy if it was leaked out. Was he not afraid that DaoXin Academy would never let him off?

He did not wish for the old geezer to die. The old geezer could be considered his first genuine master. He had learned and gained many things from him these two years. For example, he had dug up many high-level pill recipes from the old geezer and managed to make up for his issue of having a surplus of magic herbs, but a lack of pill recipes.

“What is that Aberrant Blood Vine that he is talking about?”

“The Aberrant Blood Vine is a plant-type demon beast. Its potential is higher than an ordinary Blood Vine as it is a variation. Thus, it could be considered as half an Emperor Beast.”

A half Emperor Beast and a full Emperor Beast were definitely not comparable. He was already suppressed solely based on the bloodline. Not to mention that the opposition’s strength was also higher. Chances of victory were slim.

“What should we do now?”

“Wait and see.”

The Aberrant Blood Vine and Duan QiTian had the same temper. This was also probably one of the reasons why they had come together. They would lose most of their reason once they flared up and even the surrounding spiritual energy would also become violent.

After he said that, the vine transformed into his original from. The original form of demon beasts were more powerful than their human forms. Since his strength was not a match for the opponent, then there was nothing to hide.

The Blood Vine filling the whole sky was just like a pit of writhing snakes, producing bursts of abnormal hissing roars. The entire body of the Blood Vine was verdant in color and transparent blood vessels were wiggling about under that layer of thin skin.

Hong Yun did not underestimate the Aberrant Blood Vine. No matter how he felt that the Aberrant Blood Vine was not his match, he did not dare to look down on a half Emperor Beast and revealed his original form at once.

A screaming Five-Colored Crow with a blood orange crest on the top of its head was revealed. With a fully-fledged bright five-colored plumage, Hong Yun’s original form was not any smaller than the Aberrant Blood Vine. Just by spreading his wings, his size was close to a hundred meters long.

The Savage Crow’s vigor was indomitable. He was already releasing the pressure of an Emperor Beast even before making a move and his bloodline was suppressing the Aberrant Blood Vine. But the Aberrant Blood Vine was not a newborn calf. With ample experience, he was able to ignore the pressure of an Emperor Beast.

“Hong Yun, resolve this quickly.” Qiu Ran called out to the Savage Crow in slight anxiousness before the battle began.

Their aim was the Elemental Essence. If not for the old man rushing out suddenly to hamper him, he would have run over to participate in the struggle for the Elemental Essence.

The ginormous head of the Savage Crow slightly nodded. Then it started to sing.

The Aberrant Blood Vine did not give him a chance. Three Blood Vines gathered together to change into a sharp weapon to pierce the Savage Crow from different directions… …

Qiu Ran watched the two beasts battling. Although the opponent’s strength was lower, the Aberrant Blood Vine was still the old man’s life bound contract beast. After following the old man for so many years, his combat experience was far more abundant than Hong Yun. A short amount of time was probably not enough to tell the outcome of the battle.

He then turned his gaze to Duan QiTian. The old man’s soul was suffering damage. Right before his eyes was a chance to get rid of Duan QiTian. When he thought of this, Qiu Ran’s expression slightly twisted, his eyes even reflected a malicious gleam, his killing intent gradually rising. He lifted his two hands to chest-level and rapidly made a complicated hand seal. A majestic soul power bubbled out from his body.

Duan QiTian had long discovered this and his face was as black as thunder.

In the beginning, he should not have taken in this dog lung ingrate that bit that hand that fed it.

<t/n: dog lung: In ancient times, something-dog meat means that it was the least valuable, for example, to hang a sheep’s head while selling dog meat means to cheat. Dog lungs are even more worthless than dog meat. This refers to a person who is ungrateful, as people were obviously kind to you, but you don’t appreciate it (being a dog lung).

Just as he thought that, Qiu Ran’s attack had come.

Duan QiTian put away his extraneous thoughts and formed a simple hand seal at a faster speed. His soul power was like a tornado as it consumed Qiu Ran’s attack and rapidly diffused the energy. Qiu Ran’s attack seemed just like a measly knife and did not have much of an effect.

You XiaoMo let out a sigh of relief upon seeing it.

But Ling Xiao interjected, “Qiu Ran’s move was only just to test the waters. It’s easy for your Shifu to neutralize that attack with his skill.”

You XiaoMo scratched his head, “Then do you have an idea to help?”

“I do have an idea. LanQiu should be nearby, call him over.” Ling Xiao said.

You XiaoMo immediately took out the Transmitter tone.

LanQiu was indeed nearby and SheQiu was also with him. As for PiQiu, he had long run off to the Azure Palace after receiving CatQiu’s message.

After the two came over, Ling Xiao asked where the others were struggling over the Elemental Essence. Then he ordered, “Pass the Life Soul over. You guys wait here for me, I’ll be back soon.”

You XiaoMo had suddenly guessed his objective and immediately passed the crystal to him.

Ling Xiao quickly reached the battlefield where Hei Yun and the rest were fighting over the Elemental Essence, which was also the airspace above the West Sand Islands.

Excluding Duan QiTian and the two others, there were still more than a dozen people fighting over the Elemental Essence.

In the center of the battlefield, the Elemental Essence was being besieged by everyone. However, even under this barrage, it was merely floating silently in the sky as the green radiance emitting from its body twinkled. It seemed as if it was thinking about how to succeed in escaping.

Quite a period had passed, from when the Elemental Essence had been discovered to now, but none had been able to snatch the Elemental Essence. It was not that their strength was too low, but every time someone was able to snatch it, another would obstruct them. The situation was woununtil it was extremely tense.

Ling Xiao glanced at people who were awfully busy fighting each other and smoothly fished out that piece of crystal.

Contrary to expectations, the radiance emitting from the surface of the crystal was not as dazzling to the eyes under the sunlight.

Just as the crystal appeared, the Elemental Essence which had been calmly floating in the sky suddenly moved. After a while, it shot out like an arrow from a broken bow string.

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