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Chapter 370: Rage

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“This match ends now. The victor is You XiaoMo.” Just as this moment, Yan Fa’s dignified voice rang out as he simply stopped the match.

The spectators instantly cheered aloud. BaiLi XiaoYu, Jiang XiaoFeng and Liu Yue were the most excited among them. They were already very excited when they had heard that You XiaoMo was Chen QingEr’s opponent, and almost could not wait for You XiaoMo to give her an immediate smackdown.

Chen QingEr was clearly stunned for a moment. The sinister light in her eyes was instantly replaced by something else and they gleamed as they fixed onto You XiaoMo. She appeared to be in a joyful mood, “You…are You XiaoMo?”

You XiaoMo was baffled by her expression.

Just as he wanted to say ‘You recognize me?”, Chen QingEr suddenly made a move. Appearing to teleport, her figure disappeared in a strange manner from its original position, and she actually re-appeared behind You XiaoMo.

The whole process did not even take a tenth of a second.

Don’t even talk about reacting; You XiaoMo totally did not realize that Chen QingEr had disappeared.

“Be careful.” Yan Fa’s sharp eyes had discovered her actions and detected Chen QingEr’s malice. He wanted to immediately rush over, however, Yu WenNan who was standing at the side suddenly dashed out before he could make a move. His target was not Yan Fa, but Ling Xiao instead. That expressionless face had been replaced by one containing a hint of malevolence as the aura of a powerhouse burst out from him.

Even stupid people would realize that there was now something fishy about Yu WenNan and Chen QingEr.

The scene instantly fell into chaos.

Chen QingEr did not delay. She lifted her hand and was about to strike You XiaoMo’s body when a red figure appeared from thin air and a muscular arm simultaneously blocked her hand. A trace of corrosive aura appeared in a split second and spread up Chen QingEr’s hand.

However, Chen QingEr was not the least bit alarmed. As if she had long been expecting it all along, a layer of white soul power appeared on her palm and obstructed the corrosive aura.

The red figure used this opening to grab You XiaoMo and immediately retreated.

Chen QingEr relentlessly followed. Her strength seemed to be above the red figure, and it took her but a moment to catch up to them. Her gaze fell onto the red figure as she gave a smile that was yet not a smile, “Bird of Pride, no matter what, you’re not my match. Obediently hand him over and I will let you go.”

LanQiu did not reply and directed the corrosive energy surrounding his whole body to attack her.

Chen QingEr was not angry when she saw this, as she gracefully avoided his attack.

You XiaoMo now realized that Chen QingEr and Yu WenNan were the people whom the Netherworld Siren said would find them in the future. Although he had expected this day to come, he did not think that they would actually disguise themselves as students of the academy to sneak in.

“LanQiu, be careful. She should be a level ten mage and may even have a contracted demon beast hiding in a secret place.” You XiaoMo hurriedly urged.

Chen QingEr was all smiles as she looked at him, “Little boy, you’re really keen. Unfortunately, it’s too late.”

You XiaoMo’s intuition instantly rang. In the next second, he felt something binding around his waist. Looking down, he only saw a white rope-like thing, and then he was pulled backwards as he flew out.

“Master!” LanQiu turned back in shock, reaching out in an attempt to grab him, but meeting empty air instead.

He was in a hurry to chase after You XiaoMo, but how could Chen QingEr allow him to ruin their plan? She immediately used the ribbon in her hand to hinder him. At this moment, Chen QingEr displayed a strength which evenly matched LanQiu. Don’t think you can easily break free!

On the other hand, Ling Xiao had been stopped by Yu WenNan. Seeing that You XiaoMo had been pulled away, his expression was so black that it was dreadful. A purple and red flame appeared above each of his hands with a ‘pu-chi’.

Yu WenNan’s sinister expression abruptly changed after seeing the two types of flames, “Two types of sacred fires? Didn’t the information say it was just one?”

Ling Xiao fused the two types of sacred fires together under his gaze, transforming it into an aberrant flame which was formed by mixing two types of flames together. It was the same flame that had appeared in the Boundless Sea.

In the next second, the rolling aberrant flames turned into a gigantic fiery phoenix. Emitting a terrible aura, it roared and swooped down towards Yu WenNan like a living phoenix.

Yu WenNan expression finally changed.

Ling Xiao seized the opportunity to break away from him, and his figure instantly disappeared from his original place.

This commotion had long alerted everyone in Ward A. Even all the practitioners cultivating in the Cultivation Center were so alarmed that they retreated from their state of cultivation. Innumerable rays of light quickly flew over. Among those, there were more than a dozen rays of light that were faster than the rest.

Except for Duan QiTian, who was still in the midst of secluded cultivation, Hei Tian and the Five Elders had appeared too. From a distance, they could see a fiery phoenix constructed entirely from fire entrenched in the air, and it seemed to be in a stalemate with someone.

This strange fire creation immediately caused Hei Tian to recall that mysterious Divine Realm practitioner from that time. Although the might of the fiery phoenix was different from that time, but he could tell that they were created from the same type of flames.

However, just as Hei Tian approached, he found another familiar aura and his gaze searched the sky. He immediately discovered the man battling with Chen QingEr, and his pitch-black eyes immediately sharpened, “The Bird of Pride?”

“There’s no mistaking this aura. It’s definitely that missing Bird of Pride. Why would he appear here?” The Third Elder was stunned.

The others had also arrived at this moment. The second group to arrive was Yin Ge and the rest.

However, they did not dare to go too close to the battlefield. The pressure and temperature emitting from the fiery phoenix made their hearts palpitate, one after another they looked astonished.

“What is going on?”

There was no answer as the others were also not certain of what was going on.

Just at this time, two violent energies screamed through the air and collided. A tremendous wind pressure was created and rolling shockwaves spread throughout the surroundings.

When the two shadows separated, their features were immediately visible to everyone. They were Chen QingEr and LanQiu.

Chen QingEr was a mid-grade level ten mage and she seemed to be stronger than LanQiu. But mages were originally not skilled in battling, and it was even more unlikely for their overall strength to be too much higher. Therefore, LanQiu was taking advantage of the big bargain over her and both parties were presently fighting to a standstill.

“You dirty whore.” LanQiu menacingly cursed as he spat in her direction.

“You are courting death.” Chen QingEr’s expression chilled in a split second.

“Fuck you, it’s not predetermined who’s the one looking for death.” LanQiu felt the disgrace from having his master snatched, and his temperament became irascible. With that, he rushed directly at her. His actions that disregarded his life was very similar to Chen QingEr’s ‘fight till you die and I live’ manner.

Meanwhile, the Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider who had snatched You XiaoMo immediately attempted to break open the enchantment and rush out. But this enchantment was personally put up by Han Gong, how could it be easily broken? Even the weakest part of the enchantment needed time to break through. They had miscalculated Ling Xiao’s strength, who would have thought that Yu WenNan would be obstructed by the fiery phoenix?

Before the Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider could break open the enchantment, Ling Xiao was already in front of her. The terrifying and imposing manner she was face to face with caused the Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider to tremble with fear whilst her five fingers adorned with scarlet fingernails grasped You XiaoMo’s neck.

“Stop or I’ll kill him now.” The Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider threatened, as her scarlet fingertips nearly pierced into the tender flesh of You XiaoMo’s neck.

Ling Xiao immediately stopped moving.

Triumphant joy flashed through the eyes of the Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider at once, “Now move away from here and go down.”

Ling Xiao did not say anything, nor did he move either. A black fog seemed to have emerged from his pitch-black eyes, transmitting an extremely dangerous aura that caused the woman opposite to feel more and more disturbed.

“What right do you think you have to say this sentence in my presence?”

After hearing this, the Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider was enraged. This man actually dared to look down on her! In that case…her hand suddenly grasped You XiaoMo’s neck a little harder.

You XiaoMo’s expression immediately twisted in pain.

Just as the Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider was about to laugh, the aura from the man became extremely chilly in a split second. His long black hair wantonly rose. Beneath his mask, the hidden violet flame symbol appeared on his expressionless face. In the blink of an eye, black pupils changed into brilliant amethyst pupils, similar to a heavenly emperor descending onto Earth.

Directly feeling the pressure of that man’s terrifying Emperor aura, the Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider immediately turned as white as paper as her body froze. The fingers grasping You XiaoMo’s neck also could not move.

Ling Xiao rescued You XiaoMo from her clutches in a split second, and simultaneously set the Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider aflame. The latter howled shrilly, but did not forget to run away from Ling Xiao.

“Hurts…” You XiaoMo suddenly cried out in pain.

Ling Xiao looked down and saw that the two puncture wounds made by the Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider were now a greenish-black color. It was obviously due to poison and he immediately tore off the cloth beside him, as his lips covered the wound to suck the toxin out. The sacred fire immediately refined the toxin once it entered his body. Only until the wound returned to a bright red color did he stop.

After losing some vital essence, You XiaoMo dizzily leaned into Ling Xiao’s embrace.

Ling Xiao gave him a deep look. Only after determining that You XiaoMo was fine did he turn his attention to the Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider in the distance. The latter had been burned for a while by the sacred fire and layers of black ash fell off her body.

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