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SH Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Counterattack (Part 1)

It’s time to dig crops This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Feisha refused to fight as if he were waiting for his slaughter. He did not think Jin was too stupid, so I wanted to reveal everything he used to pull Feish before. This is exactly what you call the best condition to destroy enemies. Destroy them together.

Jin went to Antonio and said, “Have you heard everything?”

Antonius looked calmly with Feish. “Yes”

Jinz predicted Antonio: “What do you think you should do later?”

Antonio only saw the digital air, not mentioning his name.

So, restored his latest movie, Feisha shouted: “I had no choice but do that if Jin mm … I was in danger”.

Jin smiled at the sleeping person. His mouth was blocked. “Sorry, you said so much.

… ….

Feisha looks at the persecutor of hatred, expressing a bad expression to Antonio hoping to win one of the last grace.

He slowly started as if Feisha received the sign of SOS, who tried to send Antonio: “Well, I think of it, or is he not the only accomplice?”

Jin Sabiezināja’s skin said: “If you do not eat meat, soup is not a bad choice Drinking If you can not punish the main performer, also avoid your anger with your accomplices You can do it.”

… ….

Do not limit your standards in the same way without asking Jin’s words! Every wrong reason and every debt are the owner. Fear of power without fear of suffering and danger is always very difficult to challenge.

Feisha tried everything possible to show his message in history.

Antonio breathed a deep breath. As if he said something was deeply impressed.

“What do you play? Can I join?” Shamal appeared from anywhere on the other side of the corridor and began to walk on them with a smile.

… ….

Feishas felt hope at the bottom of her eyes, but soon disappeared.

When Shamal approached them, it was at that time, he was soon filled with praise, looking to the left and to the right, took that round eye between the driver and Antonio: “Oh, Jen, here is Antonio, what do you play? Can I join you? Wait, I can touch my hands first. Is it it?

Jin hid behind him.

… ….

Shamal looked at Antonio smiling.

Antonio slowly held hands.

Shamal gratefully graced them and lowered her head.


He gave them great kisses.

From the corner of Feisha, he can even see Shamal’s language.

… ….

Jin recovered three steps.

Feisha tried to fight violently by stopping in the air.

Antonio made her wet hands express.

… ….

It was a meditation power.

Feisha catches breath. This is the case that you can forget the Antonio eyebrows.

Only for that, Shamal was satisfied and spilled his mouth. “What do you do? Can I join you?”

Antonio raised Feis’s eyes. His eyes looked at him with great expectations and said coldly.

… ….

Phase’s heart collapsed.

Jin applauded. “As a good idea, but what?” He saw Feish: “Do you choose yourself?” ”

Feisha tightened her mouth strictly.

Jin threw his chin with his finger: “What? He has a wonderful architecture, so he has a sense of security, he can also satisfy you without sacrificing a sweat.”

He especially took care of the “satisfaction” of the world.

Feisha hit his head as if life depended on it.

“Do you like Mouse?” Jin gave him the opportunity to work with him. “He can say well for you, but you do not even think about whether you want to reinforce your relationship?

Feisha quickly shook her head. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Suddenly Antonio said “Isel.”

… ….

His words Shock Jin and Shamar, even the tremendous Feysh brain, broke.

Jin said in fact: “That was, I said that your standard is too high, or if your vision was blurred on paper, I do not know, but because we are friends, your wish is now our desire … do not do it , die in battle we will write for you, if you succeed, I will celebrate for you!

Hold my donkey!

Feisha learns the brightness of his death by Gin.

Shamal finally spoke. “Oh, will you play the boat game?”

Jin smiled slightly: “Do you have any suggestions?”

Shamal shook his head.

Jin took a spell that Phash did not allow him to speak.

The first phrase of Feisha was the following one. “Shamal, who led you to Noah’s races? You can not kill the hand that will help you now.

Jin shook his head and smiled.

Shamal responded: “I have traveled in the same way, I was the one who imposed it ever.

Feisha, “… …”

“If you do not exist, I’ll still have to go to Noah’s ark but if I’m not there, you could not come back.”

“… …” how are you not there? Feisha did not want anything just to run out his head.

“… In addition …” the southern sound is lost, and in his eyes, Jin and Anthony are my idols! Idolo! If they said that I jumped from the waterfall, you reformed that I was filled with dreams and hopes, I want to jump from the two rocks, perhaps three!

“……” This is the result of blindly adoring her idols.

Antonio again opened his mouth: “In fact, this is not difficult.

Thus Jin and Shamal saw him shining.

“Let’s go in the simplest way”

The easiest way? What is he? Oh, thank you, Antonio, broke the window that seems a good idea.

Shamal eliminated the clothes while he paid a generous amount of header after the act was over. “If you can share a bed with Isfelu, see that it’s nothing bold! You’re thinking about all the good work that has happened during the past three years.

What are the lives of the three people? Why is it literally not applicable to anything?

Jin raised a pink deck from everywhere. “Load must be packed for delivery”

Shamal looked at you before you, wrapped the load according to your order. The only visible part of Feish was his feet. “… Are you sure he has a fascinating look?

Their eyes looked at their faces with their eyes turned.

“I think his body is his best, this face will not be quite useful”

Feish’s expression quickly returned to normal.

“Can Antonio get rid of Isfeli from his room?

“Perhaps we can not do more than wait.”

Both went to 1/30 out of the floor, but Feisha flew Shamal’s shoulder like a potato bag. In the middle, a fuse met. “Jin, are you looking for me wherever you are?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Fuse? He saw his light in a dark thread, and Feisha opened his mouth to shout to interrupt Samar’s magic.

Jin climbed forward, covered the small frame of the fuse and closed his vision. “Are you exhausted? Why do not you sleep now?”

“But you’re a little tired, I’m really worried.

When Zamall’s wonderful look is felt, Gins shares his hug from his feet. “Let’s go down together.”

“But …” Shamal tried to protest.

“I am convinced that you can deal with such small things,” She stopped and saw. It’s really a shame that I can not prove this source event. Jin’s resignation seemed slightly.

Shamal saw the Faith look at the eyes of the water. He published face expressions, his expression betrayed his impressive brightness “bad luck. It seems to me that I am … all entertainment”. Feisha felt his heart falls steeply.

This guy was not just a champion. After hope, they took a box from Pandora.

The door to the empty space opened until Shamal raised Feish into Isfel’s room. The whole Feisha heard the sound of his heart. After much attention, Shamal snatched the carpet from her country. “I still think natural beauty is the best.”

It is unfortunate than the naturally beautiful audience. Shamal does not believe the murder, Feisha threw his way to lower the carpet quietly to make a square. “One day you will tell me.”

Of course he wants. His appreciation may be a bit rare. Feisha decided to keep this regret until it was over.

“Well, whatever I want to go, today you are very entertaining, right?” He stopped easy to throw on a “shoulder” on his shoulder and started to walk away.

Feisha feels that his whole courage has equaled and disappears before it matches the call of Shamal. The gentle comfort of the room did not do anything to relieve its anxiety. It seemed that it was about to return to the first day when Boyd did not exist in the world.

God probably created the world after tired it. However, though he did not love being abused, he certainly expected. The only idea that Issefel went to him was that his blood was filled with anxiety.

What did he say? Will he throw it out? Or kill him?

… Maybe he appreciates his vision?

This last thought appeared after it appeared and was expelled. Feisha slept without doing anything except her dream.

In other words, until the stairs approached the door. Espell could always go easy, but the feeling of the feeling of today was perceived by the legs that he had fallen. His eyes tossed at the door. His eyes tossed at the door. I thought he really wanted to close his eyes. Ideally, the earth will totally swallow him, but magic has not shown images.

The steps stopped in the corridor, changed direction and moved to the toilet. Feisha ignored extraordinarily how his fear did not spread, but it became more thick.

You can hear a soft blow shower with an open door in the bathroom door. Please imagine how Feish’s heart is jumping from the wall and the water drops slide on Issefle’s smooth face …

Wait, wait – wait – he is a direct man who is not interested in other men, not sirens. The second man was a hard ABS, a wonderful, beautiful element and a fallen angel with excessive power …

Feisha made deep spirits to guide thoughtful thoughts. The shower suddenly stopped in the second room and in fact stopped breathing Feish when its presence was approaching.

The appearance of Isefer finally entered its horizons.

Small statement

I’m convinced that everyone knows well, so the translation is very slow today. In this way, I called for help of some and pure soul: John (on the MengHu members list)! I love her, he’s beautiful <3

There may be some differences between styles. See if you really bother you.

Translator’s note

This guy was not just a champion. After hope, they took a box from Pandora.

Feasya, formerly called Shamal, is actually an octogene Baja, not a carnivor. In this chapter we compare Shamal with 秃鹰 Tou ying (lit.Condor). It was translated as a result of Pandora Box. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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