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Chapter 356: There Were Actually Two

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“We don’t need to go in.” Ling Xiao said.

“Why?” You XiaoMo asked quizzically.

“The leyline is one entity, if we rush in, there will be problems. Also, we don’t know exactly how big the leyline is, we need some other method of luring out the Elemental Essence.”

“Ah? You can lure out the Elemental Essence?” This was the first time You XiaoMo had heard of this and he was very surprised.

“Not a normal Elemental Essence of course, but this leyline is different. Even if it doesn’t have the lifespan of the Boundless Sea, it’s still been here for hundreds of billions of years. The Elemental Essence must have grown some spiritual awareness.”

“So, your point is to use this to lure it out? But how?”

“This Elemental Essence is of the Nature element. Wood breathes life, so it has a strong life force and thus it’s very sensitive to Life Souls.

“What are Life Souls?”

“Life Souls are crystals. However, only where the Soul Spirit is highly concentrated is it crystallized and formed. It’s only formed every ten thousand years and is extremely precious but also something the Elemental Essence loves.”

“But…where are we going to find a Life Soul? Isn’t it too late?”

Ling Xiao laughed and touched the tip of his nose, “If it’s any other person it would be too late, but you have it.”

“I do?” You XiaoMo’s eyes widened in disbelief. How was this possible? He knew everything that he owned but there definitely wasn’t something called a Life Soul. He couldn’t have remembered wrong.

Ling Xiao wasn’t surprised at his response and continued, “Do you still remember what I said about the requirement to birth a Life Soul?”

“I remember, you said only when the Soul Spirit is highly concentrated…” as he said this, You XiaoMo suddenly stopped. He turned to Ling Xiao in wonder, “You…can’t be talking about the Spiritual Water Lake?”

The fact was, Spiritual Water Lake was the product of concentrated Spiritual Energy to Spiritual Water. A leylines Spiritual Energy was concentrated but not to the extreme, or else it would not be an Energy but rather Water.

Although a Soul Crystal takes ten thousand years to bear, You XiaoMo’s dad had left him with a dimension that was of a High Realm from the Vermilion Blood Clan. It was also their heirloom, passed on for tens of thousands of years, so if some of the Spiritual Water Lake crystallized, that was not much of a surprise.

“But I have never found crystals in the lake?” You XiaoMo thought of this issue.

Pi Qiu and the others often played in the lake, if underneath it existed the crystal, they would have told him already. It couldn’t have been hidden for this long.

“Have you forgotten that there is a spring source under the water? The crystal is probably in that spring.” Ling Xiao said.

You XiaoMo eventually went in to check. Without surprise, he did find an ultra-thin piece of crystal. It was only half the size of a nail, slightly translucent just like a white, but see through, glass piece. If it wasn’t for his good eyesight, it was very possible that he would miss it.

The crystal was so thin and small that with the carelessness of Pi Qiu and the others, even if they played around here every day they wouldn’t find it.

You XiaoMo gave the crystal over to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao threw the crystal towards the crack and the tiny crystal just floated on top, giving off a blinding light. Some sort of smell seemed to spread as well.

You XiaoMo gave a few sniffs only to smell nothing.

Ling Xiao said, “Are you a dog? Why do you try to smell things every time? The crystal has no smell, only the Elemental Essence is able to detect it.”

You XiaoMo gave an awkward laugh.

The two silently waited for about two minutes before the Spiritual Energy around the cracks acted abnormally. As if something inside caused a turbulence in the Spiritual Energy and highly concentrated Spiritual Energy rushed out from the cracks.

A while later, when the crack acted again, within the dense white Spiritual Energy came out an azure beam of light. With amazing speed, it pounced on the crystal, but that was when Ling Xiao moved too.

As if the crystal had consciousness, it dodged backwards, avoiding the beam of light.

Slowly, the beam of light revealed itself. It was a pretty color, like a firefly, about the size of You XiaoMo’s fist and the azure light sparkled.

Although the Elemental Essence had self-awareness, but like a newborn baby, it could only act on basic instincts. Therefore, when the crystal avoided it, it quickly pursued and by the time it realized something was wrong, it was already caught by Ling Xiao.

When it began to struggle, Ling Xiao instantly threw it into his dimension.

Since they had little time to prepare, they didn’t have a place to put the Elemental Essence. Thus, the dimension was a good choice, convenient and safe.

You XiaoMo didn’t get to see it clearly but catching the Elemental Essences this easily made him very happy. Just as he was about to voice it, Ling Xiao covered his mouth.

You XiaoMo followed his line of sight to find him still looking at the crack. Other than the Spiritual Energy speaking, there wasn’t anything else there.

Just as he was questioning it, Ling Xiao spoke in a slightly excited tone, “This is…a second Elemental Essence?”

It was rare for Ling Xiao to be this excited but once You XiaoMo heard what he had said, he couldn’t help but be the excited as well. Didn’t they say a leyline could only bear one Elemental Essence?

Ten seconds later, the second Elemental Essence that Ling Xiao was talking about appeared staggering out of the crack, lured by the crystal. But then something strange happened.

Just when Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo had thought it was also coming for the crystal, that Elemental Essences took a sudden turn and made a run for the outside.

Clearly this Elemental Essence’s Intelligence was much smarter than the first.

It had probably guessed that it was trap, likely it was hiding way and saw what happened.

To be able to do this, it’s Intelligence should be near fully developed.

Just as You XiaoMo was about to ask Ling Xiao if they should follow or not, Ling Xiao, without warning dragged him into the dimension. Stone Mountain returned to its deafening silence.

In three seconds, three beams of light hurriedly went to catch up to the Elemental Essence. The three was Fairy Fu Rong and the others. Originally, they were still planning how to catch the Elemental Essence when they felt its presence. Immediately they rushed over and saw the lingering shadow of the Elemental Essence. Without hesitation they rushed other.

“What’s going on?” You XiaoMo exclaimed.

“I knew something was going with Old HeiYun and the others from the start. It looks like they had prior knowledge that underneath the spring lake was the leyline.” Ling Xiao replied.

“They’re sure sly.”

“Whatever, let’s leave that Elemental Essence for them to fight over. With its intelligence, it would probably take a while before anyone catches it. However…” As Ling Xiao approached the end of his sentence, he stopped.

“However, what?” You XiaoMo asked.

“If DaoXin Academy doesn’t get the Elemental Essence in the end, even if we give ours to your Shifu it wouldn’t amount to anything.”

The moment You XiaoMo thought about it he knew what Ling Xiao meant. Shifu would give the Elemental Essence for the future of the Academy so if they gave him the Elemental Essence, he would give it away. So, in the end their goal would be left unaccomplished.

“What should we do?” You XiaoMo asked anxiously.

Dao Xin Academy was a good place to study but his emotional attachment to was not as strong as with the old man. If he was to choose, without hesitation he would pick the old man.

Ling Xiao answered, “The only thing we can do now is help DaoXin Academy obtain the Elemental Essence.”

You XiaoMo stopped for a moment, not happy but instead worriedly said, “Is this too…”

He felt that this should be his responsibility, but every time it would involve Ling Xiao. Having Ling Xiao work this much, he was a bit embarrassed.

The one who knew You XiaoMo best? Ling Xiao!

That someone looked at his expression and knew everything. He said, “My dear wife, as your husband I’m aware of my responsibilities.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Once they finished talking and came out of the dimension, half an hour had passed. Underneath the sea was an eerie stillness. Old HeiYun and the others were long gone, and the crack still fumed the color of Spiritual Energy.

You XiaoMo guessed that the Waterproofing Pearl had just about an hour left and said, “We should hurry up and leave.”

“No rush.” Ling Xiao replied, “Don’t you want the Spirit Gems from the leyline?”

“Eh?” You XiaoMo blinked in response.

Ling Xiao continued, “The ones above, on land, should all be fighting for the Elemental Essence. DaoXin Academy has HeiTian and Duan QiTian, even if we are a bit slow to arrive, there shouldn’t be an issue. Rather we should take the chance when no one is around to dig out the Spirit Gems since we won’t get another chance.”

Once everything was finished, those above would surely come down to dig out the Spirit Gems.

You XiaoMo replied in horror, “You want to dig out all of the Spirit Gems?”

Ling Xiao just rolled his eyes and gave him a knock on the head, “You think that’s possible?”

“Eh….” You XiaoMo answered feeling awkward, “Not likely.”

In terms of time, that wasn’t possible. For a leyline to bear two Elemental Essences, the amount of Spirit Gems must be extremely large. Therefore, they just had to dug out as many as possible.

Thus, the great plan to hand-dig Spirit Gems was initiated.

As they were working hard, up above, an extremely entertaining fight for the Elemental Essence was happening too. Once the Elemental Essence appeared, it was immediately detected by every strong practitioner, even HeiTian and Azure Sea Dragon had stopped fighting.

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August 29, 2021 10:09 am

I’m confused by the essence and crystals… I’m assuming the crystals form around the essence?
I also don’t understand about Momo’s Shifu giving the essence away; wasn’t the object to protect the Academy’s leyline? Or do they think he’d give it to someone else? Can’t work it out.
So Ling Xiao has stated he sees them as hubby & wife.

August 29, 2021 10:10 am

Thank you for translating. Love this story.

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