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Chapter 44

Translated by MengHu and Tracy

Edited by Addis


The time has come to reap sown crops

Feisha gave up struggling, as if he was a lamb waiting for slaughter. He didn’t think Gin would be so ruthless as to be willing to expose everything they plotted together in the past for the sake of dragging Feisha down. This is exactly what you call the highest state of destroying an enemy — to perish together.

Gin turned to Antonio and said, “You heard everything?”

Antonio looked at Feisha blandly, “Yeah.”

Gin looked at Antonio in anticipation, “What do you think you should do next?”

Antonio just looked at the figure in mid air without uttering a word.

As if restorting to his last shot, Feisha screamed, “I had no choice but to do this, if Gin didn’t threaten me…mmmh.”

Gin simply smiled at the person who had his mouth blocked, “I’m sorry, you said too much.”


Feisha glared at the culprit with hatred, at the same time turning to Antonio with a wronged expression, hoping to win some of the latter’s pity.

As if he received the SOS signs Feisha had been trying to send, Antonio started slowly, “Now that I think of it, isn’t he just a accomplice in this?”

Gin thickened his skin and answered, “When there’s no meat available eat, drinking meat soup is not a bad option. When you can’t punish the main culprit, letting your anger out on his accomplice is an option as well.”


Never listen to what Gin says, never lower your standards just like that! To every wrong is a cause, and to every debt an owner. Fear not the power, fear not the hardship and danger, and always challenge the highly challenging.

Feisha tried his best to convey the above message through his eyes.

Antonio grew deep in thought, as if whatever Gin just said had impacted something deep within his heart.

“What are you guys playing? Can I join?” Shamal appeared out of nowhere from the other side of the corridor and started walking towards them with a smile.


At the bottom of Feisha’s eyes flickered a sense of hope, but that extinguished quickly.

That was because the moment Shamal neared them, immediately he made his way in between of Gin and Antonio, looking left and right, those round eyes of his filled with admiration, “Oh it’s Gin, oh, oh it’s Antonio… What are you guys playing? Can I join you guys? Oh, wait, can I touch your hands first?”

Gin hid his hands behind his back, “No.”


Shamal looked at Antonio with a flattering smile.

Antonio stuck his hands out slowly.

Shamal held onto them gratefully, and lowered his head —


He gave them a big kiss.

From Feisha’s angle, he could even see Shamal’s tongue.


Gin took three steps back.

Feisha was trying his best to struggle, suspended in mid air.

Antonio retrieved his wet hand expressionlessly.


This was the power of meditation.

Feisha sighed. That’s if you could overlook Antonio’s twitching brows.

Only then did Shamal wipe his mouth in satisfaction, “So what were you guys doing? Can I join you?”

Antonio looked up into Feisha’s eyes, who was staring back at him with high hopes, and said coldly, “Tit for tat, what goes around comes around.”


Feisha’s heart sank.

Gin applauded, “This is a good idea, but with who?” He looked up to Feisha, “Do you want to choose the person yourself?”

Feisha kept his mouth tight shut.

Gin circled his chin with a finger, “What about Asa? He has a big build, so he comes with a sense of security. Also, he can satisfy you without breaking a sweat.”

He put extra emphasis on the world ‘satisfy’.

Feisha shook his head as if his life depended on it.

“Or do you prefer Laton?” Gin gave him another option cooperatively. “I can tell, he’s pretty good to you, and you don’t think badly of him as well. Want me to give your relationship a push?”

Feisha immediately shook his head.

Antonio suddenly said, “Isefel.”


Not only did his words shock Gin and Shamal, even Feisha’s brain who had been shaking all along came to a pause.

Gin exclaimed in realisation, “So it was like that! Yeah, I don’t know if I should say that your standards are too high or that your eyesight is blurred by a sheet of paper. But, since we’re pals, your wish is now our wish. Don’t sweat it and go, we’ll burn papers for you if you died in the battle. And if you succeed, we’ll celebrate for your sake!”

Celebrate my ass!

Feisha mastered his death glare on Gin.

Shamal finally started to catch up with the conversation a little, “Ah, so you guys are playing the shipping game?”

Gin smiled gently, “Do you have any suggestions, child?”

Shamal shook his head.

“It’s okay, we have the master,” Gin removed the spell that was preventing Feisha from speaking.

The first sentence Feisha spoke was, “Shamal, don’t you forget who was the one who brought you here to Noah’s Ark. You can’t be biting the hand that fed you now. Stop acting like a particular vampire.”

Gin smiled as he touched his butt.

Shamal replied, “We just happened to be travelling the same way. I was the one who rode in the carriage anyway.”

Feisha, “……”

“If you weren’t there, I would’ve still arrived at Noah’s Ark. But if I wasn’t there, you wouldn’t have been able to come back.”

“……” How I wished you weren’t there! Feisha wanted nothing more than to stomp all over his head.

“Also……” Shamal’s tone bubbled up in an instant, and in his eyes were full of hopes and dreams, “Gin and Antonio are my idols! Idols! If they told me to jump off a cliff, you bet I’d go and jump off two cliffs. Maybe even three!”

“……” This is the result of blindly worshipping your idols.

Antonio opened his mouth again, “Actually, this isn’t that hard.”

Both Gin and Shamal looked at him with sparkling eyes.

“Go with the simplest method.”

Simplest method? What did he- Oh. Oh. No thank you, Antonio, jumping out a window sounded like a better idea.

Shamal stripped off his clothes without mercy, doling out generous amounts of headpats after the deed was done. “Look, being able to share a bed with Isefel is nothing to be embarrassed about! Think of it as the cumulation of all the good deeds you’ve done over the past three lifetimes.”

What a waste of three lifetimes. Why’d it have to come to this and not literally anything else?

Gin took a pink rug out of nowhere. “The cargo has to be wrapped for delivery.”

Shamal wrapped the cargo up as commanded, looking quizzically at the sight before him. The only visible part of Feisha were his feet. “…Are you sure this is an attractive look on him?”

Two pairs of eyes looked at the face that was rolling its eyes at them.

“His body’s his best chance, I reckon. That face won’t be any use.”

Feisha’s expression immediately returned to normal.

“Will Antonio be able to get Isefel out of his room?”

“Probably. There’s not much we can do other than wait.”

The two slinked their way to the thirtieth-something floor, Feisha slung over Shamal’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Halfway up, they encountered Hughes. “Gin? I’ve been looking for you everywhere, where were you?”

Hughes? Seeing his thread of light in the darkness, Feisha opened his mouth to scream, only to be intercepted by Shamal’s magic.

Gin rushed forward, embracing Hughes’ slight frame and blocking his view. “Aren’t you tired? Why aren’t you sleeping right now?”

“But you’re the one who should be more tired. I’m really worried about you.”

As if sensing Shamal’s curious gaze behind him, Gin swept Hughes off his feet. “Alright, let’s go back and sleep together.”

“But…” Shamal tried to protest.

“I’m sure you can handle something as small as this,” Gin interrupted, giving him a backward glance. It was really a shame that he couldn’t witness this event firsthand. Gin’s retreating figure looked a bit crestfallen.

Shamal looked at Feisha, who stared back with watery eyes. “What a shame. It feels like I’m hogging all the entertainment…” He let out a sigh but the glint of excitement in his expression betrayed him. Feisha felt his heart plummet.

This guy wasn’t just a chatterbox. He was fucking pandora’s box after they let the hope go.

By the time Shamal hauled Feisha up to Isefel’s room, the door to the empty room was wide open. All Feisha could hear was the sound of his own heart. After much consideration, Shamal yanked the rug out from under him. “I still think natural beauty’s the best.”

Natural beauty? More like public indecency. Shamal was undeterred by the murderous glance Feisha threw his way, calmly folding the rug into a neat square. “You’ll thank me for this one day.”

Of course he would. His way of showing gratitude may be a little unusual though. Feisha resolved to hold this grudge until this was all over.

“Well, anyway, I’m gonna leave. Have lots of fun tonight, yeah?” He started walking away, pausing momentarily to throw a “Good luck!” over his shoulder.

Feisha felt all his courage from before shrivel up and disappear at Shamal’s call. The oppressing silence in the room did nothing to ease his anxiety. It was as if time reversed to the First Day, when there was nothing but emptiness in the world.

God probably made the world after being driven mad by boredom. Regardless, even if God didn’t go mad with boredom, he certainly was about to. The mere thought of Isefel walking in on him like this brought his blood to an anxious boil.

What expression would he make? Would he throw him out? Or kill him?

…Maybe he’ll appreciate the sight?

That last thought was banished in disgust almost as soon as it appeared. With nothing left to do except daydream, Feisha found himself growing sleepy.

That is, until footsteps approached the door. Isefel had always walked lightly, but today Feisha’s hypersensitive senses could pick up on which foot it was that he put down. His eyes anxiously glued themselves to the door; he actually wanted to squeeze his eyes shut and ideally have the ground swallow him whole, but the magic showed no signs of budging.

The footsteps paused at the hallway, changing directions and heading towards the bathroom. Feisha let out a relieved breath, ignoring how his fear had not dissipated but rather grew thicker at the delay.

The soft pittering of the shower could be heard through the open door of the bathroom. Feisha’s mind immediately jumped beyond the walls, imagining the way droplets of water would caress Isefel’s smooth, chiseled face and slide down his…

Wait wait wait wait wait- He is a straight male with no interest whatsoever in other males, no siree. Not even if the other male was a fallen angel with rock-hard abs and amazingly beautiful features and superhuman strength and… Um.

Feisha took a few deep breaths to orientate his jumbled thoughts. The shower cut off abruptly in the other room, effectively stopping Feisha’s breathing as a presence drew near.

Isefel’s figure finally entered his field of vision.

Tiny announcement

As I’m sure you’re all well aware, I’m super slow at translating nowadays (soz). As such, I’ve enlisted the help of a kind and pure soul: John (MengHu in the members list)! I love him and he is beautiful <3

There might be some discrepancies between style – let me know if it really bothers you and I’ll see what I can do without taking as long as I normally do between updates 🙂

Translator’s note

This guy wasn’t just a chatterbox. He was fucking pandora’s box after they let the hope go.

What Feisha called Shamal a few chapters ago is actually a 八哥 Bāgē (lit. starling) rather than a chatterbox. This chapter he compares Shamal to a 秃鹰 Tū yīng (lit. Condor), which was translated to pandora’s box as a follow up.


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