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Chapter 392: Conflict

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The Southern Continent was a larger landmass than Bei Dong, thus there was more turmoil in its overall political situation. Amongst them was the Vermillion Blood clan, who could almost be considered as the number one family in the south. They held strong for many years and were very prestigious.

Although the main family of the Vermillion Blood clan didn’t make an appearance often, their left and right hand ‘men’, Yin Yang Valley and Yu Xian City, were very reputable. It was common for them to be the topic of conversation, it was actually rarer to hear conversations discussing the main family.

However, compared to the Cang Alliance, the Vermillion Blood clan was actually less renowned.

With the strength of the Cang Alliance, almost of all the Southern Continent had their scouts, countless ones so that even remote places were filled with rumors of them.

Amongst them, the liveliest was the June Mountains.

The June Mountains were one of the danger grounds of the Southern Continent because it produced multiple levels of magical herbs and was filled with demon beasts. This drew a lot of people over and developed the land. At this point, even though the place was remote, there was a large flow of people and the scale of the city was spectacular.

At dusk, a city basked in the sunset glow that looked like an ancient murderous beast lying in wait, was the June City. This was the capital of the June Mountains, it contained many different forces and was always bustling with action.

At a street corner was a hotel shaped like a tower. It was seven floors tall, the top four were for accommodations whereas the bottom three each contained a small tavern. Currently all three taverns were filled with people chatting and bustling with noise.

However, this atmosphere quieted down a lot when a group of people walked in.

In a remote mountain range like the June Mountains, it was rare to meet an Emperor or Divine levelled practitioner, but the first one to walk in did emit a strong aura of pressure. His slim figure presented an oppressing sensation for strong and powerful. His eyes and brows were slightly on the gentle side, giving his supposed to be masculine face a few touches of delicacy.

When the man walked in, the everyone’s gaze focused in on him and some of the Imperial levelled practitioners watched with hidden astonishment. They could feel that the man was probably of the Emperor level and of a high star rank too.

As the man walked in, the people behind him walked in one by one as well.

Looking over, people became even more shocked as they were all practitioners above the Spiritual level. Amongst them, just the Imperial level they had five or six, and almost ten for Spiritual level.

With this many strong practitioners, in the June Mountains they could become their own force.

The man’s gaze swept across the tavern, those who met his gaze felt as if they were pricked by needles, their scalp felt numb and had to hold in a strong desire to run out the door.

That was when the owner came rushing out to the man in sweat, while wiping it off he said in a humble tone, “Dear guest, are you here to stay or to have a drink?”

“Both, get it both prepared.” The man opened his mouth to speak, his voice was just as his face expresses, not the masculine rough and bold voice but instead had a hint of sharpness and softness. From the voice it was clear that he wasn’t someone to mess with.

Today there was a lot of guests at the bar, almost all three floors were filled. There still were open spots but they had brought in at least ten people, there wasn’t enough vacancies.

But before the owner said anything, a few people automatically moved to quickly free up room.

The man seemed pleased and his mouth crooked into an arrogant smile. As he was about to walk over, from the door sounded a loud laughter.

“Brother Hu Yin, Yu Xian City did send you over.” As the one talking walked closer, everyone saw a man wearing an elegant robe with gold linings wearing a purple jade crown. The first impression of him was extravagant, his whole body sparkled in gold.

Hu Yin’s eyes flashed with a hint of displeasure but that disappeared after he saw man who was talking. His face regained a glimmer of a smile and turned to the incoming man, “I see it’s brother Dong Qing, long time no see, hope you are well.”

“A while no see, it seems that Duan Yin brother’s level increased quite a bit.” Cheng DongQing walked over and took a look at him, his eyes flashed with a hint of intelligence/thoughtfulness.

Hu Yin roared with laughter and said, “Nonsense, Dong Qing brother is the one who has improved. The last time I saw you, you were just level ten low grade, and now you have reached middle grade. Nothing less expected of Master Dong Le’s proudest disciple, the Mage Guild’s number one genius.”

Cheng DongQing replied laughingly, “You flatter me Hu Yin brother, compared to my Master, I’m nowhere close.”

Although that was what he said, his expression told a different story. His smile showed an unapologetic complacency, clearly liking Hu Yin’s flattery.

“I seldomly get to meet Dong Qing bro, so why not have a drink together.” Hu Yin and Cheng DongQing’s personality were very similar, therefore he understood the other well. Not only that, to connect with someone of the Mage Guild was more favorable than bad.

Cheng DongQing also had the intention of associating with him and accepted his request.

But here laid the problem.

The space made for them before was only four tables, each could sit four people and so only sixteen seats were available. However, Cheng DongQing also brought a lot of men, with the two groups together, there were at least thirty or so people, not nearly enough tables.

Clearly the two realized this as well.

Hu Yin’s smile gathered a little whereas Cheng DongQing had a proud expression and looked at others with a hint of scorn. His sense and expression of superiority was off putting for everyone who saw.

However, there was nothing to be done, one was from Yu Xian City and the other from the Mage Guild, neither of which they could offend. Not only that, they brought many strong practitioners too, so even if they were unwilling, they had to comply and make room. With a feeling of being wronged, the people around consciously shuffled out.

Quickly, another four tables were cleared.

But once they moved out, a table with only two became very out of place. It was stuck between the eight tables, very noticeable.

Not only did those in the bar realize, Hu Yin and Cheng DongQing saw it too. They both furrowed their brows at that, if the two had moved out of the way then they would have exactly enough for thirty or so men to sit. However, it would seem that someone didn’t want to give face to Yu Xian City and the Mage’s Guild.

Hu Yin turned and gave the one behind him a look. Understanding the signal, the man walked in broad strides toward the two.

Hu Yin and Dong ChengQing swaggered over to their seats instead.

The owner knew he couldn’t offend any one of them and thus, while wiping away sweat, called upon the waiter to bring some good wine over. He even personally poured it for them.

Meanwhile, Hu Yin’s henchman had already walked over to that table and said in a blunt manner, “You two, go sit somewhere else, this table’s ours.”

The handsome man who was drinking, halted his action and his gemstone like black eyes stared straight into his, sending a chill to his heart. Then feeling vexed, he was about to take action before the person beside him suddenly spoke up.

The young man lifted his head, showing a face that was about twenty-five years old, very plain with a blush that seemed to say he was drunk. Currently this face looked at him perplexed, as if surprised by his words, “Why do we have to move if you guys want to sit? Is it that you were here before us? No, if I remember correctly, we have been sitting here for almost half an hour.”

Immediately Hu KangNing’s face darkened in displeasure, and in a rough voice said, “I’m telling you to move so move. Saying so much rubbish, do you still want your life?!”

After he finished, he even slammed down towards the table hard. The wind hitting the table caused a ‘bang’ and all of the wine glass and tea sets broke.

“Ou-ou-ouch…” The young man straightened himself up and rubbed his temple with his index and middle finger.

Complaining to the handsome man, he said, “If I had known sooner I wouldn’t have drank this much, it’s all you, you kept telling me to drink…”

The handsome man put down his wine glass and said apologetically, “It’s my fault, let me help you massage it.”

The young man instantly leaned over.

And the handsome man did in fact help massage his temples, and the two just completely ignored their surroundings.

Hu KangNing looked on stupefied, the ones waiting for the drama were also dumbfounded. Some dropped their wine glasses to the floor and didn’t react, others were even more direct, spitting wine onto another’s face. What was even more rare was that the one who got spit on didn’t even complain…

Two men leaning towards each other, staying together intimately.

Some onlookers felt goosebumps all over, it was hard for them to imagine this kind of image, it just had a feeling of being struck by lightning.

Hu KangNing finally came back to his senses and seeing that the two completely ignored him, his nose almost went crooked from the immense anger. Hu Yin and the others were still watching, this was the time for him to demonstrate his abilities. Making up his mind, he turned to the two and said with a cold snort, “Since you want it the hard way and are looking to die, let me help you with that.”

As he finished, with a flash Hu KangNing appeared before the two and lifted his hand, focusing his force then with a slam, hacked away at their heads.

He was an Emperor leveled practitioner. With his strength, he could be considered one of the top dog in the June Mountains, any normal person would weigh themselves against him before picking a fight. If they were hit, if they didn’t die then at least they were half-way there. However, that was for people weaker than him.

When everyone thought that they would be hit, a ‘boom’ sounded, and a force of great magnitude, as if pulling out a mountain range, instantly exploded.

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